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Posted in: 1-year-old girl falls to her death from 3rd-floor apartment See in context

@MJ- I look after kids often and Oldman is right. The 1 yr old could have been:

-taking a nap

-watching a video and another kids needed assistance to the bathroom (potty training)

-father could have been cleaning up a spilt mess


A kid alone in the room does not mean a parent is careless. This is a sad story end of story, and as a caring parent the family has my condolences.

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Posted in: Former taxi driver arrested after stalking actress Momoko Kikuchi for 2nd time See in context

Some people just love celebrities too much, but it doesn’t surprise me with the pedastol actors and musicians are given in the country.

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Posted in: Tokyo to begin seeking names for giant panda cub See in context

I've always been a fan of Sun-wukong, but I don't think the monkey king will work.

How about "Poh" from Kung-fu Panda?

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Posted in: Boy dies from heatstroke after being left in car; 1-yr-old boy also dies in car while dad plays pachinko See in context


Also on Tuesday, police in Shizuoka Prefecture arrested a 25-year-old man whose 1-year-old son died in a car after being left for about two hours while the man was in a pachinko gaming parlor on July 8.

I don't get how people think it's okay to leave people in a car on a hot day. The 9 yr old story is off. 9 yrs old kids know how to do a hella lot. The boy had to have fallen asleep with the car off, but never woke up.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for destroying 54 violins owned by ex-husband See in context


Asking what does a woman see in a man 30 yrs older is no different than seeing a very cute woman with an butt-faced ugly guy. Either money or when the lights go out he compensates for his ugliness in the bedroom. LoL

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