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At this point, Tucker Carlson is the right-wingers’ Anwar Al-Awlaki, but with a less drone-able complexion.

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duh, that's my point exactly. Finns and Swedes think somehow, magically Putin will treat them differently?

Shimon. Honey. I want you to stop and reread what you said, but this time think REALLY hard about it. What is the major difference between Finland and Sweden vs Ukraine?

If you haven’t guessed it, there is one major difference: NATO membership.

That’s it. There’s no big secret. Ukraine was not covered by NATO’s mutual defense pact. BUT, as a direct result of Vladi’s invasion, NATO has changed its policy and he now made it clear that if Sweden and Finland decide to begin the process of joining the bloc, they will be covered by the bloc’s mutual defense article during said process, which Ukraine was not.

What that means is: If Putin decides to attack either country, even if they have not attained full membership in the bloc, NATO’s mutual defense article will activate and Russia will be at war with ALL OF NATO.

A war they cannot hope to win if a country like Ukraine is giving them THIS much trouble.

Putin with whine. Putin will moan. Putin will rattle his sabers. Putin with threaten. Even now CNN is reporting that Putin has said Finland and Sweden joining NATO “doesn’t pose a threat to Russia”. A far cry from his previous blathering about how he wouldn’t possibly stand for those two countries becoming part of the bloc. The fox couldn’t reach the grapes, so now it’s trying to convince everyone it never wanted them in the first place.

But let me ask you this one, simple question, Shimon.

How many countries that are covered by NATO’s mutual defense article have been attacked by a foreign power?

Answer that, and you’ll understand Russia’s true position.

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Palestinian Arabs inciting a riot-like atmosphere at a funeral is abominable behavior.

Ah yes. Such abominable behavior as…lemme check my notes.

Possessing Palestinian flags.

Chanting slogans like big meanies.

Singing songs the cops weren’t a fan of.

Calling the cops assh*les for shooting a defenseless journalist (that one should probably be considered a war crime)

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Now he's relevant again, AND winning new strategic alliances, ie India and China.

Man, those strategic alliances sure are paying huge dividends! I mean, look at all the Chinese and Indian strategic military aid that’s pouring in to make up for their ally’s catastrophic losses! By god, Xi must be shipping millions of dollars in military hardware to Putin every day to make sure their strategic partner isn’t left to twist in the wind! Why, I bet right now, as we speak, the Russians, Chinese, and Indians are forming their own version of NATO, so they can show just how deep their commitment is to one another! And look at all the non-aligned countries bordering Russia that are clambering at the gates of the Kremlin to join Putin and be protected from NATO because the rest of the world definitely sees NATO as the real threat and Russia as a relevant stabilizing force that totally isn’t a pariah state that even it’s closest ideological Allie’s won’t help beyond empty platitudes and token grain import increases!

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Turkey to block Sweden and Finland NATO bid

Erdogan has a fine line to tread. His country’s membership in NATO is already on thin ice as a result of issues stemming from the war in Syria. Rocking the boat too much is not in his best interest. In all likelihood, he’ll make a show of disapproval so he can tell Putin he tried, but ultimately I think Swedish and Finnish membership in NATO is a foregone conclusion at this point.

In other news, Russia has cut supplies of electricity to Finland, which is about all they can really do at this point. But in all likelihood, this will only serve to push Finland to further integrate with Europe. Russia’s attempt at energy extortion is bound to backfire, because all it does is add fuel to the fire of bringing fossil fuel usage to an end. When your only bargaining chip is a resource that people are already looking for an excuse not to use, handing them a ready-made excuse is rather stupid.

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So, what happens if Russia destroys Finland because of this? They have the capability.

Really? They can’t handle a country like Ukraine, but Finland, a far better equipped, better connected nation, is just gonna fall? Sure.

And let me make something clear to people here acting like Russia is going to attack Finland or Sweden for joining NATO: It won’t happen.

