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Onward and upward to the Dodgers!

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And. How did Japan fare?

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The commentary is interesting, as it, for the most, lacks any objectivity or reference to actual and proven science concerning the virus and its pathways of infection. Most comments are eiher anecdotal or simply opining and emotive or arise out of some peculiar ideology or politics.

The virus has been slowed by inoculation. All the various vaccines have been tested and proven effective within a specific range for 60% to 95%. Pfizer and Moderna are the two most effective.

Following established protocols such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, use of disinfectants & hand washing along with others are highly effective. Restricting one's social activities to a specific circle or remaining at home, as possible.

Plastic barriers are effective - numerous studies have proven the usefulness and if employed properly, there is absolutely no negative effect. Those who assert the contrary are delusional or simply spreading false information.

Restricting travel is of incredible importance. Containing one's interactions to set habit and routine is also necessary. It restricts and reduces the possibilities for infection.

Lifting the SOE, will lead to another wave. Those who have purposefully ignored protocols and the SOE are beyond selfish.

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Much harping about manipulation of numbers by 'government' - whoever or whatever that denotes. Numbers are reported by numerous entities and are not manipulated - they are rather easily totaled based on apparent fact. However effective the SOE, anecdotal chirpings are not reflecting any reality other than extremely limited personal observation. As for 'herd immunity' not even close.

Look for a sixth wave.

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Posted in: LDP leader likely to be decided in runoff vote between Kono, Kishida See in context

The only 'decent' candidate has absolutely no chance, as it is all pre-ordained. Progressive governing is an impossibility. Which does not portend well for the future of the Japanese people. An outmoded and antiquated governing structure continues to serve the intended purpose - preservation of the status quo and almost hereditary rule by the elect, a veritable political aristocracy.

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Fordham is an excellent school. As is the Law School. It is academically very rigorous. More so than Columbia.

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Must be some problems at home ands Xi needs a distraction. As if, most mainland Chinese give a hoot about Taiwan.

Right-wing crazies in Taiwan, that seem to be proliferate worldwide, are looking to get a leg-up for the elections.

And. Really, does anyone A C T U A L L Y 'think' China will invade Taiwan. Not exactly the economic model for China's further rise to power. To put it simply: Foxconn, is a Taiwanese conglomerate that assembles such as Apple products IN CHINA. Consider that. It is all bluster.

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Takaichi, the good German. Making a sales pitch, with a bizarre, so-called, photo-op. From the 'look' of her gear, she hasn't been practicing regularly.

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Seiko Noda, often appears to be the only sane candidate. However, on nuclear, even she wavers into the dark.

Exactly why, anyone, would propose acquiring nuclear submarines is baffling. They are ungodly expensive to purchase and operate. Violate established accords, as they are literally: attack submarines, a first-strike, so-called deterrence. Advocating for such is to embrace conflict, ostensibly with China (or maybe in the future the candidates envision an attack on he US or Europe). Which is a foolish and quite mad notion. As to why attacking China would require submarines exhibits a bogus stratagem, besides a complete divorce from reality.

Even if acquired, the submarines would arrive about a decade hence. The problems that will mark not just Japan, but worldwide, nuclear submarines will not be a component of any viable solution.

As for the bizarre notion of modular reactors, any who advocate such should be sent off to a better place, so-to-speak.

Nuclear power is prohibitively expensive. Decommission is problematic. If one computes actual costs, in total, nuclear is unaffordable, besides being dangerous and in the end, anything but clean.

Apparently, there are no genuine advocates for so-called clean & green energy. All must be beholden to energy companies that are concerned about their investment in nuclear.

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The witless fools who contest protocols and inoculation act as a disease vector. The need to assert one's individual 'rights' above the common good is a very 'western' phenomena and reflects gross ignorance of the existent culture. It causes obvious concerns with the lifting of fairly liberal mandates aka the state of emergency. Which, in spite of anecdotal accounts is followed by a majority who tend towards norms of social responsibility.

As for Suga, his Mary Poppins act has worn thin - he fails to hew to science and is no more than a political weathervane - any way the political wind blows, so he goes or whatever is advantageous.

