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Posted in: Anti-high heels campaigner steps up to fight 'glasses ban' See in context

AI will soon take the positions of most humans and very doubtful these issues will even come up.

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Posted in: Japan planning to send 270 MSDF personnel to Middle East to guard ships: report See in context

@OssanAmerica : Perhaps you are not aware that Japanese persons and property have been attacked. And Japan is not at war with anybody in the middle east or elsewhere.

I am quite aware in more ways than I am allowed to post, however this one isolated incident is not cause enough for Japan to meddle in ME affairs either correct? In fact since you bring up the attack, it is up to the US to defend Japan in its waters or land within Japan or International waters that pertains to its interests, yet the GOJ needs to invoke that clause and actually should be asking "hey US why are not stepping up the effort and let us get what we pay for? Correct? In regards to war, No your wrong it is in an economic war that is not being reported by mass media, and keep in mind many countries have not forgotten the past nor do they intend to either. In meddling in affairs using a weak far fetched stretching i.e. research and gather intel does not fit the criteria for Japan "military" forces which is in violation of Art 9, in international waters where its ships have not been attacked nor need to worry about as you pointed out Japan is not at war with anyone right, so why invite the ME issues here to Japan by its getting involved in the hornet's nest? hmmm. which only proves why no issues of them causing problems with Japan.

Guarding doesn't lead to defense, it is defense. Defensive action is not offensive action.

Again twisting of words to meet your point. Guarding is protection and does not involve firing back, at that point it is offensive to gain a more defensive position. The two go hand in hand. That is what is involved in any engagement.

The best solution is to invoke the clause and let the US protect the Japan interests, that is what the funding is all about all of these years.

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Posted in: Japan planning to send 270 MSDF personnel to Middle East to guard ships: report See in context

Protecting the vessels does not validate research or intelligence gathering on enemies of Japan since Japan is at war nor involved with war activities, etc in the Middle East. Pure business interests that serves corporations, which can be divested elsewhere. Guarding leads to defense and offensive maneuvers key word is offensive at that point it is clear there is no research or intelligence gathering and then for what purpose? Japan under Art word for word should not even have JASDF. Japan is clearly getting itself involved in an area that doesn't need protection as no one is or planning to attack Japan aside its neighbors closest to its shores.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy sailor kills two in shooting at Pearl Harbor base, then takes own life See in context

Unfortunately I have been stationed in Pearl Harbor Hickam before and if there was to be any trouble that would be the place it would have occurred or so the sayings go in Paradise.

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Posted in: Japan planning to send 270 MSDF personnel to Middle East to guard ships: report See in context

Japan is working on a plan to send about 270 seamen to the Middle East to guard ships supplying Japan under a law that allows military deployments for research and intelligence gathering, The Nikkei said the government would propose deploying one escort ship and a patrol aircraft from the Maritime Self-Defense Force on a one-year mission that could be renewed annually.

Wait a minute I have to agree with DPJ on this one, and this is rare. If the law allows military deployments for research and intelligence gathering why does it have to be in the Middle East? Also why are they guarding ships instead of conducting research or intelligence gathering. Seems the Abe LDP is really stretching the interpretation of the law. Totally against the violation of Article 9 under the Constitution. Japan is only getting itself in the middle of bee's nest.

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Posted in: 62-year-old man turns himself in after robbing post office See in context

This situation is really sad when a person has to commit a crime just to have shelter during the cold months. This is the kind of issues that I would much rather see the government put effort into vs cherry blossom festivals or using state funds for the Imperial palace when they have their source of income. I'm not saying the Imperial Royal family is not significant to Japan by any means as it really is important and a strong symbol of rich tradition not seen today in other cultures because it is lost. However funding should be more carefully looked at.

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Posted in: 62-year-old man turns himself in after robbing post office See in context

The motive is pretty clear had the article provided more details about his current situation, i.e. homeless, unemployed etc. Seriously aside this what person goes into a Post Office with a knife only to hide the money so no one else can find it, then turn themselves in with the nearest police station and tell them exactly where the money is. hmmm. If I was the police, just send him to a local shelter.

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Posted in: 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults See in context

seems that all the other countries have crossed over to the darkside except the US.

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Posted in: Amid impeachment drama, Trump lawyer Giuliani back in Ukraine See in context

Working on his extradition, papers, new ID and passport. Can't say one can't blame him.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

Lots of fancy rewording which will amount to nothing. re: Japan is notorious for its long working hours and teachers are no exception. The average working hours of junior high school teachers in the country stood at 56 hours per week in 2018

This only means that instead of 56 that is being reported the actual reality number is much higher like 63 or 65 hrs per week and unpaid at that because it is one's duty.

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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

re:@It seems the US should rather have to pay some money to Japan if the US military is using land of Japan for such own interests in the regions.

