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Why is the Environment Minister meddling in civil affairs that he has no say so as this issue is more of a social one vs environment. If he spent more time and energy with the environmental vs social issues maybe things would move forward. Erosion controls throughout Japan, landslide protective measure, emergency response equipment funding to upgrade old antiquated processes to name a few.

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From friends in Osaka and Kyoto: (translated version)

Today, picking up cough and fever of, Tourists from wuhan, China, at Japan's Kansai International Airport. They were sent to the hospital, but they escaped to visit Universal Studios Japan Osaka and Kyoto

Difficult to be judgmental coming to Japan on short vacation, but didn't really think much for the safety of others too given the circumstances. Now wonder how many more others were infected and was this purposely done by a foreign country?

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Posted in: 15-year-old Gauff upsets Osaka at Australian Open See in context

What? this is a shocker. She must've been having a bad day or possible playing with an underlying injury.

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What makes you think they already developed the vaccine? this is not true, at much it has been reported they are in very early stages of producing it, which has absolutely nothing strange or difficult to believe.

Wrong, for one, the vaccine does exist, and recently provided to China, guess they were the "real world" test subjects. Hopefully I'm reaching. However, it does exist as well as ample time for testing completed. By the way it takes more than a "couple of days" at best realistically 1-2 weeks for full effect.

Just for you, here you go: On June 19, 2015, the UK government-funded Pirbright Institute filed an application for a patent for the live coronavirus, which was approved on Nov 20, 2018. On November of 2019, the Pirbright Institute’s website published an article focusing on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s funding of “a Livestock Antibody Hub” to the sum of $5.5 million. On Oct. 18, 2019, also before the outbreak, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the World Economic Forum co-hosted an event in NYC where “policymakers, business leaders, and health officials” worked together on a simulated coronavirus outbreak. In the simulation, CAPS (the coronavirus) resulted in a death toll of 65 million people within 18 months, according to John Hopkins University. Furthermore I have seen the video highlight reel from the event shows fictional newscasters from “GNN” discuss how the hypothetical immune-resistant virus (nicknamed CAPS) was crippling trade and travel, sending the global economy into freefall.

It just so happens that a professor from Imperial College London recently warned the coronavirus has the same kill rate as the Spanish flu, which claimed the lives of 20-50 million people in 1918.

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While this is a step China has taken is step in the right direction, I still wonder how they could come up with a vaccine so quickly when just a few days ago it was a mysterious, strange and unknown virus? In the real world it takes time to get a vaccine for any viral infection as there have to be case studies etc. a quick turnaround only works in the movies. Also why is the WHO so quick to protect China as well as many of the local papers. Can readers please provide feedback or a moderator send me a response?

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Posted in: Couple arrested for neglecting their four children, resulting in one death See in context

Interesting story but it still doesn't give us much details as too why the parents were at the panchiko parlor other than try to win big Y. hmm

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Posted in: China building a hospital to treat virus; expands lockdowns to 25 mil people See in context

Question if this was so new, mysterious and strange, how did the find a cure/vaccine so quickly?

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Posted in: Man on trial for killing 19 disabled people contradicts defense claim he is not mentally competent See in context

Ok this guy is definitely not on the side of his own defense team. He should take his own advice and painless be put to death. The suffering mental disorder by marijuana is against the numerous cases tried around the world and lost. First he would have had a much better chance of using a hallucinogen drug i.e meth vs pot unless it was coated with PCP. He was highly aware of what he was doing and just crossed the line of no return.

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So how does one get back into their country if they pull a Ghosn? Immigration checks the departing stamp when coming in. hmmm.

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Yes, a surgical mask can help prevent the flu,” Sherif Mossad, MD, an infectious disease specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, tells ****Health. “Flu is carried in air droplets, so a mask would mechanically prevent the flu virus from reaching other people.”

