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Posted in: Suga vows swift decision on release of Fukushima radioactive water See in context

Suga. LDP. Tepco. Should use it as their own personal source of drinking water.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers show security and COVID-19 countermeasures See in context

Suga, is a promoter of the games. He is one of the individuals responsible for the increasing influx of tourists, especially from China. He is a proponent of foreign tourists as a means to pump up the economy, ignoring the adverse impacts of industrial tourism. The Olympics were a key component to the strategy. As stated, the games will go forward no matter the costs to the public, an unintended reveal, that the health and welfare of the population is not of concern and the citizenry is expendable. What is of import is the monetary investment and the return to shareholders in terms of profit. The recent intent to allow business travel to Japan is tied to the games, as preparatory measures are required to get the games on track. Though not the sole reason, it is a large factor and certainly unwise. Suga has served a lifetime in service to a master other than the people or the greater good, such is reflected in the rebirth of an intent to hold the games, no matter the cost.

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Posted in: Tokyo Dome considers shareholder meeting as it faces activist pressure See in context

Seth Fischer, owner of Oasis, is a carpetbagging, capitalist desperado, overlord of a hedge fund looking to gain short term profit by manipulating the Tokyo Dome Corporation to fit very shallow ends. The point being profit from an eventual stock sale after inflating the value by installing pliable board members and dismissing the current president. There is no concern for long term profitability or health of the company in terms of sustainability or the fortunes of employees of the company. Oasis is a so called 'activist' investor, outsiders looking to enact structural changes that will benefit Oasis's portfolio. Seth Fischer cares not for Japanese tradition and custom, he intends to impose a western model, his overall strategy is to allow foreign investors to profit off Japanese companies, devoid of the responsibility of ownership. He lives in Hong Kong, is from New York and his firm is registered in a tax haven, the Cayman Islands, a notorious tax shelter. He cares not, one wit for the Yomiuri Giants, his complete concern has one focus, profitability for a minority of stockholders aka his firm. He sees a balance sheet, infrastructure and immediate return on investment. He's a vulture.

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Posted in: Bear killed after wandering around Ishikawa shopping mall for more than 13 hours See in context

WTF. Shooting a bear in a shopping mall? Let alone using some barbarian from a hunting association aka club! I worked for the U.S. Park Service, capturing and relocating a bear is not rocket science.

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine for 2nd straight month See in context

Abe, a right wing, conservative, full of ambition & ego, dreamt of an imperial Japan, same as his War Criminal grandfather, attempting to re-establish the military with the same fevered dream as the criminals & butchers enshrined at Yasukuni. As PM his accomplishments are nil, having failed to act for the greater good and to enable the common people to prosper. Instead, his end all, the coronavirus, an economy in tatters, no viable plan for a sustainable economy, capped by a trip to Yasukuni Shrine. Abenomics based on the failed model of Reaganomics and dubbed by Stockman, who devised it, as fraudulent and doesn't work.

He fully & purposefully violates any manner of diplomacy by visiting a shrine that honors not war dead, but war criminals. It reflects his abject failures and the obvious tenor of his rule.

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Posted in: Cyberattacks on coronavirus vaccine projects confirmed in Japan See in context

The U.S. firm did not disclose the names of the targeted institutions, but said it suspects the attacks have been attempted by a Chinese hacker group based on the techniques employed.

Suspects. Hacker group. That is meaningless speculation. The NSA, which tracks everything would be well aware of the source. China and Russia already have vaccines.

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Posted in: Japan's populist, pragmatic new PM Suga pushes Abe's vision See in context

Suga. Neither pragmatic or populist. An old man, with the pretense of a humble background, which he abandoned many moons ago. a party hack & enforcer who has assumed power and has a tyrannical underpinning to his method for gaining his will. A man of no vision or actual intent to enact a better world for Japan. He simply serves the powers greater than himself and a rather ordinary corrupt cronyism.

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Posted in: Cabinet to spend ¥549.2 bil in reserve funds on virus subsidies See in context

The yen is a fiat currency. It can be employed to pump-up the economy and easily offset.

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Posted in: Suga sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Suga. An old man with a fossilized mind, unable to discern the spite that he displays by honoring dead war criminals. Another conservative right-wing reactionary.

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Posted in: Teacher beheaded in France; police shoot dead suspected killer See in context

There is no information about the attack other than the basic facts in regards to the actual killing.

