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Posted in: U.S. announces $100 mil aid for China, other countries impacted by coronavirus See in context

The US is obligated to give some money even knowing too well China will turn around and stabs the US right in the back. China would take the money then continues to deny that they've received help from the US. And of course China goes on with the usual brainwashing of their citizens with the evil US narrative. How the Chinese people see the US is like how the North Koreans see the US. The hate is strong.

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Posted in: China will defeat coronavirus, Xi tells Trump, as doctor's death sparks outcry See in context

Well as long as the infected people somehow go away. Meanwhile, the scientists of China and the world are trying to find an animal to blame. It's time to guess which animal they will pick and link the virus to in some ways.

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Posted in: Trump celebrates his acquittal at White House See in context

I thought I read some prophet's prediction that Trump would be US' last president. I wasn't sure what that meant then I saw the trolling vid "Trump 4eva". Now it all makes sense. At this juncture, there are no good options but the Democrats really make themselves look real bad and even worst than Trump. Things will be interesting again.

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Posted in: Chinese doctor who sounded alarm on virus dies; death toll increases to 636 See in context

China says it's under control then it must be under control. If it's somewhere else the number would be higher because they would be reporting real numbers. I have utmost confidence in China to conceal anything and everything they want.

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Posted in: 20 virus infections on cruise ship in Yokohama; passengers confined to cabins See in context

The virus may have mutated so results and fatality aren't always the same. And the outside world has no accurate information on the virus as China is covering it up. The fear for the virus this time is due to China's secrecy about the virus and their reactions. And it doesn't need much to see that they knew a lot about the virus and have a whole lot to hide providing their extreme reactions. It's not about national pride but survival. They need to conceal the truth to ensure their survival. If people actually find out the truth, their existence will be over. After all the Chinese government officials aren't the ones dying in their homes.

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Posted in: Impeachment done, Pelosi unburdens herself about Trump See in context

If only she admits she hates him. So much personal feelings. So much hatred.

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Posted in: Senate acquits Trump in historic vote as re-election battle looms See in context

The Democrats will continue to target Trump by scraping up whatever offenses they can find. If plan A fails, they go to plan B then C there are always D, E and F, etc... They're a bunch of sore losers with nothing to do.

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Posted in: Coronavirus spreads fear and racism worldwide See in context

China has WHO and the UN by the balls and others I'm sure. I see that Chinese love their government much but I get the feeling the Wuhan people who are sick and blocked inside their homes aren't very happy right now. But it's already too late. It's already game over. This theme will be played over and over again as China's expansion gets bigger and bigger. Well, it is what it is.

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Posted in: Coronavirus spreads fear and racism worldwide See in context

I keep my eyes on the hysteria but my neck of the woods is still pretty normal. We have a big Chinese and Asian community. Will see what happens later.

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Posted in: Bloomberg doubles ad spending after chaos of Iowa caucuses See in context

I think Bloomberg is a tad bit jealous of Trump for the fact that Trump is not as rich as he is but Trump became president. It's true that if you spend enough money, you can buy just about anything.

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Posted in: Buttigieg leads Iowa, Sanders 2nd; woman asks to change her vote after learning he is gay See in context

People have reasons to vote or not to vote for whoever they want. In the end, it's all personal.

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Posted in: China's virus cases top 20,000 as Hong Kong reports 1st death See in context

The numbers coming from China doesn't reflect the real numbers. The fact that they locked down so many of their cities and are rushing to building these make shift hospitals or quarantine centers rather show that they're well aware about how contagious and dangerous this virus can be (since they created it.)

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Posted in: China finishes new hospital for virus patients as toll grows to 362 See in context

China is scrambling to contain the virus they leaked before the world finds out the truth.

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Posted in: WHO says prepare for local virus outbreaks; China slams U.S. control travel controls See in context

Heck. I keep seeing this fake news about how H1N1 was started in the US (but it was originated in Mexico). Desperately try to make the US looks bad and praise China even at this juncture.

