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Posted in: Little known deluxe bus services promise long-distance trips in comfort See in context

I thought these buses would be cheaper than flying or even the Shin, but they're actually right up there in price. Not to mention more bad things can happen on a bus, like a car swerves into the wrong lane, driver falls asleep, guy next to you starts "borrowing" things from your wallet, etc.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for pushing man off train platform See in context

I take it none of those electric gates at the edge of the platforms there?

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Posted in: Motorbike rider killed after being hit from behind by car See in context

And here I was thinking a scooter would be grand way to jet around Tokyo.

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Posted in: Why does 'Engrish' happen in Japan? See in context

I texted a Japanese person in English: "Should I call you when I'm done?"

He texted back in English: "It is the street."

Can you guess what Japanese phrase he punched into his electronic translator?

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

wtfjapan - In your situation, the paramedic was wearing a uniform. The Samaritan in this case was wearing what? He could have been sporting a beard and combat fatigues. See the difference?

And to say "severe lack of education"...speaking of education, learn to spell "absent" correctly. Secondly, to suggest that "common sense" would prevail in a situation where a lot is happening and it's hard to think straight shows your lack of education or common sense.

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

Tokiyo, the driver could have been in a daze, not thinking straight, etc. And all of this so far is one side of the story - the Samaritan's. I'm sure the driver has his own version but chooses not to share it with the world on Twitter.

So I pose this to you...If you see your significant other unconscious, kind of confused as to what to do, and then you see some dude cutting the girl's shirt open, you're initial reaction would be what?

Time for you to buy me a steak dinner for educating you on how not to pass judgment too quickly or before hearing from both sides.

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

All of you bashing the driver are WAAAAY too quick to judge. The female was a passenger in his car, so likely she was his girlfriend, sister, whatever. If you see someone cutting through your girlfriend's top, wouldn't you be just a bit like, "Wait a second!" There was certainly no time for the Samaritan to explain to the driver what he was doing. The driver in that situation did the right thing - called the police (rather than beat the Samaritan to a pulp). A simple case of a misunderstanding where the media blows it out of proportion in order to get simpletons to make quick judgments. Yes, the driver should apologize to the Samaritan, and even take him out for a steak dinner. And all of you bashing the driver, well hang your head in shame, and apologize to the driver (because we all know this driver reads this website).

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Posted in: One man shows how rice farming can be competitive See in context

A lot of rice exported to the U.S. is from Thailand, not China. I'd like to see cheap bags of that in the stores here, but tempting the Japanese palate is another story. Still, with cheaper rice, we'll see cheaper food. 99 yen gyudon anyone?

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Posted in: Univ student stabs woman to death because he 'wanted to kill someone' See in context

Cyclops, sean, and smith, if I need people to jump on my bandwagon, I'm relieved to see that there are people with your level of, uhm, "intellect" - the type which causes you to take one incident and make a sweeping generalization of the people in that prefecture or of the state of society.

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Posted in: Obama: Ebola monitoring must be 'more aggressive' See in context

Too late! The disease is going to spread, and people are going to drop like flies. Time to invent a vaccine, just like they did in the movie "Outbreak" in, like what, 90 minutes.

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Posted in: New daycare centers held up by residents opposing noisy kids See in context

I'm pretty much going to have to disagree with everybody who's commented so far...

The sound of a laughing kid or two, great. The sound of 10 kids screaming their heads off, not so great.

I would guess most of these neighborhood residents who are complaining ARE old, so don't fault them for wanting to relax at home in peace in quiet.

The argument that Tokyo is already noisy...well, then two wrongs make a right? I`m sure these residents would be just as upset if there was any noise of substance blasting their neighborhood.

So here're my solutions...

1) Use Japan's capacity and tendency to reclaim land, and build a "kid island" - get Disney to pay for it.

2) Put the daycare centers in business districts, so that company workers with kids can just drop them off on the way to work and be able to check in on them during the day.

3) If daycare centers must be built in neighborhoods, require a certain amount of soundproofing in the facilities. "Well, what about kids playing outside?" you ask...simple, don't let them go outside. Again, use Japan's state-of-the-art technology to create the outdoors indoors - yes, I'm talking virtual reality, complete with the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors. So Monday could be forest day, Tuesday beach day, Wednesday the zoo... you get the drift. And the best part, no need to take the kids to the real outside where there are real hazards. Let Japan engineer its way to happy kids.

