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Richard E Semelka Jr. comments

Posted in: Parents of slain Vietnamese girl return to Japan See in context


The sad human gene.


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Posted in: H.I.S. cancels travel with 'beautiful girls' campaign after complaints See in context

I notice only the negative comments appear here, maybe real men do not want to tell their true elation for this for great and modern innovation in traveleling, so please let me speak for them, this is the greatest idea since the airplane was invented! Yeah, just being with a younger lady for an older man can be highly gratifying, also for the girl who gains wisdom from the guy, and maybe she feels protected by a father figure that she never had or misses. This travel experience was to occur with mutual ADULT consent. Who is anybody else to worry your little big heads, you know, the people in society who walk around just looking for something to be offended at. Maybe you'll be happy if you focus on your own life!

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Posted in: Pacific trade ministers trying to seal TPP trade pact See in context

Just the opposite, this is meant to take economic power away from China.

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Posted in: 5 crimes peculiar to Japan See in context

I love this idea of "Enjokosai" where dating is for compensation. Of course, not for anyone under the legal age, but there is definitely a good idea here that doesn't have to be illegal. For instance, if a young lady over 18 has a desire to have some extra cash or some nice things and doesn't have the money or doesn't want to milk her boyfriend, why not a web site to hook-up her with a date with a guy who has money but just doesn't want a regular relationship. And of course, any intimacy would have to be AFTER the date between two people who wanted it without compensation. Oh, and sure, this could apply to a younger guy and an older woman or gays, etc.

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Posted in: Japanese soccer fans turn to drink as Nadeshiko sink See in context

Hey, second place in world cup is a very proud thing, how can any countrymen hang their heads over that? I would hope the Japan's women soccer team will get a hero's parade and welcome back!

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Posted in: World's oldest person dies at 117 See in context

Wow, really? "It went by so fast" speaks volumes for all of us!

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Posted in: Japanese activist wins U.S. Woman of Courage Award See in context

It's a tough issue, when my wife's company was going through layoffs, there was another woman who was single who could do my wife's job so they chose to lay my wife off because she was a married woman who had a family with a baby at home and could not work more than a few hours of overtime here and there. That really sucked.

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Posted in: Kawasaki boy told friend on Line he might get killed See in context

This is sad on so many levels. It speaks to broken families, it speaks to bullying, it speaks to a system that allowed a 13 yo child to not come to school for a month without a social services visit. This story is beyond sad as there were so many chances to save his life. :(

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping Kagawa school girl See in context

It sounds like the girl was curious about him and what was going to happen to her, but the guy was definitely working on something, hopefully she's alright and a little smarter. As far as the guy, yes, castration is a good solution. But don't ever blame a victim!

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Posted in: Google Wallet partners up to battle Apple Pay See in context

It's the world we live in, might as well take advantage of the convenience.

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