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Richard Gallagher comments

Posted in: Best way to stop men like Putin is to prevent their rise in first place See in context

Apparently, your 'research' failed to uncover Putin's ascent to power, which was at the behest and approval of he USA. Among those actors emplacing Putin into power was Kissinger and associates along with various NGOs and elements of the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Nor have any of the regimes in:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Venezuela engaged in military endeavors abroad.

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Posted in: If I were absent from work due to side effects for two days, I would lose sales. If my job requires proof of vaccination, I would get inoculated, but I simply don't see any benefit in getting a dose. See in context

The scientific evidence, in peer-reviewed academic and professional journals states unequivocally: the Moderna & Pfizer vaccines and single booster shot are highly effective in preventing infection and spread of SARSCoV-2. A study in Switzerland among the entire population reveals a rate of hospitalization or need of medical treatment among those vaccinated and receiving the booster is: 0.014%.

An unvaccinated individual has a rate of spread three times those who are vaccinated.

One can read such in JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet among other journals. There are also professional journals in the field of virology and immunology.

Two examples:



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Posted in: The metaverse threat: TV will die with its audience See in context

If it belongs to the Might Mark or it is his spawn - it is stillborn. He has the imagination of a gnat.

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Posted in: Twitter stakeholder Elon Musk tweets 'Is Twitter dying?' See in context

Elon Musk. Kiss of Death. If it wasn't dead, it is now.

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Posted in: G7 condemns Russian atrocities in Ukraine; vows to up pressure See in context

Perhaps, an actual investigation by the UN is required, as opposed to pronouncements by Zelenskyy that border on propaganda. He no more trustworthy than Putin or Biden. The suggestions that NATO investigate is of dubious merit.

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Posted in: Japan seeing signs of coronavirus resurgence, warns Kishida See in context

JT Headline: Japan to lift COVID nonresident foreigner entry ban for 106 nations; tourists still barred.

As for any commentary (falsely) absolving 'foreigners' of responsibility for the spread of SARSCoV-2 - that comes with a rather simple caveat: the introduction of variants is via outside sources, mutations did not spontaneously occur in the domestic population. The mechanics require infected individuals carrying the variant to enter from abroad.

Further, a dependency on international tourism, instead of domestic is unsustainable and an incredible impingement on local & Japanese culture. It requires an infrastructure which shovels profit out of local and regional economies. Industrial tourism is one of he base causes for the current pandemic, now entering its third year. Indeed tourists should be barred from entry - foreign residents have been and are allowed to remain in place and permitted to travel internationally, troublesome as it may be.

One might be mindful and recall the overwhelming of healthcare resources and the dangers inherent in that scenario. A so-called return to 'normal' is a return to he conditions that created the current malaise.

Those who fail to get inoculated with the vaccine and consequent booster, who refuse to follow protocols, who decry such as tiresome or purport a false narrative to justify selfish and irrational behavior that borders on a minor mental illness need to be ostracized and called to heed.

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Posted in: Japan defense chief looks to boost defense capabilities 'drastically' See in context

Ah. The younger brother of Abe, following the party line. With an unmeasured level of corruption.

The ability of troops, stationed in Japan, to respond to an attack on Taiwan is not just limited but, completely incapable of responding in a timely manner let alone able to repel or prevent an assault. The concept is ludicrous.

China will eventually absorb Taiwan through economic means - no need to employ a military assault on the island. Already the two are so intertwined economically, as to be inseparable. One profits the other.

As for North Korea, their military is fit for the mid-20th century. The army would literally 'run out of gas'. Their weaponry is antiquated and obsolete. In fact, they lack resources to power their army. Why would they launch missiles at Japan? What is the military strategy behind that, a desire to be wiped off the face of he earth? They have no navy or air force of note and are essentially an ill-equipped land army.

As for China following a strategy similar to Russia's invasion of he Ukraine. Who in the Chinese government espouses that model? The Russian invasion of the Ukraine is not succeeding as expected and is indeed, at the moment, a fiasco. Plus, the determinants are not similar. Taiwan offers no military threat to China. Taiwan is not going to join NATO or acquire nuclear weapons.

What is wrong with the individuals in the central government who are clamoring to militarize Japan? Do they suffer from delusions? Some odd psychopathology. Feelings of inadequacy? Bad toilet training? Oedipal issues? Are they simply crazy?

