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Posted in: N Korea launches missiles again, complicating U.S. attempts for talks See in context

I have to wonder aside all these posts and article, has anyone wondered how many rockets are under the water by now? it's not like they are exploding them or going out to retrieve them is it? I wonder if JT can do a story on this, regarding illicit pollution from war mongering on the already stressed out oceans.

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Posted in: N Korea launches missiles again, complicating U.S. attempts for talks See in context

No worries POTUS has many letters of reassurance that everything is great and Kim is a swell guy, a great guy. No worries. Meanwhile the NK's are laughing at all three Japan, SK and the US. The ploy has been nothing but stalling while they continued to improve their weapons systems despite whatever sanctions they get since none have worked for well over 20yrs. As long as Russia and China support NK the weapons testing and division of alliance will continue to degrade over time. A scenario that is interestingly become realistic. A full pullout of US businesses and US forces out of Asia.

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Posted in: Trump vows response to China tariffs on $75 bil of U.S. goods See in context

This is now beyond ridiculous from the Street perspective. Both countries are using alternative buyers and sellers that there is clearly no impact on the ground. Clearly a manipulative move to make more money and put the poor down again. The great train robbery by the white collar criminals in Wall Street continues to manipulate and make the world poor on fake news. US gets cheap Chinese goods via 3rd party countries where it is coming in, and China is now getting its quality US product via its own channels. Either way what is tariffed or taxed on each nation is only in words.

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Posted in: S Korea says it will share military intel with Japan through U.S. See in context

While this is ongoing, the benefits are with NK, China and Russia who have their own alliance. Makes us wonder why the Moon doesn't see this or is in on it from the beginning. Why the major SK corporates let this happen is disturbing but it only means that the above mentioned alliance powers have or are controlling them too. It was a dirty way of doing political business by SK Moon on Japan. Can't be trusted.

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Posted in: Abe says S Korea canceling intel deal damages trust See in context

Hmm, what the news report is not saying or leaving out is that SK also added that it wants to go in its own direction militarily without the US. I recall in 2004 ACCORD pointing this fact out that it would take about close to 20yrs when the SKoreans would make a bold move in that direction and it seems that day has arrived. My additional comments aside was not to train them in US methodology or weapon usage by the US, did leadership listen. Nope. Perhaps this could be another story for Japan Today reporters. This break of an alliance is never a good outcome.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. negotiators fail to reach agreement on trade See in context

Japan will never have a favorable or reach an advantageous agreement as long as the super mega rich running Japan aren't getting enough. Why milk the cash cow when its running low and you can get another cou next door for absolutely nothing to lose but your own country...hmmm. just don't get it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting junior high school girl with intent to commit sexual assault See in context

Japan is still a very safe place for all women of any age. This was 1 idiot out of couple of million. Nah nothing to worry or get all hyper about.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea agree on need for dialogue to repair frayed ties See in context

Not true, SK can not be trusted under the current administration. They will pull out of all Japan deals.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill 84-year-old husband at hospital See in context

oops? Busted. now this is unbelievable.

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Posted in: China urges Japan, S Korea to resolve dispute through dialogue See in context

Sure offer a peace wreath while planning land grabs. Great strategy for China and only China.

China should mind its own internal affairs and take its own advice.

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Posted in: Mother of road-rage victim calls for harsher penalties See in context

I am not disillusioned by the media reporting of this particular case of road rage. This once again is signs of mental health issues. The guy definitely needs help not stricter laws. Regrettable that the woman in the story lost her loved ones, but so did others in more violent crimes where there are laws and nothing much happened to them if they have monetary means. It is unfortunate that in Japan we have trial by jury still existing today.

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Posted in: Do you support so-called “quota systems” to achieve gender diversity by promoting women to senior leadership positions in companies? See in context

Yes or else women will not be given fair opportunities.

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Posted in: Emperor Hirohito stopped by PM Yoshida from expressing remorse over war, documents show See in context

From what I have gathered in discussions with those over 40, state that the Emperor's remorse was for both war and Japanese lives including the outcome of overall war for domestic or foe losses. He did not have total and full control of the army and navy stated under the Meiji Constitution but rather served his role as a figurehead. There was an attempted coup to take fully control under the Navy from the Army but that attempt was defeated prior to WW2.  Already the war drums were beating. He was indeed remorseful towards the actions against Okinawa as stated in the letters that can be found in Kyoto. The entire issues today lie with the existence of a deal made by the Imperial Household Agency, Prime Minister and Gen McArthur.

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Posted in: Chinese aircraft used Japanese ships as targets in East China Sea drill: gov't See in context

If China has to use real world Japanese vessels without informing that nation of its intention and proceeds with conducting such exercises without notice then it is provocation. This only brings out an intent of a possible scenario i.e. invasion tactics, i.e. the supposedly man-made in the name of exploration and research now turned to militarized base. hmmm..

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Posted in: Rival rallies as Hong Kong's divisions deepen See in context

e: "Their acts are not human, they have all become monsters. They are rioters, with no reason, no thinking," she said.

