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It is evident that the virus is not simply to be measured by its mortality rate. Until worldwide vaccination is in place there is naught to stop the spread, other than effective, determined protocols which have been advanced ad nauseum. Restricted travel within a locale is one of the tenets. Jetting about the globe appears to be a mainstay for spread of the virus and such as the AO, is to reflect statements above and in the media, insane. In Japan the was transmitted via tourists from Wuhan, in case anybody has amnesia. It did not spontaneously occur, it was transmitted.

Those professing a rather vapid understanding, framed as the virus having an inconsequential morbidity rate, neglect the larger impacts of the virus. Overwhelming numbers of seriously ill individuals require hospitalization and there are not enough healthcare facilities and medical personnel to staff the institutions to treat the afflicted. In addition, overcrowded hospitals, with a large number of patients requiring isolation, disallow admittance of individuals requiring care for medical treatment. Surgeries have to be cancelled along with treatments.

All in all, enacting athletic events such as the AO illustrate the problems writ large in advancing such events. It also pointedly indicates the foolishness of allowing unwarranted international travel during a pandemic. Another revelation is the inadequacy of the healthcare system and the lack of medical staff to deal with a worldwide pandemic.

Vaccines are in place and awaiting manufacture and distribution routes. Athletic contests need to be cancelled and rescheduled. What seems to be lacking, in a simple sense, is patience and which over-ridden by economics. The AO, the Olympics and other big sporting events need to be punted into the dark. Wealthy athletes nee to take a powder and go lounge about their estates in isolation. For those who depend on wages and such from AO and similar events, somehow, there should be a financial offset to provide for necessities and missed wages.

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Ah. Where are all the indifferent people? The ones who parade about during the virus?

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

And. What E X A C T L Y will testing accomplish at this 'late date'? It is moot. You would be compelled to regularly re-test all those who do not have coronavirus. Until the numbers bottom out in either direction.

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What a capital idea. Convene an impeachment trial at the beginning of Biden's reign. A trial that will fail as anything other than a showpiece. The charges are spurious in terms of evidentiary proof. Republicans who vote to impeach would alienate a substantial number from their base, individuals who are rather rabid and will work to unseat the offending individual - not going to happen, they will not vote for articles of impeachment. It requires 67 Senators to vote for impeachment. The entirety is disingenuous, as Trump is vacating office. The only result would be barring him from federal office, which is moot. Trump, is already an old coot, he will be four years older and pushing 80, in 2024, the next presidential election. (As evidenced by the president elect, the mental faculties will not be intact, which is to be generous).

As for 'healing'. “The only path to any reunification of this broken and divided country is by shining a light on the truth," said Rep Madeleine Dean, D-Pa, who will serve as an impeachment manager. "That’s what the impeachment vote was. That’s what the trial in the Senate will be about.” That's amusing. Reunification from an impeachment trial. Truth. And, a shining light. Completely vapid rhetoric. Fitting. If anything, it will harden and magnify the 'division'.

Madeleine Dean, is a faux or pseudo progressive, as described by journalist Dave Lindorf, who Ms. Dean represents. It is fitting she would be the impeachment manager, as she represents the neoliberalism that is embraced by mainstream and right leaning Democrats. She no more possessed by The Truth or representative of a 'shining light' as she aptly reflects the soon to be el jeffe, Mister Biden. Dean is an example of the hollow and self-righteous Democrats who are mired in rhetorical assertions and lack in all courage. Safe bets are their only intent, impeaching Trump, no matter how offensive he may be, is simply theater or reveals something more base among Democrats. Impeaching Trump is a marketing device for the next election cycle.

One might note: 147 Congressional Representatives voted against certifying the election of Biden. Which undermines the articles of impeachment or contrarywise indicates a means to censure.

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The photograph. I count thirteen individuals beneath the banners. All are wearing masks. One individual has their mask pulled down & out of place, while appearing to be talking and another has the mask askew, almost slipping off his nose. The distancing is not perfect, but they are not clustered together. As a juxtaposition between the banners and the small gathering of citizens at a street crossing, it illustrates exactly what? Certainly not an overwhelming number of individuals ignoring a state of emergency order.

