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According to the poll, 32 percent of respondents in Japan were prepared to sacrifice some of their human rights if it would aid in curbing the spread of the virus, while 48 percent would not

48% would not... I am concerned. is the 23% that thinks the gov is doing a good job incld in this group?

@japanoob i certainly couldn't get. one of the clause is "got to be in australian soil at the time of application".

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as a taxpayer, i am so glad that my money is being put to such fantastic use! Those tax are totally worth paying! TWO masks per household? since i am a single person household, WHAT A STEAL! i get two masks all to myself.

on a serious note... i don't know whether to laugh or cry at this... but on another serious note, Trump suggested his citizens should wear scarves instead of masks... i guess, we still have it better...?????

are they trying to battle it out for who is the biggest clown of this pandemic???

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it's pretty obvious to anyone who have a single braincell that things aren't tallying up... as i watch the world goes up in metaphorical flames everyday, the normality of japan where ppl are acting like as if the virus dont exist just makes me feel like i am existing in some weird bubble. and a lot of times, no make that most of the time, it feels like a news blackout abt the corona situation in this land of false calm...

i live in the corner of Namba, and my area are mostly just izakayas (also loads of ppl) and such and a really huge pachinko. i walked past it yesterday on my way to the conbini and saw loads of people inside... majority no masks, and sit so close together... there are no urgency whatsoever.. so much for social distancing

the snow in kanto was also a really ominous sign to me... and when i look at twitter, ppl are tweeting abt going out to make snowman... like, what part of stay home do they not get???

today, with shimura ken's death, RIP i hope it can be a wakeup call.. koike is calling a conference tonight at 8... i am also looking to see what our Osaka governor is planning to do...

these politicians need to stop living in denial. self restraint isnt going to work. they gotta make that 外出禁止 happen. its already bad enough a situation right now

i'm alone here, and if anything happen, i wont even be able to see my family that's thousand of miles away. i never really thought much abt it, but it hits me harder than ever right now. am i being melo? maybe, but it is something to think about.

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