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Posted in: Gov't promises swift coronavirus payouts, starting in May See in context

If you're on the family register you are eligible, Nationality is irrelevant.


Most top comments support and agree that residents who pay tax and live in Japan legal should receive it regardless of national.

Use the money wisely people.

Stay safe!

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Posted in: Japan to ban entry by foreigners who have visited Daegu See in context

Another unenforceable policy aimed at selling the image that the J-gov is looking after its people.

I’d love to know how they hope to determine if a traveler has been to a city within a country.

Oh thats right, the questionnaire or sign on entry to Japan saying, “Have you been Daegu? If yes please walk to this counter”….

The good old honesty system will keep the people of Japan safe… brilliant plan.

Its too late to restrict visitors from abroad anyway.. this thing is now well and truly in the wild…we were informed today that a visitor to our building last week was confirmed to have the new virus… lets face it this is just the beginning and until a drug or vaccine is made to help deal with it, this virus is going to be as common as the flu.

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon to restrict entry to elite athletes due to coronavirus See in context

I guy in the office didn't win the lottery so he paid the 100000YEN charity fee to enter. That money is gone.... sure he gets to enter the 2021 event but I think he would need to pay again... doesn't seem fair to me.

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Posted in: Police crackdown nets over 15,000 tailgating violations in 2019 See in context

I really don't get the mentality of tailgaters... sometimes they're not even tailgating to apply pressure for you you to move out the way. I often see cars on the left lane driving a couple of metres away from the truck in front of them... are they trying to save fuel by riding in the wake of the vehicle in front of them? They will need super fast reflexes should the driver in front of them suddenly hit the brakes.

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Posted in: Nissan files ¥10 bil damages suit against Ghosn See in context

Meanwhile, their stock continues heading down down down.. right now at ¥568/share. Hasn't been this low since Q4 2009. This fiasco is hurting shareholders for sure... A pointless lawsuit just wasting more funds....

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for attempted murder after beating woman with hammer See in context

Too bad this psychopath is a kid who's name won't be disclosed to the general public and will only be referred to as "Shonan A". He won't have to go to school now legally either since he has reached 15, so thats good for the school system I suppose. What kind of a future is he going to have though I wonder?.... he won't be held for long and when he does get released will his idea of "wanting to kill someone" still be there? Will he be treated? if such a thing is even possible. He'll be physically stronger and his next victim might not be so lucky. Glad the lady is going to be ok though, kudos to her for fighting back and glad he was apprehended so soon.

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Posted in: Fugitive gives himself up 10 days after fleeing from hospital See in context

Lets not forget that it was the incompetent police that let him get away from the police hospital to begin with…. The complete story as shown on NHK went something like this…

Kim – “I need t to go to the toilet

Police - “Ok, I will accompany you to the toilet block and wait outside

Kim enters…. a short time later – “Hey policeman, can you go get my note book, its in my room”… wink wink wink…

Police – “Sure, let me go get it for you”…. Gullible Policeman goes looking for non existent notebook…

And that’s when Kim made his escape… Don’t the police here ever learn?…. A few months ago there was a huge man hunt for a man who escaped from a police station (stealing their shoes on the way out)…

Oh and how did Kim get caught? Well he didn’t…. he must have felt sorry for them and decided to make their life much easier by turning himself in…. the same way many fugitives get caught to re-caught in Japan.

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Posted in: Police looking for man who poked another man in eye with umbrella See in context

Damn... hope it doesn't come to the victim losing an eye. That's life changing impact right there...

As for the perp.... really annoying that police here almost never release surveillance footage to the public... the help from the public to identify suspects would be a lot quicker.

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Posted in: Japan lawmakers' average income in 2018 hits 16-year high See in context

Not bad at all..... looks like they needn't worry about having 20million yen in savings for when they retire...

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Posted in: Japan curbs technology exports to S Korea See in context

Its good to see Japan playing hardball for a change.

But really, the title of this story is a little off…“Japan curbs technology exports to S Korea”?? Its not technology they are curbing… its raw materials….Technology is the ability to use these raw materials and actually produce a product. How ironic seeing Japan providing the raw resources for Korea to make their tech which is now superior to Japan… wasn’t it the other way around 20 years ago? Look at LG… their OLED technology is basically being used by all OLED TV manufactures in Japanese makers such as SONY, Panasonic etc…  remember when SHARP was the leader in display technology just 12 years ago?  What happened?