There are available resources to figure the reduction in foot traffic and an exact measure of train & bus commuters. There is exact data available from rail companies, specific to stations in Tokyo, Osaka or elsewhere. Using such data would make for a more accurate article.

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The author of the article is opining and provides ABSOUTELY no factual evidence. Not one iota. There are quotes from Governor Koike, which are naught but self-serving and simply vapid P.R. spin. Koike, an individual who seemingly is incapable of applying a firm and continuing policy to ward off an increase in cases of viral infection. No mention of her contrary statements.

The increase in viral infections from covid, exponentially increased due to the GoToTravel campaign. Which not only encouraged 'non-essential' travel, but rewarded it with discounts and urged visiting distant locales within Japan. To add a specificity, the numbers of visitors in Nara, the past two months was evident by the number of autos from other provinces filling parking lots near tourist destinations and the downtown. One might also add, there will be an increase in numbers, following New Year activities within one to three weeks. No mention of such.

Koike, espoused including GoToTravel for Tokyo, when the province & city was excluded for good reason.

Suga, as PM, certainly bears responsibility for the implementation for the GoToTravel and now wants to increase the power of his office to enact restrictive laws. Everything he has done has been contrary to a measured and effective response to the pandemic.

There is a reference, in the article, to 'experts' claiming the emergency order is being ignored. Not one expert is named, let alone quoted.

To borrow from a posting above, by redarrow: Foot traffic data that tech company Agoop Corp. compiled from smartphone location, the number of people in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district on Saturday was reduced by 50% at 3 p.m. and 60% at 9 p.m. The number of commuters using Tokyo Station and Shinagawa Station at approximately 8 a.m. on Jan. 8 — the day after the emergency was declared — was reduced by 40% to 50% compared with pre-pandemic levels.

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It would be 'wise' to simply accept the ruling, as the facts are not in question. Japan, impressed women into sexual slavery. There is no offsetting factor or factors. The nature of that crime is pure evil. A conservative government, that tends to right-wing policies, challenges the findings of crimes against humanity aka war crimes, and its perpetrators aka war criminals, bespeaks of an inability to 'realize the truth'. Not surprising.

To provide context:

In October 2006, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's apology was followed on the same day by a group of 80 Japanese lawmakers' visit to the Yasukuni Shrine which enshrines more than 1,000 convicted war criminals.

Two years after the apology, Shinzo Abe also denied that the Imperial Japanese military had forced comfort women into sexual slavery during World War II.

 In addition, Prime Minister Abe claimed that the Class A war criminals "are not war criminals under the laws of Japan". He also cast doubt on Murayama apology by saying, "The Abe Cabinet is not necessarily keeping to it" and by questioning the definition used in the apology by saying, "There is no definitive answer either in academia or in the international community on what constitutes aggression. Things that happen between countries appear different depending on which side you're looking from.

2015, in response to the joint announcement by Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se to “finally and irreversibly” resolve the “comfort women” issue, some of the 46 remaining survivors expressed their discontent over the agreement. “It seems neither government cares about the victims. I don't count what they have agreed today. What we want is not monetary compensation but a legal one. We don’t want money. Those who commit crimes must take official, legal responsibility. I will fight until the day I die,” said survivor Lee Yong-soo.

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Posted in: Japan to expand virus state of emergency beyond Tokyo as cases top 300,000 See in context

Protocols, contrary to some opinions do work and helped stave off spread of the virus. Masks do protect both the wearer and those encountered. There are numerous scientific, peer-reviewed research papers that attest to their effectiveness. Individuals in the effected areas, need to limit their travels to that which is necessary and not travel to other areas.

GoToTravel was directly responsible for an increase in the spread of the virus. As for the numerous anecdotal accounts, they are fairly meaningless. We are not yet close to the middle of Winter which will contribute to the spread due to being confined indoors and the domestic transmission of Covid. A vaccine will hopefully be administered in March, if not earlier.

