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Posted in: Trump to make court pick by Saturday, before Ginsburg burial See in context

Yes, please do. I'm grabbing the popcorn waiting for Dems meltdown for the nth times.

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Posted in: Trump urges Senate to vote without delay on his high court pick See in context

Fill the seat. The hypocritical Dems are projecting.

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Posted in: Ex-Pence adviser says Trump bungled virus; she's for Biden See in context

Trump is not a doctor. There's not much he can do besides supporting the agency that's responsible for the medical/science aspect. And the agency as well as many others is part of the good old boys club that want him to fail, want him to look bad. The reason why the numbers look so bad in the US is because there are people who want to undermine the Trump presidency. Other countries don't have that problem. Other countries manipulate data to make them look good. The enemies within in this country manipulate data to make this country under Trump look bad so he can blame him right before election.

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Posted in: Top U.S. diplomat for East Asia calls China 'lawless bully' See in context

I certainly like to see how the world would be when China is big brother. And it's really only the matter of time. I'm sure people won't be complaining.

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Posted in: Biden says he trusts vaccines and scientists, not Trump See in context

Trump was teasing and trolling his haters to see them contradicting themselves. They keep blaming him for it regardless of what he does. I think the COVID death and infection numbers were/are manipulated for an agenda. The experts have been telling contracting stories. First, masks were useless but now masks are better than vaccines. Sure, I know a bit about COVID through personal experience. They don't even fully understand the virus itself.

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Posted in: Trump and Biden clash over cause of wildfires as blazes become election issue See in context

Hear! Hear! Maybe not forever, but at least this year. Anyone but Trump and his syndicate made up of the globalelite fossils.

I like cheap gas. I don't want to pay $3-4 gas like during Obama. If you haven't already noticed. The Democrats want to hold on to power forever. Obama had his 8 years. I always have the impression that these two parties take turn. Trump should really have 8 years after Obama's 8 years but no Clinton wanted her 8 years. Democrats shouldn't have the power of media, to blind people's eyes and cover people's ears. And then there's the brainwashing that Democrats are the good guys. If I remember correctly, this started during college. I wasn't interested in politics or anything but my college friends seemed to already have problem accepting different views. Of course, they were brainwashed by the educators who were brainwashed by those before them. I'm an outsider looking in and I see this problematic imbalance so clearly.

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Posted in: Democrats to probe whether officials meddled with CDC data See in context

Good. I just like to know total death. That's all.

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Posted in: Trump and Biden clash over cause of wildfires as blazes become election issue See in context

The plots stacked against Trump. Blame of COVID, audio clips, Mail-in ballots, BLM rioting, unrest and burning, and more burning in large scale, so on and so forth. I'm sure the plots will intensify since the time is coming near election. If plan A, B, C don't work, there always will be D, E, F, etc... The message is clear. Vote Democrat now and forever or face the consequences.

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Posted in: On western swing, Trump aims to court pivotal Latino voters See in context

I do notice, whether it's the Latinos, Asian, Black, or whatever group, they both divide into pro and anti Trump. And I'm interested to find out whether the pro or the anti group is larger. Trump really needs substantial lead (as in landslide) to win the election because the Dems already prepared scenarios when they lose or when the election is too close. I do feel that I need to put into my vote because this is the only chance for me to vote for a non-politician. I kind of want Trump to be president for a while.

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Posted in: Bloomberg to spend $100 million in Florida to help Biden See in context

Mike is very very jealous of Trump.

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Posted in: Chinese military calls U.S. biggest threat to world peace See in context

Let's see. If the US suddenly vanishes into thin air, China will take Taiwan and Vietnam right away. After that, there are plenty other places to grab. Even if the US doesn't exist the world, the world still needs an overlord. I wonder who that would be and how the world will fare. You have a bunch of countries wanting to be big brother, so they'll go at it to show who is boss. World of warlords. Fun fun.

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Posted in: Russian hackers targeting U.S. political campaigns, Microsoft says See in context

Yeah, I know. When the Dems lose the election, it'll be either because of the failure of the bail-in ballots or the Russian hacking story. Then they can have another chance at it.

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Posted in: Trump revels at Michigan rally as thousands defy coronavirus safety rules See in context

At this point I feel scammed by the misinformation on Twitter coming from China that it's deadly.

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Posted in: U.S. cuts troops in Iraq on Trump pledge to stop 'endless wars' See in context

I like what Trump has achieved in the ME and I'm interested to see what Trump has in store for the next 4 years. He should get the Nobel not because it has much meanings anymore as some others have gotten it for doing nothing but he still should get it.

