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Posted in: Former justice minister's wife gets suspended sentence for vote-buying See in context

lawmaker wife of a former justice minister guilty of vote-buying., Anri 47, was sentenced to a jail term of one year and four months, suspended for five years, Once again called correctly those in politics in Japan part of the elite never go to jail. white collar crime always pays and you get no jail time. the untouchables.

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Posted in: Japan braces for U.S. jobs-focused Biden trade policy See in context

just end all tariffs across the board. There are plenty of surcharge taxes added on anyway to make up the differences or like in many countries when buying you get option 1, i.e. you buy eggs but if you want eggs in the carton the carton is an option, you can buy beef but if you want it properly wrapped or dry ice that too is an option so the costs keep adding up. Unfortunately in some countries you get hit with the higher prices because of tariffs and the options both.

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Posted in: 'We must end this uncivil war,' Biden says, taking over a U.S. in crisis See in context

I can only say where is my check? still waiting.

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Posted in: Father of 2-year-old girl who died after being left in car for 7 hours last summer to be charged See in context

Very tragic, and difficult decision to come at for prosecutors. From what we have learned, the father appears with no past history of neglect or parental indiscretions but rather of a hard working single dad supporting his kids as there is no mention of a mother involved. It is highly possible as a hard working parent with responsibilities at home and career to make the money in order to support his family and given the nature of his work being busy it is highly possible to have forgotten. So much going on in the mind too much on his plate.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after not paying taxi fare from Yokohama to Tottori See in context

its really sad to read many of the comments without having full facts and adequate information. From just reading the post best guess at this, something really unfortunate must have happened to her that possibly it took her back to a best memory of her life and was not properly in a state of mind though it may have appeared as such.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st unlicensed tuk-tuk taxi case referred to prosecutors See in context

The allegation came to light last July when police while investigating a separate case, spotted the tuk-tuk transporting passengers. Seems more like a cover up for the company or owner that ratted this business out.

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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa indicted without arrest on bribery charge See in context

farm minister Takamori Yoshikawa was indicted without arrest. Yet again in Japan this proves if your an ex minister the police will not arrest you and your above the law. He needs to be arrested like anyone else regardless of status.

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

re: ashley, taking precautions is good, but if the other kids are exposed by those not taking precautions is a probable way of spreading the COVID. Why not do like the other teachers out there who have moved to internet online services instead until things improve. Too many folks out there remove their masks and blast away. Seen that when traveling by car. Some still just blast away and don't even wear masks, or use the hand sanitizers available or wipe shopping carts down. Some stores have staff wiping carts and shopping baskets but they keep using the same dirty rag...hmmmm.

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Posted in: Man confuses plastic food samples for the real thing; gets arrested for trying to steal cash See in context

In a world where food is abundant in most parts, but in Japan there is no reason for this person to have gone hungry. One doesn't know until they have been there and know real hunger and what one will do for a meal. This is increasingly growing issue in Japan every year as its all about money or nothing. People for the most part have lost or refuse to recognize compassion for fellow man. Could be all the bad publicity in helping a stranger but that doesn't excuse the decision not to help anyway. Yesterday I saw a two women in their late 30s, going into a chicken rotisserie business and a disabled woman being led by a caregiver going in the same place. one of he 2 women pushed thru the disabled and caregiver like as if food was running out, and the caregiver in a loud voice said, hey there's enough chicken for everyone no need to rush like that as if its your last meal or the place is running out of chicken. On e the way out the both women got their chicken, and then at the time proceeded to be kind and hold the door open as the disabled lady and caregiver made their way up the steps, but the caregiver said too late, that should have been done before not after. You have no manners and only holding the door to soother your own guilt. Sorry we dont' need this kind of help. Get out.

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Posted in: 6 high school students arrested for beating up 15-year-old boy See in context

Those 6 bullies need a real whipping the old fashioned way. Nonsense when it takes 6 for just 1 kid. I really hope his parents go after the strictest punishment available. If its about money I'm willing to help them get the best to put them away for a long time. Suffer the same fate as their son in more ways than one. The punishment should fit the crime in this case.

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Posted in: 6 high school students arrested for beating up 15-year-old boy See in context

That poor kid needs to find Miyagi Dojo as soon as possible, before they do it again.

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Posted in: Japan to halt entry of all nonresident foreign nationals See in context

All I can add is proper hygiene and etiquette go hand in hand. Not to pick on the youngsters, but I see many of them remove their masks and open blast. hmmmmm.....yet not even the police standing nearby said a word.

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Posted in: Ex-SoftBank worker arrested over alleged illegal transfer of 5G info See in context

I would like to know why AU remains so high vs the competition? Others have dropped rates.

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Posted in: Over 1,000 vehicles stranded, train services suspended by heavy snow in parts of Japan See in context

Having a garage and heated drive helps alot. Well worth the investment vs digging out. As for the street we are on, our neighborhood did early planning and we all pitched in for snow removal contract and constant ice melt around the clock so that our streets are like normal and because we live close to supermarkets and convenience stores it all is great! Sorry about all the other folks out there though.

