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Posted in: Woman strangled to death in Chiba home See in context

Given the recent trend in Japan regarding elderly crime victims found at home, most of us here can probably guess “who” may have dropped in for a “visit” and what the conversations may have possibly been about.

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested after miniature camera found in women’s toilet See in context

Situational awareness if the key to personal safety and privacy in Japan.

Should be in the travel brochures for incoming tourists from abroad:

in addition to “Let the buyer beware”, keep an eye out for idle hands on trains

and the tiniest of cameras hidden in places presumedly “private”,

like public toilet stalls and dressing rooms.

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Posted in: Victims speak up as Japan moves to protect young people in porn See in context


Appreciate your response and clarification of your opinions of the sex “industry” in Japan. Understand it can be about exercising a choice to participate when one is of a legal, adult age and may choose involvemnet without ANY form of coercion.

However, the story here points out there are also victims of the same “industry”, manipulated into increasingly compromising situations and young people in Japan need protection from such manipulation and predation.

The later commantateer regarded these concerns as unnecessary to “hang on to tropes about exploitation”. Doesn’t sound like the victims chronicled in this story regard their real encounters with manipulation and sexual exploitation as mere ‘tropes’.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for leaving 2 children unattended while they played pachinko; 1 child dies See in context

Unclear here with: “leaving two children...”

Their two children, her, his ?


“a 2-year-old boy and…”.

Their 2-year-old, his, her… ?

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Posted in: Couple arrested for leaving 2 children unattended while they played pachinko; 1 child dies See in context

More tragic neglect and abuse in Japan by selfish … “parents”.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for putting newborn baby in coin locker See in context

Just saddening and not the ideal Japan image the government wants the world to see:

no fixed address” Sounds truly homeless in addition to unemployed.

found at a leisure facility.” Like a youth hostel, an internet cafe, a game arcade?

she had come to Hokkaido earlier this year, knowing she was pregnant.” From where?

So many questions, so few answers and…

apparently no help on the horizon for Japan’s hopeless women and girls.

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Posted in: Victims speak up as Japan moves to protect young people in porn See in context


Interesting portrait you try to paint of two worlds of Japanese porn: one glamorous and lucrative for a small percentage and the other,

more to reality, manipulative and criminal, preying upon the weak and disadvantaged.

When it comes down to it, both are exploitive.

It’s highly doubtful there are any continuing female JAV success stories that later went into the production side in the twilight of their “careers”. If some women did get into production, then it was only to exploit other starlets coming into the industry.

Nothing to be idolized or female empowering about it.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for putting newborn baby in coin locker See in context

Heads up, typo, last paragraph: “… any further information …” ?

Moderator: Thanks for pointing that out.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over murder of man whose body was found in ditch in Aichi Pref See in context

Savage! This worthless already owed the poor guy money! Stabbed him 10 times in the face and chest for another ¥142000.

Family has to be wanting the rope for this irredeemable piece of dirt but it won’t bring someone’s son back.

Lock him away.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing brother after argument over bedridden mother See in context

Poor woman. She has now lost two sons in one afternoon.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for beating 5-month-old son See in context

beat”?? More like “punched”! That’s a boxing injury! What person in their right mind would punch any child?

Like any parent here, the wife would like to volunteer to help this “mom” up and down the courthouse steps for any upcoming hearings and “parenting classes” before she ever sees this child again.

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Posted in: Boxing champ Inoue's home burgled during fight See in context

Completely believable that “Horror, annoyance and disgust” would fair reactions for any father and husband.

Inoue’s been married since 2015, has three children, a son born in 2017, and two daughters, born 2019 and 2021.

Any burglary is a physical and emotional violation of the sanctity of a family’s home.

The man cares most about his family, not some expensive goods.

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Posted in: How do you prepare children for an uncertain job future as technology and AI make more jobs for humans obsolete? See in context

Learn some marketable trade skills.

Learn to built the machines or learn to how maintain the machines.

We will still need shelters, food, water and transportation.

And stop spoon feeding that useless rote learning they call “education” just to pass tests in Japan’s schools.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over robbery and confinement of man they met on social media See in context

No redeemable skills here.

These two thugs probably learned their bullying in primary school, shook down others for lunch in junior high, strong arm robbery by high school (if the got that far) and graduated to full-time extortionists by coming-of-age day.

Prison until they’re 30 to learn some contributive life skills.