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Posted in: West, Russia mull nuclear steps in a 'more dangerous' world See in context

Daniel Ellsberg, has written eloquently on the topic: The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. One element he highlights is the intent to launch the entirety of the USA nuclear arsenal in tandem aka all at once, in response to a first strike threat - not a first strike, a first strike 'threat'. Targeting every city of 25,000 or larger in Russia and also nuking China just because. That's an actual plan. The only opponent was the head of the Marines. Your tax dollars at work. Read the book.

The quaint notion of a limited or tactical nuclear war is completely insane.

The inevitable result is the immediate end of civilization and the death of every living thing via nuclear winter.

One might note, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, is responsible for a trillion dollar upgrade & expansion of the nuclear arsenal. Joe Biden was vice-president in that administration.

Nuclear war. Armageddon. Inevitable. As, Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky and other scholars and military experts have noted, it is a miracle that the planet has not been destroyed by nuclear apocalypse and a matter of what passes for luck - such as the actions of Stanislav Petrov, in 1983. As is, which seemingly is not slated to change, nuclear war will happen.

Unless actions are taken to reduce and eliminate the threat of nuclear war - the day will arise where nuclear war ends our very lives. Think about that. Your political and military leaders are the responsible parties planning out such. These people are willing to kill off all of you - and for what? And there are discussions in a public sphere entertaining the notion of a limited nuclear exchange, as if it is a parlor game.

It is imperative to limit, ban and eventually dispose of nuclear weapons. Which requires diplomacy and treaties. Not theoretical treatise on limited nuclear exchanges. Examine any in depth assessment of the top brass in the U.S. military - they actually entertain the notion of total war and the use of nuclear weapons. They are very, very dangerous people and will be the death of us all - many have absolutely no respect for 'civilians' aka politicians, up to the president. Read various commentary by Curtis LeMay or Maxwell Taylor to get a feel for these so-called warriors and their willingness to use nuclear weapons.

As Khrushchev said, "The living will envy the dead."

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Posted in: Japan's historic yakuza leaders wax philosophic, with selected memorable quotations See in context

Really? The Yakuza philosophy? Brutal, criminal thugs who were used to undermine democracy after the Great Asian War. Who belong in prison. Individuals with absolutely no redeeming social value, dealing in  extortion, protection rackets, sex trafficking, gambling, real estate, and construction.  Let alone murder and violence.

You deign to glorify them in the least, as an act of journalism?

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Posted in: Defense experts back Japan acquiring enemy base strike capability See in context

A pointless exercise. Except to waste money. Be like Switzerland or Ireland. Neutral.

China would flatten Japan. Nor will Japan ever be a military power, let alone Empire.

The USA keeps its client-state as the first line of defense in Asia.

Diplomacy, trade and economic power will persevere. China is an economic power, with no need to encroach on Japan.

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context


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Posted in: A comeback unlike any other? Tiger arrives at the Masters See in context

Tiger Woods. The disgraced former star. Now in his dotage. He should gracefully disappear.

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Posted in: Suga calls for supplementary budget to stimulate economy See in context

Suga, the once seat warmer, anticipating Kishida's arrival. Incredibly inept and a near disaster. Another aged politico who needs to retire to the countryside, along with Abe. Suga was Abe's factotum and it should be well-remembered.

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Posted in: Osaka reaches Miami Open final; Hurkacz wears down Medvedev See in context

A gifted athlete, beginning to once again find her groove.

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Posted in: How China's TikTok, Facebook influencers push propaganda See in context

Influencer. Vapid & insipid.

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Posted in: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ends era of globalization that kept inflation low See in context

Inexpensive goods are the result of low wages. Even so, iPhones assembled by Foxconn cheap labor, do no result in lower retail prices, but equate into enormous profit for the likes of Apple, its shareholders and executives. Nor do prices reflect actual costs.

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Posted in: France tries Chilean accused of murdering Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

Honami, one of Narumi Kurosaki's two sisters, agreed to answer the questions of L'Est Républicain. A 21-year-old student, the age Narumi was when she mysteriously disappeared from the Besançon campus, Honami broke the silence of her family. She lifts, with modesty, the veil on the intimate nightmare experienced by her family. In Honami's eyes, Nicolas Zepeda-Contreras' guilt is no longer matter of doubt. "What he wanted was to have Narumi all to himself," the young Japanese woman says. Interview.

