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Resonance of Melancholy comments

Posted in: TPP chief negotiators to meet in Tokyo without U.S. See in context

Can't you just acknowledge the fact that USA has withdrawed from the TPP-agreement! Deal with it instead of dwelling forth and back in an effort to change the U.S'-mind. Donald Trump is never gonna let Japanese cars gain the momentum they need to counter GM, Ford, Chrysler/Fiat etc. By easing import-tariffs on imported Japanese cars.

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Posted in: 3,000 stage rally against conspiracy law See in context

It's a shame that so many else don't get what the Abe-administration's ambitions really are. To fullfill Abe's grandfather wish of establishing a totalitarian-regime within the borders of Japan.

And don't come and tell me the opposite! This is exactly what we've seen with Abe in power for 6 years in total! For instance; Introduction of pre-WW2 imperial school materials, security bills (2015), Anti-terror bill (2017), Hitler's Mein Kampf-biography, LDP-nazi gaffes, that Japanese bakeries are the origin of every worldwide bakery, affiliated and supportive of ultra-nationalistic school (Moritomo Gakuen), pursuing to amend probably the world's only recognized pacifist constitution, and disobeying to step down as party-head, but rather introducing a law that expands his tenure with 3 years!

Why do you all demonstrate? When you all probably voted for the LDP-party? If you want something different, vote for something different and refuse to grant another 4 years with 2/3 majority for LDP in both the upper and lower-houses! It's a broken democracy where you in theory has a one-party state with LDP constantly in power and sometimes a supermajority. Where the only really difference is who governs the LDP-party. There's too much dominance lying with one party:(

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Posted in: Japan urges world to unite on N Korea after latest missile See in context

I hope it's a urge to unite on negotiations with North Korea! North Korea has persistently proven that the only way to deal with them is to reach a compromise.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens to sink Japan, reduce U.S. to ashes and darkness See in context

It's unlikely to ever believe that North Korea is to launch an all out suicide attack on either Japan or USA. It would be a shame to see the beatiful north korean Masikryong Ski Resort go up in flames:( Wether you like it or not, North Korea is actually a beatiful country with nice and hospitable poeple! Japan should especially acknowledge this fact since you'd colonized the Korean peninsula for 45 years.

It's just a shame that they can't make proper use of their hospitability cause of the harsh rule in their country:( North Korea just fear to suffer the same destiny as Libya and Iraq did, and we all know what kind of quagmire that has evolved into!! Sometimes you have to look at the world from North Koreas perspective, I would've panted myself if I were a North Korean and had seen how close up USA is on them! With bases in South Korea and Japan.

How would've you felt when anything you did was seen as unnatural, and as a hostile action? Not everything North Korea has done can be recognized as hostile actions. We have to remember that Kim Jong Un's grandfather (Kim Il-Sung) is the only Korean to have drawn a plan to peacefully reunite the Korean Peninsula! You have to focus on the "good" sides about North Korea rather than trying to vainly improve the "bad" sides about a dictatorship. This is what USA has done against Iran during their Shah-era which ended in 1980 and is what USA still do with a dictatorship worse than North Korean, Saudi Arabia. It works, and the conditions in these countries have improved and are improving.

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi to skip U.N. assembly to deal with Rohingya crisis See in context

This just clears all doubt of her not being biased on this issue. She definitely would not have a minority of muslims roaming and spreading their "ill faith " compared to Buddhism in her country! Warning signs were already being set up when she declared Myanmar as China's "blood brother".

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Posted in: Abe's ratings recover to 50% level amid North Korea security jitters See in context

To what extent can you trust Abe's most favorable newspaper (Yomiuri Shimbun) and newsliner NHK's reports about rating recoveries? These are the most non-neutral political analysers you can get on the market.

The government is lurkingly increasing pressure on the media to drop any articles that might hurt Abe's administration. Japan's freedom of press are among the worst in the world, ranking below countries like Malawi, Lesotho, Senegal, Niger etc. The comparison is significant in the years after 2012 with continously decline after Abe took office, and is still declining.