I guess the best approach is direct: Be lucky that the US is not like most country who are true "occupiers" and make the lands there own period, i.e. meaning it becomes a part of their culture to include assimilation where the conquered country loses its currency, language, culture etc. i.e. Japan did that to the Ryuko Kingdom, tried and almost succeeded in Korea etc. The US though it could have if it was such a country made Japan entirely into a US territory and become a state of the US. Did the US do this no, instead it let Japan keeps its culture etc and has even previsioned land back to Japan that is not needed for mission operational support. The interests of the US support the same interests of Japan. Like being allowed to post your thoughts unlike in China? hmmm.

re:@ 50,000 US troops would continue to be stationed in Japan even if Japan did not pay more, as long as the US have its own prime interests in the region. It seems to me the US can't reduce bases and troops from there whatever happens.

I guess the best response is a question? What possible prime interests are that important to the US that you think is important? The US does not need to be here at all. We do not fight battles in the conventional thinking anymore that is yesterdays news. The US is the only SUPERPOWER today, which is why it takes Russia and China to combine their forces as a means to counter and keep balance. Keep in mind due to the global community China is a threat today because they are the only ones doing a military massive buildup and threatening the entire Asian communities with their encroachment tactics and militarism but who is their enemy? Not the US, not Japan, SK, Russia, Vietnam etc. they all want to do TRADE, not war. So why this buildup?

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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

@RE: I have to disagree with the Prez on this one. Japan is already paying an enormous amount to host US military here and allot of that goes, lets be truthful, to recreational facilities, schools, pools, and GS workers who, shall we say, might not be doing too much? Im not talking salaries (unless your MLC/IHA) but the facilites in Japan are world class. Better ranges, wing support and facilities for single Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen, no more GOJ built commisaries, schools or base housing.

Let's call a spade a spade, if and when things go wrong for Japan, it will be US blood that will spill not Japanese. Be nice if both in a perfect world are allied in that aspect but realistically that wont' happen. That is the truth. Now on to the comment, while true there are nice facilities that were built and paid for by Japan funding, a lot of the recent renovations to keep in line with US codes were all built to Japan building specs. hmmm. That kept the US inspection failures as these though overseas have to meet UFC codes. But the question remains with so many troops gone out in training, exercises etc., these same facilities are always full by yes you guessed it Japanese. Camp Zama golf course, Kadena, for example are always booked for Japanese, try going during the day and it is almost impossible to get a decent tee off. The gyms, swimming pools same story. All the money for the Civil Engineering projects and supporting local Japan contractors paid by US tax payers that put Japanese not US citizens to work. hmmm. As for the GS employees, your quite wrong in that, the reason they can't the job done correctly is due to BRAC and the loss of corporate knowledge. The MLC (i.e. japan worker) is not very helpful to the GS's federal employees or US contracted employees. That is true. They have their own connection, almost like a Mafia they run the show.

@re: Why Japan needs 50,000 US troops here to protect/defend Japan?

Because in WW2 the Imperial military went power hungry with all its neighbors, do you really think they have forgotten. China due to Manchuria wants Japan to taste it's steel very bad as payback, look at the encroachments by them, Russia wants more territory i.e. fishing ground and land. Please be careful in what post unless you know for sure what is going on and you have the entire big picture. I could respond more to add more information but I can't on this blog due to privy information for both countries.

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim sends defiant signals with new horse ride, rare party meeting See in context

For a country that is supposedly starving those horses look well maintained.

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Posted in: Japan drops in OECD scholastic ranking; China leads in all categories See in context

Are we sure that they didn't obtain a copy of the exams? China has stolen technology, business marketing, and even copyright materials as their own? hmmm...

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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

"Japan's so-called host-nation support, which totals nearly 200 billion yen ($1.8 billion) annually, covers costs for base workers, utilities and other items."

Please keep in mind that these base workers are majority Japanese workers today unlike in the past, and right now as things stand its US dollars appropriated funds set by US tax payers paying the salaries not the other way around. The proportion of the pie used to be 100% initially funded by Japan but today that number funded by Japan is 45% the US funds the rest. Commanders should be fired for allowing the bases use US tax money to pay for local hires and contract funds instead of US employees or US contract employees. Aside this the number allocated of troops has fallen yet the Japan local labor market employees more than doubled. Does it really take 10 guys to paint one room? As a US tax payer I would be extremely upset that funding is spent on another country's labor market vs our own. This is all true and needs to be put out there.

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Posted in: Japanese labor federation to demand minimum hourly wage of ¥1,100 See in context

This is only a 2% pay increase which equals the 10% from 8% in tax. The real deal is in medical drugs field which many media has stayed away from. Many prescribed medications will no longer be covered by the National Insurance and patient will pay 100% out of pocket. hmmm.