The USA, with the most ignorant response and a citizenry that is seemingly collectively out-of-their-minds is a perfect example of What Not To Do. Japan has a more measured and successful response. USA: 380,000 deaths. New York state: 40,020. Japan, less than 4,000. Japan has 0.1% the number of deaths compared to New York. And only 0.01% of the number of deaths compared to the USA.

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Posted in: Gov't to expand state of emergency to cover Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo See in context

The distinct very 'White' opinions denigrating Japanese 'hygiene' and somehow determining it is all a façade masking Japanese 'superiority', is expressly ignorant. One of the largest impacts effecting the spread of the virus is/was the GoToTravel. Following protocols was & remains very effective.

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Hey Bob. There are no nation states that practice Open Market Capitalism. The USA practices a form of statism. Calling it 'capitalism', is amusing. Take a good look at the US budget. Essentially, the budget props up large corporate entities. Privatization of schools. Start there.

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UBI. The word B A S I C, determines the intent. The monthly income provides a very minimal amount of money, that combined with a low-wage paying job avails one of basic necessities. Though 70,000 yen seems rather miserly. 100,000 yen would improve the 'quality' of life allowing low wage earners a degree of comfort, hardly a measure of luxury. However, reducing social services or other beneficial programs as a balance to spending is ridiculous. As a means of ensuring a healthy society both are necessary and current programs should be retained and improved & well-funded.

The economics and financial aspects are easily available, as the yen is a fiat currency. The money would flow back into the economy, if not, it rests in Japanese banks. Contrariwise to the propaganda that attends to the very Christian protestant ethic, mind numbing, wearying, excessive hours of work are not the essence of a divine plan for humanity. Unknown if there is a god and rather moot if there is, THE DIVINE PLAN, if there is or was one, is not the 40 hour week with overtime, along with low-pay and essentially working oneself to death which is incredibly dumb & stupid. The world is a wonderous place, life is an incredible gift and having the good grace and opportunity to find joy in each and every moment, ever so simple, can be found in meaningful work, be it at service to others or crafting that which is beneficial & beautiful, which is more in line with any manner of why we are here. UBI can be a mainstay to not only allowing folks to live a decent life, but to simply enjoy it.

Economics is treated as if it was book-keeping. It is a creative art and imaginatively applied can enrich the many. Unfortunately, its use seems to be a means to justify exploitive policies that are harmful to the multitude or create a magic cookie jar for those empowered to use it as if a thief. Creating a Universal Basic Income, is a welcome advance to creating a more holistic society and buffering obvious poverty which causes grievous harm. The 100,000 yen was an exemplary idea and though small, was helpful.

One can see the forces of opposition, most clearly, reflected in a place like the USA and its progenitors on the right and in the neoliberal policies that advocate austerity, among such as Joe Biden and McConnell, both men of incredible privilege who have handed princely sums to their benefactors, but ignore the plight of the people. The same exists in Japan among the ruling classes. Such individuals care not for the common good. They lack humanity. And austerity is for everyone, but themselves and the obscenely wealthy they actually represent. Japan needs to follow its own path and quit mimicking the bad economic policies and strategies that reinforce that Japan is a client state to the US. UBI is a wonderful idea and will benefit society as a whole.

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Posted in: GOP plans to upend Biden win for Trump rips party apart See in context

Excellent. Trump manages to destroy the Republican Party. Many members of the base voted for Trump based on the intention and awareness to burn the Republican Party to the ground, as it no longer represented their interests, only that of elites. A similar scenario unleashing in the party of opposition headed by Biden & tethered to Pelosi, recently illustrated in kicking AOC to the curb over a committee appointment.

Trump has amassed a small fortune in donations, supporting the lunatic notion there was voter fraud and it denied him the presidency. He will pocket the cash and move on, while the right wing crazies perform a ghost dance.

The entirety is surreal, in consideration of the two candidates: one suffering from dementia, but both candidates in varying forms demented.