There is no evidence linking the killer to a terrorist group. Whatever the motivation it was a gruesome act of murder.

The teacher who presented a lesson, employing the Hebdo caricature, asked the Muslim students to leave the classroom, so that they would not be offended by the cartoon.  

According to the French newspaper Le Monde, some Muslim parents complained to the school about the teacher's decision to use one or more of the cartoons as part of a discussion about the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

What happened?

The municipal police of Conflans Sainte-Honorine alerted the national police after discovering a decapitated person. The local police officers first arrived at the scene around 17:00 on Friday, France 3 Ile-de-France reports.

A man wielding a large knife reportedly attacked the teacher in the street before running off.

The police pursued him and confronted him in the nearby district Éragny.

He shot at police with an air pistol (a non-lethal weapon), FranceInfo reports. The police fired ten shots and killed the assailant. The police had asked him to put down his weapon, but he refused, FranceInfo reports. 

Police have provided few other details about the attacker, the victim or the incident.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lowering int'l travel advisories issued over pandemic See in context

The virus is more deadly than influenza by a factor of ten. There is no immunity to covid-19. There is built-up immunity to influenza, along with a seasonal vaccine. Influenza is seasonal. Covid-19 is not. Staged videos: that is mental. Any large urban area can provide plenty of evidence of covid-19, go talk to an actual emergency room physician, anywhere.

USA: 22,000 Influenza deaths

USA: 218,000 covid-19 deaths

Mortality ratio for influenza: 0.1%

Mortality ratio for Covid-19: 3.5%

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Posted in: What's fake, what's not See in context

Who is Gucci?

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Posted in: Suga vows to do all it takes to organize Tokyo Olympics next year See in context

Eh. Suga is completely unaware of the second wave throughout all of Europe and the UK. Let alone the continuing pandemic disaster in the USA.

Does he recall his involvement in amping up tourists from China? And where that led to: a dependency on China for tourist cash, the disappearance of such crashed the tourist economy and then the economy at large. He is looking to repeat his folly with the Olympic Games?

Unless there is a vaccine by January, it is complete madness to have the Olympic Games.

Suga is an old man with a fossilized mind, besides being a petty tyrant.

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Posted in: Japan to test anti-virus measures for big events at near-full stadium See in context

Wow. That is completely insane. Guinea pigs for the Olympics. The contempt that the corporate powers have for the population is immeasurable.

How about: All the sponsors and those who will profit from the 2021 Olympic Games are crowded into the stadium with their families, alongside an equal number of infected individuals.

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Posted in: Japan to release treated Fukushima water into sea, media report See in context

Nihonview: "Maybe, South Korea and all of the other countries who are complaining will allow Japan to build water tanks in their country. I wonder what they will say. By the way, other countries do exactly the same thing."

Name the countries that do the same. Only 'meltdown' other than Chernobyl and a partial at Three Mile Island: Fukushima is unique and close by one of the world's largest, most populated urban area.

In all of history, only two events have been designated "level 7" nuclear accidents, the classification used by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to refer to major events with widespread health and environmental effects. 

The first, Chernobyl, is often referred to as the world's worst nuclear accident. The second, Fukushima, has been described by some scientists as even more destructive.

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Posted in: Dentsu lobbied for and funded campaign for Tokyo Olympics, documents show See in context

The COVID-19 Games. Dying to get to the finish line.

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Posted in: Record 96,000 households receive gov't support for rent amid pandemic See in context

Singapore: population 5.7 million. Japan: 127 million. Not a valid comparison.

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Posted in: Tsunami-hit Onagawa nuclear reactor gets OK to restart See in context

Quite simply: sheer madness. And once again indicates the powers-that-be who lord over us care not one whit about the citizenry.

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Posted in: Berlin allows 'comfort woman' statue to remain for time being See in context

"We will continue efforts to receive a fair evaluation from the international community," Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato.

"Germany is also one of the countries defeated in World War II along with Japan. But it was very different from Japan as it took the lead by apologizing for its past history," she said at a press conference in Seoul.

That right-wing, conservative, jingoist individuals fail to see the heinous crime as requiring more than mea culpa, speaks to a blindness that lacks any rationality and is shamelessly ignoring fact.

Germany, unlike Japan, not only atones for the evil it committed but, has preserved the former Nazi German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau to remind of the horrors committed during the Holocaust and it remains an ever-present reminder and symbol for future generations. Nationalist fervor is discouraged along with the pride that feeds such a venture and pure evil. Nor are the misdeeds of its rulers exorcised from history textbooks.

