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Posted in: U.S. base in Okinawa confirms 32 more coronavirus cases; Iwakuni base reports several See in context

re article: "Of the total number of cases, 71 are linked to Futenma and 22 to Camp Hansen. Another three were confirmed at Kadena Air Base, and one each at Camp McTureous and Camp Kinser."

Interesting insert as clearly sounds like propaganda, why, simply it matches their primary complaints in order. This statement has no basis to included in this manner within the article and pointless the way it is reported and an editor should have done a more thorough job.

Can someone explain this comment from the article: "As for the infections involving the Iwakuni base, the U.S. military was informed by the Japanese Foreign Ministry of the cases." It seems that the military is not even concerned the slightest with their ongoing within the bases. hmmm. Shouldn't it have been the other way around?

Finally this article statement is fake news: " Those infected arrived in Iwakuni on Monday after taking virus tests upon their arrival at Haneda airport in Tokyo, the base said, without disclosing their nationalities." When anyone coming into Japan from a foreign country the manifest on the airplane provides the nationality of the person boarding and departing the aircraft. A copy of that manifest is on the arriving immigration PC as reference tool when coming in checking it against the person's passport. In regards to the disclosing of their nationalities to the one's conducting the tests upon arrival seems like a failure by the airport and agent responsible for conducting the tests not the arrivals. Japan in this case as the host nation is to blame for their own weak policies period.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss coronavirus cases at military bases in Okinawa See in context

@Koujuke39, here's the thing mate, first off all great that you completed your service honorably, however it isn't always the younger generation. Leadership is just not serious enough and easing to quickly. Like you pointed out "it's the right thing to do but they are not else no issues" and a red pop.

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Posted in: 20-year-old woman arrested after car crash kills one, injures another See in context

No brainer there, with as much don't drink and drive, the taxi service, the take your car home, friend pick me up. but my question is who let her leave the area as drunk as she was in the first place, so some blame needs to go there too. Condolences for all involved. Imagine if that was your family that was killed because of the choices and no forward thinking all around except the poor victims. The 3rd vehicle could have been speeding, but possibly an investigation will identify yes or no.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss coronavirus cases at military bases in Okinawa See in context

re: On its Facebook page for Pacific bases, the Marine Corps said it was prohibiting off-base activity for all installations across Okinawa, except essential needs such as medical appointments approved by a commanding officer.

Like a second hand shop in an area that they are is on their off limits website. The other night I saw dependent kids with an air rifle and air hand gun in another neighbors arm, carrying it around like no big deal.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss coronavirus cases at military bases in Okinawa See in context

You would think right, I just saw a service member talking to about his Y plated (so much for force protection right? and the famous black mask made from underwear that it doesn't take a scientist to figure out ooh base people) flapping his jaws and no social distancing, had a mask but was off and no social distance or min 10 minute limit. Go figure. On the flip-side i have a JSDAF fighter jet training instructor who has been camping in all parts of Japan with no one telling him anything. The base was locked down but this guy still went camping though "all" base personnel was a no go. He is in a joint base.

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Posted in: Japan may still build Aegis Ashore despite reports of cancellation See in context

One locationto consider: Senkaku Islets. If Japan says this is really their land then do it. China built islands and no one did nothing so what is the problem? Is this land not Japans?

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Posted in: Bread subscription service excites foodies across Japan See in context

To the many negative readers and blog posts, don't knock it till you try it, the saying in Japan "be a challenger" so I subscribed and was impressed by the assorted breads we received from various bakery shops which we didn't have to drive or take a train to get too. While not everything was to our tasting since some of the listings we had never been too, but there were as a great deal we did and still enjoy especially discovering new bakeries that we weren't aware of. This is the beauty of exploring. So give it a try it surely doesn't hurt.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context

IMO neither side nor anyone should be pointing fingers since we are all human beings. That is what is most important and taking strong protective measures possible on or base total populace on Okinawa. Doing the blame, shoulda, coulda've game does not cut it and gets no one anywhere. Working together on a way forward is best for everyone on the island.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman dies after being stabbed as she gets off bus See in context

I do agree it is shocking and it could have been anyone. Something must have really triggered the outburst.

