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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

This video made each and every person who clicked the dislike or like button think about this problem. Usually, only a small percentage of viewers click like or dislike so the video probably reached a pretty big audience.

This kind of bullying or discrimination is pretty common in Japan. It's going to take a long time to change this, so let's get started.

I also want to say the problem is not limited to Japan, it exists nearly everywhere.

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Posted in: Suga trips up with messy reversal on Go To Travel campaign See in context

The GoTo campaigns should have been structured to be self regulating. If they were structured to operate only if the level of emergency in an area stayed below Level 3 the govenment would not have to step in. It would have been an incentive for people to keep the infection rate low. The way it is set up people will just blame the government. It's very short sighted planning.

If 90% plus of people would just follow the basic preventative measures COVID-19 would not be a big problem. But, of course, the 25% of people who just don't care ruin it for the whole country.

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The Japan Coast Guard is first rate. Their ships and crews are among the best in the world. And, the service they provide to Japan and the international community is vital and very much appreciated. Thank you for protecting Japan and those of us who venture to sea.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

Put their picture (or video) and a recording on social media along with your story. Be careful not to violate and privacy laws. Avoid direct confrontation as you will end up as the bad guy.

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Posted in: Super typhoon heads toward southeast Japan See in context

When you talk about Okinawa and typhoons, you need to specify what island you are talking about. Okinawa prefecture gets several strong typhoons each year and is generally well prepared. The norm is that Okinawans have the mess cleaned up and get back to business withing a day or two. Last night the Daito islands (Minami and Kita) got slammed with the eye of a CAT 4 equivalent storm. While on Okinawa honto (main island) we saw wind in the 20 m/s, 40 kt range with 40 mm of rain. It appears that the storm will come close to Amami oshima and SE Kyushu. I hope they are prepared and don't suffer serious damage.

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Posted in: 75 years later, Japanese-American man recalls bitter internment in U.S. See in context

I respect his story. But, in a way he was lucky to be in America. If he had returned to Japan he would not have been trusted and might have been imprisoned due to his American citizenship. Internees in the US were treated far better than their counterparts in Japan. I'll make no excuses for the way Japanese Americans were treated during the war with Japan. I don't think it was fair or just. Unfortunately, it happened. Let's prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested after decaying body of husband found at home See in context

She must need help. I hope the police have the compassion to get help for her if she needs it. It's obvious she has problems. The police should start by assuming that she is innocent and try to help her. If they discover otherwise they can deal with that as necessary.

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Posted in: Fears grow over China's possible massive sales of U.S. debt as weapon See in context

When bonds are sold someone buys them. What's the difference who owns them. China will be the loser since they will be selling low. Using US Treasury bond sales as a weapon won't work since the US would cut China off from the global market. Ask Iran how that works. It's better if China just cools its jets and waits for he US elections. Unless, of course, China intends to grab Taiwan, while Trump is distracted.

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Posted in: Japan's Go To travel subsidy campaign kicks off See in context

Go To Travel will result in many more COVID-19 cases throughout the country. Every country that has tried to open to early has been taught a lesson by this virus. Unfortunately, if there are a lot more cases more people will lose their lives. The virus is starting to spread in more than half of prefectures as seen in today's news. Why is it spreading? It's only because people are not following the guidelines. There is a popular saying that repeating the same failing behavior over and over meets the definition of insanity. How many times will we have to repeat the COVID-19 drill?

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Posted in: Okinawan taxi driver infected amid virus outbreaks at U.S. bases See in context

Jax: At the time the elderly taxi driver was infected (7/4-7/8) there had been no COVID-19 cases in Okinawa for 64-68 days. The disease didn't exist in Okinawa until the US military brought it here. Shortly after the military announced its infections Okinawa announced that two people returning to Okinawa were infected (7/7). It is highly likely that the taxi driver picked up the infection from the Marines he drove.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts worry over virus spread at shelters after torrential rain See in context

Why is it that Japan is never prepared for a disaster? They knew in advance that this was likely to happen. Two meter social distancing is meant for casual short time contact, not whole days at a time. And, where are the privacy dividers, warm bedding, and other comfort measures. Why are the lights on as bright as the Sun when people are trying to sleep?

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Posted in: Remote-control VR robots to start working in Japanese convenience stores this summer See in context

I wonder what languages they will speak? Japanese? English? Chinese? Tagalog? Klingon? Local dialects?

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest with China over ships near disputed islets See in context

Some enterprising Japanese Nationalist Group should set up a Chinese Car Dealership on one of the islands. China needs the business and wouldn't dare attack one of their own car dealers.