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Posted in: Citing new book, Biden accuses Trump of betraying Americans on coronavirus See in context

OMG. It's been confirmed he knew. He knew way after I knew. Apparently the US intelligence was sleeping on the job. But then it was all misinformation anyways. Now everything is still clear as mud and the total COVID death should be investigated to see if they're actually COVID deaths. Yeah, whether he knew or not is so relevant. The so-called experts were telling contradicting stories and still do that now.

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Posted in: U.S. vote-by-mail begins See in context

This strategy will help the Dems win and will give the Dems the second chance if they lose.

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Posted in: Biden slams Trump over alleged comments mocking U.S. war dead See in context

I don't trust any media because they're all anti-Trump and certainly have no reason to trust his haters.

This is like watching a comedy show. I often hear anti Trump groupie say that they hate Trump because he's a liar, a racist and stupid, etc... but that actually describes Biden, the one they will vote for.

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Posted in: Biden hits campaign trail; blames Trump for city violence See in context

Biden has no leg to stand on. He's part of the problem. Media owned by the Democrats play a big role in this. They've stigmatized, ridiculed, and demonized Republican presidents/conservatives like forever. I only started taking notice in Bush years. They encouraged, justified and normalized hatred toward both Bush and Trump. Trump got it worst because he fought back. He called out the hypocrites and the fake people that they are. Democrats/liberals have been spoiled to the point where they think they're on the right of history and they can't accept other opinions. So when things don't go their ways, they unleash their violence. It's a result of being spoiled, being brainwashed into thinking they're on the right side of history, being encouraged to hate and their violent acts normalized. After being ridiculed, stigmatized, and demonized by the media for 8 years under Bush, 8 years under Obama, 4 years under Trump, the conservatives have been very classy. I'm surprised they're still playing it cool.

But recent increase in violence really is due to the timing of the election. Trump's America is what they aim to portray. Who benefits from this bad image, certainly not Trump but the other side.

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Posted in: Berlin halts 'anti-corona' rally as European cities protest masks See in context

I guess this is to balance the equation for the BLM protests. Last time I saw, BLM protests didn't contribute to the rise in COVID infections. I saw many didn't wear mask and they're still A ok and protesting hard. Corona virus can be very picky and has particular criteria for the chosen ones I suppose. The experts still can't figure it out yet.

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Posted in: House readies contempt resolution as Pompeo defies subpoenas See in context

Another concoction like how they framed Trump for the Russian collusion or whatever.

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Posted in: GOP convention showcases rising stars, dark warnings See in context

Trump is amazing. He drove many people crazy. It's great. Looks like he's enjoying himself, doing some of the things he wanted to do and said the things he wanted to say.

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Posted in: Biden aims to reinvigorate ties with allies including Japan, keep pressure on China See in context

I can just tell Biden is on China's payroll.

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Posted in: Trump slams Biden in his birthplace ahead of Democratic nomination speech See in context

Biden gives me creepy vibes. It's funny there are people who brainwashed themselves into believing that he's a better candidate.

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Posted in: Ex-Trump aide Bannon pleads not guilty to border wall fundraising fraud See in context

And so, the offense continues.

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Posted in: Trump holds up coronavirus aid to block funding for mail-in voting See in context

Mail-in votes open to fraud. There's no way to verify identification. It's only normal that Trump would want to protect himself.

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Posted in: Biden won't go to Milwaukee to accept Democratic nomination See in context

Good for him. He should remain in his basement. I can't wait to see the result of the election. If Trump wins, the anti Trump camp will throw up blood. If Trump loses, they will get Biden (and this will be really fun.)

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Posted in: Shootout at Chicago funeral leaves 14 wounded See in context

When the language contains extreme hatred for Trump, there's no room for an objective view and nothing can penetrate that tunnel vision. That's the symptom of being thoroughly brainwashed.

The other symptom is labeling people who don't speak with such hatred toward Trump a Trump fan.

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Posted in: Shootout at Chicago funeral leaves 14 wounded See in context

The problem stems from the media that brainwashed people to hate Trump 24/7. And these brainwashed haters became anti law and order. People will go whatever it takes to justify their hatred. Americans grew up in comfort and sheltered then became spoiled and entitled. They don't appreciate the good things they have.

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Posted in: Japanese firms weigh production shift out of China as virus wreaks havoc See in context

If you're allowed yourself to be dependent on China and in the future you'll be screwed by China, you have yourself to blame.

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Posted in: In another Trump win, court tosses Democrats' suit over his businesses See in context

I say follow the trail of money from the Democrats' pockets. There are plenty to discover. Trump has enough money to care for more money.

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