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Posted in: Hatoyama writes to IOC, backing Tokyo 2016 bid See in context

Japan and Brazil do not deserve the Olympics. Japan is already a gold medalist, and Brazil a silver medalist, in international kidnapping. There are 20,000 kidnapped U.S. children in Japan and we've all heard about the Sean Goldman case in Brazil. Until these countries join 21st century civilization and respect the human rights of innocent little children, they should not be awarded the privileges and benefits of hosting the world through the Olympics.

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Posted in: Most child abductions by Japanese women are a result of spousal violence. See in context

What Ohnuki says is the exact opposite of the real truth. It is the Japanese kidnapper parents, including the mothers, who perpetrate domestic violence and have arrest records with U.S. police, and their repeat acts of domestic violence and psychiatric problems are well-documented in U.S. family courts. It is the Japanese parent who flees to Japan to avoid taking responsibility for his or her violent behavior while in the U.S., while inflicting cruelty, deprivation and lifelong damage on the innocent children they dragged along with them to Japan. If Ohnuki was an attorney in the U.S., he would be challenged intensely for making such outrageous statements. Instead, he is a prime example of how culturally backward Japan remains, despite its status as an advanced technological power.

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