How did you hear at the time that Narumi was missing?

I was informed of my sister's disappearance by the University of Tsukuba (where Narumi was attending school - editor's note), by phone.

What did you first think, in the first few days after this announcement?

I figured we'd find her. I didn't realize it was so serious.

Faced with the void left by Narumi's death, how do you feel today?

It's so difficult that I can't find the words... When she was in Besançon, I was in contact with my sister every day. The last time I really saw her was when she left Japan to travel to France.

How do your parents react to this situation?

I think the only hope left for my parents is to find the truth... My mother became very ill, mentally and physically. She hasn't left her bed for some time.

Why was it so important last June to make the trip to Besançon?

It was so difficult for us that I can't express it, but my parents and I did what we thought was best for Narumi. Meeting our lawyer Sylvie Galley was also very important to us. We wanted things to move forward.

What do you think happened in your sister's room that night?

I can't answer that question....

The police suspect Nicolas Zepeda-Contreras of the worst: do you think he is guilty?

Yes. Of course he's guilty.

You've already met him, what kind of person was he with Narumi?

I spent a lot of time with him and Narumi. He was nice to me, but all he wanted was to have Narumi all to himself. He took for granted the fact that Narumi gave him priority in her life, rather than her family. For example, I couldn't enjoy time with my sister when she came back from Tsukuba and went home.

Has Nicolas Zepeda-Contreras been in contact with you or your family since December 5, 2016?


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Posted in: France tries Chilean accused of murdering Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

On November 30, 2016, Nicolas Zepeda arrived on a flight from Chile to Geneva, Switzerland. From here he took a bus to Dijon, France, and rented a car on December 1, 2016. The drive from Dijon to the town where Narumi lives is about one and a half hours by car. Before leaving Dijon, his credit card records showed he went to a shop and bought a canister of fuel, matches, garbage bags, and detergent spray chlorine.

GPS from his rental car also showed he spent hours driving around small roads and forested areas as well as daily trips from the Chaux forest to Besancon from December 1st to the 4th. He would drive to Narumi’s university, the linguistic center where she studied, and her residence building.

On December 2nd, he was spotted in the university by two students who talked to him. It is not clear how he came in contact with Narumi or when but CCTV footage showed the two of them together at the university.

On December 4th, Narumi visited the sports center for a dance class which ended at 4 pm. That evening, Narumi and Nicolas drove to a restaurant south of Besancon and cameras caught them dining there until around 10 pm. They then headed back to the university residence and CCTV footage showed them entering her residence at around 11 pm.

Many students on Narumi’s floor reported hearing a thud and screams around 3 am but no one called the police, noticed anything when they checked in the hall, and couldn’t tell what room it was coming from.

Nicolas’s rental car was parked outside her residence until December 6th around 4 am. The GPS then showed the car driving in the same forested areas that Nicolas was driving days before.

The next day when Narumi didn’t show up for class, her friends were worried and notified teachers. Her boyfriend Arthur also didn’t receive any replies when he tried to message her. Unfortunately, Nicolas, who hacked Narumi’s Facebook and had access to her phone started sending messages to her friends and family.

Her friends received texts saying she was having trouble with her passport and she needed to go to the embassy. Police later found that her bank card was used on December 6th to purchase a one-way ticket to the city of Lyon where there is a consulate. However, the Japanese consulate that Narumi used was in a different city.

Her family and friends in Japan also received messages saying that she found a new boyfriend, she was traveling alone, or she didn’t have access to the internet. By December 14th, ten days after Narumi was last seen, the school reported her missing.

But Nicolas, who returned the car to the rental shop on December 7th had a huge lead. The rental agency where he returned the car reported that the car was covered in mud both on the inside and outside and even in the trunk of the car.

Nicolas leaving the car rental shop bought a bus ticket back to Geneva then boarded a plane to Barcelona, Spain. He stayed in Spain for a few days visiting his cousin before returning to Geneva on December 12th and boarding a plane back to Chile. He was in Chile even before the school reported Narumi missing.