In researching this fairly on both sides, seems the police are excessive in the use of force, sort of like a bow n arrow vs armored high tech...hmmm and each event its the police who fire first. The group is only doing what is humanly right and defend themselves and others. The "no reason" of this comment doesn't make sense as the group has stated the entire reason as to why they are protesting in the first place else there would be no protesting, and as for thinking you can't have protesting without a reason and clearly lots of thinking behind if it has gone this far. China's restraint is only a farce and they have no intention to change anything else they would be coming to terms and trying to use the dialogue approach simply honor the agreement they committed too during the turnover. It's that simple.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo's efficient rail system handle Olympic strain? See in context

re: "Living in Tokyo we experience this 100%, 150%, 180% crowding every day. We know how to navigate the stations at these times,

It would help to print the names of the stations that go through this everyday.

Isn't there a capacity limit for each rail car? If not here should be instead of packed in like a can of sardines.

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Posted in: Foreign ministers of China, Japan, S Korea to hold talks See in context

re: Top diplomats of South Korea and Japan plan to meet their Chinese counterpart in Beijing next week amid a flare-up in tension over trade and history, Seoul's foreign ministry said on Friday.

Bad idea and bad move by Japan as it is going into a meeting 2 vs 1.

It is best that Japan make such future trade deals with Vietnam, Indonesia, etc and keep minimal trade with both SK and China as those 2 are bad business.

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito, parents leave for Bhutan See in context

If this is a family trip is this at their expense and not the taxpayers or is this the reason why 10-day private family trip to Bhutan, the family will arrive in Bhutan on Saturday via Thailand and meet Bhutanese King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck over lunch on Monday in the capital Thimphu making part official therefore costs paid by he taxpayers. hmm. Can a reporter from JT elaborate the readers further?

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Posted in: Seoul businesspeople taking critical look at anti-Japan rallies See in context

Well the business owners should take an interest considering they bear the brunt directly by agitators actions. This happened long before I was born or any protesters to talk about colonization. Let it go. Japan has and continues to prove itself yet again as a pacifist country.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters face crucial weekend test after airport setback See in context

I have been following the protests, but seems the police force clearly has been more violent in beatdowns and massive armory that they have compared to paper gas masks and throwing back what has been thrown at them. Keep going HK...

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl drowns in Toshimaen pool See in context

Not pointing fingers as there is plenty to go around, but come on 3800 folks at on time in a pool supervised by 7 and not one person saw or said anything. Hmmm the math does not add up, that's about 542 people per lifeguard to cover...

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Posted in: Moon offers olive branch to Japan to end trade dispute See in context

re: "If a country weaponizes a sector where it has a comparative advantage, the order of peaceful free trade inevitably suffers. A country that accomplished growth first must not kick the ladder away while others are following in its footsteps," Moon said in reference to Japan.

"If Japan better late than never chooses the path of dialogue and cooperation, we will gladly join hands," he said.

Wait a minute, Japan didn't start this issue and blow it out of proportion. Now Moon is trying to save face as opposition to his methods of ruling SK are coming to an unfavorable stature of the ruling power. Everyone has someone to answer too..Moon included...

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Posted in: Pompeo voiced support for Japan over wartime labor issue: sources See in context

Fragile relationships but agree with Pompeo.

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Posted in: Gunman who wounded at least 6 Philadelphia police officers in custody See in context

Sad, but expected from serving a drug warrant. This is not a gun issue but more of a criminal action resulting from drugs not guns...The media is wrong in calling this an active shooter. This situation is clearly tied to a drug related matter not active shooter. Glad that the police officers were not seriously hurt.

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Posted in: Study debunks Japanese belief in link between deep-sea fish, quakes See in context

Inconclusive report to determine either can or can not. Just researching articles is not sufficient proof as it doesn't take in other variables. Recommend more in depth research vs news articles.

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Posted in: South Korea marks 'comfort women' memorial day See in context

That's taking things too far. Enough is enough.

some things happen in wars, since way before the Roman Empires, yet we dont' see shrines around the world either..let it rest SK. Enough apologies and enough of our tax money has gone to SK. Enough..

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Posted in: Japan braces for powerful tropical storm during peak holiday period See in context

Stay safe everyone and please don't stay out of the beaches until its safe.

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Posted in: Trump backs off China tariff plan with delays for cell phones, laptops See in context

RE: U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday backed off his plan to impose 10% tariffs on remaining Chinese imports on Sept 1, delaying duties on cell phones, laptops and many other consumer goods in the hopes of blunting their impact on U.S. holiday sales.

Ok, but a lot of folks lost money because of this move including the drop in currency exchange which is in a sense manipulation by Trump not China. China only reduced their currency after yet again wish washy Trump. So much for criticizing Obama, Trump is not following the same footsteps. What a waste. Talks a big game but can't back it up.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise See in context

China's intent is to keep the current chosen leader in power, else they would have removed her. Seems by reading both sides, it is the police force that has been the most aggressive and using tactics that escalates a tense situation. Without a doubt this is not Tiananmen reborn. Time will tell.

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Posted in: South Korea to remove Japan from preferred trade list See in context

Since Moon administration came into power, it has been bad business getting worse for Japan. SK has no grounds to stand on other than starting and fanning the smoke while looking for a spark to turn into flames. Japan has compensated SK fully and then some. Trade is always a risky process but if the other side is not willing to play fair or shows interest why bother at all. Time will tell.

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