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resetsurvivor comments

Posted in: 'Avatar' blasts off with $232.2 million worldwide See in context

Great movie. Can't wait to see it again. I missed James Cameron.

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Posted in: Nintendo's Mario endures even as games come and go See in context

FPS's haven't evolved since Quake. It's just turn out the same ol' same ol' year after year.

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Posted in: The end is near as Hollywood does the apocalypse See in context

@Weasel: Hahaha.. good one.

This movie (2012) sucked.

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Posted in: Carrey's Scrooge rings in Hollywood holiday spirit See in context

Maybe I'm the only one, but... Do we really need another telling of 'A Christmas Carol?' This has to be the 10th one, right?

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Posted in: Nintendo's profit dives as Wii demand dwindles See in context

I agree with thepro and kokorocloud. Just make some half-way decent games already. Everyone has the systems.

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Posted in: Shake See in context

Shortly after this picture, Asimo ripped off Takanobu Ito's arm.

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Posted in: Cop arrested for stealing girl's underwear during investigation See in context

I can't believe he took them all.

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Posted in: What do you think of the name Tokyo Sky Tree for the new tower under construction in Tokyo for terrestrial digital broadcasting? See in context

Throw a "Super" before it and that'll fix it. Super Tokyo Sky Tree! ..or wait, that would be dumb.

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Posted in: Cameron creates new world with long-awaited 'Avatar' See in context

I hope it's good.

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Posted in: Comedian Hikaru Ohta’s wife admits sexless marriage See in context

..work through the night on occasion, huh?

We know what that means.

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Posted in: Supersize me See in context

Now show the new sumo toilets!

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Posted in: Miyuki Hatoyama claims her soul traveled to Venus on UFO See in context

..and once aboard this triangle ship, they blasted their way through many asteroids.

Oh, wait.. that's a game.

I like the Sun eating line. I wonder if it's spicy?

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Posted in: Leading performers celebrate “anisongs” in Saitama See in context

I've always loved the songs from Super Dimension Fortress Macross. That closing credits song gets me everytime.

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Posted in: Sunflowers See in context

I think I can see Hinawa... ?

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Posted in: Cyberdyne shows off new robot suit in Tokyo See in context

@quato: ...or your groin! SPLITS! Ooooh.

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Posted in: Hachiko and Gere See in context

Can't wait for America to turn Hachiko into a talking dog that sings.

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Posted in: Gundam See in context

@marsnairb: too good.

Only through August? This should be a lifetime monument!

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Posted in: Global Nintendo DS handheld sales top 100 million See in context

I'll check it out.

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Posted in: Global Nintendo DS handheld sales top 100 million See in context

Go Nintendo!

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Posted in: J-pop industry taking the music out of music business See in context

I'll take J-pop over any of the crap they throw out over the American airwaves any day. Real music is always out there in your local bar scene but no one really wants to support them. Welcome to the world of remakes and recycling! Go 2000's!

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Posted in: Beer shampoo See in context

I thought the point of showering was to NOT smell like beer.

Well, for me anyway.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy loses part of finger in game machine in Nara See in context

I think that it's unfortunate that the child lost the tip of his finger in the machine, but I wouldn't exactly blame the manufacturer of the machine. How else would you get a coin into a machine without the slot.. It's been a while since I was 2 but I can imagine that the slot is small enough for a kid to put his finger in on any machine.

No one's fault except the kids.

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Posted in: Earth calling Keanu Reeves See in context

Amen, dennis0bauer ..does anyone remember when there were original ideas?

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Posted in: Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan See in context

I've seen this book at a local book store and it is pretty pricey, but looks really great!

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Posted in: Triumph Image Girl 2009 See in context


Flammenwerfer stole the words right outta my mouth!

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Posted in: Lux 2008 Shine Awards See in context

Well, my 'Poll' doesn't think they're all that attractive.

I move for a recount.

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Posted in: 'Clone Wars' revives 'Star Wars' fun See in context

Are they trying to overwrite the Clone Wars that Gendy Tartakovsky did? Which was totally awesome by the way! I agree with Noripinhead, he's just milking it now.

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Posted in: Who is your favorite comic book superhero and why? See in context

Scud the Disposable Assassin.

The story of a robot assassin who learns that when he terminates his original target he will explode. He just doesn't want to die so he takes on odd jobs to keep his original target (A plug-headed, mousetrap-handeded, hands for feet w/ mouths on the knees, squid wearin' monster) on life support. Created by Rob Schrab (Monster House, Sarah Silverman Program). My favorite comic book of all time. Check it out. Google it.

You'll love it.

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Posted in: English graffiti 'Hack' grounds bullet train See in context

I must admit I admire the fact that they stopped the train to clean and inspect it. I live in Arizona and the graffiti here is pathetic, and abundant. I would love to see the tax dollars go to cleaning up the communities here. I respect the fact they want to keep things clean.

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