It won’t happen for one simple reason: NATO has already made clear that they will extend the mutual defense article of the NATO charter to both countries as soon as they begin the process of joining. That means that if Vlad decides to attack, it’s war with NATO.

Not “NATO is going to send money and Javelins to Finland and Sweden”.

Not “The US will just push the Russkies back past the border and then stop”.

Not “We’ll send technical and intelligence support”

Full-scale war. B52 raids on Moscow. Attacks on on shipping at every port. A full trade embargo enforced at gunpoint. A ground invasion. Targeted killings of everyone above the rank of colonel. Total annihilation of Russian industry and the economy. And in a world of ICBMs and spy satellites, the old Russian standby strategy of “retreat past the Urals” won’t save them.

And God forbid it goes nuclear, there won’t be a single living thing left in Russia.

Putin is stuck. He’s spent so much time around sycophants and yes-men that he honest to god believed his own propaganda about the strength of his nation. He’s Kim-jong Un without the sense of style. He’s Nero without the musical skill. He’s a little man with big delusions, which have been smashed to pieces against the reality of Ukraine.

If Sweden and Finland decide to join NATO, Putin has two options: empty saber-rattling, or starting a war his country cannot possibly survive. Maybe that’s what is needed. Maybe what Pussy Riot said is true; Russia needs to be destroyed. Knock it to pieces like Nazi Germany, pick up what’s worth keeping, and rebuild based on that.

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Good grief. Just break up the UK already. Let the Scots go it for themselves, give the north back to Ireland, let Wales do its own thing and give England some toy Spitfires and rubber battleships to play with in the tub like the petulant children they’re acting like.

The Brexiteers screwed the pooch because they thought it was still 1889 and that Britain was still a world power capable of dictating terms however they saw fit. Turns out they were wrong and now they’re throwing their rattles out of the pram.

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Ben Wallace told us recently that the Russian military are utterly useless, their equipment is third rate and aging, their command and control system is non-existent, their fighter jets can't navigate properly, their tanks are death traps, and their troops are mutinous, and we hear Ukraine is planning to take back all the land invaded plus Crimea and all of Donbass. 

At the same time we hear Russia is the greatest threat to the world since Hitler and we must double our defence spending and enrol even more countries into NATO. 

Does anyone else smell the BS?

As we are seeing, a piece of sh-t military can still cause destruction and mass civilian casualties, even if they are incapable of actually scoring military victory.

Finland and Sweden aren’t concerned about whether or not they are capable of defeating Russia. Experience is showing that they almost certainly could. It’s the fact that they’d still incur a significant amount of damage in the process that has them clambering to join NATO. Ukraine is destroying Russian armor by the thousands using hastily trained volunteers and conscripts. Imagine how quickly this ‘invasion’ would be over and how much suffering they’d be spared if they had access to A-10s and Apache gunships, as well as masses of far more modern tanks.

Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, support for joining NATO in Sweden stood at about 30%. That number has now skyrocketed to over 70% and for very understandable reasons.

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Does Finland really want to join an organization that is accused of war crimes and illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan

The more pressing question Finland and Sweden have is “Do they want to risk ending up like Ukraine if they DON’T join NATO?

Ultimately, if this war was meant to prevent more NATO nations from popping up on Russia’s borders, Vlad grossly miscalculated. Say what you will about Uncle Sam, but one statistic is in the forefront of Sweden and Finland’s minds, and that stat is “The number of NATO nations attacked by a foreign power”. And that number is zero. That’s goes for ANY country covered by a collective security agreement with the US.

If Russia is having this much trouble with just Ukraine, the fact is, it would not survive a war with NATO. It just wouldn’t. It’s clear that Russia is incapable of scoring a decisive victory in a conventional war and there wouldn’t be two bricks left stacked if a war with NATO turned nuclear. NATO nations would be horrifically damaged: I don’t think there’s be a living thing left in Russia at all.

