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Posted in: Kawasaki Heavy wins $3.7 bil order for up to 1,600 New York subway cars See in context

Harry Gatto - Sorry you had to bring politics into this, but if you had read the entire article all but the proto type will be made in the U.S., so it will be Americans making the cars.

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Many of the comments support taking in these refuges. ISIS has already boasted about having over 4000 of it's radicals infiltrate with these people. Japan has given the second largest amount to help with the relocations. I see no reason for Japan to bring in people who want to impose their lifestyles on our country rather than assimilate into the society. It hasn't worked anywhere in the world, so why do the same here. There are still many places in the middle east they could go without fear of hostilities. I feel for the families that want to get out but, I am happy the way Japan is today and do not want to see what I experienced in the States come here.

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Because of the loss of tourism in Iwate prefecture (3/11), I spent three months putting together some good ideas to improve their situation, including budgets and implementation plans. I met with the dean of one of the local universities that have hospitality programs and presented my ideas. He loved them and said they were right on track, but to not expect a positive response. He was right on, I called the head of tourism for Iwate prefecture and she responded without ever seeing what I had, with I am not interested. It was obvious she did not want any help from an outsider. Before the earthquake they averaged 300,000 foreign visitors and now only 100,000. You would think that they would be open to suggestions, but her pride would not let that happen. If this is the normal response with other prefectures then the central government will not be successful once the yen comes back to normal.

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When I lived in the states I rarely watched any programs other than sports. I really enjoy most of Japanese TV. Monday evenings are my favorite for the "Why did you come to Japan" show and I also like the Japanese living abroad program. When the sumo wrestling tournaments come on they do a quality job. I too enjoy the commercials. Just once I would like to see one of tasters on the food programs say what they put in their mouth is horrible. The documentaries for the most part are very good. I am not big TV watcher, but there are some very good venues here and I will continue to enjoy them. Finally, Eeeeh does get annoying at times.

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Posted in: Top court rules in favor of pregnant woman who was demoted See in context

This is just a start. It will take some time for women to be treated fairly. Just this week we were in an elevator and a man pushed his way out of the door from the back. My wife and step daughter were in front of him and he did not acknowledge or even make a gesture that he was sorry. Then about an hour later we were at the Yokohama station and a man ran into my wife and again did not say a thing. This is a normal daily routine. I think it is going to take a generation before the men here realize that women have value to Japanese society other than having babies. Even some of the women are so use to this type treatment that when I offer them a seat on the train they look at me like I am crazy. We can talk all we want about equal rights, but actions speak louder than words.

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Before I left the states I had my wife take pictures of my head after a haircut. I printed them out and carry them with me every time I need a haircut. It was very expensive at first, but finally found one close to home and it is only 1500 yen. The last time I didn't need to show the pictures. So, another item on my list I was able to conquer. I like the shop and the people who work there are very nice even though I am their only Gaijin.

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Having been previously married to an American women (29 years) with constant drama, I can say without hesitation that my Japanese wife is the best thing that ever happened to me. Yes, some of the lack of affection and sex is a disappointment, but all in all she is fantastic. Living in Japan, I have learned to love the food, the culture, and our time together. She gives without expecting anything in return, is not emotional, loves beer, and enjoys all the things I do. Yes, I could find negatives like some of you have, but in seven years we have had only two arguments and they were settled immediately. Because of the cultural difference I have had to work harder at making this a good marriage, but I would not try to change anything about her. We say I love you to each other before we go to sleep every night and that is enough for me. My family back in the states constantly remind of what a gem she is and I fully agree.

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I would have to disagree with J Tan's comment. In the past week I have flown United twice and both were very good. We also needed to change our flight back home and we stopped at their United Ticket center in Guam. We already knew we would pay a fee for the change, but the lady who handled it for us was excellent and worked to get us the best available flight. In the past I avoided United like the plaque, however in light of this past week's experience they are back on my list of airlines to fly. The seating was comfortable (Economy Plus) and both took off on time and arrived early. The one to Narita was actually 30 minutes early. The staff were friendly and genuine in their efforts to make the flights enjoyable. Thanks for a great experience. J Tan it's been 13 years, maybe you should give them another try.

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Mike45, How long have you been in Japan? Coming from the U.S. I have found that there is more variety in food choices than any place I have been in the world, which I have been on all continents. When I married my lovely Japanese wife I was 30 pounds overweight, but thanks to her wonderful cooking and the great restaurants in Japan I am now at my ideal weight and healthy as ever. I would never take advantage of the Burger King offer and neither would most of the people here. Your comment about fat people in Japan it over stated. I live in Yokohama, the 2nd largest city and I can tell you maybe 1 in 1000 are even close to overweight. The ladies do not starve themselves. My wife eats 5 times a day and she is at her ideal weight. What makes the people here different from the States is they walk everywhere, do not eat large portions at a time and keep in excellent shape. I have many Japanese friends and to them the meal is an art. I for one love the food and if I ever leave here it will be what I will miss the most.

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While living in Atlanta and Seattle our guests never needed to be asked to leave their shoes in the foyer. We always answered the door with our slippers, and a few extra clean pairs out in the open. Even the trades that needed to work inside our house respected our no shoes in the home policy. In seven years we never received a single complaint. As a result many of our American friends adopted the same policy in their homes. Growing up in New Jersey we had hardwood floors and our family left our shoes in the foyer, so it was not hard for me to adjust after marrying a Japanese women.

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