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By the way, what's the deal with the Olympic condoms? First, several were to be included in the welcome kit in every athletes' room at the Olympic village. Then they said they would provide two with a strict note that they were not to be used in the Olympic village. And now, two will be provided as a parting gift! If the people who are managing the condoms are also running the Olympics, God help us!

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It's not the Olympics that are the problem. Almost all of the international Olympics and their team members will be fully vaccinated before they come to Japan. They will be safer than the average Japanese people who haven't had a chance to get the vaccine. Blame the Japanese government for procrastination and mismanagement of this. Japan should have canceled the 2020 Olympics last year instead of stringing the world along saying everything would be OK. Worst of all Japan knew it could vaccinate its population and create a safe environment but didn't do it. So, we are going to have the weirdest Olympics ever and Japan (AKA Prime Minister Suga) will always be remembered for it.

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@iamtheponz you should not skip the second vaccination. The itching is a common side effect. If it's bothersome you should ask your physician for advice. Itching usually occurs after an immune reaction. A mosquito bite for example. The itching indicates your body is working correctly. Chances are that you will not have the same reaction following the second vaccination. Don't decide by yourself, ask your physician, unless you are a doctor.

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@virusrex establishing "proof of immunity" is not a practical route to follow. (as you said) This is really a public health situation. We will only know that the pandemic is over when the infections drop to a very low level and stay there for some time. Vaccine passports are not "proof of immunity", but they are a powerful incentive for the wider population to get vaccinated. That's why I support vaccine passports. (Actually, immunization records have been around and accepted for many decades.)

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Will these vaccine passports be good in Japan or just overseas? PM Suga didn't mention this in his news conference on Thursday evening. (Perhaps that wasn't in his notes.)

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Yea, blame the Athletes they are all that's wrong with the Olympics. (After all the athletes are foreigners.) Almost all of the Athletes will be fully vaccinated. They are safer than the regular people in Japan, including the politicians! If you bring a smartphone to the Olympics leave it in your room and drive the trackers nuts. Better yet bring three or four and leave them all over the place. Olympic athletes are not criminals! (I can't say that for politicians.)

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OMG! They are thinking out-of-the-box in Japan. Now they will have to figure out what to do with all those vaccinated people. They might have to let fully vaccinated people get back to normal life before everyone is vaccinated. That will sure be an incentive for those who are reluctant to get jabbed. Suddenly the anti-vaxers will be all alone. 'bout time!

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It is easy to train someone to give injections. If they are done under the direct supervision of a physician they can be done safely. Patients need to be observed for 15 to 30 minutes after receiving an injection. And then they can be released with instructions on what to do if they have and adverse reactions. That's how the world does it. Japan can't do that because they seem to think they are exceptional. All I can say is Japan had better hurry up and get its population fully vaccinated or it will continue to pay the economic price. Already a new variant strain of SARS-Cov-2 that affects children is loose. Get moving, Japan! (Yes you need to administer vaccines on holidays and weekends and at night too.)

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I don't think officials in Japan know that vaccines work. Journalists are not going to let themselves be tracked. The tracking of journalists will become the story and the Olympics won't get covered.

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They should search his home and see what else he has been stealing. Toilet paper is only a 'gateway' item. He probably has pencils, pens, writing paper, and office supplies. That could lead to really serious things like theft of public trust and corruption. The judge at his trial should simply bill him for the items and send him back to work. The humiliation should be enough punishment. LOL

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Full vaccination requires 35 days! Twenty-one days after the first shot you can get your second shot then you have to wait fourteen days to be fully vaccinated. That means you have to get your first shot on or before 18 June 2021, to be fully vaccinated by the start of the Olympics. I don't think that's going to happen.

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I hope this dirtbag gets to spend most of his life in the same room at his local prison. I sincerely hope the child fully recovers.

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It takes 35 days to receive two Phizer shots and reach full "immunity" if it's done as fast as possible. Everyone needs to start by the end of June to even be close to reaching "immunity" by the start of the Olympics. Japan has not brought itself to the realization that they don't have to worry about people who are fully vaccinated. An Australian Olympic team (every member fully vaccinated) has arrived in Japan for practice. They are being treated as potentially infected foreigners and isolated, tested daily, and "allowed" to practice out of obligation. Having fully vaccinated people come into your community actually lowers your risk of getting infected. Hey, maybe Japan should vaccinate its own people(?)

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Good for Naomi. She stands up for herself. With $40 or $50 million dollars income over a couple of years, she can afford to do what she wants. She could start her own tournament and leave the money grabbers in the dust. Or, she could go off and become anything she wants to. I think she will be back when she's ready. Go, Naomi.

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Beautiful Photograph!

