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Wow! [ Jay Que at Mar. 31, 2015 - 08:00PM JST "IF YOU LIE DOWN WITH DOGS, YOU WAKE UP WITH FLEAS" is an approriate expression regarding giving the CCP PRC the gift of acceptance, approval, and consolidation of power. ]

Given how many American companies do deals with China, America will end up with a lot of fleas! Apple is one of many companies opening stores left, right and centre. Also China is one of the biggest holders of American bonds.

Is China a problem? Yes. Will ignoring them create freedom for the ordinary citizens of China? No. If you want democacy then you need more middle class Chinese being educated in "the West". Isolating China won't produce a democacy. People won't wake up wanting democacy. They want work then representation.

Basically China is setting up it's own bank because Europe and America won't allow China to have any say in the World Bank. Usually the top job at the IMF or the World Bank goes to an American or an European. Is that democratic? I don't think so.

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Posted in: Himeji Castle reopens after 5 1/2 years of repair work See in context

Good luck this weekend. Yesterday Blue Impluse flew over Himeji Castle. The city was busy for the next 6 hours afterwards.

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Posted in: Kagoshima schools to resume Saturday classes once a month See in context

The problem is that teachers don't view teaching in schools as affective. One of my students is a junior high school teacher and she said the main role of the school is to I still morals not getting students high marks. If they adopted a system closer to Finland and get rid of all test from year 1 to year 9, they would have more time to teach. Someone commented about homework. Homework is useless. It just repeats what happened in class. Increasing schools in the UK are changing the way students learn. In fact a failing school in my home town was turned around by radically changing the way students and teachers interact. Students are now co-creators of educational material. Standards have improved and the school is getting national attention on how it turned itself around. Maybe If Japanese schools learned from this things would improve.

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I have several jobs. So I have been doing this for 7+ years. Last year I tried the on line service. Wow! So much better than queuing up at the community centre for an hour. Took 10 minutes to fill in then popped into said centre and handed over the documents. I will be doing to the same thing again this year. I don't understand why so many people don't do it this way! Oh, the other thing I don't understand is that it can be done on line, but you still have to give a copy plus tax payment slips to the tax office!!

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It's interesting to see that a university promoting women is mainly run by men. I would have thought some of the former students would go back to the university to inspire the students. Personally I don't see the point of single sex universities. I doubt they are of any use to anyone.

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The government needs to stop wasting money. They should decentralise power to the various prefectures and city. Take on a lot of the vested interests. Reduce the number of large Japanese firms. So they can be competitive. Also simplify the tax system. Income minus threshold times tax rate=tax due.

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It's unbelievable that a government could preside over this. Trainee programs should be there to foster good relationships between the countries. This does nothing of the sort. Part of the problem is that small businesses are being squeezed and they don't know how to grow in this present climate. Several eikaiwa's I know had the same problem. So they squeeze the staff. Nova was a classic example of that, I hope these trainees can find a proper work placement. Closing down a lot of the bad companies down will help the good companies grow.

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Tokyo to Narita is a nightmare. Hopefully this group will highlight the problems of travelling to/from Narita.

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Not sure how big a deal this is. More and more people are buying on line. Any losess due to credit card fraud are covered by the issuer of the card (well in the UK). So that's not a issue for most people. Personnally I rarely buy from shops. Usually it's just food and that kind of stuff. Most debit and credit cards in the UK have wireless payment ablitlies. So we do even need to take out our cards to pay for anything. Also in the UK we can do cash back from a debit card. Basically we can take money out of our bank account in a supermarket or bar while we purchase something(it's a free service). Not sure if Apple Pay could do that. Saying that, in Japan it will go down a storm. The market here is too fragmented. I can't believe there are so many different IC payment cards here.

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The problem so far isn't the lack of competition, it's Japanese blinked vision about America. A lot of companies forget there are other countries in the world beside America. Airbus has repeatly tried to sell aircraft in Japan, but ANA and JAL aren't interested. Hence the mark up. Now moving on to the sales target of 5000 planes. I wonder how realistic that figure is. I can't imagine budget airlines (LCC) in Europe being interested. They make money on the extras they can sales. Hence the need for decent sized aircraft. Recently Jetstar has been buying bigger planes not smaller ones. Ah well, let's see what happens.

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I wonder how the question was acted and where it was asked. Japan is full of Chinese people shopping, sightseeing and working. I live in Himeji. Here we have the largest percentage of Chinese people in Japan. Never met any with a bad word to say about Japan. Their main problem is Japanese perception of them. Despite learning Japanese and wanting to fit in, there are many Japanese people (mainly men) who don't want to socialise with them. Of course it varies from person to person. The problem I find is that Japanese people get peddled the line that only "pure" Japanese are really Japanese. As for China. Sigh! Well the sooner people over there get a better form government the better.

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Yeah, I don't understand how Amazon loses money. Amazon (and a lot of tech companies) is using various loopholes in Europe to avoid paying tax. These loopholes are being closed. Hence the need for Amazon to find more revenue. I do like the lower prices that have ensued, but it comes at a cost of fewer well written books.

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The future is tracker funds. It's going to be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out.

