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Posted in: BOJ assets quadruple to ¥714.56 tril under Kuroda's aggressive easing See in context

This is all good but what good does all that money do when your not using it to support the same people who gave it to you in the first place. Why not use it to vaccinate your send a stimulus payment to the those in need like the disabled and low income households. Surely it's much more humanitarian to do such good vs hoarding it.

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Posted in: China says it has been invited by IAEA to join group over Fukushima water plan See in context

China should look towards its own coastal waters which are now "dead" zones before pronouncing judgement on Japan less the mass trash that lands on Japan shores each day. China is in no position to give advice or look down on any country.

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Posted in: World awaits WHO mission's report on China COVID origin See in context

What you mean the world doesn't trust a peaceful means, research and data gathering country?

As to respond to P Smith yes there was a research document of SARS2 that proved and was actually posted on ResearchGate but removed by unknown, removed after those of us who actually have a copy of the research it gets removed or immediately is blocked from being uploaded. The research is from the main researcher who disappeared on a long long vacation and no seems to know of her making her out of sight out of mind.

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Posted in: China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus See in context

Do as India did and strike back. Sink their ships. Again and again. This is Japan territory and by rights has imminent domain and defensive measures are on its side. The UK needs to take HK back since the CCP has already stated publicly the agreement is null and void and not following a guarantee of the agreement signed. Taiwan needs to declare itself INDEPENDENT before it is too late.

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Posted in: 76-year-old woman arrested for killing husband with saw See in context

She should have used "I thought it was a dream, I must've had too much to drink" confession. Then explain the years of mental abuse, possibly physical at times.

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Posted in: Japan's children of the tsunami shaped by tragedy See in context

re: The people of Tohoku get an official visit every now and then, a few cheap words that actually mean very little, and a whole lot of ganbare.

Which is why voting for the right people is so important.

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Posted in: Arguments for 'right to disconnect' from work draw more attention amid pandemic See in context

wah wah wah, at least they have a job so stop complaining.

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Posted in: The towering sea wall legacy of Japan's 2011 tsunami See in context

Someone posted cheaper to just move upland. Agree what a waste of funding.

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Posted in: Shizuoka Pref bans teachers from personal communication with students on social media See in context

Teachers are at the schools to educate in matters that involve non personal issues not be parents to the students. It should always end there.

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Posted in: China announces over 6% economic growth target; boosts defense spending by 6.8% See in context

Defense from whom? Commercial business sectors who only want free trade and competitive marketing and products? Why doesn't JT call it for what it is? IS JToday owned by the Chinese or has Chinese investors to leave out so many important details in the storyline? The other media around the world print news of China as aggressive not defensive in nature. Words used by China are "attack the US" attack Japan, attack well they did sort of attacked India, attack Taiwan, won't even go into Hong Kong we all saw what was coming. If Japan and US do not stop the aggressive nature by China then they will both wake up to find China building on the Senkaku's if not already, pretty sure the plans and designs are drawn up.

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Posted in: Ethics scandal involving communications official linked to Suga widens See in context

He should have used the traditional, "I don't remember, what dinners" and stick to it. Just wondering if anyone's bill actually went down concerning phones. One thing for sure that must be removed or brought down is the "rental agency fee" for housing which is a huge rip off.

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Posted in: Coast guard searches for 5 crew from capsized Chinese fishing boat See in context

1.1°C-1.6°C between the temperatures at the surface and at 20 meters' depths for skilled special 5 man ops team is very doable using proper scuba gear and underwater scooters to get them to shore and conduct special ops or setup monitoring stations, i.e communications etc. Then later get picked up by a sub. easy to hide the gear and themselves as well.

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

If the Taylors are guilty of a crime fine, and bail jumping is not the crime, however if the Taylors are being brought before prosecutors aka Americans, then why are the Japanese at the airport not being brought in as well "The box passed through airport security in Osaka" Airport security failed and hence played a part in this and shouldn't be waved as human error at least with all the scanning, dogs, manpower at the departure areas.

