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Posted in: Police called after Okayama teens dress differently for graduation See in context


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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested for filming up girl's skirt on escalator See in context

Well J-cops and politicians do it so why can't a BUDDHIST monk?

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Posted in: No to Abe See in context

These protesters better quiet down before the fuhrer has them all marched into death camps!

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Posted in: Teacher accidentally shows porn to students See in context

Was it edited or unedited?

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context

She is kinda hot for a 56 year old widow! I would not have an issue with her kissing me!!

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Posted in: Gunma cop arrested for attempting to kidnap 10-year-old girl See in context

"Akiyama was quoted by police as saying, “She was cute and I wanted to get to know her better.” This is disturbing!

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Posted in: American arrested for assaulting two people on train in Yokosuka See in context

So now the J-cops are going to spend countless man hours that could be put to better use,trying to figure out how someone got into the country?! Does it really make a difference at this point? And if this guy got in there is no telling WHO else might have gotten in!!!!!

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Posted in: Japanese women splurge for Valentine's Day See in context

Well I guess I married the wrong Japanese woman! I splurged and all I got was a six pack of beer and a sweater,she is so Americanized!

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Posted in: Court sentences Korean Air nut rage exec to 1 year in prison See in context

This is unheard of! A rich person actually going to prison????? Does this mean that there is actually JUSTICE in this world???

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Posted in: Man arrested after 8-hour siege in Tokyo condo See in context

What kind of alcohol do some of these japanese people drink that causes them to NOT remember things?? I need to know because I want to erase somethings from my memory!

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Posted in: Working with global community only way to fight terrorism: Abe See in context

Yukawa went there to fight Isis,practiced firing an AK-47,was in an alleged love relationship with a Syrian rebel,no one forced him to go to Syria,he got what he had coming to him. As for Kenji Goto,he should have known the dangers of being in that part of the world,Islamic radicals/Jihadists/extremists or whatever the PC term is,do not care if you are a journalist,reporter,freedom fighter or not,if they can use you to make an example or further their cause they will. If they have to sever 100 heads to get their point across it does not matter who the head belongs to,these guys are not conventional or modern age war fighters they use any means to relay their message,and Japan should really think before they take any action that might further put their people in danger. Last thing we need is Isis in Japan,we have enough nutjobs and psychos!

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Posted in: Obama offers condolences to Abe over slain hostage See in context

@StormR Maybe if Dubya and his Daddy never set foot in Iraq in the first place we would not be in this quagmire,maybe all those troops would also never have been put in harms way. And even if the troops were pulled out it would not make much of a difference,it would still be a free for all since these people have been waging holy wars for centuries.

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Posted in: KFC Japan runs out of french fries due to U.S. industrial dispute See in context

@lucabrassi I was in a union before,so I understand how they work,I also know that you have to pay Union dues whether you are working or not. Now with what most of these workers make and the benefits they get the least they could be is satisfied,but the UNION fighting for the workers simply means the more the workers make the more the UNION stands to make in the long run.

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Posted in: KFC Japan runs out of french fries due to U.S. industrial dispute See in context

It is a stoppage since the workers walked off the job,stuff that is shipped overseas may have to be air lifted from other places,pretty sure that consumers outside the US are having to face reduced supplies of merchandise. What gets me is most of the port workers make 6 figures. Maybe the Union reps just want more.

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Posted in: Japan's war on deflation faces its toughest battle See in context

Well it seems like AbeLOGICS would have young people spending their hard earned money with no worries about a possible tax hike and an uncertain economic future,guess it makes perfect sense!!

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Posted in: Police launch 'chikan eradication' campaign at Ikebukuro Station See in context

Maybe they should just have GROPING and NON GROPING train cars!

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Posted in: Microsoft to offer early look at next Windows See in context

XP was,is and always will be the BEST windows based program ever! Hey Microsoft here is an Idea! Why not ask or listen to YOUR customers?! Why not revamp XP and call it XP plus? Why not just keep a good thing going? I am not a fan of Apple so I stick with Microsoft,have windows 8 or should I say windows HATE! it sucks,then I heard about 8.1,glad I did not upgrade even worse than 8,why on earth is it so hard to come up with an OS that actually makes people happy? Everything after XP is utter crap!

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Posted in: Be nice to foreigners See in context

Well as long as people don't discriminate at Saitama's J.league club Omiya Ardija all is well! They can do their discrimination all over the other parts of japan right. ?

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Posted in: Own a pair of secret camera shoes? The police should be by shortly for a visit See in context

I have read stories on this very site where Jcops have been caught filming up women's skirts among other things,many of them are just as bad as the Pervs if not worse,wonder how many of those cameras will actually be "disposed of".

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Posted in: Apple unveils smartwatch and new, larger iPhones See in context

Yeah,no thanks I will stick with my Galapagos flip phone,If I want to call someone I use it If I want to surf the web I use my Latop. Seems like Apple has some people in a daze,every couple of moths they make improvements to what seems to be the same product but makes people break their piggy banks and for lines for days just to have it. Maybe I will change my mind when the Iphone 30 comes out.

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Posted in: Porn queens raise Y5 mil for AIDS charity at 'Boob Aid' See in context

Incredible! Maybe they can help solve the fighting in syria or stop the fighting in the ukraine! The power of the BOOBies are infinite!

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Posted in: Gov't advises citizens to stockpile toilet paper See in context

Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Hello Kitty not a cat, has never been: Sanrio See in context

So hello kitty is actually a little girl with whiskers,no mouth and ears on top of her head??? yeah alright.

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Posted in: Court orders TEPCO to pay Y49 mil over Fukushima evacuee's suicide See in context

Will TEPCO pay for all the future ailments and deaths that will likely result from this disaster? If so they likely will bleed to death!

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Posted in: Business is bad See in context

Well business should be booming once the pass the next proposed consumption tax increase!! Think I will start training myself to survive in the wilderness and live of the land while it is still somewhat possible.!

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Posted in: Retailer decides not to post suspected shoplifter's face online See in context

Why not show the thief's face!!?? If they really wanted the item he stole putting his image out there might be their best bet,unless they don't want it back. The image looks like a guy in his forties who still lives with his mom and probably spends most of his time reading manga and eating curry in his underwear.

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Posted in: Woman slashed on street while walking home in Gunma See in context

Japan is safe if you are a politician!

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Posted in: Jack Bauer's back to save the day in '24' revival See in context

Admittedly I was a huge fan of the show,but Jack Bauer and his expressions were so cheesy it was hard to watch with a straight face,maybe they should add chuck norris in the revival,that would be interesting.

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Posted in: Jodie Foster weds artist Alexandra Hedison See in context

Hedison is hot,loved her character in the L word!

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Posted in: 'Cherry tree from space' mystery baffles Japan See in context

Must be that space dust fertilizer!

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