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Why did The AP need to report the opinion of Communist Party member, bot not that of Nariaki Nakayama on March 8th this year?

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Chucky, the event is held not every day but 4 weeks at Shin-Okub"o" on Sunday. I assume this behavior is one of Korean Uriginal custom and needs known to the world well.

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Posted in: Japan 4th in world liar rankings See in context

Japanese deviated media should be top in fabricating rankings.

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Posted in: Strong quake kills one, injures 19 in Taiwan See in context

I knew about this earthquake here, probably because Japanese leading media don't eager to report news of Taiwan, have not a good relationship between S.korea but Japan.

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Posted in: Korea’s ban on pachinko gambling sees increase in gamblers coming to Japan See in context

This article gives quite interesting for us as Japanese Pachinko(including Pachislo) business almost consists of Korean illegal residents(nearly 90% of total). It is usually famous in his hometown, the father of SoftBank's CEO Son Masayoshi, acquired Japanese nationality, started Pachinko business and it is now known as a name of You-Kou Lucky Group, contains more than 30 large parlor buildings. Korean Parlor have used to evade numerous tax, sending cash to their mother counties since WWII had finished, and one of their important role is to earn as much money as possible from real Japanese people they are educated to disguise and hate. This is also their major motivation to success in this business, however urban parlors will welcome visitors to play Pachinko from their mother country.

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