Japan committed numerous atrocities and the deafness and arrogance exhibited by such as former PM Abe and those of his station bespeaks of an inability to accept reality, in so many facets. Let alone to atone for such. The USA also exhibits such arrogance by not apologizing (at a minimum) for the slaughter of innocents in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the firebombing of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Swimmer Seto to sit out rest of year as punishment for affair See in context

Huh. Amusing. The world champion, sort of, gets put on the shelf - though only prevented from participation in official activities for the remainder of the year aka three months. By an 'ethics committee'. But, he is free to compete. Affairs are verboten by contract. What about the employ of sex workers, is that okay, as it lacks emotional intimacy and is a business transaction?

Apparently, the image doesn't match the actuality, who would have thunk it. If he loses his revenue stream from All Nippon Airways, perhaps he can re-image as a promoter of 'love hotels'.

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Posted in: Tokyo protests to China over its ships entering Japanese waters See in context

That's amusing: Japan would firmly defend its territorial waters, land and airspace “with a sense of urgency."

Meanwhile, the PM of Japan, who purposefully cultivated industrial tourism aka Chinese tourists and wishes to 'open the borders' to such tourists prior to The Games, disassociates one policy from the other. Besides the factor Japanese companies have outsourced to China. Cultivating China as a market further empowers China and creates an imbalance economically and invites a means of retaliation using a non-primary asset producing revenue for a foreign entity to cut off a dependent cash flow. Chinese tourists can go elsewhere. China doesn't need to drive Hondas or Toyotas, they can tool around in Teslas or any other alternative.

The Chinese retaliated against South Korea, in a policy dispute, by disallowing travel to SK by Chinese tourists. SK tourism is dependent on China and revenues dropped by 50%, with the absence of Chinese tourists.

China will use every means possible to achieve its aims. Continued dependency on China, in terms of outsourcing, be it manufacturing, assembly or importing tourists is beyond foolish, as it further empowers China. If the dispute is over natural resources in remote islands, what possible response can Japan formulate to ward of the dominant power in Asia other than diplomacy, exactly none. Chinese vessels in disputed waters are symbolic acts, if China wants to put the screws to Japan, they will do so economically to achieve their aims.

The invasion of China, by Japan almost 100 years ago, is rather moot in terms of formulating current policies, no matter the supposed harboring of resentment by an abstract entity.

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Posted in: With aggressive lobbying by Suga, optimism grows that Tokyo will hold Olympics See in context

"So much preparation has been done already, so the Games will happen whatever the cost," says it all. Suga, an old man, cares not for the citizenry. The man wants to open the borders to tourism. While a pandemic rages world-wide. Suga is an architect of the policies to increase foreign tourism from mainland Asia aka China. That worked out well. The tourism economy became dependent on the Chinese. Who brought Coronavirus to Japan & the world - then result, it crashed the Japanese tourist economy and the economy at large.

South Korea. 50% of the tourist economy is dependent on Chinese tourists. South Korea oppose certain policies of China. China banned Chinese tourists from visiting South Korea and crushed a large sector of the Korean economy. WHY would Japan expect China to act otherwise in dealing with Japan. Suga is thoughtless and simply near his expiration date, he only cares about the short term and his ego.

Olympics. All that matters to the powerful, is recovering their investment.

Patience and common sense seems to be lacking - no tourists or Olympics until there is a functional vaccine and the pandemic disappears.

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Posted in: Mail delivery robot makes test run on Tokyo road See in context

Robot mail delivery because of covid? That's a fraudulent narrative. Last I checked, the mail delivery person, puts the mail, in the mail box. Any contact can be mitigated by masks and protective shields and gloves. Much cheaper than robots. Where does such idiocy arise? Elon Musk? Bill Gates? Wow.

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Posted in: Public must be ready for some Tokyo Olympics-linked COVID spike: expert See in context

Wow. Those on high declare 'we' must prepare for a spike in Covid - because those who ostensibly represent the interests of the citizenry, the health & welfare of the people instead, intend to hold The Olympic Games, in spite of the danger it presents to the populous.

Cancel the games.

Japan's former director of the Infectious Disease Surveillance Center at Japan's NIID, kowtows to those who are pushing the games and fails to oppose an event that will literally kill people, is beyond the ken. Maybe he should go work for Trump.

