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Posted in: 4 injured after gas canister explodes at festival in Tokyo See in context

I skip these festivals anyway - seen one, seen em all, except for the exploding canister thing.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO: Abe's goal to have 30% of bosses women too ambitious See in context

Japanese women need to be stronger mentally as well. Corporate life ain't a walk in the park, so they better be ready to lead and not doubt themselves in the face of turmoil. Though they may get higher grades in school, real life is a whole lot different and requires a tough, resilient character if they expect to be promoted anywhere.

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Posted in: Int'l probe demanded after Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine See in context

Been a bad year, a really bad year for Malaysian Airlines.

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Posted in: Monster in the park See in context

Agree with taj - keep it there. Tourists will flock to it like Mothras to a flame.

And someone buy him a gym membership to get rid of that belly fat.

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Posted in: Teacher's conviction for groping girl on bus overturned by Tokyo court See in context

That really makes me want to avoid riding the trains altogether. As soon as I get a license, I'm going to get a scooter. Beats sharing the trains with salarymen anyway.

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Posted in: 19-year-old mother arrested after car crash kills 1-year-old son See in context

What was she thinking!? I mean, if you're going to take everyone out, at least drive the car into a lake, not slam it into a light pole.

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Posted in: Gaza dead tops 85 as Israel presses offensive See in context

Such a different world, over there. How can you relax and sip a drink at a cafe when you know that at any moment, a rocket might be bearing down on you.

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Posted in: Japanese referee a candidate for World Cup final See in context

Has his English improved since that first game?

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Posted in: Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto diagnosed with throat cancer See in context

The risk of cancer is partly due to genetics. If his family is predisposed to throat cancer, then yeah, smoking is about the stupidest thing you can do. If that's the case, then don't apologize to your fans; apologize to your family for such stupidity.

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Posted in: Beauties and the beast See in context

I think the big lizard is saying, "You gals gotta eat more!"

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Posted in: Another accident blamed on driver who inhaled loophole drug See in context

This guy is ruining it for the rest of the responsible loophole drug users.

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Posted in: Germany inflict historic 7-1 defeat on Brazil See in context

I think we all learned a little lesson from this beat-down: The United States is better, six times better, than Brazil in soccer. The U.S. lost by 1 to the Germans, Brazil by 6 points. The math speaks for itself.

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Posted in: Indonesian boat skipper jailed over deaths of Japanese divers See in context

The boat "captain" is to blame, but part of the blame should be borne by the dive school directors for allowing the dive to run, even if the storm was freakish.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer chiefs play hardball with Aguirre See in context

Let me coach them. The first thing I'd do is replace all of the "strikers" with rugby players just to add some beef up front.

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Posted in: U.S.-based Japanese scientist makes potent version of H1N1 flu See in context

Thanks, man! I'll add you to my list of world's greatest humanitarians, right next to Hitler and Pol Pot.

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Posted in: Lawmaker bawls at press conference over his use of public funds See in context

First those tools who shouted the sexist remarks, now this. What the world must be thinking of J-politicians now.

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Posted in: AirAsia announces Japan comeback with Rakuten See in context

To Asim, elaborating on Strangerland's comment based on my own experience... Air Asia is as cheap as it gets flying around SE Asia, but the legroom is non-existent, and often the flight times have you arriving at the airport at 5 am or so. For a 1 hour flight, that's bearable. For anything over two hours, it's not - unless they have planes with more legroom for longer flights. If the price to fly to and from Japan is only slightly cheaper than one of the major carriers, and you're tall by Asian standards, book the major carrier. Your body will thank you for it.

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Posted in: Asian soccer power Japan suffer reality check on global stage See in context

Start importing players from other countries. The Americans did it with a few of their German players.

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Posted in: World Cup brings global trail of carnage See in context

Gotta hand it to the Chinese for their business acumen. And the Nepalese? I expected better of you.

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Posted in: Suarez bite storm as Uruguay sink Italy 1-0; Greece advances; Costa Rica, England draw 0-0 See in context

Suarez taking out a page (or a bite) out of Mike Tyson's book on how to freak out your opponent.

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Posted in: Eggs pelted at Suzuki's office after he apologizes for sexist jeers See in context

Throw the eggs at him, not his office. Geez!

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Posted in: Sexist views dent Japan push for women's rights See in context

At this rate, Japan is still several generations off from seeing women in higher positions. Affirmative Action is needed to make the process quicker, and punishments need to be swift if there's any form of harassment or discrimination towards women.

Women also need to get with the program, meaning:

Eat more and become bigger - like the Scandinavians When a guy heckles you for not being married - cold cock him Women need to return to work after having a kid Stop carrying around those stuffed animal charms - really, it makes them look childish

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Posted in: Tokyo assemblywoman heckled on why she isn't married or having children See in context

Sad, but not surprising. I bet the hecklers were of the older generation.

Quite frankly, women still don't have a strong image among a lot of older men in Japan. Part of this is because of older men being old, and men. But women don't do themselves any favors by acting all "cute," seeming frail, weak-spirited, weak-minded - all around, weaker. Women need to look stronger, like the Scandinavians. They should start by actually being physically strong - eat more, grow bigger and taller. Shouldn't take long before they tower over J-guys and put them in their place.

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Posted in: Samurai Blue See in context

Very creative head gear. Why can't Japanese people be like this in Japan, like, everyday.

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Posted in: Scoreless draw keeps Japan and Greece alive See in context

The U.S. is going to win this tournament. I can feel it in my bones.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says allied soldiers raped women after D-Day See in context

Wow, this is the most number of comments I've seen for one story. And likely, no Japanese person of influence will read anything anyone has written. Just accept that many Japanese politicians are of the same mind as this Osaka wind bag.

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Posted in: Japan's Olympic organizers to review venue plans for 2020 Games See in context

I love the new stadium design and hope they don't mess with it. Parisians were aghast when the Eiffel Tower was built, but now you can't imagine the city without it. What does Tokyo have? Tokyo Tower? How original.

As for construction costs, hire Chinese workers and use Chinese material.

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Posted in: 79-yr-old driver who lost control of car due to heatstroke indicted over fatal accident See in context

Let him go. He's 79 for Chrissake. What are you going to do, put him in jail?

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Posted in: Man killed after train hits his car on rail crossing in Ibaraki See in context

Sounds like he offed himself, or just really bad timing to have your call stall.

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Posted in: S Korean hospice fire kills 21; patient detained See in context

The country's resolve is severely being put to the test.

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