French police entered her room, they found that it was neat and tidy. However, her wallet containing money as well as her only winter coat was still in her room. Through their search of the room, they found that a blanket, suitcase, her passport, and cell phone were missing. Police also found a fingerprint on a coffee cup that matched Nicolas. They also found his DNA on many objects around her room, as well as the sink and bathroom floor.

Originally the police suspected her new boyfriend Arthur and brought him in for questioning. But once Arthur mentioned that her ex-boyfriend had hacked her Facebook, was constantly harassing her, and was jealous of her new relationship, police investigated further. They found evidence that her ex-boyfriend, Nicolas, in fact, was in France, had been spotted with her and was the last person to see her alive.

Although CCTV footage captured them entering her residence, the police deduced that they must have exited from the emergency exit which doesn’t have a surveillance camera. Police also found blood at the alternative exit. Nicolas was now a suspect and the French police tagged him on INTERPOL as wanted for the suspicion of abduction and murder of Narumi.

French police and searchers went through the vast forests of Chaux in January to try and find Narumi’s body but the search was unsuccessful. A second search that included police officers, divers, dogs, and helicopters was done in April 2017 but nothing was found. A final search operation took place in December 2017 a year after Narumi disappeared. The search area was expanded to include areas not searched before but police still came up empty-handed.

Despite not being able to locate Narumi’s body, prosecutors in France believe they have enough to convict him saying, “a wealth of evidence, including phone records, the geolocation of the suspect’s rental car and credit card receipts as well as witness statements contradict Nicolas’s version of events.”

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Posted in: France tries Chilean accused of murdering Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

Those who harp on about 'Japanese Justice' with the vaguest of understanding, claiming it is impossible to gain a fair trial are simply ignorant. The conviction rate in Japan and the U.S.A. are very similar. Most individuals who are arrested are guilty, which is not to deny 'innocent until proven guilty'. The police are not randomly arresting folks and accusing them of crimes they did not commit.

In this particular case, so called circumstantial evidence is more than an indication he murdered his ex-girlfriend. Let alone the fact, it typifies a certain criminal behavior. The proof needed to gain extradition has a high standard and is not based on whimsy.

Mr. Zepeda is a murderer who travelled a long distance to kill his ex-girlfriend. Nicolas Zepeda, the son of a wealthy Chilean family has engaged he services of a top law firm in France.

Zepeda, the previous September threatened Kurosaki in a video posted online, which he later removed. Kurosaki had entered a new relationship, a development which “clearly exasperated” Zepeda.

In a the video he sent, he gave her an ultimatum of two weeks to bend to his conditions and demands.

The investigation revealed he stopped off at a supermarket on his way to Besancon to buy matches, flammable liquid and bleach

When Zepeda returned his hire car three days after Kurosaki’s disappearance, it was “very dirty” with soil found on the driver’s side and in the trunk, a prosecutor said.

For several days after her disappearances, messages continued to be sent from Kurosaki’s phone to her friends and family, including messages in Japanese.

A Japanese friend of Zepeda told police Zepeda had asked her to translate sentences into Japanese, which later appeared in one of the messages sent from the missing woman’s phone.

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Posted in: Will Smith, Chris Rock confrontation shocks Oscar audience; 'CODA' wins best picture See in context

Will Smith. He been viewing the tape of Tyson and Pinkett - thinking it was he, then getting all macho, bad boy with Mister Rock, slapping him girly style powder puff.

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Posted in: Kishida says Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens foundation of international order See in context

Kishida. Fine for him to make pronouncements. The International Order. Does that refer to G-7 or G-20?

Bush the elder's, New World Order? Obama's, Pivot to Asia? The Monroe Doctrine? The Carter Doctrine? His remarks are vapid - the status quo in Asia is China and India - with Japan as an outpost of the American Empire.

Russia, has stated over the decades, that the expansion of NATO is an impingement on its territorial integrity. For an analogy, examine the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

The shenanigans by various actors (besides Zelenskyy the comedian) spans several decades, as the containment of Russia and the purposeful intent of the USA, is to prevent Russia and the EU from being inclusive. For just a glimmer of insight, consider, what exactly was Hunter Biden doing in tthe Ukraine? What is the purpose of the various NGOs beyond cover for various spy agencies. Then listen to Nuland and Pyatt's conversation regarding picking the next 'leader' of Ukraine. Examine critically, Zelenskyy and how he achieved the presidency and who placed him in office.