Only to the wearing from letting any infectious disease outwards. Please continue to research this topic further. A surgical mask does not protect the wearing against breaking airborne particulates unless again the proper grade surgical mask is worn vs ordinary day to day ops.

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"Ok one more time, the wearing of a mask does not make anyone immune nor prevents this type of virus from becoming infected."


This a very serious topic. Here is the correct information:

Thank you reader for your reply:

However while the information you provided is somewhat helpful I stand by my statement as it does not make anyone immune. That percentage you provided only proves the point, but it does cut down the number possibly getting ill from viruses, bacteria or pollutants if one is wearing the correct mask to do so. An ordinary dust mask sold at most convenience stores, 100 coin stores do not. ONE has to read as it does and is significant due to the manufacture fiber technology used to protect a wearer. You don't see a person going into a fire filled with smoke without the proper PPE do you? Of course not, it would be senseless to think an ordinary mask would protect one from smoke inhalation so too the same application towards airborne particulates.

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Correction and apologies to readers, regarding masks it is important to wear the proper mask that includes or states BFE, VFE and PFE 99%. BFE is for bacterial particulates, VFE is for virus particulates and PFE is for pollution particulates all airborne or waterborne. It also aids in prevention of spreading or becoming infected via mouth/nose both ways at 99% but must state on vendor advertisement so read wisely and thoroughly. Making sure you have the correct mask will help minimize or spread exposure. Unfortunately unless one wears an all level Bio Suit, you can still be infected via eyes, skin or ears. All openings into the human body and makes its way into the respiratory systems eventually. Skin via your pores.

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TV station Fuji has confirmed that the 2 cases are Chinese coming from infected areas into Japan. High risk areas and more appropriate steps would have prevented them from passing through immigration into Japan. From the report both men went sight seeing and 1 person there went to a Chinese hospital twice. First they told him he didn't have the virus, but when symptoms worsened he went back and was confirmed with the virus. After that the traveled to Japan already sick. Took medicine to bring his fever down and passed the thermal scanning. Why was this man allowed to leave China? That is what the public in Japan should know.

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Ok one more time, the wearing of a mask does not make anyone immune nor prevents this type of virus from becoming infected. This particular virus is and has always been airborne. As light as this virus is means it can attach itself in an incubated period until it finds a host. It can be just about anywhere i.e. air as water droplets unseen and floating aournd, sneezing aka blasting, bugars, phlem, cough etc. A dirty mask where the infected person sneezed inside the mask, or took it off to blast on a chair, hand rail, coat, etc. There are just too many ways to become infected. The best course of action is clean hygiene at all times if possible and stay away 2 feet distance from the closest blaster, and wash hands properly periodically, wash all groceries bought, i.e touched before putting them away. Drink and eat healthy to keep your body immune system up. For crying out loud, if you do have a fever don't be a hero and report to school, office or public high traffic areas. Stay home. You only get others infected hence the spreading. Unfortunately this is now human to human, animal to human ie. birds can carry and pass this as well so be keen. The flu shot does not mean one is exempt from this viral infection either. So again, don't be a hero or Internet know it all seek a well trained medical opinion.

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As I pointed out earlier, aside the HazMat suit, which this virus is not HAZMAT, but a micro virus can easily penetrate its way into the suit via the mask. The only way to reduce the introduction is wearing the proper level suit with breathing apparatus, a full decon station and incubation period. The temperature and thermal scanner are ineffective against Tylenol, Aspirin, Bufferin, etc. These medicines reduce high fever so what good does this do, nothing except let the possible infected person pass through.

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My question is why did SARS and now this virus start in China? What was the root cause. Yesterday a documentary showed them eating what looked like a rodent. Please keep in mind too me it looked like a big size rodent but could have been some other animal instead that looked much like a rodent. Did anyone out there see this documentary.

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Posted in: China building a hospital to treat virus; expands lockdowns to 25 mil people See in context

toto late.

