COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: World Bank sees outbreak taking a big toll on Asia's economy See in context

Not according to the exchange market, besides the only benefactor here is China. Their yuan currency is so undervalued that it makes no difference to them.

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Posted in: Some employers to laid-off staffers: Let's stay in touch See in context

mmmm don't call me I'll call run as fast as you can...they are going to replace us with AI anyway.

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Posted in: Gov't to grant tax moratorium for virus-hit firms with 20% revenue drop See in context

I'm not sure about most folks but I would like to see a temporary moratorium on my personal consumption tax to 0 during this crisis and leave us the working poor with more discretionary income to put back into the economy and let the corporations pay half vs keeping it all in profits.

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Posted in: Virus infections not rampant nationwide but Japan on brink: Abe See in context

Like the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected more than 870,000 people and killed over 43,000 globally. The China World Health Organization *CHO) err sorry correction the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on March 11 so too the Abe administration is too late with response and effective implemented measures.

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Posted in: Japan Post to temporarily stop accepting international mail due to coronavirus See in context

What? Too much. They should have stopped the ones who brought the virus into the country in the first place not the mail.

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Posted in: 'Shoot them dead' - Philippine leader says he won't tolerate lockdown violators See in context

Wow, not sure if this news is real or fake, did the guy not take the right pills? ON the flip side only in foreign countries can a leader of a country make and actually implement such measures. Wonder where the idea came from?

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Posted in: Girl under one year old in serious condition after virus infection See in context

Election time coming. This administration is failing on all counts given that they have had months. NO masks produced either though promised to get them to stores back 2 months ago. Must be lined with specialized materials.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

Honestly I don't see how, when all the old people are standing in line at many Asahi stores waiting for them to open and rushing to buy available stockage. Even though there is a limit, it leaves none for the poor employees working later shifts and get out of work much to late to be in a line waiting to buy 2 masks.

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Posted in: Japan to give face masks to 50 mil households to fight virus See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday the government will distribute cloth face masks to roughly 50 million households in Japan as stocks of disposable masks have run out at drugstores and other shops amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Perhaps this administration should have listened to its people when they screamed out don't send our stock supplies to China we will need it. Of course we all know what happened as our supplies went elsewhere and allowed the Chinese to buy bulk boxes and dwindling our resources.

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Posted in: Experts warn of health care collapse in Japan if virus keeps spreading See in context

Fellow readers, I don't about you but I don't trust the so called Japanese government panel of experts. If the GOJ not to pick on the Environmental Minister who is not even an environmentalist nor his area of professional expertise, then what does this say about these experts, book smarts carry you so far but it is the real boots on the ground field that gives you the knowledge and skillsets one needs at this time. Some may not like this post but it is fact. How many times did the so called experts say the NK was not nuclear nor close, well guess they were proven wrong. Recently the US experts provided the current administration with incorrect information. No I say count your sources on the ground who know best.

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Posted in: Companies cancel welcome ceremonies for new recruits See in context

Glad I had my company IT get us what we needed way before this issue using GoToMeeting 3D conferencing. Telework has successfully worked for the majority of employees with production, employee retention high, and creative business models/projects etc have gone skyrocket. We will be adding 100 new employees this year alone with a projected 50 more by end of year. Thank you old fashioned traditional corporate models for your lack of keeping up with tech as we swallowed your revenue.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

The government in hot action with 2 politicos in the photo background taking a nap as normal. If they don't care enough to be awake why bother running for office and getting paid to sleep. Seems that

Japan remains on the brink of a state of emergency as the rate of new coronavirus cases and its not important enough for them or the rest of Abe's admin. If Japan would have banned "all" incoming travelers from China there would be no issues with this virus. All the mega rich are on their owned private islands so no issues to worry about concerning this virus.

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Posted in: Japan enacts legislation to facilitate employment until age 70 See in context

No way, these older workers get much higher salaries which could be used to pay younger employees more and entice them into companies for long stay careers. Get rid of the old goats, we all see just sitting behind some desk half awake or taking smoke breaks. OUT..go enjoy life and let the younger generation live. Quit being greedy.

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Posted in: Japan enacts legislation to facilitate employment until age 70 See in context

Enough at 60, just because the old stupid guys keep going because they are greedy does not mean the younger generation is less to do the same. Times have changed and this is only a last ditch attempt by the old guys holding on to control. Get out old people and enjoy your lives or leave the rest of us to enjoy them for you.