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Posted in: Airports in Japan to introduce facial recognition for foreign visitors See in context

This won’t fix entry…. hope they eventually roll this out to entry as well….. re-entry  in January was mayhem…. Re-entry permit holders and PR’s were put into the same lines as tourists…. The lines were huge and it took about 45 minutes to get through…. The automated gates were only usable on Japanese passports and these were the only entry options for Japanese Passports…. Some exceptions were made for foreign spouses of Japanese Nationals with kids to get though manually alongside the auto gates ….but it was just a mess TBH…. staff were apologetic with the situation though, just too many people too handle. After 20 years here it was quite a shock… I’ve always used the Japanese lines in the past and the re-entry holder gate was often faster than the standard Japanese Nationals lines… those were the good old days.

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Posted in: Nissan profit nose-dives 57.3% See in context

oh well, until the Ghosn fiasco I actually thought I'd buy a Nissan.... always wanted a GTR... but now I know I'll never buy a Nissan, no matter how good of a car they produce.... disgusted with they way everything went down.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Interesting idea...Looks cool and all that... but two issues I can foresee.

These kind of signs have a sweet spot or ideal position in order to be viewed properly. In other areas they are hard to make out.

Looks great in the photo with no one there... but how well will it be visible when that areas is swarming with people on a busy day...

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing woman near train station in Tokyo See in context

Poor lady. What a low life and coward this man is. Some tips for anyone seeking to go to jail.

Go to an expensive Ginza jewelry store

Try your luck by breaking open a display-case and grab that million dollar diamond.


If you make it your money woes are gone for a while. If you get caught your money woes are gone for a while.

Most importantly you didn't inflict physical pain and suffering on a random weak target.

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Posted in: Mother, 2 young children killed in 4-vehicle crash in Hyogo; trailer driver arrested See in context

Don't know the situation in this case but I often see tailgating and often a small vehicle practically attached the car/truck in front of it. I shake my head in disbelief when I see this, but maybe for some drivers this is normal... I don't know... seems insane to me. I try and maintain at least 40 - 50 meters both in-front and behind of me... not a hard thing to do either especially when doing regular freeway speeds of 90 - 120kms/h you need to have a buffer, on BOTH sides.

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Posted in: Japan proposes end to commercial whaling ban See in context

It’s unfortunate that although the vast majority of people here don’t eat whale meat  the Japanese stubbornly wish to continue to keep the whale hunting tradition alive. The only reason I can see is that there is some level of pride in that it’s their “culture” or their right to do so. It seems more about not wanting to be told what to do and that banning whale hunting is a form of attacking their culture or traditions. The media here also seems to want to push this agenda.

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Posted in: Gov't to pay ¥10 bil for Osprey deployment in Saga Pref See in context

This is related to a purchase for use by Japan's GSD and has nothing to do with the US military. So the answer is "more".

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Posted in: U.S. military to deploy 5 Ospreys at Yokota in October See in context

hmmm... what about these incidents in Japan?

Ground Self Defense Force helicopter crashed in a residential area in Feb 2018.

This month a Rescue helicopter crashed killing all 9 aboard.

Last year 9 people died in another helicopter accident during training.

Not a whisper from the media about the safety of the aircraft involved in those incidents.... but the Ospreys... oh those "unsafe" Ospreys.

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Posted in: Fugitive apparently fled police station 30 minutes after seeing lawyer See in context

All thanks to the incompetent police who let him walk out of a police station.

I mean seriously how useless are the police here... this dopey looking criminal was able to escape a police station with 20 cops in it, along the way he committed another crime buy stealing a policeman's shoes on the way out... its like an episode of Dumb and Dumber.... now they have 3000 officers wasting god knows how much tax payer money (conservatively 10000YEN per officer per day is 30MILLION YEN!) looking for this worthless criminal. EVERY crime this guy does on the run is on their hands.... OK rant over... this story is really ticks me off.