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Posted in: Japan should ban confiscation of foreign employees' passports, lawyer says See in context

All I can add for US passport holders is read your passport regarding surrendering it to a foreign country. Unless the foreign country is an authorized representative of the United States Government they have no legal recourse as the US passport is the PROPERTY of the UNITED STATES government and only surrendered upon by demand by such authorized representative of the US Government. Very doubtful if companies qualify or have been granted this status. Key word is "authorized representative".

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A very difficult issue worldwide, unlike it being as simple as a family register (koseki tohon), food banks etc. Finding a solution for multiple root problems facing each homeless person that put them there is one way forward. For some it may be finding them a means to earn a decent wage aside a home. Past mistakes made, bad loans, unpaid bills, high debt, drunkenness, etc need to be addressed, i.e a "fresh start" others may just require a simple helping hand i.e. "jump start" to get them off the streets and back on track. Throwing social programs is not as easy as it sounds as like most requires immense funding. Of course among the many root problems not being addressed is "mental illness" of which plagues many of the displaced that so many people look down or frown upon instead of "hey what can I do to help". Human compassion is still our best defense to help vs keeping our noses up in the air.

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Posted in: Shop fearing Wuhan virus bans Chinese visitors in Hakone See in context

a bit late in just banning Chinese that could be carriers, could very well easily be anyone at this point.

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Posted in: Abe rebuffs opposition resignation call over contentious gov't event See in context

Come on Abe, as mentioned above posts, you are in charge and had no knowledge?

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Posted in: China locks down epicenter of virus outbreak; nearly 600 infected See in context

A bit late don't you guys agree out there? This could have been simmered down from the beginning. The case reported yesterday are totally watered down. In a population of 3-5 billion and only 47 cases? Please we are not that gullible.

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As an online shopper having a "certain" number of yen to buy before receiving "free shipping" is not enticing at all. This is like forcing me to spend up to the quota to get a carrot. Not fair to other merchants.

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IMO the reporter missed the whole point by foreigners. While true, a process is indeed written somewhere, but adhiring it or practice what you preach clearly is not being conducted. Foreigners for the most part are treated unequally to their host nation counterparts. While there are those who are politicians that get arrested have in the past been part of a much larger picture behind the scenes i.e. political fallout.

This trend will continue until things start change for real.

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Tragic and sad news for their friends and family. No reason as to why, but wonder if his financial situation was a driver to push him towards this way out.

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@Madden, yeah I heard the same thing from folks out there but not being released to outsiders. My concern is that someone can take Tylonol, or Bufferin to lower their core temperature so the imaging scanner as seen above is useless.

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Bad news indeed. The masks seriously do not help against this airborne virus given that ears, skin, or eyes are means of being infected as well not just mouth or nose. Constant wash or hands, face, ears or wearing medical gloves will help a lot. Lots of vitamin C will also help. Why not quarantine folks coming from those destinations, unfortunately it means every passenger as they may have been infected by a carrier on board during the flight.

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@stormcrow: You're spot on! Can you imagine what would have happened had Trump won in 2008 instead of Obama?

Sure can, the Iranians never would have received the funding to continue that useless war in the Middle East and put with the "Death to America" chants.


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It's not the guns that worry, its the lunatics who pull the trigger, knives like guns are harmless but when used in the wrong persons hands oo oo trouble. Personally they are both safe to own and keep. Do not lose your knives or guns, else it leaves a commoner at the mercy of dictators and controlled government entities.

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This is all great news and information but what is Japan doing to protect us from those coming in from countries infected by this virus? Are people coming in being quarantined for a period before being allowed the rest of the way in? IF it spreads this quickly then it means this is airborne caused by sneezing i.e. "blasting". Why doesn't Japan with the media get the word out more about the spread of viruses caused by sneezing and how it spreads to others. I saw several people yesterday at the grocery store in the produce section just blasting away, another one at the open deli and fish areas just blasting away and not covering up. If the education and word gets out eventually people will follow the message.

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