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Posted in: 87-year-old dementia patient arrested for stabbing nurse See in context

First, I feel bad for the nurse. I hope she recovers.

Second, the nursing home should have kept dangerous items away from patients with dementia as they are prone to violence.

Third, in my experience, it’s pointless to punish someone with dementia because they don’t remember the incident and therefore cannot understand why they are being punished. How do I know? I take care of a family member with advanced dementia. Today she latched onto my finger like a rabid pit bull and bit the heck out of my finger. Five minutes later she had no memory of biting me. A punishment is pointless and counterproductive when dealing with people with dementia.

Last, we don’t know all the facts nor what lead to the stabbing so it’s really hard to say what the best course of action should be or should have been.

And to the person why said that dementia should not be a get out of jail free card, I hope you never get dementia. It’s worse than jail.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire in Texas high school, killing 10 people See in context

I currently living in Texas and it’s a scary place.

I hate guns so I would never have one but I keep a charged taser by my door and I have a house alarm with a panic button. I keep a knife in my car and my purse and I don’t go out after dark.

When people ask me for money in parking lots I feel forced to give them something just to avoid conflict.

I never felt this way in Japan.

This kind of fear and living hell is the reason people want to keep there guns. However, if the US could create some hardcore gun control laws like they have in Japan, I would be pleased as pie.

I can’t help but think that if our founding fathers could see the problems their 2nd amendment has caused, they would be the first to get rid off it. Too bad we can’t bring them back to life to ask them.

The 2nd amendment was written for very different kind of guns then what we have now and for a very different reason.

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