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Posted in: 40-year-old man arrested after attacking father with hammer See in context

What a son, instead of being outside spending time with his father gardening and learning a thing or two about life vs being an unemployed bum that couldn't wear headsets and instead attacks his own father in his own residence. Hope the father makes it out ok.

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Posted in: 2 high school girls, 50-year-old man found dead in car in apparent joint suicide See in context

Condolences for any surviving family members and may all who perished Rest in Peace. Sad situation when one gives up any hope or fails to see a point in living. Just not enough common decency out there as once used to be.

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Posted in: Coast Guard could shoot at foreign vessels aiming to land on Senkakus: gov't officials See in context

Forget the landing, just being inside in Japan waters should be enough, now that they haven't announced this portion it only invites and incites other foreign countries to just come on in, possibly conduct "other" research development like "mass fishing" out of bodies of water of Japan. China is not after the land, but rather the marine life out in the waters. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the waters on the other side are extremely polluted with a massive amount out and near their coast has less than .02% O2 required to sustain and maintain marine life. In other words the sea of Japan is rich in marine life and they want it.

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Posted in: Go To Travel campaign may partially resume after state of emergency lifted See in context

Is there another word for idiots? So much for lessons learned, but then again the upper echelon wouldn't even follow their own direction and instead went out fine dining and drinking. Might as well forget about following anything they say from the top and just reopen anyway.

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Posted in: China says Japan-U.S. security treaty a product of Cold War See in context

Every other country out there is doing or trying to move forward via business deals involving breaking down outdated principles and trade practices for better of all humanity except one "CHINA". They are bent on continuing rhetoric, encroaching on their neighbors, blatantly announce they are preparing for WAR, in the pretense of research (actions speak louder than words) and the list continues with all fingers pointing to CHINA. There isn't a single country today outside China even close to thinking of conquering it militarily or economically. That was proven when the majority of countries welcomed them to the WTO. China came with empty promises and instead militarized and weaponized themselves. They broke agreements and have caused troubles while blaming everyone around them without blaming themselves. The ones that should make the changes are the Chinese people themselves, CCP has too much control.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for calling police station 1,700 times over 8 days See in context

IF the police were able to answer his calls of 1700 calls over 8 days, then that clearly explains why they don't give SPEEDING, Intentional running RED lights, NO TURN SIGNALs, improper lane changes and yes the Parking in NO PARKING areas that are clearly marked, including those that don't know how to use their "blinking lights" if parking temporarily for dropping or picking up. Way too much time on both sides of the table.

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Posted in: Nissan ex-CEO tells Japanese court Ghosn's pay was too low See in context

some shady and murky waters over there in Nissan.

1st: After Ghosn was arrested in November 2018, he denounced Ghosn.

Now his pay is too "LOW"?

Please if you can't support your family of 5 with a modest income of 10mil Yen per year, something is very wrong. No one should be making more than 15M Yen per year unless you own it outright.

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Posted in: Toyota begins building smart city near Mt Fuji See in context

Now that is a smart move by putting at the foot of an active volcano that is possibly one big earthquake away from blowing the manta and its top. Nice..Guess the AI will be asking the humans who put them there why not just put them on the cliff and ask them to jump.

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Posted in: Gov't, TEPCO ordered to pay damages over Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

Only 43 people, I still have nightmares and the first thought to mind as the most recent 7.1 quake was the nuclear reactor and contaminated water polluting the seas and the fish industry again or even further. The entire populace and region in Northern Tohoku should be compensated. Dangerous radiation prior and after, (recall the exposure limits were raised by both Govt, Tepco), had been exposed but were being told everything was in normal ranges because of the changed RAD upper and lower limits being changed. Dental people reporting damaged teeth though not proven rose in the Tohoku area. Teeth and bone cases rose yet no seems to tie this to the nuclear disaster. hmmmm.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree on cost of hosting American forces in FY2021 See in context

re @ It is agreed in SOFA that the U.S. will bear all costs incident to the maintenance of U.S. bases in Japan. So why should Japan shoulder 74% of the maintenance costs of U.S. bases in Japan? But you seem to suggest U.S. forces are here as the result of "Pearl Harbor". Japan lost the war whereby the U.S. is entitled to maintain bases here for free and further has right to demand Japan pay more base maintenance costs So in your opinion all these bilateral agreements, the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and its accompanying document, the SOFA, are shams, nothing but a facade to camouflage the hard reality that the U.S. still militarily occupies Japan as it did from 1945 to 1952 or in the case of Okinawa from 1945 to 1972.

