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Posted in: No bonuses for TEPCO employees this year See in context

DAHHH, the bonuses of all the Tepco bosses should go to the people effeceted and those poor guy's still working at the plant

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Posted in: U.S. aid a step toward N Korea nuclear talks See in context

This is just another round of going backwards, until the idiots incharge make adjustments to thier thinking and come back inline with democracy the world should isolate them totally. All these do gooders are doing is putting food on the table of the North Korean Leaders and Military

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Posted in: Australian PM gets 31% pay rise See in context

Because she can and will, Australia will be in as much trouble as USA. Wait for the big crash......

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Posted in: Gadhafi's daughter demands ICC probe into father's death See in context

Investigated ??? Tryed, Convicted, Executed, job done move on>>>>>>>>He was a killer, and she looks like an idiot too

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Posted in: U.S. to meet with N Korea to discuss food aid See in context

Why bother until NK starts to tow the line, the big problem is everyone gives in too easily, let them come to the table asking don't keep offering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: U.S., Australia, NZ 'disappointed' over Japan whale hunt See in context

This debate will go on for ever, what i don't understand there is a report somewhere from Japan Fisheries i think that says there is tonnes of this whale meet stored in freezers not being consumed, so why the need for more??? I understand that some people like to eat it, no worries, but after trying it once is enough..........

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Posted in: Truck carrying 100 pigs collides with car in Tochigi See in context

These old coots should not have licences, 82 yr old drove straight up the backside of my wife while she was stopped at a traffic light in Tochigi (our home town) and said "Oh i never saw you". Funny thing is the old coot still got his licence as he lives on a farm (like us) so needs to get around, but she now has back and neck problems.

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Posted in: LDP's Ishihara wants base on China-claimed islands See in context

@CHuan. Your statement in its self is very provocative, who do the Chinese think they are? Dont you think all nations should respect each other??? You must be Chinese to have that attitude!! Why should China be anymore respected just because as you say >a rising China with its growing size and might

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Posted in: Obama requests Iran to give back downed U.S. drone See in context

This is such outrages rubbish, if the drone was so secret US would have just put another drone over and destroyed it they want the drone out there, same as they gave the chinese the communiction plane to look at a number of years back.

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Posted in: Man thrown into pond by 5 youths in Tokyo park See in context

Should have poked them with an umbrella

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Posted in: Chinese fishing boat skipper kills S Korean coast guard officer See in context

A war in the making, just a matter of time till they get into it

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Posted in: Plane crashes onto Philippines slum, killing 13 See in context

Imagine the search and rescue did not have flash lights to search with, unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Boy, 5, falls to death from 6th floor of Gunma apartment building See in context

Can't believe he just climbed the stairs to the 6th floor on his own??? It says nothing about parents or family members, where were they? i just can't imagine what i would do if i were in that situation

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy perishes in house fire See in context

He must have been asleep, RIP mate

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Posted in: TEPCO considers dumping more tainted water into sea See in context

Do you really think they are containing all the water from this plant, if you look at the picture of the destruction i doubht they have the capability yet to control this. Even if they do contain all the water what will they do with it???

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Posted in: Traces of radioactive cesium found in Meiji baby formula See in context

@Nicky Washida: thanks for the info

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Posted in: Police oppose proposals to liberalize Japan's gun laws See in context

These people with negative to guns comments, probably believe that meat comes packed and wraped, I grew up on a farm. The most humane way to deal with this is quick and effective not slow and painful

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Posted in: Traces of radioactive cesium found in Meiji baby formula See in context

I would dearly love to know when they knew this and what are the batch codes and dates of production as we have been buying this product for our baby, trusting it is safe.......... Not anymore

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