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reyesku comments

Posted in: 70,000 commuters delayed by quarrel over cell phone on train in Chiba See in context

haha...many trains and people stuck because of that. just take the man that using the bloody cellphone to many people that waiting the train so long and ask everyone to scold that man and kick his ass badly! its because he don't have a manner and self-respect to others.

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Posted in: FIFA dismisses complaints about World Cup voting See in context

1 more provocation and propaganda..its all about media giving more attention to what they can sell to the market. for a long time media give more about EPL or BPL and its become 1st league in the world but England not yet to show what their ability in World Cup. so they just good at the news rather than in the field..and its same about the vote, whether its linean or not, its lie or not the view so much about them but they can organize so that other countries too...many countries can organize also but can they just stand without media giving too much provocation? if they got the chance, the provocation will bitter and all news focus on them but its not worthy, because the worthy just goes to the media's pocket only..don't make politics inside soccer because soccer is fun and interesting already, no need more provocation. if there is need provocation, for me just a few is enough...

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Posted in: Jessica Michibata publishes memoir See in context

wohoo...im also not reach 30 so that i can make my memoir too? one more project that make easy money from famous and gorgeous person in this industry. if they make picture album also can be selling out...so if she got bad experiences after this, she can make 1 more book about that...after married, 1 more book about that and so on...it is worthy if they make a book about utada hikaru that want to end her carrier in a short while (end of this year if im not mistaken)... :)

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Posted in: Katy Perry to perform in Japan next spring See in context

****wohoo...the sponsor company needs money ya...if yes just bring her on...if no, just let a good one if want to make western concert over there...

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Posted in: Does J-pop really suck? See in context

yeah im agree because some elements and sound in j-pop more usage of western style. so if im want to enjoy the music, there is no clear trademark or boundaries how is j-pop is all about...but im realize that j-pop already invent the elements and sound to their own style and sounds. like indonesian, they have dangdut, malaysian with dikir barat, inang, zapin and many more. like indian, they have their own also..but nowadays we can see also that some hindi movies also got western sounds and style. for me, if j-pop consist this method but still conclude their originality of japan's sounds are already worthy for me. it is also because they are selling to what people wants and needs not what they are wants so the way they use either maybe good for me but not good for you or good for you but not okay for me..

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Posted in: A global goodbye for Hikaru Utada See in context

wohoo...no more of her sound and vocals for films and dramas...time for new artist...for me, there are more talented if utada leaves this entertainment world...anyway, goodluck for utada...gambatte...

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