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Posted in: IS teen 'shocked' after UK revokes her citizenship See in context

I think she has some sort of mental illness (not as excuse, just an observation). She thinks it's okay to fight for IS then gets upset when the UK government doesn't want her back. That's not the thinking of a rational person.

As for the removing her status as a British citizen, I think it's a bad idea. Do we really want these people roaming around the Middle East fighting for terrorism?

Look at the Northern Ireland peace process. In order to move it along the government had to deal and accept terrorist in the UK.

We need to take back "our terrorist s" and deal with them. Leaving them out in the world is reckless and dangerous.

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Posted in: Tech firms should be made liable for 'fake news'on sites, say UK lawmakers See in context

The problem is that traditional media and politicians twist information to meet their needs then get upset because someone does it better.

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Posted in: Trump says Texas shooting due to 'mental health problem,' not a gun issue See in context

Hmmmm....... I read that Trump has relaxed the rules on gun ownership, now people with mental health issues can buy guns! I really hope that isn't true.

What is it with Americans and guns? Sure, own a pistol, but do you really need a semi-automatic? Anyway, not American, so not my problem.

As I have said elsewhere, every day America gets weaker China becomes stronger.

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Posted in: Cash registers to have cash withdrawal capability from April 2018 See in context

Wow! In the UK, you can text money to people now. The cashback technology is so old, very few people use it now.

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Posted in: 'Japan as Number One' author Vogel still upbeat on country's future See in context

Japanese students want to live in Japan in the future?! Why is that good thing? You need people to have a broader understanding of the world. Modern Japan came about because it wanted to be more international. Most of the institutions exist because Japan wanted to be apart of the world. Ah well, no problem for me. The lack of change makes me richer.

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Posted in: The EU: In or out - what Japanese firms think about Brexit See in context

The Brexit debate is useless. Whether they vote in or out the loser will call for another referendum. The real issue isn't the EU, it's capitalism. Basically every aspect of British people's lives are controlled by private companies, not the EU. A quarter of schools are not control by private companies with MPs and the general public having no way of affecting change. Transport outside London is a mess. Bus companies demand money from local government to run services (the services used to be run by local government until central government forced the change). There are many other examples of this. Going back to the referendum and Japan, I supect a fair few will start to move their offices to the mainland. As for the idea of trade negotiations. They can take years to complete! Also how many trade deals can you do per year?!

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Posted in: Fast-lane immigration service for VIPs to start at Narita, Kansai airports See in context

Basically anyone in Business class, first class and diplomats can bypass the long queue. Japan should join the 21st century and get computerised immigration control. When I went back to the UK, using a computer to scan my passport and check my photo was a breeze.

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific profit nearly doubles as fuel cost falls See in context

Depends where you fly. Osaka to London tickets are so cheap. Qatar and Cathay are about 85,000 yen over Christmas.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree on new daytime slots at Haneda airport See in context

What about the rest of the world? Not everyone flies to America. This is why the Middle East is so popular with transit passengers.

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Posted in: Columnist suggests language tests for foreign journalists See in context

different countries, different situation.

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Posted in: Bangladesh asylum seeker deported after working for years in Japan See in context

I find some people's attitude towards non-Japanese disturbing. In this case even more so. Bangladesh is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world. Relying on their legal system is utterly stupid. As the news article already state the govrrnment has already sent 2 former politicians to their death. To be honest Japan doesn't really care about people. Nationality is more important. The needs of corporate Japan overrides the needs of society is one such example. Maybe in the long run a declining population might change things. Then again it might make things worst.

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Posted in: Tech spats spark U.S. fears of 'digital protectionism' See in context

They forget how Europe made regional TV streaming possible. Ebay said they couldn't stop the sale of Nazi memorabilia in France. However the government proved that they could. Thus allowing the launch of BBC iplayer, Netflix and the like. As for privacy, yes American companies should follow European rules in Europe. The same vice versa. Imagine European companies like Spotify taking American users data and handing it to European governments. Americans would rightly be outraged.

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Posted in: Man who stabbed woman to death because he 'wanted to kill someone' gets life in prison See in context

What is wrong with Japan? This isn't the first case of someone commiting murder because they didn't want to live in Japanese society. Something is deeply wrong in this country.

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Posted in: Are national universities getting rid of their humanities departments? See in context

If there are too many universities, close some down. Failing that merge them. The back office can be merged leaving the teaching untouched.

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Posted in: 'CSI' ends its 15-season run with 2-hour reunion finale See in context

It is an interesting issue. Does TV reflect reality or reality reflect on TV? I watched the first episode of CSI and quickly realised who the murder was. It put me off watching any other episode. I prefer Jonathan Creek and Sherlock. I rarely see the end coming. For people who want to solve a crime story try Murder in sucessville. It's both interesting and a challenge.

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Posted in: Filmmakers say TV's rise welcome, not a threat See in context

Linear TV is slowing dying a dead, but catch up services are very popular. A lot of films (movies) are boring and lack depth. Increasingly TV is catching up in terms of quality and originality.

