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Posted in: Ikee vows big performance at Tokyo Olympics See in context

as someone who has survived cancer and been through all that treatment, shouldn’t she be against holding the olympics during a pandemic? Cancer patients going through treatment are gonna have a much harder time if they catch Covid

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Posted in: Cars stranded, trains affected by continued heavy snow across Japan See in context

I’m in Toyama and it’s been crazy this weekend. I’ve had to help three cars out the front of my place coz they tried to drive through deep snow and got stuck. Saw many vehicles stuck and abandoned on my walk to the supermarket. And yeah, it does look pretty amazing outside now that the sun has come out

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Posted in: Milo sales suspended for winter after demand surge causes shortage See in context

It’s an Aussie product but the stuff you get over here is slightly different. I like the Aussie stuff better, made with half milo and half milk. It has pictures of people playing sports on the packet

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Did anyone see on tv last night they had one of those shows that talk about crimes and such. They had a story of a Japanese uni student who was framed for being the head of one of those ore ore scams. Was totally innocent but was kept in jail for over 100 days and was just not let out after his mum proved he was innocent. Prosecutors did nothing and assumed guilt from the start. They even slept while interrogating him. Took over 400 days from arrest to be able to prove his innocence in court. They had an interview with the man and he talked about the harsh conditions. No heating, lights on all night, long useless interrogations etc

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Even down in Toyama city the weather was rainy and very windy on that day. Can’t imagine what it was like more than 2000m up in the mountains...

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Posted in: Japan's alpine sightseeing route featuring snow walls opens See in context

I can see where it is from my bedroom window and can make out the car park with binoculars. The mountains make for an amazing view

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Posted in: Tired Ghosn recovering, as lawyer works on defense See in context

I wonder what the first thing he ate was after all that prison food

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Posted in: 7 die as influenza epidemic hits Hyogo nursing home See in context

My family (wife and 2 kids), sister in law, and I all got it even though we had all been vaccinated. Must be a different strain to the vaccination that’s doing the rounds. Knocked me out for a few days with a painful cough, 40C fever, no energy etc Can’t imagine what it would have been like to be 80 and go through it

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Posted in: City hires a hawk to chase occupying army of crows away from city hall See in context

Here in Toyama all the crows come into the city centre just before sunset and sleep on the tops of buildings. Thousands of them. We call it ‘Karasu no jikan.’ Come morning they all fly back off to different areas for the day

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