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Posted in: All people entering Japan must submit negative results to COVID-19 test See in context

re: "the latest scheme" so is this is a plot or a plan?

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Posted in: Heavy snow temporarily strands 90 vehicles on central Japan highway See in context

re: As to avoiding the snow, ice and terrible Winter Weather, which areas are the best? An educated guess would be anywhere in Okinawa such as Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan, Naha City Okinawa, Japan, or anywhere in Okinawa.?

No not Okinawa too congested these days. Way too many buildings and cars for 2 major streets getting worse than Hawaii's only freeway system.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,392 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,882 See in context

Be much better if the media would just tell it like it is and stop watering the reporting on all stories down.

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Posted in: 78-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, crashes into car, killing driver See in context

Lots of folks talk about the elders who drive and have caused accidents, to include loss of life, but why not make the cars safer for the elderly drivers, for example require drivers over a certain age have options added to their vehicles that warn them immediately if in the wrong lanes or excessive speed, the AI takes over the wheel. Perhaps not invented yet or in the process?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

rcchToday  03:11 pm JST

Nobody saw that coming.

Really guess you didn't see the crowd at the temple or the crowd in Shibuya over the New Year's Day, images and live video was posted online. Not surprising unless one hasn't been paying attention to all the crowds not practicing social distance.

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Posted in: Japan begins year's 1st day of work as coronavirus continues to spread See in context

best social distancing ever..

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Posted in: Japan revamps website on Senkakus amid territorial row with China See in context

@joey stalin War erupts between North Korea and the US, and Japan is vaporized. US bases are prime targets. Good luck with that!

Luck will have nothing to do if NK even attempts such a strike, the reality it will be its own destruction of which its own ally China has strongly advised such a course, i.e. the so called "ring of fire" please..it's only a mythical wish dream by the NK, the only countries that have such capability to vaporize anyone don't even mention it and guess what NK is not one of them.

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Posted in: Japan should brace for 'leaderless era' as U.S. turns inward, PM adviser says See in context

Leaderless, hmmm strong word but what most people don't realize the world has been without leaders for quite sometime now. The global world is run by Group of Money. The richest call the shots not the politicians. The loss for Trump was pretty simple he costs them too much profits. Biden on the other hand makes money for them and himself via his son and investment funds in China. Same applies for Harris's fund company owner in China. Japan is no different with Hatoyama, Ozawa and many others heavily invested in China. Already Okinawa has proven that with the Chinese backed funded companies using Japan companies to slowly wade the waters. Yeah the signs are there but people just not paying or simply ignoring the signs.

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Posted in: Gov't officially asks local authorities, business lobbies to extend New Year holiday See in context

So sorry for the many employees under a contract who depend on working and get paid only if they work. They have NO benefits like paid time off for such requests will the companies of the contract employees be renegotiated to include paid time off like real employees of a company do? NOPE.

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Posted in: Japan to lift entry ban on travelers from 9 countries, regions; exempt returning residents from quarantine See in context

the first time Japan has lifted its entry ban on any country or region since it began putting parts of China including Wuhan, where the coronavirus was first detected, on the list in early February.

wait, wasn't the originating country that brought this to Japan from China? Which business in Japan has their hands in Suga's pocket and calling the shots. Definitely someone behind the scenes calling the shots.

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Posted in: Actor Kentaro Ito arrested over hit-and-run incident in Tokyo See in context

What happened to the honor and harmony, do the right thing and man up to your mistakes. I hope the charges of hit and run stick and not thrown out because of yen. The system must be an honorable system and do the right thing to that fits the punishment. Gomen just doesn't cut it sometimes to the victims.

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Posted in: Department stores kick off year-end, New Year shopping campaigns See in context

Awesome, I look forward lucky bag, in fact we have made a game of it, to see who gets the most bizarre gift. It's new kind fun tradition but the winner gets 10,000 yen. So it is a lucky deal...to bad there are those out there who just miss the point and only see negative.

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Posted in: ANA expects record net loss of ¥510 bil in FY2020 See in context

I never fly ANA, once was enough and highly overpriced. One would think that their prices would drop but no instead they remained or went up. JAL it is...

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Posted in: Man arrested in 1st cycling 'road rage' case under new law See in context

If these wanna be daredevils are looking for a challenge, why don't or didn't they join the JETI, they are hiring.

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Posted in: Man arrested in 1st cycling 'road rage' case under new law See in context

Cycling road rage, great just what the roads need a biker with a complex. Like the con bikers are not enough to deal with now this?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. begin military exercise as concern about China grows See in context

"Of course, since China fire-bombed and nuked Japanese cities during WW2, it's only natural that the Japanese should hate China."

China has been trying to expand its territorial claims since Ancient China. The Han were never truly defeated but instead changed tactics, today they are known as the CCP.

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