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@Sven Asai There are already regulations that ships over 100 Tons must have active AIS systems at all times. AIS identifies, gives position, speed, direction, calculates the point of closest approach, for every vessel in the vicinity, etc. I have noticed that many ships in Asia don't keep their AIS on.

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How is it possible for two ships to collide when they are both running proper watches, radar, and AIS? Oh, they weren't doing those things. I have noticed many Japanese ships that don't run AIS in the area near me. Why doesn't Japan enforce this? I'll bet Korean maritime law is even less strict. Time for an upgrade!

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This is not new. It has existed for 25 years or more. Chirp radar chips have been available on the market for at least 15 years. Fire departments, police, other agencies, even Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and NIST have been using this for much of the last decade. Someone's got a new product they want to sell and has created some media excitement to market it. Nuff said.

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How many doctors and nurses does a military force of 100,000 people have? Why not ask each country to send doctors with their team? Obviously, not all countries can do that. And, many do already. Some Japanese medical personnel will be needed to. But this could reduce the burden.

Oh, I completely forgot: Foreigners practicing medicine in Japan, that cannot be allowed, even in a state of emergency. Because?

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@Elsenach - They should forget the mock/practice vaccinations, ceremonies, and bureaucracy and get on with the vaccinations. Compensate the workers based on how many proper vaccinations they can do per day. And train more people to do the paperwork and injections. It only takes a day to train a person to do injections. You don't need a broad medical education to do it.

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I just received my 'invitation' to schedule a COVID vaccination. Registration starts at 9:00 AM on 5/27. I have a choice of making a telephone call to a medical facility I choose from a list or using a QR code to register online. From my experience helping others register in a previous round I expect maximum congestion. One person I helped had to make more than 60 phone calls to get through. I will be using a re-dialer application on my phone to try to maximize my chances of getting through early. In the previous round, people who got through in the first hour got appointments about 21 days in the future.

This process seems highly inefficient and cumbersome. I think a mass vaccination site would be much more efficient. They could easily use the neighborhood community centers (kominkan) as sites and make it convenient for everyone. However, I don't expect this to happen due to the lack of ability to "think out of the box" that is prevalent in the Japanese government.

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It remains to be seen whether Japan will accept foreign doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. They barely accept foreign vaccines and other medicines. In Okinawa for example, Japanese citizens who work on US military bases were offered COVID vaccinations. These were refused by the Japanese health system over who would be responsible if someone had serious side effects. What's good for people, here. The system seems to be protecting itself instead of the people.

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The Okinawa Prefectural Government (OPG) has not been able to get the consent of business leaders for its request for the State of Emergency. That's one reason this request is coming so late. As a result, the OPG will not request that restaurants and bars stop selling alcohol. The surge in new cases is obviously a result of the 353% increase in travel to Okinawa over the Golden Week holidays. Those people who do not follow the COVID prevention guidelines are the cause of the outbreak. Now it's time for the vaccine campaign to be shifted into warp speed. (China just vaccinated 100 million people in 9 days. Japan, not so much)

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Japan made a huge mistake in not vaccinating early. There is no excuse for the third-largest economy in the world to be so far behind in vaccinating its population. Now Japan has a surge in variant virus infections that are running rampant in young people (

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Now it's time for Japan Today to start its daily reporting on the vaccine rollout in Japan. Let's have up-to-date data, graphs, charts, and news of the progress in getting the people of Japan vaccinated and back to normal life.

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Japan Today should have a special section detailing the vaccination progress. It would make a popular story each day. How about charts and graphs showing the progress by age group, prefecture, etc. Your reporting will be a service that will help people.

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I don't care what the government says about speeding up. How are they going to reach the goal of vaccinating 36,000,000 "elderly" people by the end of July? That's 80 days from today. To fully vaccinate you need to give two shots. You have 59 days to get the first shot in everyone's arm so you'll have time to get the second shots done before August 1st. That's 70,000,000 shots in 80 days. If they work 6 days per week that's 1,000,000 shots per day. In my city, people who have been able to make appointments today are getting dates 21 days in the future. And, they're still working on the 75+ population. This isn't looking good, Mr. Suga. The people of Japan deserve better.

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I guess it's time to turn the "pledge" into a contract. The contract can specify a penalty for breaking it. Say, stay in our jail (at 25,000 JPY per day) for 14 days after which a negative PCR test is required.

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Japan needs to get up to 3,000,000 vaccinations per day to keep up with the rest of the developed world and finish the job in a year. We should already be there. By the way, Now is the time for the Japanese Government (AKA The Cabinet) to start planning how they will implement the annual vaccine booster shots being developed by the manufacturers. Don't get left behind a second time!

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Now is the time for the Japanese Government (AKA The Cabinet) to start planning how they will implement the annual vaccine booster shots being developed by the manufacturers. Don't get left behind a second time!

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