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Posted in: Phone service providers to be required to unlock used smartphones See in context

This is great news. Its absolutely criminal that the phone companies here have control of the phones even when the phones are no longer contracted to them. Whilst I enjoy buying smartphones from overseas to avoid all the Docomo/Softbank bloatware on their handsets... the Japaneses used phone market is great! You can find great condition used phones here and the prices are quite low. Restrictive though if the phone is locked, especially if you want to use it overseas. Also unlocking should be FREE! For all the used phones I unlocked at Docomo in the past (when they used to do it), the 3000YEN charge was a disgrace.

@marcelito @Do the hustle

I've used a number of Docomo branded Samsung phones overseas (Australia/Europe) with no issues (after getting them unlocked here)... most big brand phones support a number of bands so you should be fine in most places... there are a few websites which have the information you need regarding device/country compatibility, google "frequency check".

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy fatally hit by motorbike while returning from fireworks festival See in context

Tough one to call, not much information…perhaps the rider was going above the speed limit resulting him in not being able to stop in time. In that case the rider is partly responsible as he may have been able to stop had he been riding under the speed limit. Irrespective of the rider’s culpability though, the fact remains that a TWO YEAR OLD was able to get on the street without supervision. The parents can blame the driver, the road, the poorly lit street, a momentary distraction, the alignment of the moon etc etc…. but the fact remains that their son depended on THEM to keep him safe and they failed. I see this all the time, kids running ahead with the parent calling out 「危ないよ!」as though calling out is going to stop a two year old in his tracks as he makes it to the street edge.

Kudos to all the posters here who know all too well the situation on the streets… I’m going to keep this kid in the back of my mind the next time I drive, expect the unexpected and drive a little slower.

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Posted in: Man gets 23 years for beating stranger to death outside park toilet See in context

Minding your own business just having gone to the toilet… and WHAM you suddenly get you skull crushed and die thanks to a selfish nut who wants to go to jail and forget all his problems…. mission accomplished, he no longer has to go to work, and no one is going to chase him to repay his debts. How sad that the perpetrator is getting EXACTLY what he wanted…. Where is the justice if the “punishment” is actually a reward in the eyes of the perpetrator? Surely another form of punishment for these cases is required? Hope karma catches up with this guy real quick.

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Posted in: Gov't to ask mobile carriers to stop charging for switching providers See in context

Its gotten a lot better for consumers here now for sure, nice to see the government applying more pressure on the big three.

Just to clarify it for those that don't know...with the "SIM FREE" (ie Unlocked) talk... yes if the phone is from overseas it will need to be unlocked to connect to one of over 20 MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) available right now for cheap plans. All of these MVNO's are actually using one of the big three network carriers, Docomo/Softbank/AU... so if your current phone is locked to Docomo for example you technically don't even need to get it unlocked, just choose an MVNO that use the Docomo network such as OCN/IIJ/LINE MOBILE etc and you are good to go.

I have been on IIJ for over 2 years, paying around 1700YEN/month for 3GB of data.... moved from Docomo after 15 years... was paying 5500YEN/ month.... so saved a lot.

If you are comfortable buying a phone outright or already have a handset you own that is SIM Free or a Japanese model, there is really no reason to sign up with or continue contracting with any of the big three directly.

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Posted in: 9 dismembered bodies found in Kanagawa apartment See in context

Geeez, is "suspicion of disposing of bodies" the only thing police here can use to arrest someone?? How about ammmm lets see here... stretching things I know but how about simply "Suspicion of murder and dismembering of nine people!!!" I think thats more to the point is it not?

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPhone X See in context

Agreed Jonobugs, its called planned obsolescence. Phone companies now do this not only with software updates but by also sealing up the phone so you cannot easily switch out the battery. Even if your phone is still great, the battery is a component that deteriorates over time, typically after around 1 or 2 years the battery holds about half or less of the charge it did when it was new. Buying a new phone is the only choice you have. Its a shame that Samsung started doing this too all for the sake of design... only providing sealed/glass phones. Design over function. Design over longevity. As a result I am still stubbornly using a Galaxy Note Edge (released late 2014), the last Note series phone with a removable battery. I bought a new battery last month (1500YEN) and its like a new phone again. Nothing also beats turning the phone off for a minute while you swap out the battery for a fresh 100% charged one :) I guess this is why phone companies are doing this... with planned obsolescence the customer is forced in purchasing a new phone... good business model indeed.

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