I understand your reputation in Japan National Press Club is at stake, but consider to portray the government from a more neutral point of view. I would've appreciated more sources rather than the conservative (Yomiuri) This is just like fueling the Nippon Kaigi with more propaganda!:( I'm starting to believe Nippon Kaigi is what actually guides Japan like a marionette these days! Why else would not Abe do like Junichiro Koizumi did in 2006, to rightfully step down as prime minister after his party leader-term expired?

With Abe in power for 4 new years you'll have more of this; to pass the Anti-terror bill, allow Hitler's "Mein Kampf" as school material without guidance on how to portray the book, to restrict the medias negative influence over the government, introduce pre-WW2 ideals and prospects, increased Nippon Kaigi influence in the political nature, more Nazi-gaffes by LDP, lose your respective long standing pacifist-status, men and women going abroad to support Trump led USA's war of agression in the Middle East, more visits to Yasakuni Shrine and more negative comments by Korea and China. And suddenly Japan has turned into a more seclusive society were national values are more chersihed than individual moral values. It can happen in the blink of an eye, with LDP maintaining 2/3 majority and literally having a "one-party state". And like Aso himself said; LDP can silently enact bills just the way Nazi-Germany did. Is this what Japan will turn into with more Abe?

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Posted in: Abe urges stronger defense in face of N Korean threats See in context

Just take to your common sense Shinzo Abe and agree on Angela Merkels proposal to hold talks with North Korea. North Korea's threat can't get any bigger than this before it snaps, so please hold talks before you, Moon or Trump end the world in ashes.

Sanctions has not worked, and North Korea has a great amount of former KGB spies working for them. They're a serious international actor with a huge atmoic bomb "joker" on their hand! They're now in a position to negotiate, since they have a great card to play! It's literally now or never. If Shinzo Abe continues to pursue hostility with North Korea, then I believe he has revealed his ambitions; To have North Korea be divided between Russia, China, USA/South Korea and a piece for himself!

To have North Korea renounce their only capable defense equipment would be like asking for war.

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Posted in: Anime-themed Japan Self-Defense Forces recruitment campaign makes odd poster boy choice See in context

I've watched "Gate" as it coincided with the railroading of the "security bills" in the diet by LDP. A military propaganda like nothing I've never seen. It was disgusting to watch! How great the military of Japan is, how "peaceful" it is and how freaking supreme it is. It's like A1 Pictures actually want Japan to take on a militaristic path towards glory and dominance. But really, Gate was a terrible Anime which were heavily influenced on the ongoing debate of 2015 about "security bills". That an Anime company could influence the society's behaviour and decisions on the governments "proposal" is turning out to look a bit dangerous!

And like usual, it's filled with exaggerations and clichès. Like, how many in the japanese military loves and believes in fairies and girls with cat-ears?

As with "Joker Game" which depicted Japan during their occupation of China, I think it's unnecessary to emphasize Japan's pre military dominance while seeking to re-emerge as a military great-power. We've all had our golden times in history. It's like Japan is saying; "Well, we were great once in history, but look at us now! We're constrained by our "stupid" pacifist constitution!" Any person alive with knowledge knows that it's not only Japan who's suffering military constraints after WW2. Germany and Italy as well, "suffers" to a great extent the same constraints as Japan as abided to. You're not alone Japan.

The world proceeds with Japan as well. A "wet dream" of Shinzo Abe to gain greater influence in the world by military presence is hawkish and imperialistic.

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Posted in: Should dog owners be prosecuted if their animal attacks someone? See in context

Sometimes it's just the natural defense system of a dog that activates. The owner can't always prevent the dog's natural behaviour of protecting it's owner from dangers, but the owner should teach the dog about these specific dangers. Not like when a child walks up to pet the dog and steps within the "danger-zone" and such.

But to blame it all on the owner is wrong. It depends on what kind of actions the individuals that were attacked performed on the dog to provoke his "defense-system".

