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@Samit, sorry buddy, but this time again I have to side with Yabaru on this topic. This is rare even for me to agree not once but twice and in sequence. Unless you are heavily invested in SK then yes but that does not apply to all Japan just a selected few. Overall it SK is the one hurting not Japan. Besides I don't see all the yack by SK as they started this and even according to Moon they don't need Japan.

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I tried to find one here in Japan and only find English schools. lol

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IMO it was much better than what is usually put out, absolutely nothing. Something is better than nothing. Though I would have l liked a bit more information such as, please make preparations, i.e. food, water, batteries, a safe place to stay, please pick up any loose items in patios or yard.

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speechless in Japan.

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@rgcivilian1 considering that most houses are built from wood you've done extremely well to build your D day bunker..Now the next question is are you going to invite all the people in your area that are in wooden houses in for safety you know just like the little pigs ran to the brick house..or maybe your just that kind of person that locks them out...so which one are you?

Yes of course, what kind of neighbor or human would I be if I hadn't. I will have a full home but no worries, we have supplies to last us weeks even months and plenty of space for everyone. The basement is stocked, generators ready, solar panels and replacements ready, backup security systems, this place is better than the movie where the "purge" happened. One of my guests is a doctor his wife a nurse so we have medical supplies and by laws of Japan he as a doctor can administer them in case any serious injuries are encountered or those that can't make it need assistance. Another is a property builder and his equipment is readily available, engineers etc. WE planned for the worst outcome. All the planning, years of readiness, bring it. Was well worth the investment. Some of the neighbors also did the same so our entire neighbor is pretty set for those who need shelter and still have or couldn't afford the upgrades the grandma and grandpa will be well taken care before, during and after. That my friend is why we are a close community and support each other.

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Posted in: Attacker found out idol singer’s address through online image eye reflection See in context

Wait a minute like most out there, this feature was highly publicized as great, cool, by the mass media.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric chairman resigns over gift scandal; president to follow after 3rd party report See in context

Resigning is one thing but what about the money he took does he keep it? hmmm

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@michael michada: grilled a couple of steaks and drink. Nothing I can do will stop it anyway.

What do folks expect when wind gusts such as this come through. hmm I recall the old bad wolf knock knock knock..let me in. etc. I'll huff and i'll puff till I blow your house down, well there went the straw, wood and guess what hmm brick or concrete held.

That my friend is what happens to wood houses...I have a fully encased concrete home, earthquake proof with a levitation system and cable ties. bring it...With as many typhoons and earthquakes in this area just did the wise thing to invest where I live. Wood, so sorry.

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"stab in the back" and strongly criticized in Washington, even by loyal senior figures in his own Republican Party.

ouch Harsh, but expected. My thoughts are pretty simple. Cleverly done and well played by POTUS. In Roman time the mighty empire was spread to far and wide as today. True Rome had allies but when things got really bad where were the allies? hmmm No response. It's enemies as today were growing in strength from within and destroying Rome via corruption and greed, i.e Democrats and some Republicans selling out high tech jobs, high tech equipment, MFG jobs under the guise of strict Env regs, finally to using the Internet to destroy any remaining economy. Even in Roman times though different tech, and mfg, it too along with internal crooked politicians was hugely to blame for the fall of Rome. This decay was not immediate but it ended badly. POTUS has gone against what happened to Rome by his "Make America Great Again or MAGA". His advances in helping the US come back has been thwarted time and time again by globalists influenced by both Russian and China. However the accomplishments he has done has helped our economy from totally falling out and kept us barely above water. In recently mobilizing to active duty Marine Reserves was great and supported. Our US economy may not be what it used to be no thanks to the one-sided Free Trade agreements and loss of millions of jobs and wealth to nations that now threaten openly to destroy and attack the US, China being one no thank you. By strengthening the economy, re-aligning our forces abroad and internally he has avoided a repeat of the Roman Empire mistake while saving countless US troops lives. The US is not a police force. Why is the US always providing the higher costs and yet nothing back except more bad criticism. No thank you. Bring us all back and keep only those who support the US fully intact. That is an ally. to the Loyal senior figures in his own Rep party, the words of Julius Caesar come to mind..."et tu brute".

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Posted in: Kansai Electric chairman resigns over gift scandal; president to follow after 3rd party report See in context

They should return that money to the people. For once I agree with Yubaru "There should be a police car at the entrance to take them into detention for betrayal of the public trust!" But in Japan once again it just goes to show crime pays especially if your mega-rich!! No justice for the people. I seriously doubt that money came from one other mega rich to another, but from the hard working everyday folks getting pushed around by the mega-rich. Why is there no media outcry or the Highest level prosecutor going after them to put them in prison and return All of the money to the people.

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the way I see it, the stats always add up and eventually one of them will get away. The majority are aimed at Japan, but be nice if they aimed it at Siberia in Russia or the Yellow Sands of China both unpopulated areas and not always in the water. But hey what do I know the odds eventually do pay and when they do its a big payday. In this case not for Japan so my vote is most definitely.

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With the raise in taxes the Abe empire clearly is showing their true colors and intention on where the extra money is going to go...

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Augh what next, can you imagine the Democrats and weak Republicans have been on this same old tiring crusade for 2 yrs. Imagine if only they had used that valuable time on the real issues of a long term guaranteed balanced budget instead of continuing resolution after resolution and no balanced budget. Enough or get out because this only shows that they are most interested in their own private agendas and not the interests of the US or its ally's. What a disgraceful waste. This one has to top them all.

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Go Apple Go. do it, don't let the CCP how to run your business corporate or otherwise. I strongly support Apple and any US company that stands up to China.