Russia was hoping they’d be able to role into Ukraine unopposed like they did in Crimea. But the world has changed since 2014. The government in Ukraine is actually willing to fight now. What’s more, Russia was counting on the international community to cave to petro-extortion. And it didn’t. Putin’s entire strategy was reliant on the rest of the world blinking first and that has backfired to the tune of well over 10,000 dead and climbing. Even China, the one country Vlad was sure would come to their rescue has paid lip service and not much else. They know they stand to lose far more than they could ever gain by angering the US.

The US has even taken the unprecedented step of extending NATO protection to Finland and Sweden during the application process, rather than requiring they be fully accepted members first. It’s the US almost daring Russia to try something, which they most certainly won’t.

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There’s something so decidedly…British about professing to honor deals, and then unilaterally deciding not to abide by said deals when it turns out they’re going to draw the short stick.

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Hard to argue with that, but I think you need a bit of stick as well as carrot.

At this point, this stick is withholding recognition and aid. Better than a military response.

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22,000 polish were murdered by Russian ’liberators’ at Katyn Forest alone.

plus the 10’s of 1000’s murdered by the NKVD

Let’s not forget that little Russian-made famine. What was it called? The Holodomor? Well, I suppose the Ukrainians ought to be grateful the Russians stopped at a paltry 3.5-5 million dead.

The difference between the Germany and Russia of today is Germany learned that wars of aggression are a bad thing. Russia is learning that the hard way.

As for this guy, he’s hardly some lowly “civil servant”. Hers a representative of his country and is therefore a representative of his country’s policies. If he disagrees with the war, then why not say something to that effect?

Oh, right.

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My oh my, there are a lot of Lesser Spotted Followbacks around on this site, still crying about the fact that we sent the useless and corrupt Brussels bureaucrats packing. Get a life.

Oh Perfidious Albion. When will you learn? The Empire’s over. Now you really are just an island off the coast of the economy that matters…

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consideration Japan's past frequent sneak attacks strategies its a bit unclear that if Japan attacks another nation whether or not the USA will defend Japan anyway.

Um. No. No, it’s not unclear in the slightest.

The Mutual Defense Agreement between the US and Japan only applies in cases of defense. If Japan decides to take a swing at one of its neighbors first, all bets are off: Japan would be going it alone. And that would include something like a preemptive strike. So if you want Uncle Sam to go to bat for you, you’re gonna have to wait till someone takes a shot first.

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I know we’re all lost in our enjoyment of watching a Putin puppet twist in the wind, but can we all take a moment to stop and really appreciate this line?

It is also unacceptable because it might knock our terrestrial ball flying off the orbit to who knows where,” 

This piece of conceptual art deserves its own wing at the Met.

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Not true when you look at what has happened to non-NATO protected Ukraine

There’s the rub. Love America’s military presence or hate it, a NATO nation has never been the target of attack by a foreign power. Take a look at the nations Putin’s Russia has gone after in the last few decades: Georgia, Moldova, and now Ukraine. They all have one thing in common - they weren’t under the mutual defense pact of NATO. There’s a reason countries that have formerly scoffed at the idea of becoming NATO members are now becoming far more receptive. Finland and Sweden are seeing now, in grim detail, just what happens to countries who are outside NATO’s collective security.

The same applies to Japan. As it stands right now, the fact China hasn’t just snatched the Senkakus has nothing to do with Japan. If Japan was all they had to worry about, they wouldn’t be worried at all. It’s the guy standing behind Japan that has kept them from getting handsy.

Given Okinawa’s strategic location, there’s always going to be some kind of military presence, whether American or Japanese. I’m sure the people of Okinawa would much prefer the Japanese to the Americas, which is understandable.

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“That did not come as a surprise to our government

because we have been spying on our neighbors for years, which is definitely different from what China does”.

I wonder if we’ll be seeing a “special military operation” in the offing?

