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Biden gave away another 200 billion dollars of USA money at this meeting, this time to support "global" infrastructure


Can we trust a "Five year" commitment from a 2-year-left US president?

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The issue is who can make the judgement if the information is "misleading" or not. It is the reason why Europe and other countries are concerning that the information channel are monopolized by such giant company.

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It's all about money, money, money for the Chinese...

So does Latin America, most of other Asian countries especially the biggest democracy country and many Africans. It is a shame that the majority of globe populations didn't condemn and sanction Russia. The great America and his allies should sanction them all.

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"China must pay massive consequences too....."

Super correct! Also don't forget the BRICKs which still want to be neutral especially India. Their population exceeded China and need to take more responsibility. And other Asian countries except for SK, Japan, Singapore cannot keep silence. Latin America is as well. The whole world is condemning Russia. We need to sanction them who didn't follow our value. Boycott Shell! They purchased a lot of oil from Russia! God bless Ukraine people!

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and if there are more effective vaccines available by then.

I am not sure either Pfizer or Moderna can provide 1.4b x 3 doses of vaccine? Even though I am still waiting for mRNA vaccine in Beijing, I have to say current strategy is the only choice. It is a little bit unfair to comparing with EU or US. It will definitely become the 2nd India if we release the control now.

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It is Alibaba to change the "single day" to "shopping day". Then we will have double 12 soon and 618 by JingDong. They just give you a reason of shopping once you wanna have one.

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Funny thing is many countries denied Taiwan decades ago who are in the same list now. It is a little bit naive to believe what politicians are saying. It is all interest!

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As a Beijing resident, I only saw the bias.. For sure it took some inconvenience to the life especially to business travel. At least the life of most people is still normal.

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Posted in: China locks down city of 4 million over COVID cases See in context

Be happy u live in Tokyo and not Beijing JT readers. 

The funny thing is as a resident lived in Beijing I feel more happy and safe than our foreign colleagues..

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