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PenfoldToday  07:09 am JST

I hope the commenters on here will respect people’s religious freedom and stop getting swept away with fear.

That Shrines and Temples, which have a dedicated interest to some fundamental understanding, did not close their doors on New Year, certainly exhibits that fools inhabit those very orders.

Freedom of religion. That is quaint.

Photographs of Times Square, in New York City, illustrate an empty space, one that is typically filled with over one million people - in a country that often defies a sensible response to the contagion, that the US outshines Japan by such a response does not speak well of Japan. That, in Tokyo or any other Japanese cities there is an inability to comprehend the sheer idiocy of gathering in crowds to celebrate during a pandemic, does not speak well for certain elements of the culture. Nor does visiting a shrine or temple en masse have anything to do with religious freedom, that is a borrowed concept from The West, spouted in ignorance by a foreign devil.

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Posted in: Emperor's evacuation to Kyoto weighed after Fukushima nuclear disaster See in context

Royalty. Voluntarily cutting their electricity, to show cause with the peasantry. How quaintly aristocratic.

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Posted in: Honda to stop auto sales in Russia in 2022 See in context

Won't matter in ten years.

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Posted in: Virus outbreaks, scandals sap public support for Suga See in context

Someone, in a post, compared Taiwan to Japan. Taiwan has a population equal to Osaka. There are 100 million more people in Japan. As for Suga, sap indeed, the placeholder wants to remain in power.

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Posted in: Gov't to pull out of ¥60 bil wind power project off Fukushima See in context

How many seabirds got chopped up? But. Commercial wind generation is a typical imbroglio. So-called green energy needs to be localized - imagine the subsidy monies funding that instead of some mondo wind turbine. Such are not cost efficient, though that term begs definition

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ALTs. Carpetbaggers with no appreciable or marketable skills. Just take off the earrings. The pretense it is some manner of statement, cultural, political, or whatever is ludicrous. In case you are unaware: It is Japan. ALTs are not here on a diplomatic mission or cultural exchange. As if, foreign countries are founts of light in terms of cultural tolerance.

ALTs are rarely certified teachers, if ever, and mostly parrot English. The skill level on a whole is base and often less so. ALTs and so-called English teachers from abroad, many are some of the most incredible dullards. Few, if any, could land a job as a teaching assistant in their homeland. Do the job, it isn't a mercy mission, its a very basic skillset and little else.

As Pico Iyer, once remarked about ALTs and the like, their main talent is they are breathing, can speak basic English and are devoid of any talent or skill in regards to teaching. Or as the Japanese comedienne, Yumi Nagashimi says: "Hey creepy Whiteman with awkward social skills, borderline autism, with halitosis and funky body smell, maybe you want to go to Japan and teach English there." Which seems to fit.

"File a lawsuit," that's amusing.

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan in November more than doubles October figure See in context

Covid-19 came from Wuhan. Not from Italy. Though it did spread to Italy. There is no proof, let me repeat that: no proof that coronavirus originated anywhere other than CHINA.

Essential travelers. Korea, Vietnam and China. Businessmen& women. Politicians of various stripes. US soldiers - not on commercial flights, but military transport to a US base. To wit:  Those travelers will no longer need to observe a 14-day quarantine upon arrival if they test negative for the coronavirus and turn in itineraries among other preventive measures. There are 20 flights weekly between China and Narita.

Both Japanese nationals returning from overseas business trips and foreign residents with valid residence permits in Japan, have no restrictions on their overseas travel destination. You do have to self-quarantine on your return for 14 days. Additionally, one must submit a certificate of a negative test, taken within 72 hours of the flight departure. And not use public transport for two weeks.

Japan will also lift the rule requiring the submission of a negative test result for travelers who will spend less than 14 days at their destination from any of the 11 regions Japan has listed.

For Vietnam, Korea and China the restriction is a Level 2 Alert: Level 2, Avoid Non-essential Travel; Japanese nationals are advised to avoid non-essential travel to the country/area, and to stay alert to the situation and take appropriate safety measures should they decide to travel. Level 2 may be issued regarding a particular infectious disease, when it is decided by the Emergency Committee held under the Article 49 of the IHR that an event constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) in accordance with the Article 12.

