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Posted in: Can Depp's career bounce back with defamation verdict? See in context

Of course it will. It’s Hollywood!

As posted yesterday,

Vindication.  Absolution. Redemption.

The world loves a comeback story!

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Posted in: Racists trolls are not real 'Star Wars' fans: Ewan McGregor See in context

This is Disney’s new female Darth Vader? She’s barely 5 foot, 95 pounds!

Worse, Disney has a habit lately of marketing their actors as victims of social injustice in effort to promote bad films.

Horrible, horrible corporate profiteering at personal expense.

Careers are being damaged in the process.

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Posted in: Jury sides with Depp on lawsuit; Heard on counterclaim See in context



Next for Depp, Redemption.

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Posted in: 17-year-old runaway boy arrested over series of thefts See in context

Sorry for those traumatized women. Never imagined the turn of events so,

much respect for the dad. His action is how exactly how we need to parent a wayward minor before it’s to late and work to their eventual redemption.  

IMHO, I think the family will also work toward making sincere apologies and restitution for all the victims.

Would so very much like to read a follow up story on what happens from now.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 3-year-old daughter whose legs were broken See in context

Hope they keep her on a very close suicide watch 24/7 so she doesn’t get the chance to take the same coward’s way out as the vile boyfriend.

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Posted in: Foreign Minister Hayashi tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Let’s call an end to the ridiculous “bro bump” of elbows this year! Just nod hello and be done with it if you don’t want to fully bow.

These middle-aged and elderly politicos, men and women both, look absolutely insincere when they pose for photo opps doing it.

The recommended coughing or sneezing into the crook of the elbow and then “bro bumping” garments probably does more to spread any contagion than just shaking hands then desensitizing immediately after.

Good luck with your recovery, Mr. Hayashi.

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Posted in: Security guard arrested in Shizuoka for abandoning 13 liters of urine at pachinko parlor See in context


“No person will be arrested here since this is a civil matter.”

Well police definitely didn’t just pick him up to take him out for more drinks? This story, like other criminal stories you’ve recently posted with your legal commentary reads “Police…, arrested… and, violation of law”.

“investigation was launched and police managed to track down the producer of the pee using surveillance cameras. On May 24, they finally found their man and arrested him on charges of violating the Waste Management Law.”

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Posted in: Checking tracks See in context

Surprised he’s not riding with a smartphone, too.

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Posted in: Checking tracks See in context

Teaching lesson for the school kids? A railway “safety” inspector riding on a bicycle in Crocs (no socks) and with no helmet. Surprised he’s riding with a smartphone.

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Posted in: Elderly men dropping like flies in the loo See in context

Next time, don’t strain yourselves so much. Leading into this shy tepid topic with a poorly crafted lawyer joke after kanji classes? Just hold it in and make your points.

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Posted in: Man wanted for beating girlfriend in Tokyo in March arrested in Okinawa See in context


What makes “drunk” any excuse for violence, especially against women and children? This buffoon doesn’t need any help with his defense.

Triggered”? More millennial-psychology BS excuses for failure to accept responsibility for your own emotions and reactions.

If your woman is irritating you, walk away or better, walk out permanently. Save two lives.

At least he didn’t kill her.” ??

Since you’re “guessing” and adding so much to the story here, how do you not imagine he didn’t intend to kill her with this bare hands and the coward just left her for dead when he fled?

“Nozawa fled after the assault and was placed on a nationwide wanted list by police.”

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Posted in: Man wanted for beating girlfriend in Tokyo in March arrested in Okinawa See in context


If you know such specifics, give us a link to the mugshot at least. For that matter, why wasn’t his photo posted here when they had a nationwide APB for him for the last 2 months?

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexual assault after victim filmed him fleeing See in context

Good to read she’s ok and acted quickly. Hope she can get some counseling.

Sorry Rodney, still snickering a little about your idea there. Someone will put it to their ear to answer and push the wrong button.

Hows about wear a taser bra and panties# instead for the daily commute?


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Posted in: Man threatens convenience store employee after bungled shoplifting attempt See in context

Looking closer, that ¥5000 for 25 items of “bento, bread, canned drinks and other items” doesn’t quite add up. Should be much more. Must be the wholesale cost for the store loss of the now tainted items and not the retail price they would have upcharged customers.

Up that “Employee of the Month” reward bonus to at minimum ¥10000.

Will be watching out for the follow up story of the desperate suspect still at large and what Lawson does for their employee’s good faith efforts.

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Posted in: Man threatens convenience store employee after bungled shoplifting attempt See in context

Good effort by the middle aged clerk but the chance of being stabbed for a paltry ¥1200/hour (10p.m.-6a.m. shift) is never worth the chase.

Lawson, at least, owes their hero employee a ¥5000 gift card as bonus and maybe,

a transfer and promotion to the day shift at the same hourly rate,

or more.