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Posted in: Japan to discuss easing travel ban with China, S Korea, other countries See in context

I would wait a bit more and use that well known Japanese embedded cultural aspect called "PATIENCE".

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Posted in: As the coronavirus pandemic forces the U.S. to step back from its global leadership role, now is the time for Japan to reassess its overreliance on its top ally and build its own defense capabilities. See in context

re: the U.S. to step back from its global leadership role

Ha, fake news, nothing could be further than "real world" truth. The U.S. has increased in Pacific power and influence than in decades. What this person calls withdrawal is out of sync of military mindset and planning. Just because the manpower has diminished does not indicate a fall back, not even close. The use of technology has replaced the need for such manpower and saving lives. The wars this comment is thinking are part of history and not in modern warfare. No the Japanese leadership knows full well what it needs to do.

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Posted in: Former Marines pitcher Jackson arrested for possession of cannabis See in context

Former Lotte Marines pitcher Randy "Jay" Jackson Jr was arrested Friday on suspicion of cannabis possession at his home in Chiba, near Tokyo.

Do your crime and then start packing time to go home.

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Posted in: Kim's sister says no need for another U.S.-N Korea summit See in context

RE: she said, "it is too obvious that it will only be used as boring boasting coming from someone's pride".

Guess she didn't need to write a beautiful long letter with great penmanship. While there are those who think that it was loss or neither said gained, totally false. The US has tried its last card though it knew very well it would end as it has but worth a try since it hadn't been done before. Now NK has no more excuses to fall back on as diplomacy has failed, reparations have failed, continued talks and now direct contact all failed only leaves on last alternative on the table. Can't say everything else has been not been tried anymore. Nice farmlands in the North and plenty of crush rock and minerals all for the taking by the South and the opportunity to have a 1 Korean nation after all these years. If only their neighbors to the northeast and southeast could control themselves and think about it as a business and economic opportunity vs any other intentions.

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Posted in: Abe, Australian PM discuss China, Hong Kong in virtual summit See in context

What is there to discuss? China has broken its word yet again, and historically is nothing new. Written, verbal or hand shake agreements mean nothing to them as a bond to keep. The written document between China and UK concerning HK was signed by a member of UK who is no longer in the position therefore the paperwork is null and void according to China, so HK was free game and like in Tibet, they just rolled on in. Abe best be careful or wake up to the Senaku's getting word that they have moved in with bulldozers and ready to build, since Japan is too afraid to do anything and the US is to weak to stop China anyway. Proof is in the pudding and the US has shown nothing but soft cream when it comes to China.

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Posted in: Ex-SoftBank employee found guilty of passing secret info to Russia See in context

Once again proof that "white" collar crime does INDEED pay. ref article: two years in prison, suspended for four years, and fined him 800,000 yen. Chump change to worry about and this person is set up for several years. got to love it, as the majority of wealth is made by crime.

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Posted in: Top court rejects demand seeking flight suspensions near U.S. base on Okinawa See in context

Do the aircraft really have to roar so loud constantly flying over the base, No why when there are many areas out there to do their training away from the populace. We undertand thrust at take off and landing i.e wing flaps down, but if they came in softly and do those massive hard charging take offs elsewhere for touch and go landings then it would work out. We are not at war in Okinawa. That is one of the biggest problems. Also each command change a commander departing flies over the base, though dazzling is causing and adding to the noise by the constant fly byes. Seriously we don't care just leave or take your noise elsewhere.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old daughter alone for week to die See in context

Unbelievable and disgusted.

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Posted in: Japan battered by more heavy rain, floods; at least 58 dead See in context

Battered is a weak term to describe the devastation out there. The first word in the article says it all "pounding"

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Posted in: Exhausted U.S. cities face another challenge: a surge in violence See in context

What can anyone expect these are the same whining crying kids balling out and parents did not teach them discipline. Now they are just much older.

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Posted in: Ringo Starr marks 80th birthday at online gig with Beatles hits, celebrity tributes See in context

I seriously thought he was RIP, so shocked to see him out and about. Must admit though pretty good to have an old classic still around.