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Posted in: Whaling season begins See in context

There’s no appropriate word-play title for this dismal topic today.

All that comes to mind is “Utterly unnecessary.”

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Posted in: 23-year-old woman arrested for abandoning infant’s body inside suitcase hidden in closet See in context

23 and just didn’t know how to tell mom or, was planning to stash the body somewhere later? That happens too as NHK TV noon today preliminary report of another dead baby body has been found in a locker Chitose Station, Hokkaido.

What is going on in the minds of these young women in Japan?

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Posted in: Monkey business See in context

May be unintentional commentary with that specifically chosen caption “Monkey Business” but,

IMO, … I suspect there is both some ongoing corporate half-truths and continued Japanese government mishandling since 3/11/2011.

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Posted in: Monkey business See in context

What looks like everyday monkey shenanigans may be routine “business” for others.

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Posted in: We'd like schools to continue reviewing their rules with students, guardians and other related parties at least once a year. We'd also like to closely examine the specific nature of the revised rules. See in context

So, they’re saying “We reserve the chance to inspect girls’ underwear.” - Creepy and outdated.

Here’s the headline:Japan pref. schools still regulate underwear: survey from June 1st, 2022 in the Mainichi Shimbun.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death from high-rise; 3-yr-old grandson found unconscious inside apartment See in context

Shortly after, the woman’s three-year-old grandson was found unconscious in one of the apartment's rooms.

Must be the story’s translation but unclear between the first and second paragraphs if her suicide was witnessed first and then, the child unconscious child found, followed by the emergency call.

Or, did mom find him and then grandmother jumped?

Are we to suspect mom was absent, in another room and grandmother was responsible?

Who knows with some of these stories. Saddening all the same.

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Posted in: Man gets 18-year prison term for 2017 expressway road rage deaths See in context

Convicted December 2018, retried and convicted again, receiving the same 18 year sentence 5 years after the crimes? Where are the 2 surviving victims statements?

Considering the additional anguish they have been put through waiting for justice for their dead parents, certainly the daughters are now of an age for their voices to be heard and to petition for a greater sentence.

If Japanese justice is fair, Ishibashi should serve everyday of this 18 years and the deceased’s daughters heard again before he is ever paroled.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 65-year-old mother See in context

Said it before, like many sons here, would be happy to help this beast up and down the courthouse steps a few times so he’s never late getting to court.

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Posted in: Man saves woman in her 90s after she falls onto train tracks a minute before train’s arrival See in context

So far remaining humbly anonymous but this man is due more than just fifteen minutes of fame for his outstanding heroism.

Time to step up, Governor Koike and find out if there’s something he and his family may need.

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Posted in: Imitation octopus balls are Japan’s newest pseudo-gourmet recipe for boiled eggs See in context

Sorry Farmboy, NO “take-backsies”. To turn a phrase, you can put the eggs back in the chicken.

FarmboyJune 4  11:46 pm JST

I'm glad they found a substitution for the real octopus balls. Octopi shouldn't be doomed to speak in high voices.

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Even the reporters here have to live with periodic bad ideas. Better luck next time, friend.

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Posted in: Intruders steal ¥30 mil from elderly man’s safe at home See in context

Probably back for their bonuses. That looks like lot of cash on hand, leftover after payroll on a Friday.

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Posted in: Teenager sent to family court over 3-year-old sister’s death in Okinawa See in context

It’s a relief to read psychologists didn’t fall for his “fuzzy” memory excuse.

Parents must feel awful, especially the mother that was home in another room.


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Posted in: Bogus deliveryman sexually assaults woman, steals her underwear See in context

Wearing a false uniform is a form of terrorism

a bit hyperbolic perhaps but can follow the intent of the comment. His actions and position does diminish trust of uniform services personnel.

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Posted in: Bogus deliveryman sexually assaults woman, steals her underwear See in context

Not one of Japan’s everyday panty thieves. This beast’s a full on rapist and needs to be locked up for a long time. His fetishism escalated to an urge to harm.

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Posted in: 59-year-old man arrested over murder of 84-year-old mother See in context

Condolences to the poor daughter-in-law. Story says “separated” not divorced.

Though estranged, the wife probably took better care of her mother-in-law than this beast and therefore, was welcomed to continue living in her home.

Jealous busterd needs to rot alone for his remaining days.

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Posted in: Heard 'absolutely not' able to pay Depp $10.35 million in damages: lawyer See in context

Big difference between can’t pay and won’t pay.

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