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Posted in: Actor-director Kevin Smith ejected from plane for being oversized See in context

the way I see it everybody around me is annoying on a plane. I don't dislike sitting next to a fat guy anymore than having my head beat in by the man next to me with his giant bony man shoulders that stick out into my space. I also dislike "tall guy" that makes it impossible to put my seat back, barfing airsick person, crying baby, whiny brat, woman with too much perfume, man eating shrimp chips next to me (I'm allergic), armrest hog, Ms. pees-30-times, and so many other inconveniences. Your best defence is a good offence. Request aisle seat and just chill because something about you is "offensive" to the person next to you unless you are 5 feet tall and 90 pounds and asleep in perfect centered position from take-off to landing.

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Posted in: Cop caught taking up-skirt videos during anti-pervert campaign See in context

the majority of groping and perv incidents in japan are "drive by" variety. For instance:

-man runs up behind you on the street and sticks his hand under your skirt and bolts away.

-man coochicoos your behind for 3 seconds on the train right at the stop then steps off.

-man grabs your breast as he walks past you on the train.

-man walks up to you on busy street and punches you in the boobs and runs off.

These are all experiences that have happened to me or to my friends. You always curse yourself out afterward with "coulda/woulda/shoulda" actions like say, chasing down the perv and beating his skull into the curb but usually he is long gone before you can make a move. Most women don't "yell out" because in most cases the guy is gone pretty instantly anyway. The most I've ever gotten out is "Hey!"

My best advice is simply to LOOK AROUND YOU. I had about 5 incidents in my first year of living in Japan and each subsequent year I've had less as I've become very vigilante when I get on a train-car or if I'm walking on the street. Pervs look for women who look distracted or unaware more so than they are looking for short skirts and tight blouses.

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Posted in: Shibuya 109 English Guidebook See in context

I think the idea is that they're releasing this in bookstores overseas so they're hoping this might persuade some fashionistas to want to come to japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shoplifting with 9-year-old nephew See in context

Maybe if Japan would actually open some soup kitchens, homeless shelters or food pantrys like other countries.... But that would be CHARITABLE, heaven forbid.

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Posted in: Man held after faking kidnapping and demanding ransom from his mother See in context

key points

31-year-old man

who (mother) had filed a missing person’s report on Saturday after Masakazu did not come home Friday night,

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Posted in: Maid cafes show no signs of losing popularity See in context

Japan has enough problems already with gender inequality. The last thing it needs is this type of disgusting misogynistic drivel to be promoted. The women in Japan working day and night for equality should slap every employee in the face. And every customer too.

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Posted in: Obama says health care critics use 'scare tactics' See in context

I'm FOR nationalized healthcare myself. But I still haven't seen a clear cut "where the money is going to come from" answer.

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Posted in: Barrage of complaints force Miss Universe Japan to change costume design for finals See in context

As an overall ensemble it's just TERRIBLE. It doesn't match at all.

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Posted in: University creates baseball-playing robots See in context

why can't they use their brains to make something more useful? what a waste of time and money

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Posted in: If the shoe fits See in context

Reebok is one of the few shoe companies that makes women's US size 10.5 shoes (most companies skip that size). I gladly give them my money.

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