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Posted in: JR East conducts mock attack following violent incidents on trains See in context

I wonder if the scenario they ran included passengers fighting back. That doesn't seem to happen in Japan. But, if it did the perpetrators would be so shocked that they would probably run and hide. I'm waiting for the first instance when a perpetrator gets shot in the face with the public fire extinguisher, tied up by the passengers, and turned over to police.

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Posted in: JR East opens test run of autonomous bullet train to media See in context

@Yrral the US cannot deny GPS to individual countries, areas, or users. It doesn't work that way. The GPS satellites only broadcast very accurate time of day and the precise orbital details for each satellite. The satellites do not know who is receiving them. It's up to the user equipment to do the calculations to find their position. They can completely turn off or degrade the accuracy of the entire system while keeping access for the military running. That has never been done and would be a severe impact on the world economy if it was done.

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Posted in: Police step up patrols at train stations See in context

The policemen are for show, but the dog means business. You misbehave on my train and I'll bite you.

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Posted in: Man arrested for bullet train arson in Kyushu; says he wanted to imitate last week's attack See in context

When something like this happens does anyone do anything to stop it? I never hear about a passenger grabbing one of these guys and putting a stop to his mischief. In this case who was first on the scene with a fire extinguisher? Or did the passengers wait for the train crew to show up and take charge?

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Posted in: Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people on Tokyo train; starts fire See in context

Where were the heroes? All I saw was everyone running away. Didn't anyone think to help people? Fight back? Subdue the attacker? Come on people there are plenty of ways to fight back and subdue a guy like this. Use your belt or purse as a weapon, shoot him in the face with a fire extinguisher, throw a drink in his face, just do something. Attackers like this are not smart almost any resistance and they cave and cower. Why didn't anyone even use a fire extinguisher?

And, the trains have buttons to open doors in emergencies by law. If they didn't work it needs to be fixed. If the crew locked the doors their procedures need to be updated. Why didn't the platform barriers open? It seems this is another sort of emergency we are not properly prepared for. Let's prepare!

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako says marriage was a 'necessary choice' See in context

The press, especially in Japan, thrives on scandalous news. To get the most attention in Japan you need to dance, sing, act silly/childish, cheat, steal, commit a crime, or be involved in a scandal. Just watch TV for a few minutes to see. Mr. and Mrs. Komuro deserve to be left alone and have a happy normal life.

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. envoy Hagerty slams Japan's justice system over Nissan case See in context

Haggarty is correct on this. Japan needs to change its Justice system if it wants to be known internationally as a country that respects human rights. American executives do think twice about working in Japan. In fact, every foreign visitor to Japan has this in the back of their mind.

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Posted in: What's that? See in context

@GBR48 People in Japan point all the time. Let's get over all the petty Japanese taboos the so-called experts on Japan write about. I hear this crap all the time. Don't point, stick your chopsticks in your food, talk loudly, walk against the crowd, etc. There's not a day when I don't see all of these things being done by Japanese people. ;-}

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Posted in: Japan detects suspected Chinese submarine near southern island See in context

The headline to this story should read something like "Japan chose to announce that it detected a submarine..." Japan detects and tracks numerous submarines and underwater drones on a continuous basis. In conjunction with the US the ocean around Japan and nearby oceans are wired with all sorts of systems to detect ocean traffic below, on, and above the surface. China being a newcomer, is not up to speed yet in this area. We can assume they are working on it.

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Posted in: Drill to catch attacker See in context

This is the way they do it in Japan. Even school teachers are trained to use the poles to subdue a person. In my opinion, it's a more humane way than using a deadly weapon. Yes, it's only a first method. If the poles won't work the police have more decisive methods. Yes, it won't work if the perp has a gun.

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan urge Japanese immigration center to fully disclose video See in context

I want to see the officials who failed to help Wishma tried for negligent homicide and (if convicted) serving a serious prison sentence. Of course, the full video should be released to the family. There is no excuse for anyone to die in prison while being refused medical care. It's even more egregious in this case because she was only a detainee, not a convict.

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Posted in: 90-year-old ex-elite bureaucrat gets 5-year jail term over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

The new traffic safety law requires people over 70 to attend (and pay for) a safety class and driving assessment at a driving school before they can renew their license. Let's hope it makes a difference. Many people over 70 are very capable drivers. But driving skills will certainly fade as with age. Assessing a person's actual capabilities every 3 years is better than just establishing an age limit.

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Posted in: Thousands flock to walk-in youth vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

To a politician, the fact that they set up a vaccination site is all that is important. Whether they have enough vaccine or not is not their immediate concern, someone else can take care of that.

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Posted in: Experience Akihabara Station in a VR world, then ride the train to a virtual marketplace See in context

Lots of room for improvement. So far, Google Street View is better...

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

Those people who had direct knowledge of her situation and denied her requests for medical care are certainly guilty of neglect leading to death. That's usually called involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide. In Japan, the equivalent crimes can carry 10-year prison sentences. Certainly, one or more people should be held accountable for this crime. But, since it was only a foreigner and they were government employees... Someone will apologize, take responsibility, bow deeply and it'll all be over.

