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Posted in: Living in Japan, which food or drink item do you miss most from your home country? See in context

My favorite drink is ramune and favorite food hayashi rice.

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Posted in: Noda won't last long if he can't unify party, solve problems See in context

****I think Prime Minister Noda should given a chance to run Japan on smooth pass. As I am part Japanese, I feel he is going to rebuild Japan in a proper way. His words are strong and I feel the Japanese people should have open ear to listen to what he is saying. Being part Japanese, I feel that Japan will recover quickly and Prime Minister Noda will be the man to bring positive results in bringing the Japanese economy to compete with other nations. I am very proud of him and that he will make many friends worldwide. For those people who says he won't last a year, doesnot understand how Japanese people think and do. They should at least the learn Japanese language and to experience them with Japanese people and then have to look for both sides before giving their opinions of how Noda could run the country properly or not. I am 100% that Prime Minister Noda will make Japan number one again in anything they do.

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Posted in: Thousands in Japan, China rally over island claims See in context

I am not Japanese, but I believe Japan owns Sentaku Island not China!!! Being part Japanese, I ask the Japanese public to think postive and not to hate the Chinese. If the Chinese people break or damage something they will have to pay for it. I think we ought to let the Chinese government take full responsibility. Because I believe action speaks more than words. So wake up China and apologize to Japan and be truthful.

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Posted in: Thousands in Japan, China rally over island claims See in context

I think Chinese government should have serious talks with Japan about island claims. I think the Chinese people have no right to break into the stores own by the Japanese by breaking showcases and windows.

President Obama and Prime Minister Kan should sit down with the President Jintao and try to resolve this serious case or else it is going to be outright war. I think United States and Japan should put pressure on China and Chinese has no right to say that Japan's language will be Chinese. About culture and the way people think. If they want invade Japan and China wants to Japan, they might as well invade other countries as well. I am not blaming the Chinese people about this problem, but I think they have right to know what their government are doing and I hope their government will give freedom to express and think postively and not negatively.

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Posted in: Last trapped miner pulled to surface in Chile See in context

I am glad to hear that all miners made it safer to the ground. And may God bless you all. Chile the whole world loves you and I am very happy.

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Posted in: What is your favorite Asian airline and why? See in context

Japan Airlines, because I lived in Japan for 17 years and I have relative and friemds who worked for them and besides I like their service.

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