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A far-right leader being afraid of more people be able to vote? I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before…

Anyone care to jog my memory?

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But 69 percent opposed relocating the bases to areas where they live, 

And boom goes the dynamite. NIMBY at its finest.

the money you refer to was the marshal plan but like we see the imf and world bank doing today this money was/is not a gift more of a tool for manipulation and pushing forward with agenda’s. Imo

Well, considering the alternative was to leave Japan a blasted, bombed-out ruin in economic shambles without even a fraction of its prewar industrial output with access to zero resources and surrounded by former enemies who would have loved nothing more than to carve off pounds of flesh and miles of territory (The Germans of East Prussia come to mind) and telling the Japanese “you’re on your own. Rebuild yourselves”, I think Japan came out ahead. Love it or hate it, Japan is the economic and global power it is today as a result of the occupation. Was it right? That’ll be debated till the end of time. But what isn’t debatable is that the economic miracle of Japan’s postwar recovery is linked directly to the aid they received as a result of the Marshall Plan.

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To clarify something for the people here.


The attacker has NOT been identified as a trans man. The confusion comes from that fact that Dave Chappelle JOKED that the guy might be trans.

I still think David Chappelle is an unfunny transphobe whose comedy punches down in a desperate bid to create controversy to prop up an otherwise stagnating career. Basically the black Ricky Gervais. But the guy who came after him needs a nice stint in a jail cell.

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The two biggest animals to look out for in that area would be black bears and wild boars. Both can be very aggressive and both are omnivorous.

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I don't know, I think it would indicate an animal attack more than an abduction surely. If a person had taken her they would have taken her shoes too.

On some level, I can understand people wanting to believe she was abducted. It gives them hope that she’s still alive somewhere. But from everything I’ve seen about the case, there’s been nothing to indicate foul play. No footprints from other people, no tire marks from a possible escape vehicle. Nothing.

At this point, all we have is an inconclusive skull fragment and some shoes that look “similar” to ones the little girl was wearing.

While the chances she was abducted aren’t zero, the most likely answer is that she wandered off into the woods, became lost, and died. A forest is a far more active place than a lot of people might imagine. As morbid as this is going to sound, dead things don’t last long.

I think we’d all prefer if I turned out to be wrong and she was still alive somewhere, but that’s just not as likely as the alternatives

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is that buried naturally, forest debris, fallen stones covered her, or do they mean a dug out hole. Sounds like the latter?

She’s been missing almost 3 years. That’s plenty of time for for her to become naturally buried in forest debris, leaf litter, dirt, and mud.

The sneakers and the socks may indicate that the girl may have struggled with her abductor as she was taken away

Or, more likely, the corpse was eaten by scavengers and what was left rotted away. Articles of clothing like a shirt and pants would have disintegrated, while more sturdy items, like shoes, would have remained intact. A sock could have survived by being shielded inside the shoe itself.

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The alternative, of course, is to not join NATO, which will not anger Russia, but Russia will attack anyway

I wouldn’t be so sure of that. The current war has shown the world, and the Russian military brass, just how antiquated, inept, and utterly outmatched they truly are. For years, Russia could prance around, claiming to have a first-class military, all the while having tested it against basically no one. A one-legged man with a crutch might be able to outrun a quadriplegic, but that doesn’t mean they are a good runner.

The fact that Russia has lost roughly 15,000 men, including NINE GENERALS, in the space of two months, to a country that (no offense) NO ONE expected would last more than a few days, has driven home the point that Russia was always a paper tiger.

I said it before, if this is what war with a country like Ukraine has done to the “mighty” Russian military, they would have absolutely no chance in heaven or hell against the US alone, let alone the entirety of NATO.

The most they’d be able to do is threaten nuclear war, but Putin is a creature of the Soviet Union. And he remembered well the concept of “mutually assured destruction”. Only nowadays, the “mutual” part has been thrown into doubt.

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Neutral .