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim sends defiant signals with new horse ride, rare party meeting See in context

Enough of the rhetoric. Time to walk the talk for both POTUS and Kim. Otherwise it will be a repeat of yet more of what the world got from Obama, methane gas..

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Posted in: Forcing children to sit 'seiza' style to be recognized as punishment under new law See in context

re: @article: In March 2018, 5-year-old Yua Funato died in Tokyo's Meguro Ward despite desperate pleas for her parents to stop mistreating her.

What does the above caption have to do with seiza? Does not even belong in this story an off topic.

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Posted in: Man gets 17 years for killing ex-girlfriend in Saitama See in context

It would be nice if we could get more details as to why the light-sentencing. This would many readers understand the Japanese system a bit more.

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Posted in: Yokohama recognizes partnerships for LGBT couples See in context

Totally disappointed in Yokohama for their beginning and issuing certificates recognizing the partnerships of sexual minority caving in to peer pressure. Common-law kudos and about time.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy contractor may have dumped wastewater in Japanese ports: report See in context

The headline story is misleading by just "US Navy contractor" though the introduction identifies a local Japanese company. Given the history, it would be best to rename the headline to read" US Navy local Japan contractor company" etc. This way it is no misleading. However having worked in this field for many years, and closely with many Japanese companies it is quite difficult to falsify the water samples as a QA is with the contractors while they conduct samples and a copy of the samples pulled as well as parament type is noted and sample laden. Too many details left out and one can make many assumptions.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl falls to her death from 6th floor of condo See in context

Regardless of how this tragedy occurred or what let to its occurrence doesn't change the fact a child is deceased. This is most unfortunate and not the time to speculate or press offensive opinions that fall on deaf mute ears. Too many what if's to blame the parents out directly and not enough information provided aside no parents were at home.

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Posted in: Gov't to buy island in Kagoshima Pref for U.S. military drills for ¥16 bil See in context

@ Becuase an entire military base needs all the support structures and logistics of a large town. Electricity generation, sewage, clean water, roads, a major port to supply daily necessities. Housing, construction of every single building, road etc. Everything from scratch needed to accommodate and support a functioning military base...

I would buy into your post except for one realistic approach. The US has made supporting facilities out in the desert during wartime, i.e. all the infrastructure required including logistics. The US has proven this during both peacetime and wartime operations. It can function pretty much anywhere it wants from firsthand experience speaking.

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Posted in: Gov't to buy island in Kagoshima Pref for U.S. military drills for ¥16 bil See in context

A better more strategic site would be the Senkaku's islet. It already is owned by the government of Japan and has administrative rights per the UN. No need to spend additional funding, and serves both noise and proximity to US supporting base. In addition as some have pointed out if and only if this is a "backdoor message" approach to encroachment from the only "aggressor country" in the Southeast Asia it would clearly send a message that Japan nor the US will not be pushed nor tolerate such behavior as in the past administrations.

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Posted in: Activists push to halt sexual harassment of job-seeking students See in context

I've worked closely with many corporations anywhere from engineering firms, construction, manufacturers etc. and have never ever seen nor heard of any such issues occurring within these companies. Leaves me to wonder where are these kind of acts occurring? I have many women employees I have met over the years and they too have never had nor seen such acts occur within their professions. It would be more helpful if the article was too name the sector where this is occurring.

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Posted in: Japan Display employee accused of embezzling ¥578 mil dead in apparent suicide See in context

Ok but what about the outstanding balance? If the company recovers this money where does it go? I'm sure it won't be into my bank account.

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Posted in: Police step up campaign against drunk driving for party season See in context

If Japan would stop selling alcohol and move the factories outside Japan then there would be no drunks on the road.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea lawmakers to cancel meeting over emperor remark See in context

re article: I wish the emperor would do it since he will step down soon," he said in an interview with Bloomberg. "Isn't he the son of the main culprit of war crimes?" Moon said. He made the comments ahead of the April abdication of Emperor Akihito

IMO SK is much better off with Moon stepping down voluntarily. Personal feelings should be put aside and not out there in public. It shows poor taste in leadership. Moon should be more concerned about recovering the funding Japan paid to SK but was not handed down to the intended purpose and instead ended up in the coffers of the major construction companies, ministers and other politicos bank accounts.

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Posted in: Japan considers withholding tax system on casino winnings by foreigners See in context

I see all kinds of laundering operations starting up.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts adopting ordinances for bicycle liability insurance over accidents See in context

Soon will be JCI for bicycles, so be careful of what you post. Then most will be posting why is the cost of just the privilege's to ride a bicycle so high. If riders want to accept risk then they should be responsible enough to know and face the consequences.

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