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Posted in: Japan conveys objection to Trump's plan to add S Korea to G-7 See in context

Thankfully, Trump doesn't run the G-7. He doesn't run anything, he manipulates things. South Korea should build its economy to be in the top 7 before being asked to join. The idea of the G-7 holding a farewell party/s is great, just don't invite the dearly departed.

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Posted in: S Korea to demand removal of Japanese sites from World Heritage list See in context

Does South Korea actually have any friend countries left in the world? They seem to do everything they can to alienate everyone.

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Posted in: Fire breaks out at hazmat facility at U.S. air base on Okinawa See in context

Yubaru - you're correct this has been blow totally out of proportion in the news. The story has made it around the world. I have received calls from friends overseas who know I live close to Kadena Air Base, asking if we are OK. LOL! It was a 50 year old empty wooden building with pallets of water purification tablets stored next to it. (That's your HAZMAT) The fire department evacuated people in a few nearby buildings out of an abundance of caution. And, they alerted people on the base and the Okinawa government. The NHK News helicopter was allowed to fly over the base to provide video coverage. In this case the USAF seems to have handled it very well. If they didn't I would be calling them out right now.

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Posted in: Fire breaks out at hazmat facility at U.S. air base on Okinawa See in context

It is an old wooden building that is regularly used by the base fire department for practice. There were some chloride (water purification) tables stored there. There is nothing secret about the facility. In fact an NHK News helicopter was allowed to provide live coverage and flew over the base. The foam fire retardant issue has nothing to do with this incident.

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Posted in: Fire breaks out on cruise ship docked in Yokohama See in context

On a ship the crew members are all trained in firefighting. Normally, they should be able to handle it. That's essential at sea where - you can't call 119. When it's a passenger ship it's even more essential. As I watch this unfold on TV, I saw dozens of firefighters in 'full gear' and at least 12 hoses standing around on the deck near where the smoke was venting. Occasionally, they they hoses down the hatchway. So, guys, the fire is inside, go fight it there like real firefighters. This is common Japanese doctrine firefighting. Essentially they let the fire burn itself out while trying to prevent it from spreading. And, again i say, why are there so few sprinkler systems and smoke alarms in Japan?

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Posted in: Pandemic heightens chance Japan will slide back into deflation: poll See in context

There are things the country can do to stimulate it's economy. Frankly, Japan's business and government processes are inefficient. If the old way works, look for ways to improve it. Find inefficiencies and eliminate them. Promote independent thinking. Empower employees to act independently. Huge benefits await if you can accept change.

A person with no knowledge of Japan could find enough waste in one week to provide opportunities to stimulate the economy for years to come. For example(s): Traffic lights on timers, how much time is wasted waiting for those? (If time is money it's worth a lot to fix it) Banking done by hand, really? How many people work at the city office? City employees had to check manually to see if citizens applied for stimulus check on-line and by mail, why? How much time did you say you spent commuting to the office? What are these little red stamps for again? Amazon deliveries must be in person? You said cash only (no cards)? You spend how many nights out drinking with your co-workers for team building? How many women engineers are there is Japan? Oh and there are more...

These are opportunities for improvement, do it, and get the economy going. Don't wait for the government to give you the go ahead, just do it. Get a grip or backslide into deflation.

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Posted in: Essential workers taking risks despite harassment during virus crisis See in context

Treating essential workers with less than great respect is not right. Personally, I go out of my way to thank them for what they are doing. As I go in and out of the hospital I show my respect and thank people for working hard for all of us. Thank you for your service!

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Posted in: Osaka to name and shame more pachinko parlors defying closure request See in context

If naming and shaming doesn't work, publish their financial statements and a list of owners. As long as they stay open the gambling addicts will fill them.

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Posted in: Go easy on the sake when stuck at home, Japanese brewer cautions See in context

I predict a "Corona" baby boom. Here's the chance to reverse the decline in the Japanese population. No excuses about being overworked now!

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Posted in: Koike pressures Abe to declare state of emergency See in context

Koike should hold a press conference and "order" Abe to declare an emergency for Tokyo. She should tell him that if he doesn't he will be blamed for the excess deaths that an unmitigated outbreak will bring. With the popular leader of Japan's biggest city standing up against him, Abe will cave in and declare the emergency. Of course Koike doesn't have any real authority to "order" Abe to do anything. But, it will strongly emphasize her point. If Japan does not take strong action to limit 81% of social contact for the next month Tokyo could easily become the next New York or worse since Tokyo has much less overflow hospital capacity than New York.