A neutral nation can only remain neutral if its stronger neighbors accept that neutrality. Sweden and Finland declaring “neutrality” will mean precisely nothing if Russia gets it in their heads that they want some more chunks of Baltic coastline. Them crowing about their neutrality will do little to stop Russian tank columns.

Neutrality is not something a country decides to be: it’s something other countries allow it to be.

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Quickly .... Sign up to become vassals to the mighty USA. Soon you can enjoy US bases and huge bills for US manufactured arms.

Could be worse. They could be enjoying what the non-NATO, independent nation of Ukraine is enjoying right now. Compared to that, I’m sure the possibility of US bases is a small price to pay. Russia has shown that it doesn’t respect the independence of its neighbors. Ask Georgia. Or Crimea. Or Moldova. And now Ukraine. You’ll notice all these places have one thing in common: they aren’t NATO nations.

Russia is stupid, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t (currently) suicidal. They’ll attack any country they can, so long as the US isn’t treaty-bound to come to their aid. If Finland and Sweden decide to join NATO, Russia has no hope of stopping them. Because if the Russkies are having this much trouble with little ol’ Ukraine, there wouldn’t be much left of them if they picked a fight with an actual superpower.

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Im sure the people of Okinawa are perfectly decent already.

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If a law can be made, can't it also be repealed? If so, it's logical that the district can be dissolved.

Algernon, you have to think of this less like a piece of legislation and more like a legal contract. As with all legal contracts, one side cannot simply unilaterally decide to alter or abrogate the contract, at least not without incurring some kind of penalty. The portion of the original law stating that Florida must first pay off all Disney’s Reedy Creek debts was put in there specifically so the Florida government couldn’t unilaterally annul the Reedy Creek District and leave Disney holding the bag for that debt.

The debt clause is essentially the “breach of contract” penalty that was built into the original law.

Desantis proves once again that he has no idea what running a state actually entails. He was playing to the cameras when he decided to dissolve the district, only to find out later that doing so would come with a VERY hefty price tag. And his bigoted naïveté shows even more when he claimed that despite the taxpayers being in the hook for a billion dollars, there won’t be any tax increases.

All so teachers can’t tell children gay people exist and that that’s okay.

It’s a perplexing hill to die in, but at least he’s dead, I suppose.

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9 Years ? ? ?

What the heck ?

For those wondering why the sentence was seemingly so lenient, let me explain.

First, the man was NOT charged in connection with the sarin gas attack. As far as was provable, he wasn’t involved.

Second, the crimes he WAS charged with (and seemingly convicted of) were: being involved in the bombing of a condo (the article doesn’t say HOW he was involved, so it’s possible it was only marginally), the arson attack against an Aum facility (again, the article doesn’t mention what his involvement entailed), and the kidnapping resulting in death of the clerk. This is the only charge the article specifies how he was involved. He was the lookout. He wasn’t involved in the actual kidnapping, nor the injecting of the anesthesia that killed the man. While he was certainly directly involved MORALLY in the man’s death, he didn’t “pull the trigger”, so to speak, and so likely wasn’t charged with murder; rather, he was likely charged as an accomplice to kidnapping and murder, which is a lesser charge.

There aren’t enough details in the article about what crimes he was actually charged with and his degree of involvement in the first two crimes.

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Can you imagine if China were to support Catalonia?

No I can’t, because supporting a break-away territory of Spain would give ammunition to Taiwan and Tibet. China not supporting self-determination isn’t because they care about the integrity of other countries. It’s purely self-serving.

If the people of Okinawa and the Ryukyus genuinely wanted to become an indecent nation, I’d support that. But I’ve seen little evidence that the majority of Okinawans support secession. Wanting a reduction in base burden isn’t the same as wanting to break away from Japan.

And independence comes with a whole host of their problems. If Okinawa and the ryukyus became independent, they would almost certainly see a reduction in the standard of living in the near to mid term.

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