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Posted in: Prepare to get rid of 'hanko,' Suga tells government See in context

Distance learning is completely ignorant. It has no place in an actual education system. Education is a social activity that requires classrooms and interaction between teacher & students, not an online presence. It is especially of import in elementary and high school.

Suga, no matter how long he has been within government, his immediate need to enact change without any mandate points to an autocratic, if not totalitarian.

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Posted in: Djokovic demands line judges be replaced by technology See in context

Djokovic. He's certifiable. As suggested, why don't 'we' replace the players with robots. And just dispense with tradition altogether.

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Posted in: Defense Ministry seeks record ¥5.49 tril budget See in context

An excellent purchase: The F-35, which doesn't need to be shot down, it simply falls out of the sky on its own accord. One of the worst designs ever for a fighter aircraft. A boondoggle, wasting cash which ends up in the coffers of US defense corporation Lockheed.

Military budgets. Japan: 5.4 trillion yen. Vietnam: 500 million yen: one-tenth. Vietnam defeated the USA. Vietnam defeated the French. They fought the Chinese who invaded, in 1978, with endless waves of infantry. The Vietnamese slaughtered Chinese soldiers, over 50,000 in six weeks. Deng Xiaoping, claimed China would over-run Hanoi, in a week, not so. A lesson to be learned - so much for the might Chinese military machine. No endless waves of Chinese soldiers will invade Japan.

The inflated military budget is simply a means to enrich defense contractors and does little to 'guard the country' from foreign enemies. The USA, already has a ring of bases in Japan. China has no need of the isle as it lacks resources. Though it is a staging area for the USA, to 'police' the Asian mainland. No need for a military when you have US forces piled-up all over the place. Which is the only impetus for China 'warring' with Japan, as it is a military outpost for the Great Satan aka Paper Tiger. To attack Japan, is to attack the USA and insures mutual destruction of not just the USA, China and Japan, but the entire planet. Only foolish politicians would invest in such.

The mention of the SDF as a vocational program, forcing individuals into the military because of a lack of viable work opportunities reflects an economics that has failed everywhere it is employed. Funding actual vocational programs and higher education is more efficient and less expensive. And preferable to turning post adolescents into trained killers - which is the intent of the military, no matter how it is coached.

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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

Foreigners, certainly get a twist in their shorts over almost anything that alludes to gross or indecent behavior on the part of non-citizens. As if to defend 'their kind'. There is a certain arrogance, as if a class discriminated against and visited with prejudice drapes the entirety and it is an offense to all that is completely unwarranted. Indeed it is incredibly reactionary.

Though, foreigners, at least from The West are certainly barbarians. As for thieves, cultural affiliations are a viable commentary, as are traits therein, it is pretentious to feign otherwise.

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Posted in: N Korea abductees' families urge Suga for help; North says issue resolved See in context

The kidnapping of nationals, to what purpose, by NK being completely bizarre. Proof that Kim Jong-il was divorced from any grounded reality. 

The weirdest being the kidnapping of Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee, in Hong Kong, a Korean actress on the downslide and later her ex-husband, a director, who had been unable to find financing for his films. The intent to develop a film industry in North Korea. Choi Eun-hee was kidnapped in order to lure her husband Shin Sang-ok to Hong Kong in order to abduct him, Shin Sang-ok being the actual target. They later escaped, while in Vienna, having spent 8 years in NK.

The supposed purport, to develop spies, poses the question: spying for what reason, there is not one that passes any manner of litmus test.

An interesting article detailing the abductions and centered on one of the abductees: Kaoru Hasuike, who was returned to Japan, with his wife Yukiko Okudo after almost 25 years in NK. As a young couple they were kidnapped on the beach by North Korean agents.

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Posted in: Nissan employee testifies against former exec Kelly at trial See in context

Ghosn, blames Macron and the French government. Ghosn is under investigation for similar chicanery in France, as expected, claims his innocence.

French officials assert that Ghosn was engineering a merger that neither Renault or Nissan wanted, with Ghosn making himself indispensable to operations by preventing communication between the two companies.

France, has asserted that Ghosn needs to be held accountable for any malfeasance in Japan. In France, Ghosn was 'offshoring' payments to himself thru an intermediary in the Mideast.

At best, Ghosn is a sociopath, more so a psychopath. Rock star indeed, the man is the epitome of corruption and malfeasance.

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