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Posted in: WHO says prepare for local virus outbreaks; China slams U.S. control travel controls See in context

This outbreak gives me a lot of insight as to how far China can reach and control beyond its border. The sky may not even be the limit. Anything or anyone can be bought.

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Posted in: Fever alarms, paranoia as masked passengers fly from China See in context

There are cases where hazmats can't even prevent infection so wearing mask and eye protection are just minimal measures and for the most part psychological assurance. Same thing as scanning for body temperature because there's a incubation period. And the virus may have mutated already. Negative result may turn into positive later. So it's all down to luck.

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Posted in: China reports new cases as WHO declares global emergency over virus See in context

You can see the power of money from China. WHO nervously declares global emergency but due to fear of offense, it has to praise China profusely. WHO should really wait a bit longer.

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Posted in: WHO to reconsider declaring global emergency as China virus evacuations begin See in context

Just wait a little more. I have to say China has a lot of money. They got their money in the pockets of engineers, scientists, politicians, etc... of the world to do their bidding. There's that story about the lab in Wuhan. The plot thickens.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese evacuees from Wuhan taken to hospital; 2 have pneumonia See in context

It's no big deal the experts said. Just a cold or flu. The US still hasn't suspended flights to China.

I have this feeling that I'm in a thriller movie plot and surely I'm not the main character. Will see how it ends.

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Posted in: China's outbound group travel ban a blow to Japan's retail, tourism sectors See in context

I may have to cancel my planned trip to Japan this year as well. It's a scary experience to fall ill while abroad.

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Posted in: Anxiety about Wuhan's isolation mounting among Japanese firms See in context

No one would ever know the truth about where this virus really comes from and how many people are already infected in China.

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Posted in: China locks down epicenter of virus outbreak; nearly 600 infected See in context

There are new cases in Singapore, Vietnam and India or Saudi Arabia? I heard that the incubation period is 14 days so people can be infected and continue to spread without showing symptoms. The airport measures don't help. So wait a few days to see the numbers.

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Posted in: Cases of viral respiratory illness rise sharply in China See in context

It's funny. All if a sudden China news is relorting cdc statistics on flu in the US this year making it look like a worse outbreak of sort than theirs. I wonder what their flu numbers are.

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Posted in: Ghibli anime 'Whisper of the Heart' is getting a live-action sequel film See in context

Oh no, not Tori Matsuzaka. I'm fine with the anime ending.

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Posted in: U.S., China tiptoe around holes in new trade agreement See in context

It's sad how the US made itself so dependent on China.

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Posted in: Taiwan 'already independent', president warns China See in context

True that this one lady has more balls than all the male leaders of the world combined who are kowtowing to China after China throws money on their faces. I do hope she does well and Taiwan will always be free.

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Posted in: Chinese media blame 'dirty tactics' for Tsai's win See in context

The greatest irony in that. China only knows dirty tactics and so intimately. First, China got their monies into the pockets of the corrupted Western politicians to make them the favorable manufacturer of the world. Then they used big monies they gained from greedy Westerner capitalists to buy off more politicians and countries, stealing and copying others' creations then made those theirs. They throw out more cash to buy off Taiwan's allies to islolate Taiwan. With the way things are going, Taiwan will not be able to escape China's grasp. And if the US remains stupid, China will take their spot as the Emperor of the world. The world can't blame China for playing dirty, they can only blame themselves for being stupid.

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Posted in: Taiwan’s leader reelected as voters back tough China stance See in context

Good for Taiwan but China is using money to cut off all Taiwan's allies so Taiwan has to depend on China. It's like a disgusting and forceful marriage. I blame the US for giving China the means to become the bully it is today.

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Posted in: New questions rise after Iran says it downed Ukrainian plane See in context

One can only hope Iran learns from their mistakes and sees the errors of their ways.

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Posted in: U.S., Iran step back from the brink; region still on edge See in context

I do agree that Trump should have retaliated by striking some sites to not disappoint his anti groupie. It was just funny because they were the ones screaming bloody murder on Trump for starting ww3 just a few posts ago and on the same day even. Really fun stuff, man.

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