It didn't happen in a vacuum. And the machinations of the USA, is intending a world order, the dominance of which is the USA and the retention and expansion of the American Empire. Of which Japan is a client state and Kishida its vassal.

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Posted in: New world order? Pandemic and war rattle globalization See in context

Globalization. put a stake in he heart of that monstrosity. Evolved from Bush he Elder; New World Order. PNAC during Bush 2.0 years. Plan For a New American Century - which led to disaster in Afghanistan & Iraq and financial meltdown by crooked bankers & financiers.

Now, following latest dance craze: Obama Pivot to Asia - Biden following that choreography. Pandemic. War in Europe. West versus East - China, SE Asia, India - wedded with Russia and turning Africa into a Chinese farm. USA containing Russia and pushing Germany down, to reclaim its position as the one indispensable nation. Doomed to failure and the basis for USA power, military, not economic, as the American Empire wanes and burns out. China on the rise. Europe looking to de-couple from USA. New World Order, not as imagined by Biden and his handlers, but imminent as China passes the USA.

The debacle in eastern Europe, a perfect display of the ineffectual and dangerous divorce from reality of American economic planners and a foreign policy that seems cobbled together by a gaggle of ivy-league effetes whose most conspicuous trait is their coiffure and clubby insulation from hat which is real & genuine..

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Posted in: Ueno Park See in context

Oh. I recognize him. That's Jackie Chan's son. Jacko Chum.

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Posted in: Ueno Park See in context


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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for killing his grandmother, stealing her money See in context

Individuals who kill for money are beyond redemption. I am opposed to the death penalty, but locking someone, solitarily, in a box for the entirety of their lifetime is justifiable. A completely heinous crime.

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Posted in: World No. 1 Ash Barty retires from tennis at age 25 See in context

Most excellent.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. remote island defense drill revealed to press See in context

Ready to defend the American Empire from the imagined Chinese invasion. Ready to increase the Defense budget to purchase U.S. armaments at inflated prices. Ready to tear the Constitution to shreds.

All the jingoistic, nationalistic, right-wing fundamentalists who have been having wet dreams about rise of the once great & almighty Japanese Empire are smiling.

All the knowing military aficionados commenting on the paraphernalia of war as if at a fashion show. As if war is a game.

Japan is not chess piece to be captured. The expanse of China is not geographical, it is economic. Why destroy a valuable market?

Japan remains a client state, subservient to the whims of a dying American Empire - allowing an army of occupation on its sovereign soil. Following the dictates of the PNAC. The islands, the first line of defense for the US, in its vain intent to contain China by the only means remaining - use of is bloated military. An armed forces defeated by peasant armies wearing sandals and with donkeys for transport.

As many view a war with China as imminent, the result would be: China, would flatten Japan and turn it into a smoking ruin, an ash-heap. There is no need to invade. Except to turn it into a tree plantation or a Chinese farm.

The wisest course Japan could do follow is to remain neutral like Switzerland and Ireland.

As WW2 revealed, which was obvious to the war planners, Japan is an island with few natural resources and incapable of sustained warfare. More so, in the present. To engage in such is more than folly. To follow the dictates of the USA, even more so.

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Posted in: Tokyo, 15 other prefectures facing power shortage See in context

Turn off all the street lights and traffic signals.

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Posted in: March for Ukraine See in context

Noam Chomsky, protested the Vietnam War. He stood on a corner in Boston/Cambridge with half-a dozen others. Pete Seeger did a similar protest every week against the War in Iraq, with a small number of folks.

Though they were few, many passed by and noticed.

The Vietnam War, of course, brought millions to protest.

In Nara, a group stands on the corner downtown, while thousands walk or drive past. What is noticeable, primarily they are elderly. Their message is a little different. They are opposed to War. And ask for peace between the belligerents. It is an important distinction.

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Posted in: Putin's brazen manipulation of language a perfect example of Orwellian doublespeak See in context

Listening to Putin, is like listening to Bush. Biden. And that heinous pretender Zalenskyy.

The entirety is the result of an ongoing political, economic and historical process. Orwellian indeed.

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