The next six months are crucial to tamping down and reducing the spread of SARSCoV-2. The possibility of a springtime devoid of the virus depends on booster shots and keeping a modicum of protocols in place over the winter. his rests on active government agency.

Another factor will be the policies toward foreign tourists, primarily Chinese and Americans. Suga, Abe and their cronies created an infrastructure based on industrial tourism from abroad. Which neglects local economies and does little for so-called regional economies. Domestic tourism is key to the recovery for independent business and local economies. Suga represents the opposite.

A return to an influx of Chinese, headed to drugstores to load-up and over-taxing public space is not a 'vision' for any means of success. The impingement of foreign tourism, Chinese-style, on local and regional cultures generates myriad adverse impacts and a shift towards accommodating a model of behavior and economic interaction that is anti-democratic and undermines what is of value in Japanese culture. One of the primary candidates for prime minister, following Suga advocates such a model.

The contagion, one may recall, arrived from China, on a boat, an airline and a bus via tourists. Winter of 2020, January on a shuttle bus between Tokyo and Osaka, with a side rip to Nara, loaded with tourists from Wuhan, China, spread the virus to the driver and tour guide. Another was a tourist returning from Wuhan. Add to that the Diamond Princess.

Beyond the reduction in tourists from mainland Asia - the cancellation of festivals, concerts and holidays, which are not dependent on foreign tourists, grossly impacted a large sector of the economy. This completely ignored by Suga and the wizards in his cabinet and the current legislature.

Japan, however oddly, without any genuine leadership from Suga or the central government, with a mere pittance of direct aid, in spite of cockamamie events like GoToTravel & the Olympics, has dealt with the virus adequately, which is testament to certain elements of culture. Japan has been ranked 25th in terms of adverse impacts due to SARSCoV-2. Though hospitals were strained, they were never overwhelmed. Failures were at the top, Suga, his cabinet and the ruling party - the inability to purchase and distribute vaccines was an abject failure of the Suga government.

Why would anyone listen to Suga. He is just whistling in the wind.

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Now is a perfect opportunity for that creature of darkness, head of Tesla to implement his 'humanless' future and replace the drivers with AI or robots. Then watch the carnage as it fails.

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Posted in: China lodges protest against Japan over Taiwan's bid to join TPP See in context

The Free World. That's an amusing trope. Only folks who 'believe' such a fallacy are dupes in the USA.

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Posted in: China lodges protest against Japan over Taiwan's bid to join TPP See in context

TPP. Apparently, though Trump put a stake in the heart of that mis-guided entity, it has arisen from the dead.

The people of Taiwan, should thank China. The PP does nothing for any but large corporate, multi-national entities and allows companies to act like thieves and violate national/state standards and regulations. It is a completely undemocratic entity.

Free Trade is code for stealing & looting via legal means.

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Posted in: Japan reviews medical system ahead of possible 6th COVID wave See in context

Well, well, well. That only took the better part of two years. Must be based on the US healthcare model.

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Posted in: PM hopefuls rally local support with focus on tourism, agriculture See in context

Kono, exhibiting his unworthiness to be PM exhorts 'tourism' as a mainstay of the economy. Deeming that an influx of wealthy tourists needs to be cultivated - this a reference which should be annotated as 'rich Chinese'. Among other elements is, The Big Plan, to construct casino resorts as part & parcel of that inanity.

Members of that coalition have proposed such absurdities as running a monorail thru Nara Park to the top of Mount Wakayama, ignoring the impact, which is obvious and completely negative - and more so displaying bankrupt imaginations. Failing that what came to be, a resort hotel within the park, a members only entity, opposed by many & supported by none and in violation of laws and standards which were overridden by the governor, another aged politician who is/was a lapdog for Abe. A hotel that costs up to $3,000 (300,000 yen) a night and will do little to nothing for the regional or local economy, as the owners of said are a large conglomerate and all the money leaves town.

Besides creating an economic dependency on China, with a peculiar version of outsourcing tourism to a targeted segment of a particular socio-economic status in one country - is to cultivate a resource that is not only short-sighted, but doomed to failure. It completely ignores domestic tourism, trading such a sustainable model for an industrial version which has myriad adverse impacts.