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte says dictator Marcos is a 'hero' See in context

Winston Churchill said that democracy is the worst state-apparatus. My former teacher said the same. When the my class couldn't agree on something and a debate arose, she took the lead and decided herself on the matter instead of wasting time on debates etc.

In some cases, a dictatorship where some people die, is better off then a total disaster were your whole country perishes as happened in fomer Iraq and Libya, Syria (present) where you have terrorists who runs the country!

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Posted in: New Japanese robot dog sniffs out smelly feet See in context

I feel bad for that dog-robot, who's only job is to sniff at people's feet!:( It's for a good cause, but you know.

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Posted in: Opposition lawmaker Yamao quits party over extramarital affair report See in context

This is nothing compared to the Nazi-gaffes by the LDP! We're all allowed to choose our own love and dear!

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Posted in: Abe, Putin slam N Korean nuclear test; differ on denuclearization path See in context

I don't think the "Russian Bear" would be stupid enough to let the important islands of (Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and Habomai) go to Japan. I believe the Russian Federation will tempt Japan to invest in Russia with these islands, only then to say "I'm sorry, but these islands are just too important for Russian influence for us to let go of them".

It's the usual game of surely the most cynical president on planet earth and recognized as the most powerful person 4 years in a row since 2013, Vladimir Putin.

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Posted in: Dozens hurt in S Korea protests as U.S. adds launchers to THAAD See in context

I believe less people would've been hurt if it weren't for the massive police force present!

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Posted in: Dozens hurt in S Korea protests as U.S. adds launchers to THAAD See in context

South Korean protests are among the best in the world! Just look. Having probably 10 times more police than there are protesters! They are closing in on American standards.

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Posted in: Japan must proceed with unpopular sales tax hike: Kishida See in context

It would be queer if the LDP do not lose power after such a unpopular move! It happened to the DP in 2012, and would certainly happen to LDP. If not, I feel like the voters have given the DP no reason for letting them down in the 2012 election!!

What you did to the DP-party in 2012 is time to do with the LDP, to proove that you were not wrong when you let down DP in 2012!

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Posted in: Allowing nuclear weapons in Japan could defuse N Korean threat: policy makers See in context

Not applicable at all! As the only nation which have suffered from a nuclear bomb, it is a deep rooted responsibility to not acquire nuclear arms at any cost.

The memories of the "hibakusha" are deeply etched into the soil and fundament of Japan as a nation! To remove and undermine these memories and their legacy is just not right!:(

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Posted in: N Korean nuclear test 10 times more powerful than Hiroshima A-bomb: Japan See in context

Shigeru Ishiba's claim that Japan should ignite a debate of hosting U.S nuclear arms would inevitable make Japan as the world's most hypocratic country!:( Japan would literally extinguish any hope for a nuclear-free world if you ever host nuclear arms!

As the only nation which have suffered from a nuclear bomb, you have a deep rooted responsibility etched into the soil!

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Posted in: New exhibition in Tokyo focuses on Japanese 'comfort women' See in context

Finally! Some recognition of comfort women are present in Japan! I don't care if it's a Japanese, Chinese or Korean comfort woman, as long as comfort women gain recognition and respect in Japan.

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Posted in: N Korea to dominate Abe-Putin summit, putting isles row aside See in context

You see! Sanctions won't curb the growing threat from North Korea, neither would military actions do! Military actions would forever paralyze South Korea and Seoul, who's only around 45 km from North Korean artillery fire! Declaring a military resolution on North Korea would only result in a "brother and sister" massacre between South and North Korea!:( What we're doing to North Korea is just like when USA oil embargoed Japan during WW2, cutting off their main survival source and waiting for them to attack!:(

I guess Abe wants North Korea to be divided into 4 "shares" just the way Germany was after WW2, and then hoping to get a "share" for himself! Well, he's not proving anything else right now with only "sanctions, sanctions and sanctions" in his mind, countering Moon's offer to hold talks with North Korea. Abe should know by now that sanctions won't ever curb North Korea the way he want!

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