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Posted in: Nearly all prefectures shut schools over virus outbreak See in context

Just follow the guidelines and reduce your risk of getting sick (not only from COVID-19) by 95%:

1) Wash hands often

2) Don't touch your face with unwashed hands

3) Stay away from infected people (and everyone if close contact is not necessary)

4) Avoid poorly ventilated places with many people

5) Treat your clothes as contaminated. They should be washed in very hot (80C) water or with 0.1% diluted Clorox bleach. (That comes out to 0.0024% chlorine concentration) Hanging clothes outside to dry exposes them to fresh air and sunlight which will weaken or 'kill' viruses. (I hesitate to say kill since viruses are not living things)

6) When you must go out do so off-hours

It's OK to go outside, fresh air weakens viruses.

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Posted in: 13 missing after cargo ship collides with fishing boat off Aomori See in context

Many ships don't keep proper watches. It will be interesting to see if either ship had it's AIS on. I'll bet they didn't even have their radar on or if they did weren't on watch. I wonder if they even had their running lights on. I see ships turn off AIS all the time. And, it is common that bridge to bridge VHF communications are used to verify that one vesicle has the other in sight. Of course they may not have had a watch on the radio either. Or, maybe there was a language barrier. I will look forward to the results of the investigation.

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Posted in: Overreliance on hand sanitizers may increase risk of virus infection See in context

Zichi, It's good that medical workers sanitized their hands when they left your room. It's much better if the sanitize when the come in! And, by the way why don't medical workers, including doctors, practice better infection control? And why don't exam rooms and doctors offices all have sinks by the door with soap, hot water and towels?

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Posted in: Overreliance on hand sanitizers may increase risk of virus infection See in context

Using cheap alcohol based sanitizers and mist spray sanitizers isn't so good. Most good sanitizers and hand soaps have added oils or skin lotion to help protect skin. Medical Laboratory workers wash their hands frequently and change gloves often during work. They generally get sick less often than the general public, proving that the measures they take work effectively. You should wash with hand soap as the first choice and if that's not available use sanitizer. It's the suds that remove the harmful agents not the soap. Alcohol is a weak anticeptic and helps prevent the transfer of disease agents. If you develop dry or cracked skin you need to add the use of a hand cream.

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Posted in: Japan announces basic policy to fight spread of coronavirus See in context

Where is the statement saying: We urge all citizens to wash their hands frequently, practice keeping hands away from ones face, stay away from infected people, use alcohol sanitizer when unable to wash hands, sanitize surfaces with diluted chlorine bleach, and wear a stay home if you are sick. Please do your part to keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading in Japan.

The government needs to help educate the public what to do to make this effective.

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Posted in: Gov't panel, responding to criticism, says cruise ship not designed to be hospital See in context

I'll bet if they had relocated half of the passengers in the inner cabins and provided infection control training to the crew the outcome would have been much better. It will be very interesting to see which rooms the 600+ people who acquired the disease onboard were in. Japan has a defense partnership with the US. I bet if they had asked the US to set up a field hospital near the ship it could have been done in days. What a great joint training exercise that would have been. But bureaucrats can't think out of the box. I remember back to the 3/11 earthquake when the airport was flooded. The US military came in and clear the field in hours and started bringing in supplies. They were asked to leave because they had cleared the cars and airplanes away by simply pushing them into a pile. The bureaucrats were concerned that they hadn't respected peoples personal property. In an emergency the goal isn't to save face. Get out of the way when an ambulance approaches!

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Posted in: Japan reports 3rd cruise ship passenger death; 57 more infected See in context

In Japan people are trying to avoid catching the COVID-19 virus. Many organizations have cancelled large and small gatherings. People are wearing masks at a higher than usual rate, and many locations have deployed hand sanitizer stations at entrances. It's interesting that people here are still using the name "New Coronavirus" rather than the official name, COVID-19.

The prevention measures I am seeing reflect a lack of understanding of how the virus spreads and how to do infection control. Masks don't protect you, hand washing does. Masks can actually make you more likely to get sick because people are constantly touching and adjusting them, wearing them multiple times, and for long periods. Masks should be used by sick people to protect others - not to avoid getting sick yourself. You should wash your hands when you enter a place and when you leave it. Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth if you haven't just washed you hands. And, remember that your cloths are contaminated. Also, note that chlorine bleach (1 ml per liter is very effective at killing viruses). Wash you hands frequently, don't touch you face with contaminated hands, wash your face, stay away from sick people, treat your cloths as contaminated.

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