Kono, and others of his ilk determine to create an infrastructure that is not wedded to the local or the regional, as it is one and the same. Once again, taking Nara as an example, within the past year, five hotels have been built or are in the final phases of construction - such have displaced structures of architectural significance and plopped high rises in the downtown area adjacent to Naramachi, an area with traditional architecture and flourishing small independent shops, encroaching on what is an 'attraction' and more so a viable residential neighborhood which is fast disappearing under the auspices of industrial tourism. This the actuality of Kono's intent.

The narrow confines of the minds, who aspire to be Prime Minister, lack not just imagination, but a genuine 'vision' for the future - the candidates are hackneyed politicos from a party that has a chokehold on power and are incapable of even conceptualizing a viable and realistic future. This is apparent in examining any and all of their policies and history within the legislature - the future they determined to create is the here & now and which they worked for during the expanse of their lives - these are aged & aging politicians, at best offering a charade - but more so, more of the same. The current malaise is of and by their hand. A two year long contagion - which they helped create and had absolutely no planned or purposeful response. Naught done to offset the economic damage. Now they offer a return to 'normalcy' which reflects the failed policies of the past twenty years. For which all of them to various degrees are responsible.

None of the above, should be on the ballot.

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Posted in: Fiery clash at U.N. as Pakistan, India trade extremism charges See in context

Ah, countries with nuclear weapons. Feuding. Here's a clue for India: Osama Bin Laden, was a creature of the CIA and US Foreign policy.

India with a right wing nutjob as head of state in India. And Pakistan run by a military junta.

21st century and civilization passes its peak. Headed for an ash heap.

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Posted in: Biden hosts Indo-Pacific leaders as China concerns grow See in context

The Chinese economic powerhouse, created and paid for by USA corporate interests thru offshoring manufacture and assembly. Brought to you by among others, a man who spent the entirety of his life in the US Senate, topping it off with VP and now, a senile old man inhabiting the presidency, emplace by fatcat donors and big finance. He assisted in paving the way for China's rise.

Now the witless buffoon, following the lead of the vacuous Obama, is ready to take on China - not by besting the manufacturing & assembly behemoth, but thru flexing military might - which is all that remains of an Empire teetering on edge - its treasury drained by insane expenditures on its war machine. A war machine twice defeated by peasant armies in Asia. A country that produces reality teevee shows & elects one of its 'stars' el jeffe, following up with another witless fool. The USA manufactures and produces nothing. It's technological expertise, soon to be surpassed by China, India, Korea and Japan.

So. It turns to a baffling 'pivot to Asia', the be all which is simply to antagonize China and will bear no great accomplishment except to further drain the US treasury. China is no great threat militarily - its power is economic. It has no plans to engage in military adventures in foreign countries, unlike the US, which has invaded Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and involved itself in disassembling & destroying sovereign nations.

The intent should be: White Man out of Asia and the Aussies should learn their place as a suordinate and second world country - its only worth to supply raw materials to China. Japan should join with its neighbors and not a dwindling empire to the east.

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Posted in: Gov't to accept Princess Mako's decision to decline ¥150 mil marriage money See in context

LamillyToday.  "Oh dear big mistake for her. Her life will be a misery with a loser like that. Still, it's her mistake to make." Ignoring the fact: Komuro graduated from Fordham Law School - no problem earning coin.

And Khunuri & Rich H. Two pseudo-sophisticates who apparently 'read' Japanese and have a deep grasp of this troubling incident. They see further and deeper than any, especially as Khuniri's wife listens to gossip one hour a day on media. The only scandal is the existence of a worthless Imperial Family, here or anywhere.

The Imperial household. Allowed to remain in place by General Douglas McCarther, one of the worst generals to have stars pinned on his shoulders. Hereditary Royalty, in the 21st century, an archaic absurdity which should be banished.

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Takaichi, is so far to the right, that conservative does not describe her politics. She is reactionary and embraces a totalitarian model of the state. At best she is a Leninist.

Koda, is professedly conservative, though acknowledging issues that effect women. She is not progressive or in any manner embraces feminist issues.

Both are members of an atavistic party that was emplaced in power by militarists and right-wing government officials from the USA, pos WW2. Almost 75 years later, they are still in power and have managed to undermine or block Japan from becoming a genuine democracy that represents, not just 'the people', but the common & greater good.

