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But measures are likely to be far less sweeping than they were during last year's roughly month-long state of emergency, during which schools and none-essential businesses shut down, as the government seeks to keep economic damage to a minimum.

Well ... "Hope" my dear friend RIP

Suga said on Monday that "limited, concentrated measures" would be most effective, but details remained unclear, including whether sports venues, theaters and cinemas would close.

Oh look, the new "improved" SOE! WOW! And the best thing, nobody knows any details the day before the decision!! Godlike!

"Do you really think you can extinguish a fire by leaving it until it's big and then just splashing it with water from a bucket?"

Wait who said that? "user Kei Koike" oh ... sorry, no revival my dear friend ...

"full on sarcasm mode"

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Hey Suga........Whats up? Just sleep on it some more and wait for the 2000 mark

Guys, again ... 4985 tests. I understand your point but i guarantee you that the "2000 mark" was reached a long time ago! Just because they downplay the outbreak with confirming these ridiculous low numbers doesn't mean there are not more cases! A 1,337/4,985 ratio is alarming to say the least and the government is still "considering" a "state of emergency" measure, what a bad joke in my opinion!

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Guys i agree these numbers of tests are ridiculous for a developed nation and very sad to see ... It is like flying completely blind in a massive storm, only to then realize that you are heading for a huge mountain and you have no chance of avoiding the crash. And the worst part is, it could have been prevented ... and that's not just the government's fault.

Those who are not affected should put themselves in the shoes of the people who are ... show solidarity and try to get a grip on the situation. Do your best even if it is tiring. I believe you can do this! And please use your vote wisely next time in the hope of a change in your government ... unbelievable.

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@Mr Kipling

Also as previously stated...the hospital bed situation is manageable... well, in the big cities, a little more problematic in the wild inanka.

?? A 30% rise in Tokyo in the last 4 days, so ... you are WRONG! https://www.stopcovid19.jp/#Tokyo

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