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Posted in: China bans all Japanese seafood imports after Fukushima water release See in context

If China doesn't import seafood, it can simply consume it domestically or export it to other countries that need it.

$3 billion of seafood exports can be fully diverted domestically.

No matter how big China is, if you do what you say, it will end up like South Korea. China's dream can never be shared with democracies.

Strong to the weak, weak to the strong, South Korea and Japan are clearly different from each other.

... HUH?

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Posted in: Kishida visits Kyiv for meeting with Zelenskyy See in context

I am impressed by PM Kishida, slava Ukraini! He is picking a side and this time it's the right one ...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,227 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 24,200 See in context

Going down huh? Nope makes no sense and you all know why, only tests are going down ... check my link, it just doesn't make sense. It jumped 10% again!


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,074 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 25,492 See in context

To everyone who is saying we're in a downhill trend ... does that look like it?


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,386 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally hits record 23,917 See in context

Fard Today 05:05 pm JST

It would be nice to know the true numbers.

Nobody can know because their test numbers are so pathetic, but multiply it by 10 and that should corresponds more to reality ... Why am I saying that? Because the outbreak is so massive and the positivity rate is sky high!

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Posted in: Olympics now ended, Suga pinning his hopes on vaccinations See in context

LovecraftingToday 08:55 am JST

...... is in 5th place as the country with the highest vaccination rate,

If he compared Japan to the neighborhood that may be kinda true, but on a global scale Japan apparently ranks 14. https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations

Um since when does the world only has 37 countries? Next time make sure to scroll down or hit the "table" button but even doing that doesn't show all countries ... and no, not 14th place ... more like 70+

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Posted in: Suga says adequate measures in place to prevent virus cases spreading from Olympic athletes See in context

Correction: "Suga says adequate measures in place to prevent virus cases spreading to Olympic athletes"

Whatever ... this is so stupid ... It's not like that athletes are there to compete and have been tested beforehand ... right right, they are the spreaders, clearly ... Give me a break Suga! Does he actually read articles outside Japan, like ever?? I'm sorry to say that, Bach is being roasted in Germany. Japan's decision to go ahead with the Olympics despite the fact that Covid numbers are skyrocketing in Japan, are heavily criticized! 7 months ago i told a friend in Japan that the Olympics will happen 100%, no matter what ... and sadly i was right. Get this clown out of office pls!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,010 new coronavirus cases; record high 712 in Hokkaido See in context

Outside Tokyo, other prefectures are reaching all time highs in new cases. Either Tokyo is special, or...

affirmative! it's "or" ...

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context

Called it! You have to be brain dead not to foresee this!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 353 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,302 See in context


That's why I stopped commenting. It doesn't make sense, but I don't have any evidence to throw against this narrative either. so there is no point ...

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Posted in: Japan taking cautious approach to COVID-19 vaccination rollout See in context

The mock vaccination targeted a rapid pace -- inoculating 30 people per hour -- as the city hopes roughly 200 people a day can get a jab in a venue of a similar size. That is feasible if local officials can handle 30 people every hour and continue it for seven hours.

Rapid pace, 30 people per hour LOL, wait ... are we talking about Tokyo here???? (sorry but I couldn't keep back my laughter) Are you f.. kidding me??

@Robert Cikki ahaha good one!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 986 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,990 See in context

PRC tests up to 101k ... why? Numbers are going down? Yeah BS!

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Posted in: Foreigners without face masks punished with push-ups in Bali See in context

Those not carrying a mask had to do up to 50, while those who were wearing one improperly were punished with 15.

Let's go baby!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,274 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,521 See in context

2670 tests? Excuse me?? Sorry, but these numbers don't make sense ... and out of those 1,274 are positive? Only a fool would believe that! Every page I visit has different numbers!! And 5521 positive in total, almost as many as yesterday BS?!

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Posted in: No. of virus patients recuperating at home tops 30,000 See in context

No. of virus patients recuperating at home tops 30,000

sounds about right ...


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,001 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,133 See in context

oldman_13Today  04:02 pm JST

Unlike some, I do not gloat in the misery of people especially Japanese in Japan.

However, the government of Japan is reaping what it sowed in its lackluster responses to the coronavirus from the very beginnings of the pandemic to now.

I gave you a thumbs up, but that's not the whole picture and it's not just the government reaping what is sown ... unfortunately.

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

Will 800.000 get tested ?

And what would happen if 100.000 of them appear covided ?

The point is keeping under control so that hospital can manage. Is that the case or not ?