The mere fact they are female is moot. Takaichi is as conservative, reactionary and right-wing as any of her colleagues. Koda is akin to a Clintonite, which is not a compliment.

Not one of the four is capable of advancing an agenda that deals with the reality of the 21st century.

Koda is probably the best choice - but, since she is within the LDP, any changes for the good, would be miniscule.

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Posted in: LDP president candidates vow to double spending on children See in context

Lotsa insipid commentary about balloons, paddles and masks.

No reporting on the policies advocated by Noda. She indicated she would pursue legislation and to advance certain bills in terms of the issues surrounding children.

The absurd concerns regarding demographics and a shrinking population - instead of embracing a reduced population which could lead to a more sustainable society & a self-supporting Japan - the weird obsession with collecting taxes to pay for the aged pensioners linked to an ever expanding populous is completely mental. The yen is a fiat currency and as such is used by the central banks & government to print money as needed for 'finance' - such can also be undertaken for he welfare of 'the people'.

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Posted in: 'Who the hell are you?' Japanese man asks bear while it’s attacking him See in context

Bears. Another species whose habitat is encroached upon or eliminated. Hence contact with the denizens of so-called civilization. Killing bears, instead of re-locating the creatures bespeaks of a culture that admires landscapes, but not actual nature.

Unfortunate to be attacked by a bear. Would be nice if the 'story' was a little more explicit and informative. However, it is under the category, human interest story and somewhat canned by the particulars of journalistic stylings.

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Tweedledee. Tweedledum. Excepting Ms. Noda.

As for Suga. He was supposed to keep the throne warm, not usurp it.

Japan, the politics of the 1950s with upgrades, is hardly sufficient to undertake and successfully forge a sustainable state that will flourish in the 21st century. Abe, Suga, even their inheritors such as Kono or Kishida, let alone the fascist leaning Takaichi, who is a throwback to the 1930s - all are incapable of actually grasping the task ahead and the means to create a viable state that addresses the future and is myriad challenges. Which is not about Empire or the Nikkei. Essentially, the future is about ecology and adverse impacts wedded to the environment, which requires radical change and indeed a change in consciousness. Not necessarily a technocratic fix - but, a mix and retention of the traditional and customary and applicable advances in science & technology - which is NOT the future charted out by Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg, Page, Brin and other technofascists. But, one that tends towards the organic - the only politico close is Noda - and she far from ideal.

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Posted in: Kono win in ruling party election likely to push Tokyo stocks higher See in context

Kono, as a reformist candidate is a ludicrous trope. He's an entrenched conservative reflecting atavistic social and economic policies & politics. The endorsement of 'the markets' speaks for the status quo who mean to profit from the selection of their favorite.

The most progressive candidate, who is progressive only in the context of her rivals, happens to be a woman aka Noda and her policies are seen as negative in terms of gains in the stock market and the investment wizards oppose her elevation to prime minister.

Interestingly, the Washington Post, the media organ of Jeff Bezos, endorsed the neo-nazi Takaichi, completely ignoring her atavistic politics and endorsing her purely because she is female.

As for Kono, the Georgetown phenom, insight into his elevation and consequent policies is foretold by the following statement: "Power companies rose after Kono broke from his long-held stance of opposing the use of nuclear energy, saying it is "realistic" to bring reactors that have been confirmed safe back online to achieve Japan's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050." Kono's purpose is to do the bidding of entrenched power and the status quo. Any so-called 'reform' will not be to the benefit of the citizenry - it will be to the profit of those entities to which he is beholden - as a child of privilege he will serve the class interests of the elite, which are basely conservative and reactionary.

"They don't hand you the keys to the kingdom, unless you are one of them." HST

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Posted in: After virus-hit Olympics, public split over future Games in Japan See in context

A private 'think tank' that's mission is to sway public opinion thru the use of onerous surveys - which most resembles propaganda. Over 80% of the public were opposed to the games and that figure was not mitigated by the arrival of the games - that was the posit of the IOC, once the games commenced there would be an outpouring of support among the populous and it did not happen.