Pretty simple on shouldering maintenance costs, Japan has not been attacked given what occurred. Occupation, please, it is Japan that does not let the US military leave or as many know it will be quickly occupied by yes, Russia or China in case you haven't been noticing they are knocking hard at the door for the US to leave so they can move and as it stands they are at your door knocking. If I had it my way which I dont' and I'm sure many out there are breathing with yes please don't, well, it I had my way this would be a real occupation, Japanese would be a second language and yes less and less of the traditional culture would be taking a backseat like what happened to the Ryukyu people and almost the Koreans on both sides. The SOFA, treaty, and accompanying documents are methods used by governments to well to say it nicely stick it to both hard working taxpayers. Like I stated I'd rather see the politicos go at head to head, arm and arm, what is the term "mano a mano" vs other means to settle the disputes. Imagine the saving of life. The US again if it was an occupier as you suggest, then we would be driving on the right side, your buildings and entire infrastructure to include the roach box homes would be much more convenient and yes no inkan, rights for disabled, rights for pets and other animals, but again no country is perfect either right?

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Posted in: Another LDP lawmaker quits over nightlife visit See in context

If me, have the hostess come to your home. Case closed.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree on cost of hosting American forces in FY2021 See in context

@I do not care about the money to host U.S. Forces. I more care about how long Japan leaves its defense to a foreign military. 

By the way, this kind of thinking is what got Japan in lots of trouble in the first place. Now it has all of its enemies mind you surrounding Japan eager for it to taste their steel for a change. Perhaps you need to think this over next time you send your son, daughter, wife, other relatives etc to the frontlines. IMO I'd rather see the politico's go to swing with the opposing force politico's and end it there.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree on cost of hosting American forces in FY2021 See in context

@ I do not care about the money to host U.S. Forces. I more care about how long Japan leaves its defense to a foreign military. 

We the readers care about the lives of either or any nation that are lost or put at risk regardless of whose military it is. Why not send the politicians and let them come to blows and die for their country vs sending in a military.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist arrested for stopping suddenly in front of truck on expressway See in context

Not sure about other drivers and readers, but J police don't give tickets for speeding or illegal turns, overparking, parking where posted signs clearly state no parking, etc. So its pretty much a free for all except aggressive driving the new law. This sends drivers of all ages go as fast as you pretty much can go but just don't hit anyone. Oh and forget using the turn signals I don't know why mfgs even bother in putting them in vehicles, more than 50% don't use them anyway. Remember no tickets means go faster because the J police will not stop you to give out tickets for speeding in Japan. Dont' believe, just park and watch the speeders and the J police cruising while speeders zoom on by.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree on cost of hosting American forces in FY2021 See in context

@ Japan should follow in the footsteps of the 'Philippines and ask the U.S. to pay base usage fees.

Your forgetting why the US is even here, It's called "Pearl Harbor" and Japan lost. Also the article doesn't mention that the costs are paid back to employee almost 90% of local Japan national workers who by the way have full Japan government benefits not available to those who study hard to get Japan government jobs for the same benefits. So perhaps a look at the old Master Labor Contract should be revised to keep your costs down and not just give the MLC's all the fringe benefits in the cost sharing.

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

These old dinosaurs need to pass another SARS2 package at their next meeting or else step aside and let the next generation do it for them while they join the Model T, Studebaker, the DeSoto at the museum.

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

They said senile comes as one ages well at looking towards Toshihiro Nikai, the party's 82-year-old secretary general, said that he heard criticism that the party's board is male-dominated, but added that the board members are elected. the party's 82-year-old secretary general, said that he heard criticism that the party's board is male-dominated, but added that the board members are elected they can easily all be un-elected out the door too. At that age these old antiques need to be teaching the 35 and up group vs getting a salary they don't need and sleep thru most meetings. Women are not as naive as these relics think or rather don't think.

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