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Posted in: Some lawmakers seek U-turn in regulation of moneylenders See in context

The government should encourage social lending. It works in the UK. The interest varies from 5 to 10%. Basically the borrower has to explain why they need the money. The social lending company does a background check and sets the interest rate. After that people are free to lend a percentage of the money needed to that person. No loan sharks or high interest rates.

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The reason for the collapse of whale sales is the changing tastes of Japanese people. Increasingly Japanese diets are being "westernised". In the small city I live in now there are 5 Indian and 5 Spanish restaurants/bars. 9 years ago there was one of each. Whaling is a waste of resources. The money could be spent on fish farms and the like. Mussels can be farmed and they clean the water around them.

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Posted in: Gov't considering to create a new public holiday See in context

I agree the above comment. More national holidays aren't needed. More flexibility is.

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Basically there are too many medium sized companies. This raises overheads. A whole bunch of them need to merge. Redeploy those workers elsewhere then open up the construction industry to international competition. Also they should make better use of materials. Japan is obsess with concrete.

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Posted in: Gov't speeds up stimulus package as tax hike looms See in context

They should reduce city tax and health insurance. It's way too expensive. After you turn 40 health insurance gets even more expensive.

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Posted in: Titan Comics to publish new 'Doctor Who' series See in context

It was. BS2 I think. Now you can watch it on Hulu.

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Posted in: Nissan unveils black taxi model for London See in context

Looks awful. More like a minivan than a black cab.

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Posted in: Bus, rail companies to hike ticket prices in units of Y1 for card users See in context

There are always differences. In Himeji, the local bus company gives IC card users 100 yen or 300 yen bonus every time you charge the card by 1000 yen. It's the only reason I use it. In the UK, IC users gets preferential treatment too. It's good all round. By monitoring use, they can co-ordinate services better. Saying all that I don't use IC cards for travelling on the train. It's easier and cheaper to go to a discount ticket shop.

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The problem is the over reliance on big business. There are too many big electronic companies in Japan. They needs to merge or be taken over.

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Actually, if you hard enough there are places where people with tattoos can go. Many years ago my partner and I went to an expensive ryokan and found a large number of the customers were covered in tattoos. There weren't any problems the whole weekend I was there. Tattoos=Yakuza is just Japanese people being lazy. It's the same as some British people who think that foreigners go to Britain claimed government benefits and steels jobs at the same time! The general populace needs to be re-educated about it.

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The new 42 megapixel Nokia phone seems to have everything you need. Granted it's the only one of the market, but it's only a matter of time. My iPhone has a low resolution than my digital camera, but it has HDR which make the photo much better. Digital cameras makers need to up their game otherwise they will join the Japanese phone makers on the scrap heap. Customers are being more picky now. Mobile phones now can upload photos to the Internet, improve photo quality, edit photos, apply effects. Some can be charged wirelessly. Digital camera makers need to pull out all the stops to arrest the decline.

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Wholesale changes to Education and employment needs occur. Kick start several mergers and trim the worker. Encourage more people to open their own business. Use the tax system to encourage the development of smaller companies. Japan should be wooing international investors, not burying it's head in the sand. Once international companies start completing for business Japanese company will be forced to deal with their underlying problems.

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To be honest I don't care. Are we that paranoid about food safety!! How many people defroze and clean their freezers? Not many i bet. Even my ex who cleaned everyday, cleaned the fridge or freezer which contains millions of bacteria. Kids do stupid things. That's how they learn. I feel sorry for the store owner. Larson overreacted. I also think their overreaction makes customers more paranoid.

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Posted in: Chinese ask: Why doesn’t Japan hate America for dropping the A-bombs? See in context

Ask most Japanese about history and the answer will be the same. It's in the past I don't care. Unless it involves food or money Japanese have no interest in it. Japan like Singapore only focuses on self improvement. Everything else is a distraction. There isn't any rememberance of the dead who died needlessly in any of the wars (WWII or wars before that). It completely ignored. In other countries, people activity remember the past. This is in order to remember the past mistakes made by governments.

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Posted in: NTT showcases technology which can 'correct' Japanese people’s English pronunciation See in context

The problem is how people are taught English. When some of my students say "salada", I asked them to show me the third a in the word. I keep doing this until the student corrects themselves. Even my worst student has learnt to correct themselve. I teach English to children from 1 to 13 year olds. Children under 6 years old don't have a pronunciation problem. They just parrot everything. Katakana words should be banned from Japanese. All it does is encourage laziness.

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CH3CHO at Apr. 18, 2013 - 11:27AM JST GW


How can one cram to build listening comprehension skills? How can one cram to build a skill to read long English passages in limited time? One may cram to build vocabulary, but that is only a small part of TOEIC.

Very easily. My student is studying to translate document from Japanese to English and vice verse. Her TOEIC score is 945. When we do comprehension work, there isn't a problem. However when I ask her to talk about her weekend (something I do to start the lesson) she finds it hard to communicate her ideas. My other students with TOEIC scores less than 600 don't have that problem. You are welcome to come to Himeji and meet them if you want.

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Security at airports are a joke. Even after 9/11 the "dangerous" items you couldn't take through security can be bought at the airport. Add to the fact that any high percentage alcohol can be easily lit. And yes you can take matches in your hand luggage.

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