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Posted in: The Zen of Bill: Q&A with Bill Murray See in context

He's hard to pin down, but you gotta admire an actor who shuns the bread and goes for quirky.

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Posted in: High wires See in context

THAT is your picture of the day!?

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Posted in: And then there were eight ... Girls' Generation ousts star See in context

They could have just replaced her with one of the millions of clones walking the streets of Seoul.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for pouring urine on woman See in context

One incident and you guys are bemoaning "what is going on with Japan?" Weird people are everywhere. Adding more mental health workers won't make people go see them. You need to just accept that if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time around the wrong person, you might, just might have some urine poured on your leg. Just thank goodness he wasn't crazy enough to pour that stuff in her hair, because, you know, that would be wrong.

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Posted in: All insolvent idol group The Margarines to debut; total debt of all members: 127 million yen See in context

Good luck gals! I wish I had such options when student loan repayments came around.

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Posted in: 4 deaths confirmed; 27 other climbers feared dead on erupting volcano See in context

Note to self - do not go hiking near an active volcano.

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Posted in: Former diplomat fears for future of Japan's democracy See in context

Nothing will change - people have jobs if they really want them, streets are mostly secure, and yes, you are free to say what you want in Japan about Japan without the fear of some henchman dragging you off to the gallows in the middle of the night without a trace.

The nuclear fear is overblown. The tsunami, not the earthquake is what caused the meltdown. TPP - the government will protect businesses from collapse, period - fact of life in J-land. The military? The meager forces Japan has are no match for any legitimate threat to Japan. Conscription? Ain't gonna happen - too many vege-guys or grass-grazers or whatever the term of the week is. I do agree that spending more money on the military is a horrendous waste of taxpayer money, especially when the U.S. has got your back. Let the Japanese men focus on engineering the country into happiness with their robots and cars and gadgets. They also keep the economy afloat by filling the izakayas night after night because going home just doesn't seem that appealing.

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Posted in: Protests disrupt Hong Kong travel and businesses See in context

Just keep making money for the government and Beijing will be happy.

Mito, Taiwan is a different ballgame. The U.S. has got their back. They'll be there to take care of business if China steps over the line. Look how well things are going down in the Middle East, so no problemo.

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Posted in: 32-year-old woman arrested for strangling her mother in Tochigi See in context

Parents should teach their kids "Don't kill the parent."

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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

Japan is still a safe country for kids. I've seen kids her age walk around Tokyo alone, and that shouldn't have to change because of one incident. Just teach kids how to yell "fire" or "help," and people will help.

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Posted in: Video showing convenience store workers being forced to kowtow to thugs leads to one arrest See in context

This incident brought to mind perhaps the best line ever uttered on the silver screen: "Man, you come right out of a comic book." (2nd best: "I'll be too busy looking good.")

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Posted in: Dengue fever strikes 2 models in Yoyogi Park See in context

What's the best mosquito repellent out there? (for the body, I mean)

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Posted in: Robots to upend the world of work, for good and bad See in context

If they can get the robots to look like me, I'll order one right now to sit at my desk at work, while I jet off to some SE Asian location.

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Posted in: Woman's body found in cardboard box See in context

There is a video of a Chinese guy who tried to mail himself to his girlfriend as a surprise, but he forgot to punch holes in the box and he was found unconscious but still alive after the box was delivered. Unfortunately, I think this woman, perhaps trying to surprise her husband, met an even worse fate for not punching holes in her box.

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Posted in: Brazil to face Asian champions Japan in Singapore See in context

What, Singapore doesn't have its own team?

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Posted in: Boy fatally stabbed by 12-year-old at playground See in context

Mirai - This section is the "World" news - but maybe you don't particularly care about news that happens outside of Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested after jumping from aircraft at Narita airport See in context

That takes some serious balls. Those planes are pretty high up, and I didn't know it was so easy to open the plane's door.

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Posted in: Elderly couple die during apparent arson spree in Kyoto See in context

M3 - agree. The headline made me think the elderly couple started playing with matches.

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