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Posted in: Man held for killing woman in love hotel used SNS to look for suicidal people See in context

There is always a workaround, that is how it is. It's finding the sicko's who get thrills of doing it for them, but they forget one thing it's murder not assisted suicide.

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Forget just Tokyo, we need the entire country coastline. Why should only a few be selected and have a chance at survival and not the rest of the country? Again government taking care of themselves first and primarily first and forget those who they represent. The votes wont' do them any good with everyone who got them there gone.

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All I know is that contracted employees employed by a contractor get the shaft. They are promised so many things but get few in return and a lot of unpaid time. For example not everything is disclosed by the contractor's client. The employee shows up to work on a schedule say 8:30 to 5:30. A few times the employees is asked that overtime will be asked by the client but not often and the contract employee will be compensated. However in reality this overtime becomes a daily routine and soon part of the job as requested by the client. The company informs the contracted employee if the overtime is charged for every time accrued then they will be asked to be replaced. Sound about right. By the time anyone realizes it, the hours are not 8:30 to 5:30 but leaving at 7:pm with no pay for 1.5 hrs weekly which is about 7.5 hrs free not paid to the contractor or contracted employee. The companies employees get their benefits but to get into a company as a real employee is not as easy as most people think. Also most national holidays are not paid to a contracted employee so the contracted employee is not paid for that day off as the company employees are and has to make up the time by losing a day off instead of 2 days a week off. This is a very unfair system.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stuffing towel into 90-year-old grandmother’s mouth, killing her See in context

I love you too Grandma, here's a towel eat..open wide...

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Posted in: Kansai Electric Chairman Yagi to quit over gift scandal See in context

Wait a minute what's good for the gander is not good for a cooked goose? What about TEPCO execs who got away with criminal charges and the government placed a weak prosecutor vs a highly competent prosecutor for such a high profile case which had about as much "people and government" voice than this corruption at Kansai Electric Power Co. Something sounds crooked in itself.

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POTUS is sounding more and more like Obama just using different words. Since the topic is currently about Ukraine, what about the recent conversations with XI (China) and that transcript and get an explanation as to why he promised to keep silent about Hong Kong. hmmm. Maybe the Democrats are on to something here. This only shows who much corporate globalism and big banks own the US vs the People.

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday that Tokyo has lodged a protest with Pyongyang over a collision between a North Korean fishing boat that will most likely fall on deaf ears and go nowhere.

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re from article" She said seeking Chinese intervention was provided for under Hong Kong's constitution but that she cannot reveal under what circumstances she will do so."

It is not up to her but what XI wants done. She is an appointed Chinese puppet nothing more and China is not holding up to the signed agreement of a one-country 2 party system. HK should annex itself as Taiwan. The blame lies solely on China who won't commit to any agreements they have signed. This can easily be escalated down by China removing their puppet and allow an elected member from HK take her place. Aside that the HK people have no choice but to fight for their rights to survive or continue their way of life.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to 'obliterate' Turkish economy over Syria incursion plan See in context

that line of obliterating the economy would have been more comical if he borrowed the words from RocketMan "ring of fire" to them .

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@jjplane, what hole, there was nothing left to burn a hole into after Obama and his "change". I seriously doubt the price of beef will make a difference no matter where it comes from as the 10% is now in place anyway. Either way with or without the agreement the People got screwed again.

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Where do these guys think they are going to go? Unless you are mega rich, maybe you might have a chance today, and that is a mighty slight maybe with all the technologies and cameras around. You need a well organized and financed plan from start to finish. This would involve high profile ID change entirely from start to finish. Can it be done, yes of course that's what is done in the Witness Protection Program in many countries and Interpol.

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I agree with one above posting this sentence is way to light for this unnecessary crime.

Because it happened to a child who could not defend herself the crime should fit the punishment in this case. The court system has failed the people and the deceased child.

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The fired one that landed in the EEZ of Japan, and now not "might have" the collision occurred within Japan's exclusive economic zone and in accordance with the Constitution Japan does have the right to defend itself. Any additional provocation by NK or any country falls under the summation of an attack against Japan as payback and not acceptable in any or by UN or countries. The US should under the "high cost" agreement aid Japan in defending it against invasion or rebuttal attacks. Else what's the point in Japan buying all the expensive equipment, training etc and pay for the US to be here.

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Paying an extra 300 yen for a haircut will certainly have an impact on my current place where I have done business and now seeking cheaper costs hair salons. That's an extra 3600 yen per year just to cut my hair monthly. Yes there was no real reason to raise the consumption tax especially since originally it was 3% from the very beginning and now tripled. Corporate tax and many retirement age workers are still working anyway so how is this going to change in cost percentage as a loss to the social services? hmmm, this is more like Abe is raising money to fund his private military before he leaves office.

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Million-ton headache tank of water contaminated with radioactive elements which grows by around 150 tons a day to include Tritium, is "cool and sexy" to put it by new appointed Minister of Environment. No reason to be worried, right? Traditional methods of Tritium removal involved “heavy water,” where Tritium is found in larger quantities, for the purpose of recycling the water back into nuclear reactors not into the Pacific Ocean. However, when Tritium is present in smaller concentrations, there is technological methods unfortunately it is prohibitively expensive. Perhaps I should appointed Minister of Environment, for one pollution is not cool nor sexy. Ask anyone who eats fish, which is pretty much a high number of folks around the world. The fish just don't stay in one area either.

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Wow that's a lot of tax money, or who pays for all of this?

Last I had heard the Royal family wanted to live normal lives like us, but I dont' have this kind of security detail. Seems to me it was all false they love the lifestyle of free money at someone's expense.

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