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Posted in: MUFG Bank to end over-the-counter int'l cash transfers to combat crime See in context

"is beefing up such steps in response to growing international calls for preventing illicit trading including terrorist financing, the sources said"

I think the above pretty much says it all, so I really can't blame the bank for its moves since it is following "growing international calls" not internal calls. Did I miss something?

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Posted in: Japan steps up claim to S Korea-held islets at 'Takeshima Day' event amid tensions See in context

Japan has as much right as any other country.

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Posted in: Protests slam Trump's emergency declaration for border wall See in context

build the wall.

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Posted in: Trump's choice for U.N. ambassador withdraws See in context

If he can't find anyone, I'm available.

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

should do more parenting education classes and less government control.

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Posted in: In El Paso, Trump and O'Rourke go head-to-head over wall See in context

Sometimes one has to wonder if the true intent of the wall is to keep out vs keep people in from leaving.  Why not save the billions, build a DMZ like in Korea, and pretty sure illegal border crossings would come to an almost near halt. I doubt anyone would be that crazy unless they are on a suicide mission. As for tunneling, put them in deep enough as well so that if disturbed well boom.. Now for the illegal drug trafficking, well as El Chapo has proven, submarines and a fleet of high speed boats, airplanes pretty much did the trick and now with delivery drones. well what can one say..

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Posted in: S Korean assembly speaker says apology needed from Japanese emperor See in context

This matter has be en settled over and over. Payments made many times over the years. No, Emperor should not apologize.

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Posted in: U.S. to withdraw from arms control treaty with Russia in six months See in context

Finally some real gutsy change that Obama and his administration didn't have except hot air talk and both China and Russia expanded their weapons and military buildup. Did I forget to mention that the manmade islands for peaceful intentiions..yeah right were never going to be militarized like they are today and Russia would not test any more nukes....oh and everyone in Japan and the rest of the world is Chinese according to their version of history...

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Posted in: Top U.S. Navy officer urges China to avoid confrontations See in context

China has a historical record for masking peace while preparing for war, why do governments not see this and that WAR is what China wants but biding time while building. As their confidence grows so to does their rhetoric until they are ready to invade unannounced, history proves it again and again, the last time for a small entity was Tibet, anyone forget about Tienneman Massacre. hmmm. Rhetoric will never work against China but real action will push them back. In other words take them back to the dark ages before fire.

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

Japan should never give up the island to Russia, rather Russia should withdraw in accordance with regional peace, and or Japan should just move in their forces with the US alliance / umbrella. Put the money to use for once and test the alliance to see what we are paying for.

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Posted in: Gov't aims to have new foreign workers focus on regional areas See in context

Per the above postings, yes discrimination would be a concern if one is not white or Asian. At least the chances of a being white or of Asian descent are 90% higher of getting the job no matter how dangerous...

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

re: Japan’s current constitution is invalid because it was written by a foreign occupier, the US, forced on the Japanese people by violating Japan sovereignty.

It’s time Japan rearmed and stop relying on the US for its security.

Go back and read the correct version of history, and you will find that it was not the US who wrote the constitution but multiple liberated countries ruled by force occupation by Japan. As for rearming, too late, Japan is well underway for years, but as for the security you don't want...please do you even know the costs of maintaining a fully 1st class military?  I seriously doubt it.  This is not about picking grandfathers' old outdated firearm or sword...wrong time wrong generation. Besides have you thought about those liberated countries just itching for Japan to taste their steel? hmmm..

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Posted in: 5 years sought for ex-head of bankrupt kimono firm over alleged fraud See in context

The TEPCO execs got away free without a day in jail, why should this be any different. The only one unfortunately to see bars will be the foreigner Ghosn.

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Posted in: Japanese company trips: Workers 'absolutely hate' them, so why do they still happen? See in context

yep so true. employees want their free time. if family or accompanied member allowed to go while the employee can be at their own schedule then it is worth it. More than likely will be the increase of worker comrade as some will visit sites others didn't and tell everyone.

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Posted in: More suspected N Korean boats found off Aomori, Hokkaido See in context

hmmm, so much for the defenses of either the US or Japan. Probably full bellies in some NK protected spy home.

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Posted in: Japanese ships leave for 'research whaling' in Antarctic Ocean See in context

Anyone going to the fish markets and participate in the taste testing market research?

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Posted in: N Korean paper raps Japan's reaction to S Korean court ruling See in context

These people should turn towards their own government who didn't pay the individuals and now blaming Japan. sorry all debt was paid and that is all there is too it. If the SK government did spent the money on its own infrastructure well then one knows where it should be getting the money paid that they never received.

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