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Posted in: As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers See in context

In the 70's some African countries kicked out Asians from their country despite being born there. By and large they moved to the UK without a hitch. The main problem is that only people born of Japanese blood and live in Japan are considered to be Japanese. Even my ex who is quite liberal couldn't accept the idea of children born in Japan of non Japanese parents being Japanese because of skin colour and blood! Yet adult adoption (changing your name to that of another family) is perfectly fine. You can change from Honda San to Takamoto San, but not Mr Smith to Suzuki San. As the number of mixed race children increases I hope the attutides will change. I was born in the UK to Polish/Bangladeshi parents. I am proud to be British. I am sure many children born to foreign parents in Japan are proud being Japanese too.

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Posted in: Osaka junior high schools move up in national academic achievement tests See in context

The test results are meaningless. There could be more middle class children in schools or weathly parents deciding to send their children to attend school and spend money on Juku instead. I feel sorry for these children riding on an unending merry go round of tests.

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Posted in: Toshiba to release wristband-like biological sensor See in context

Too too expensive. I have Fitbit which is 21,000 yen. Most people I talk to say it's too expensive. 85,000 yen!!! Seriously. It's way too much. It would be better to create wristband MK 1 then every year make improvements. This lowering the initial cost.

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Posted in: Japanese butter on the table in Pacific trade talks See in context

"siniestro at Jul. 29, 2015 - 09:58PM JST Hey people its not about the taste of the fruits or the rice that people don't want the imported one. Which is basically American or Chinese. Its about if it is safe to eat. The Chinese quality fruits which was probably washed with factory waste water and the American DNA alternated products who noone knows what kind of side effects they have. I am not paying any money, even a much cheaper price to kill myself." Well Japanese people seem not to trust Japanese fruit and veg either. My ex-partner couldn't understand why I would eat fruit with skins (apples, grapes etc). Apparently most Japanese people never eat the skin because it's full of chemicals.

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Posted in: Consumer Affairs Agency urges people not to walk on escalators See in context

sanjigen at Jul. 24, 2015 - 07:39AM JST Escalators weren't designed to be walked on. And to expect everyone to 'know' about the 'walking lane' (which does differ between Tokyo and Osaka) when it's not posted does cause accidents. Expecting others 'to know' just because you think it's the norm already is the cause of a problem.

Most social norms are discovered by interaction and observation. No teaches you to sit, walk or talk Japanese. You follow other people's cues. Hence the difficultly in making AI think.

In Himeji I know to walk up and down on the left because everyone else does it. Why would I go against convention? Similarly in Tokyo I would follow everyone else cue.

Going back to the issue at hand. Yes, totally ridiculous. Clearly someone is very bored at work. Most over countries manage to use them without injury.

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Posted in: Time will tell if Apple Watch catches on See in context

I only want a few simple apps and heart bet monitor. So iWatch is too expensive for my needs. I can wait a few years for things to improve.

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Posted in: Delta joins bid to rescue bankrupt airline Skymark See in context

Never travelled with Delta, but any interruption in the cozy domestic flight market would be welcomed.

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Posted in: City in Niigata drops milk from school lunches See in context

Rice and milk doesn't go!! They should try rice pudding. Every Japanese person who winced at the idea soon change their mind after trying it. That aside there are pros and cons for most things. Personally I would increase the amount of vegetables.

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Posted in: Gov't considers introducing body scanners at airports across Japan See in context

It's a complete waste of time. Simply put the terrorists have won!!! They wanted to spread fear and they have succeeded. Governments are spying on their citizens, revolving passports (in some countries) and placing people haven't commited any crimes under house arrest. IS and the other terrorists must be laughing their heads off.

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Posted in: SoftBank Mobile to offer free Wi-Fi service for visitors to Japan See in context

They need to. In Taiwan I can get 8 days of unlimited internet and tethering for less than 3000 yen. It's cheaper for Taiwanese to use their own Taiwan carrier data plan than use SoftBank/docomo/AU service. Maybe they have woken up to the fact foreigners will shop around a lot more than Japanese people.

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Posted in: Abe eyes new action plan to boost tourism to Japan See in context

They also need easy of access to/from the airport. It's take me 2 hours to get to the airport. That ridiculous. Both Narita and Kansai International airport should have better and faster trains connecting them to the city.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl knifed by man while walking home in Himeji See in context

More children at the hands of motorist than random attacks. While it's a horrible situation, it needs to be put in contexts.

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Posted in: Blogger lists three things foreigners do that impress the Japanese See in context

When my friend came to visit me in Himeji. He remarks about the lack of respect shop and restaurant staff got. It's also like they are decorations. I agree. In the UK, the only rude and the stupid behave in such a way.

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Posted in: Number of children in Japan falls to new low See in context

While the corporate overlords seek servants not employees nothing is going to change anytime soon. I do wonder if it is too late to fix the child ratio. To boost more would require a big change in mindset in both corporate and private life. As more people get use to the "freedoms" being child free entails I suspect less people would willingness to have children. Changing the subject slightly how does China ,a country with one child policy, have a higher child percentage than Japan. Maybe it's to do with the life expectancy in China.

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