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Posted in: Miyazaki City mistakenly sends over ¥2 mil in meat to 140 people; instructs them to eat it anyway See in context

More Japanese government stupidity. I’d like to Meat the Fockers that pulled this new ¥2 million boner. People are starving and have to eat instant noodles while the undeserving get an free, extra portion of meat.

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Posted in: 2 children, mother die in suspected murder-suicide at home See in context

My wife and I have discussed and agreed, whatever happens in the stress of life to never lose communication, at the very least, about the welfare of our child. We do however worry about the gloom and sadness we see in our neighbors and coworkers trudging back and forth from their homes and work each day

It’s true. Japan’s families do need help more than ever coping with life.

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Posted in: Kawasaki school holds service for victims of 2019 stabbing spree See in context

If there is a Hell, I hope this Ryuichi Iwasaki is burning in it for all eternity.

This unforgivable coward maimed 18 people, killed a father and a murdered a child.

There would have been no redemption had lived to face justice.

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Posted in: Man arrested over abduction of minor he met online See in context

21 years old”. Young people today understand shopping more than having common sense.

Remember, young men and ladies: Online shopping comes with no guarantees.

When in doubt, do your due diligence.

You get what you pay for.


Let the buyer beware!

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Posted in: Ex-minister convicted for receiving bribe from egg producer See in context

Not eggxactly rocket science to have calculated this outcome”. Way to cut Ministry of Justice prison budgets.

With all these suspended sentences for Japan’s convicted criminals as of late, appears only the lifers will be cleaning the spiderwebs from all the empty prison cells.

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Posted in: Married couple convicted for forcing single mother into prostitution See in context

Why even have an Anti-Prostitution Law if only a chiding is the result.

If this was not “organized crime”, does the victim get restitution for her services?

Who keeps the luxury items purchased by the couple?

“600 occasions taking in around 8.6 million yen, gave her less than 1,000 yen for each session. The married couple used the money to to pay for their rent and luxury brand items.”

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Posted in: Patient arrested after starting fire in hospital rehab room See in context

virus rex

Not much of a “trial” per se in Japan but more off a review of the evidence, if the accused was aware of the consequences of his actions and expresses remorse prior to sentencing.

This perp sounds like he knew what he was doing and didn’t care about other people in the building.


The hero mentioned in this story does deserve a medal. This could have been another “choke-point” tragedy and embarrassment for Osaka’s Fire department.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening schoolgirl with knife See in context

let’s be realistic,

this was a failed child abduction where the child resisted, witnesses saw and called police. Are you saying there is a specific “disease”, an AMA-DSM identifiable mental disorder, for persons with a uncontrollable compulsion to threaten and scare children?

Okay, what would you do if you were born with the compulsion to scare small children and you had little control over it, like a disease? Would you want to be locked up or would you want help?

Changes the perspective doesn't it?

Nope, my perspective has not changed. Psychotropic drugs and “mindfulness practice” might sedate him while he’s being supervised but what if he goes off meds?

Instead, I would offer this perp some “physical therapy” as a future deterrent to his inclinations, if he’s not locked up for a long time.

And especially, if and when he repeats again. I would feel my child and Japan’s other children would be safer.

Too many missing kids in Japan.

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Posted in: 24-year-old man re-arrested for abusing 14-month-old son See in context

What’s with all these recent child abuse and domestic violence stories, men threatening schoolchildren with knives and attempts at child abduction/missing children in Japan?

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Posted in: Man goes on trial over death of 2-month-old son See in context

Admitted to hitting more than one occasion.” Like other fathers here, I’d like to help this guy climb up and down the courthouse steps so he’s not late to court.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening schoolgirl with knife See in context

let’s be realistic

Like other fathers here, I would happily volunteer to make sure this perp did not miss out on any trips to and from jail, to court and to the hospital for any of your recommended therapy.

cognitive behavior therapy, no. Lock up and supervision, yes.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for upskirt filming admits having done it on at least 150 occasions: police See in context

Not “I was drunk” but “It made me feel horny” ?

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Posted in: Do you use toilet slippers at your home? See in context

Pretended for wife’s peace of mind when we first moved to Japan but like the other real men here, don’t actually wear them. They are still there for visiting guests to use.

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Posted in: Daycare center employee arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl See in context

Terrifying to think a child could be alone with a paedophile in one of these daycares for even a brief moment. Carers in Japan need to be properly screened or these business licenses revoked. Where is the government oversight and regulation?

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Posted in: Restaurant alley See in context

Unexpected caricature? My 3 year old said “nezumi otokochan” when she saw this.

(Sorry. She and mum are fans of Gegege no Kitaro.)

I will buy this gentleman dinner when I see him.

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