Afraid of the truth, the real numbers? It won't change anything because the health system is already collapsing. Honesty is always the right way! The "Safe Face" tactic, the obvious mistake of continuing the "Go to Campaign", the overall mishandling and downplaying of the outbreak because of the Olympics ... got them where they are now. Sorry but don't get me wrong, fearmongering should never be the pretext to solve anything! I'm from Germany and i understand the cultural differences, but that is my point of view. And I hope this move will make a difference, but I doubt it.

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Posted in: N Korea holds huge military parade as Kim vows nuclear might See in context

I see ... The rocket man lives up to his name! "facepalm" A few days ago he acknowledged this: "Almost all sectors fell a long way short of the set objectives" I think we can guess where his priorities lie. In warmongering and a change in tactics in state propaganda to secure his own position in the country ...

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

The prefecture aims to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 people in the city of Hiroshima, which has a population of 1.2 million. The tests will be free and voluntary.

I can't believe my eyes! ... Let me read that again ... Halleluja!! A miracle has happened!! Or maybe not, it's not Koike nor Suga and his cronies... So there are people in higher positions who have common sense, good! A good start, bravo!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,502 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,587 See in context

tottenhaminremnantsToday  04:29 pm JST

Could almost copy and paste comment from yesterday

Pathetic number of tests, even though a National Holiday (January 11)

> Alarmingly high ratio of positive tests

Tomorrow...more tests (weekday testing from January 12), I shudder in apprehension...

Agree, almost 87k PRC tests conducted on the 12th (tests from private facilities are not included). Let's wait for the numbers tomorrow and i'm pretty sure Suga allready knows. That's why he closed the border completely today ... Now he can say that he reacted wisely in advance, which is of course BS!! Here is the link:


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,433 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,871 See in context

Well ... yesterday i assumed the test-numbers would be lower but this? 2684 tests in Tokyo during an SOE?? I am sorry but for one of the richest countries in the world this is pathetic and everyone involved in this "saving face" taktic, the cover up should be ashamed.

Hey Suga! For most of Japan this is not about money! 80% of Japan give a flying f... about your Olympics! You and your cronies have blood on your hands and i hope the people are smart enough to trow you out as soon as possible! Instead of tackling the virus with honesty, taking all necessary measures for the wellbeing of all your citizens, you have done the opposite and chosen the dishonest "save face" tactic ... rant over, sorry.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 970 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,535 See in context

Ok ... reading the "positive" comments today, especially from some readers, who only show up if their narration is supported. I have bad news for you, you who deny reality! AG is absolutely correct ... her is the link:


I also assume that tomorrow's test-numbers, on the coming of age day, will also be down. And to those who are saying "SOE is already working" ... get out of here, you have no idea what you are talking about .... sorry!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,268 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,790 See in context

Up almost 8k, that's a lot and bed occupancy increased by 8% to 98% in just one day. I don't see this ending well ...


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Posted in: Prioritize athletes for vaccine so Tokyo Games can go ahead: IOC member See in context

Prioritize athletes for vaccine so Tokyo Games can go ahead: IOC member

I don't care what these IOC members have to say! It's bad enough that JT publishes this BS!

Hey newsflash, reality check IOC, the games will not take place this year!!

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at 30-year high as stimulus hopes lift Wall Street See in context

@Septim Dynasty

Very interesting, thank you for your comment!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,392 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,882 See in context

Essentially, people are waiting to be hospitalized, but there is no room for them, so more and more staff spend their day checking on these people constantly to make sure they are OK while waiting. This is not really sustainable.

Zoroto is right ... another link (I know, I know ... almost everyone knows about this site, but for now I'll keep posting):


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Posted in: Japanese approval of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine unlikely until May See in context

May? Really Japan? That's not enough to safe the Olympics, sorry! You can't start vaccinating millions of people a month before the event, it won't work! Just a quick reminder of how long it took for Britain, the only example I know of, to vaccinate most of its people. Oh wait, scratch most ...

I quote from itv.com, news from Thursday January 7:

Boris Johnson has said that as of the evening of 6 January, nearly 1.5 million people in the UK have been vaccinated.

And as far as i know the process started on December 7th with the vaccination of a 90-year-old woman. Now everything is fine in the UK right?!

Hey Suga! Are you guys sure you've really thought this through?

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Posted in: Personal info of 9,500 COVID-19 patients in Fukuoka Prefecture leaked online See in context

Should have faxed it

AHAHAHA! good one!

Personal info of 9,500 COVID-19 patients in Fukuoka Prefecture leaked online

... look for my reaction above, but I'll add: Disaster!

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures on Thursday night until Feb 7 See in context

What in the world! Hey Suga! I am from Germany and the "lockdown-lite" here didn't help at all!

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

Not very long and Trump is gone, maybe later locked up ... National Gard is on the way but i don't think there will be any voting happening in these chambers today. Why? Security issues, Covid aso. What has the US become ... they are playing right into the CCP's narrative.

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