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Posted in: Smoking diners to take it outside as Tokyo ban kicks in See in context

Yeah but packing themselves right in front of the entry ways doesn't help either and then the mess left behind. Or they could just be in the parking lots puffing away and non smokers have to put up with second hand smoke there too. Just ban it period and keep it to their homes, This is just a personal usage habit and not for the well being of overall public. Just like gasoline, not every person has a car that needs gas, right. It is a personal option if one wants a car or find other means for transportation.

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors for killing homeless woman in Ueno Park See in context

Must have had the blues, just took it out on the first person he saw, but doesn't remember.

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Posted in: Japan advises against travel to 50 nations including U.S., China See in context

@I don’t understand why so many people keep going on about testing. If you are distancing yourself and practicing good personal hygiene testing is irrelevant.

Perhaps because like the idiots who are still traveling into the infected countries or coming back are not distancing themselves from those of us who are taking the necessary precautions.

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Posted in: Japan advises against travel to 50 nations including U.S., China See in context

The idiot who went to Spain in the heaviest outbreak since the Black Plague to take advantage of cheap rates and now came back in along with his wife and infected others in Aomori Prefecture.

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

I know I'm tired, when I read the leading header to this article I mistook the word "ban" for bar? lol

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Posted in: Pyroclastic flows from Mt Fuji eruption could cut major roads: report See in context

re" The council also said it has confirmed some 180 eruptions have occurred at Mt Fuji over the past 5,600 years, with 96 percent considered small- to medium-size in scale.

With the kind of luck going our way the last few years, really hate to put it this way but watch it be this eruption will be one that isn't like in the past and be a 1st ever of its kind..worst case scenario.

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Posted in: Japan advises against travel to 50 nations including U.S., China See in context

What, finally maybe too little too late? Here's one why are the travel agencies still selling tickets to these countries where you can leave this weekend.

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Posted in: Death penalty finalized for man who killed 19 disabled people See in context

This could go either way as I have met several with disabilities that they wish they could end their torture pains and discomfort to their surviving families. Is this morally right, depends which way one looks at perspectives. From a spiritual look it is morally wrong due to Christian beliefs. From a non spiritual look and those that do not deal from religious or spiritual aspect the answer is no but rather from compassion for those suffering. Not enough evidence was presented to the public to make a fair and reasonable judgement. Those in court with certainty did receive both sides and hence the final judgement. Death is the ultimate price but these are man's laws not spiritual.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric vows to improve governance after bribery scandal See in context

Meanwhile as gas prices lower the oil barons are making power plays to get around sanctions etc. refer to recent Rosneft (aka Russian asset in Venezuela) sells off to unknown total Russian controlled company not on sanctions list. Eventually oil prices will rise.

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Posted in: Fear on front lines as hospital staff face threats, stigma over coronavirus See in context

What about all the truckers, delivery, employee cashiers at grocery stores etc. The handle people face to face everyday too. They also touch all the products that someone could have blasted and an air droplets happens to land on that product. Yet no gloves? hmmm..

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill neighbor over noise dispute See in context

At 63 possible the victim was suffering from hearing loss and possibly just didn't realize it or face up to it.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for trying to kill 16-year-old son by setting fire to house See in context

Difficult to take a comment stand when only one side of the tale is told. Aside that the son is target no motive is provided.

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Posted in: Crowds disappear from Tokyo streets amid virus, snow See in context

Well on the bright side, if one is a foreigner no worries with social distancing as it happens already. The good thing is not worrying about the blasters and nose pickers sitting next to you on the trains. Plenty of space on either side, almost a luxury.

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

Not true to whomever thinks noone is traveling, there is always an idiot out there who lacks common sense. HIS travel company is still selling package deals with flights leaving as soon as next day. A little too late for closure bans at this point and should have been implement end of last year or early this year. The virus is like a bad weed and it has now taken root in Japan as well as the rest of the world. Where were the first cases reported? Why did this country allow its people to continue traveling well after the fact. Surely we have all seen the cases triple once a person is positively infected. The numbers across the world quickly prove this true.

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Posted in: N Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan See in context

Japan is authorized to take defensive measures, why not use those measures as exercises which is not against the Constitution. It doesn't have to be each time they fire projectiles aimed at Japan but defensive means only. The US would not mind one bit and has been patiently waiting for Japan to step up, that much is true. Enough time has passed and again nothing says Japan cannot or will defend itself. Exercises designed or even a posture at defense does not always mean it is attacking any of its neighbors but simply carrying out what any country does to protect their citizens.

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