Lacking evidence to the contrary, SARSCoV-2 did increase during the Games and within two weeks after its completion - look at the provided photograph for a clue and assess 'social distancing' among the crowd or crowded.

The Olympic games are a sybarite indulgence by a privileged set of the elite and a meaningless spectacle draped with all manner of nonsense - it is basically corporate and a tool for the likes of Nike, IOC, NBCUniversal and other profiteering entities in the sports entertainment and merchandising industries. The costs of the extravaganza are borne by the host nation, in this particular instance north of 25 billion dollars or 2.5 trillion yen.

The games more resemble gladiatorial contests than the ancient Greek games, with its pompa entering the arena, led by lictors bearing fasces and preparing to engage in contested rivalries by country with its attendant stagecraft, entertainment & bravado accompanied my an apropos soundtrack and further 'big name' entrainment in the form of a musical act. It is crass and vulgar and reflects the obvious mores of the 21st century - all intended to profit the IOC.

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Excepting Noda: The absurdity and posturing over Taiwan would simply be ludicrous, if not for the intent to actually foment an antagonistic policy towards a well-armed 'superpower' - let alone the dependency on China for manufacture and assembly of the world's consumer goods, upon which Japan has forged a subordinate role. That individuals who haven't a nascent awareness of the carnage that such would bring, speaks not just to incompetence, but indicates they are not fit to inhabit the highest elective office (or any other).

The only candidate who wouldn't be at home with the Taliban, is Noda. Whatever her faults, she is the only one who seems sane and healthy. The other candidates: Kono, Kishida, andTakaichi are so far to the right, one step further would land them in a mental hospital. All are borderline psychopaths.

As for the three candidates: Kono, Kishida & Taichi: At a juncture in history, where civilization itself is in peril, the shop worn failed ideas, that are basely ideological and crony capitalism - the supposed progressive technological 'fixes' from surreal nonsense about fusion reactors and quantum computers - the daft jive about nuclear power as something other than to be phased out - shell game accounting as a budgetary process - none of it speaks well to a viable future. Not one of those three has an actual vision of and for the future.

To top it all off. Takaichi. An admirer of the Third Reich proposes passing laws to enable lockdowns, in case of a future pandemic. Her version of a Reichstag fire. Which fits the sometimes embrace of draconian and tyrannical notions expressed by various postings to the JT 'thread' as a solution to the current pandemic aka SARSCoV-2 contagion.

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Posted in: Noda calls for reinvestigation of document tampering scandal See in context

Noda, while backing certain, what passes for, progressive measures - her reasoning is often skewed and reveals a basically conservative nature.

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Posted in: Australian PM rejects Chinese criticism of nuclear sub deal See in context

Just what the world needs. Another fleet of nuclear submarines. As if that will in any way make the world 'safer'. The USA, a dwindling Empire causing planetary havoc.

Everyone has a right to be armed with nuclear submarines? That is moronic. A world of rising seas, wildfire and plagues. And resources are wasted on nuclear submarines against an illusory Chinese threat.

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

The world is not as you imagine. Comparatively, Japan is rather benign. Compare Japan to the USA or other western nations. Let alone, genuinely oppressive regimes. The postings of rather naïve foreigners, citing anecdotal representations or the few noted examples from the media, are essentially clueless.

Japan is a rather pleasant culture and mondo civilized. The rules are easy to cognate and follow. The oft pseudo-insights into the culture by many who post are annoying and self-indulgent and ignore an odd self centered and very western perspective. Which is somewhat bigoted or simply ignores the fact of where they live. Japan. Immigration, for most, is no a problem.

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Posted in: Kishida singles out China threat See in context

An incredibly ignorant set of statements from the man who would be king. China is a vast nation and would crush Japan - diplomacy and trade, along with an alliance against The Great Satan aka USA is more apropos.

Where do these men of power imagine the world to be in ten, twenty, thirty years? The problems are environmental and overpopulation, not the Chinese military.

Take a lesson from Switzerland.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Sanae Takaichi. An admirer of the Third Reich's fuhrer. Which is so far beyond the pale, it is to the right of right-wing. Those advocating her election purely because she is female, best take a look at that which she embraces. A rather foul ideology. Which is to be kind.

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