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Alright, Octogenarian action heroes. Only one can actually act. The movie industry is so bankrupt it creates absurd charades with performers who are well beyond shelf life - unable to have functioned as thespians, they engaged in various forms of cowboys & Indians. There are no younger, more limber action 'stars' to fill-up the screen. The old-codgers are doing little other than padding their bank accounts. Many are in the great-grandpa range.

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I was an amateur boxer and sparring partner to pros. I could beat-up Logan Paul. Mayweather will toy with Logan Paul, who is less skilled than McGregor. It will be entertaining and a comeuppance for an incredibly annoying dolt. Boxing, its reputation remains intact and has nothing to do with Floyd's business endeavors. Ali fought Inoki. Foreman fought five opponents in an hour. Boxing was not and isn't diminished by spectacle outside its reaches.

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Mayweather has shifted to the entertainment business. Logan Paul, is a senseless creep who somehow makes a living from asinine antics on YouTube - a reflection of the superficial culture that frames much of online so-called social media. Mayweather has a perfect foil - a personality that annoys many and as such, hordes will be willing to pay cash to watch the YouTuber get beat-up by Floyd - that Logan Paul is an egomaniac self-promoter makes it even more profitable. The size difference creates the illusion Logan Paul has a chance to KO the 50-0 champ.

As for turning boxing into a joke, it has naught to do with professional boxing, it is entertainment. Considering various forms of so-called sport, from professional wrestling, which is cheapo drama starring a bevy of steroid freaks in a weird form of drag & latent homosexual undertones, to human cockfighting aka MMA, the stupefying array of distractions includes a litany of bogus acts posing as 'real' events with a very thin patina of authenticity - whatever Logan Paul and others are engaged in doesn't reflect on boxing. It's a circus event. Bring on the clowns.

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Posted in: As virus talks drag, U.S. Congress prepares temporary funding fix See in context

Hoyer, the Democrat, 81 years old shuffling a bill thru the Congress that benefits not the many or the common good. but the elite and the masters of finance. Moscow Mitch, 78 year old, blocking any efforts to expand the recipients of the government largesse in the senate. We the people. apparently meaningless drivel to these creatures of the night. Apparently, the Democrat controlled House is unable to finagle its way to a larger stimulus bill due to senior members of the appropriation committee, a committee the Democrats control. Welcome to the Biden years, strapped by a self-imposed austerity for all but the rich & powerful.

As for Trump and Mar-a-Lago, he entered into an agreement in 1993 with the Palm Beach city council, there is nothing to prevent its use as a residence, he would simply lose the tax status attached to it remaining a 'club'.

Watching the wealthy & aristocracy go tooth and claw over local ordinances in Palm Beach, might be amusing.

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Posted in: Top 10 most desirable Japanese prefectures to live in may show new trend toward small-city living See in context

Nice. Most happy that where I live is not on the list. Keep out!

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Posted in: Man who forced plane to land in Japan by refusing to wear mask continues stance at hotel See in context

Anti-masker, as if it is some manner of a social statement based on an ideology or personal statement. It is a minor mental illness, as it denies the reality of science & medicine, let alone the very large possibility of infecting others. The weird assertion of 'rights' based on some misunderstanding of the term or simple confabulation is basely ignorant and narcissistic.

The spread of the virus is not limited to confined areas or indoors. It can spread outside in the proximity of others if you are not wearing a mask.

Indeed, it is not cultural or nationality. And the need for foreigners to point out the fairly rare instance of non-compliance among natives, hints at a sublimated form of personal racism.

That an individual considers it proper to physically force their way into a dining area, expecting to receive service, as if that is accepted behavior, reveals an incredibly unbalanced individual. Lacking self-awareness is only a small part of this individual's divorce from comportment, let alone reality.

As for laws requiring masks, there are contractual agreements, which have the force of law and are applicable to specific situations where an individual refuses to wear a mask. Such a ploy, 'there is no law' is quaint.