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Posted in: Japan concerned over S Korea's Olympic food site See in context

Does South Korea have any actual international friends? They seem to do everything in their power to piss off their neighbors. It's bazaar that a modern nation wannabe acts this way.

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Posted in: Japan starts giving COVID-19 shots to citizens temporarily returning See in context

Every person that gets vaccinated in Japan brings the country closer to normalcy. And, it protects people from a serious COVID-19 illness. Unfortunately, the vaccine does not protect against infection and people still need to wear a mask and social distance. (Recent studies show that fully vaccinated persons can still have a nasal infection and spread the disease. This is a worrisome characteristic of the D variant. The vaccines only protect against internal infection.)

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Posted in: Japan starts accepting applications for 'vaccine passports' See in context

The big question is, when will Japan accept its own vaccine passport for entry into Japan?

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Posted in: Around 15 world leaders, dignitaries to attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

It's kind of a shame that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have come to this. So many people worked so hard and so much money was spent. The Japanese people wanted to showcase the recovery after the 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami by holding a spectacular Olympics. Unfortunately, COVID had a different plan. Let's watch from home as we always do and avoid spreading negativity and of course COVID.

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Posted in: Zero risk? Virus cases test Olympic organizers' assurances See in context

What don't they get about being fully vaccinated? The whole problem is simple if you're not fully vaccinated you don't participate in the Olympics. Or, put it the other way if you are fully vaccinated you can fully participate in the Olympics. This goes for officials, athletes, spectators, support workers, staff, etc. Why didn't the Japanese government and the IOC announce this policy a few months ago and have a nice smooth Olympic games?

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Posted in: Not just COVID: Earthquakes, typhoons pose threat at Tokyo Olympics See in context

There is a disaster occurring already: The economic and health disaster caused by the Japanese Government not taking appropriate measures to control COVID-19 even with over a year prior knowledge. They failed to expedite the rollout of vaccinations to be completed before the Olympics. All the risks mentioned in the article are real but they are mostly mitigated by the fact that almost no one will be attending the Olympics (save the athletes, officials, and event staff).

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use See in context

I would have walked straight up and used the Japanese Only elevator. Sometimes pushing a few buttons brings out the best in people.

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Posted in: Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26 See in context

So, let's get this straight. Japan will be issuing "Vaccine Passports" that aren't recognized in Japan. LOL

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Posted in: Fukushima joins other Olympic venues in barring fans See in context

In 2020 Japan postponed the Olympics for one year and they knew it would be coming in 2021. Yet, they failed to vaccinate the population. All of the other G7 nations are way ahead of Japan. Even knowing the Olympics were coming Japan failed to prepare. This is the definition of lack of leadership. Yet, people are so polite that they don't blame the government. Wow!

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Posted in: Athletes on edge with Tokyo Olympics less than 1 month away See in context

By the way, what's the deal with the Olympic condoms? First, several were to be included in the welcome kit in every athletes' room at the Olympic village. Then they said they would provide two with a strict note that they were not to be used in the Olympic village. And now, two will be provided as a parting gift! If the people who are managing the condoms are also running the Olympics, God help us!

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Posted in: Athletes on edge with Tokyo Olympics less than 1 month away See in context

It's not the Olympics that are the problem. Almost all of the international Olympics and their team members will be fully vaccinated before they come to Japan. They will be safer than the average Japanese people who haven't had a chance to get the vaccine. Blame the Japanese government for procrastination and mismanagement of this. Japan should have canceled the 2020 Olympics last year instead of stringing the world along saying everything would be OK. Worst of all Japan knew it could vaccinate its population and create a safe environment but didn't do it. So, we are going to have the weirdest Olympics ever and Japan (AKA Prime Minister Suga) will always be remembered for it.

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Posted in: Gov't to begin issuing vaccine passports in July See in context

@iamtheponz you should not skip the second vaccination. The itching is a common side effect. If it's bothersome you should ask your physician for advice. Itching usually occurs after an immune reaction. A mosquito bite for example. The itching indicates your body is working correctly. Chances are that you will not have the same reaction following the second vaccination. Don't decide by yourself, ask your physician, unless you are a doctor.

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Posted in: Gov't to begin issuing vaccine passports in July See in context


@virusrex establishing "proof of immunity" is not a practical route to follow. (as you said) This is really a public health situation. We will only know that the pandemic is over when the infections drop to a very low level and stay there for some time. Vaccine passports are not "proof of immunity", but they are a powerful incentive for the wider population to get vaccinated. That's why I support vaccine passports. (Actually, immunization records have been around and accepted for many decades.)

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Posted in: Gov't to begin issuing vaccine passports in July See in context

Will these vaccine passports be good in Japan or just overseas? PM Suga didn't mention this in his news conference on Thursday evening. (Perhaps that wasn't in his notes.)

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Posted in: Warning to athletes: Follow the rules at Tokyo Olympics, or else See in context

Yea, blame the Athletes they are all that's wrong with the Olympics. (After all the athletes are foreigners.) Almost all of the Athletes will be fully vaccinated. They are safer than the regular people in Japan, including the politicians! If you bring a smartphone to the Olympics leave it in your room and drive the trackers nuts. Better yet bring three or four and leave them all over the place. Olympic athletes are not criminals! (I can't say that for politicians.)

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