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Posted in: New support center opens in Tokyo for foreign residents in Japan See in context

@I have no faith in this kind of services. I used it once or twice and have to tell you it looks great on the paper. They of course found me a job but every time I went over for an interview, they lowered the salary, plus no bonuses or anything like that.

Same applies to housing even today, except once a house is finally found, the rental went up and much smaller than regular rentals for citizens. I personally know two families with the same income and household resident size and location. The local pays way less than the foreigner for the same type of dwelling. Go figure.

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Posted in: New support center opens in Tokyo for foreign residents in Japan See in context

This is great but housing still remains a major issue. All the above is effortless without adequate and affordable housing for foreigners.

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Posted in: Road rage driver threatens commuter with a sickle as incidents increase across Japan See in context

I still say police have no power to stop and give speeding tickets. I see people zoom by like their cars are on a race track right in front of both patrolling cars and a major police station. It doesn't take a rocket science degree or physicist to tell or see a person is going way over the posted speed limit sign. Just yesterday at a pedestrian crosswalk not one single vehicle stopped to let the person cross, not even a patrolling police car, there was no signal cross just a line and pedestrian crosswalk. I literally had to step onto the pedestrian crosswalk halt the oncoming vehicle and point to the painted single line that means to any driver in Japan STOP when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk. He looks at me puzzled and then remembers and says "OH sorry" . I respond don't tell me I'm sorry, just follow the Road Rules, STOP when people are in the crosswalk. But hey what can you say when a police patrol doesn't stop either.

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested again after having slashed over 1,000 women’s tires to get to know them better See in context

This guy must really like cutting and changing tires. I'm pretty sure a job exists out there just for him.

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Posted in: Chinese ships make another lengthy intrusion into Japanese waters See in context

Same old story, same outcome unless Japan stands up to defend its territory like the Chinese do. If this was the other way around it is no secret that the ships would have been sunk. Why do we never hear about any other country encroaching on Chinese waters that actually is theirs, yet they keep doing this to all of their neighbors. Seems to me that China is the only one out there bullying others and not vice versa. Why not other countries do like the Chinese and send mass ships out there calling "research and peaceful" measures. Seems to work for them. If Japan does not make a move to push them back by force since it is clearly and widely known diplomacy does not work against aggressive neighbors i.e. good example India/China border, NK. Russia/Japan northern islands. hmm common links. Yes Japan needs to move quickly and forget worrying about what the world says and just do it. Move into the islands before the Chinese do and start building on it despite what the world says or does.

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Posted in: Ex-Russian diplomat exempted from charge over stolen SoftBank secrets See in context

Why would this person be exempt when his status was former (ex) diplomat? (Anton Kalinin, 52, former deputy Russian trade representative in Japan) The end result is that the Russians have the manuals for Softbank network infrastructure and easy to target or to access unless they change/upgrade infrastructure which will cost lots and lots of yen. I know some folks out there who need jobs..

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Posted in: Strike capability, other military options on table after Japan's Aegis U-turn See in context

re @ Samit Basu Nissan will never recover after being driven out of China, as Nissan bet the farm on Chinese market.

I have to disagree on that end comment; Nissan's failures are not to blame for one person or location, but rather simply not following the common basics of any company: "not listening or paying attention to your customers needs and instead reflect more on market shares and corporate greed". That is the failure and doom of any business and it doesn't take a genius or a highly scholar to figure that out only plain common sense or school of hard knocks which is the latter that Nissan pursued.

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re; Japan's decision to scrap two Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense systems means it must find other ways to defend a 3,000-kilometer archipelago along Asia's eastern edge.

They should have put this on Senkaku islet a part of the Ryukyu Kingdom now known as Okinawa chain of islands.

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Posted in: Strike capability, other military options on table after Japan's Aegis U-turn See in context

re:It is reported that Trump wanted more money from Japan to keep the US forces stationed there. So when are you leaving?

As soon as China is ready to move in, so what's your hurry it's coming.

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Posted in: Man who fled from Osaka police given 17-year prison term for rape, robbery See in context

re: "caused anxiety to society by breaking police station equipment in order to run away"

I can tell you very doubtful anyone lost sleep over the above comment from the article, but I can surely guarantee that the rape, robbery and being on the loose stealing bicycles and food was enough to lose hours or a day of sleep and added worries.

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