The peculiar justifications for not wearing a mask seemingly reflect personality disorders and reveal individuals whose functional capacity within the social arena are not just limited, but retarded and dysfunctional. As such they simply need to be removed. By ten police if need be, an effective means & in watching its use, very successful and allows compliance with minimal physical force. Oddly, without being overly intimidating. I've observed its employ numerous times and it is very effective. The individual is encircled and without spoken threat or verbal intimidation is informed of the situation and allowed to respond. It is not used arbitrarily.

As for the suggestion, the individual should be physically assaulted or beatdown, it isn't some version of a cowboy movie. That will not end well for either party.

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Posted in: Japan to allow 'large-scale' overseas visitor numbers for 2020 Olympics: report See in context

Wow. That is completely mental.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to make coronavirus vaccines free to residents See in context

Best analogy: just because you pitch in for beer money doesn't make you a member of the household. The whiny, non-citizens who pay taxes because they work in Japan and avail themselves of public resources - seemingly suffer from a sense of entitlement or just haven't grasped the concept of 'citizenship' - as if they should be afforded the same status as natives. Certainly not the way it works in The West. That said, the vaccine will be distributed to ALL residents. And. Your taxes don't necessarily 'pay' for the vaccine - the yen is a fiat currency and can be issued without accumulating 'outside debt' - it is in-house borrowing, so-to-speak.

The absurd opining about the vaccine, as if it has not been tested and approved prior to being dispensed, typifies self-centered foreigners who lack a basic science education or just lack awareness..

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Posted in: Nobel laureate says pandemic raising violence, trafficking See in context

My paramour, with the US Justice department, 'investigates' & prosecutes trafficking in NYC and said there has been a steady and significant rise in the 'activity'. She has unkind words for those 'organizations' that engage in such, she says there is no functional description for the evil.

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Posted in: Key question in Cosby appeal: Does defendant's past matter? See in context

Cosby, a rapist seeks to be released on a technicality. This speaks ill of the legal profession and certainly determines Cosby is either a psychopath, sociopath or both. High dollar attorneys in the pay of criminals bespeak of a criminal justice system that is not just corrupt, but rigged, as always, in favor of the wealthy.

That he seeks to be released because he is elderly and may contract the covid virus is simply another indication of his once and current privileged status. The man is a serial rapist and should have been incarcerated decades ago, instead he was a beloved television character and comedian based on a popular and fabricated persona & image.

He should spend the remainder of his life atoning for his crimes and prison is the best place for him to enact such. Man is a serial rapist looking to be set free. With a bevy of lawyers seeking to do just that via a loophole in the law, regardless of the fact he is guilty.

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Posted in: Americans face new COVID-19 restrictions after Thanksgiving See in context

Comorbidity is a contributing factor to deaths from the virus. Death, however, is caused by COVID. No COVID, the individual would not end-up on a respirator and die. Over 80% of individuals placed on a respirator die. Comparisons to the flue are moot. It isn't influenza any more than it is leprosy.

The pandemic spread world-wide in March. It has been approximately eight months. That there is a compulsion to enact life as if it is 'normal' ignores the impact of such actions.

The means to reducing deaths is to avoid unnecessary contact. Any manner of celebration, sporting event, holiday gathering, on & on & on should be avoided like the plague. That certain individuals are 'suffering' from 'COVID exhaustion', however genuine, need to realize that continued vigilance is necessary. The import of masks & hand washing & disinfectant & social distancing are easily enacted. Those places where protocols are respected and maintained have been successful in reducing the impact of COVID.

Those who absurdly claim it is an infringement on their 'freedoms' or rights are ignorant. The means of entitlement purposefully asserted with the most spurious of logic contributes to an ongoing tragedy that could have been tamped down many moons ago. The number of individuals who are completely shameless is not surprising and reflects an overarching lack of responsibility that is evident in certain cultures, especially in The West and particularly the USA. This isn't about politics, it is about the actual health & welfare of the many.

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