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Posted in: Matsuyama makes history by winning Masters See in context

Excellent. A fine, fine athlete. Superb!

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Ah. My friend, a former professional athlete and cancer survivor, carried the torch in Nara. When I read comments, about counting noses showing and other boorish postings - most of which (if not wholly) are foreigners - one wonders why they live in Japan. As if their remarks carry any weight or reflect anything other than a very marginal awareness of the culture. As for the Olympics, they will take place or not - at the moment it appears the games will commence in July. If they do, they do, if not, not.

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It's whip fast, obeys commands and doesn't leave unpleasant surprises on the floor -- meet the AlphaDog

And it is not a dog. It's a robot. A machine.

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Posted in: Leukemia survivor Ikee wins another Olympic swimming berth See in context

She will be inoculated, as an at risk individual and vaccinated well before the Olympics. Her times will continue to improve and she should be in fine form, come July.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

The only danger is getting busted and going to jail. Louis Armstrong smoked weed EVERY DAY. As does Willie Nelson. Two very righteous human beings.

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO Mikitani says hosting Tokyo Olympics this summer 'too risky' See in context

*Also, all athletes and coaches entering Japan should be required to have already been vaccinated, or* be willing to get vaccinated upon entering the country.

Vaccination. Two inoculations. Initial dose. Three weeks later, second inoculation. Two weeks later, immunity kicks in completely. SO. That is Six Weeks. Being vaccinated upon entering the country would sideline an individual for six weeks. And require a quarantine and isolation period.

The NWSL, USA women's soccer league. Had a tournament comprised of all the teams. No spectators, everyone was tested every day, and were locked down in a confined area with no interaction with outsiders.. Which worked. But, certainly, a smaller venue and less athletes.

Postpone or cancel. Otherwise it will be a fiasco.

As for Rakuten "pulling their sponsorship". The money is already gone and it is a contractual enterprise, you cannot 'cancel' it - to do so will require protracted negotiations. Hopefully, Rakuten is powerful enough to influence other sponsors and pressure the IOC to either postpone or cancel.

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Posted in: Australia says politicians no longer exempt from sexual harassment rules See in context

Australia. Hardly a utopian state. A regressive culture. Keeping the Man Box intact.

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Posted in: How social media turns online arguments between teens into real-world violence See in context

As if, such never occurred previous to 'social media'. Trip with social media, one can choose not to plug-in to begin with or participate. Avoidance.

The article does not cite actual numbers. Presents anecdotal accounts. The framework is confined by immediate geography and such is not addressed in any meaningful or factual sense. Hartford, the sample is 'dozens' of youth in the age range 12-18. A large difference between a 12 year old and 18 year old.

Hartford has a population of 121,000. There is no reference to race and ethnicity or socio-economic status of the targeted group. All of which does not reflect the demographics of the population at large in the USA. It is the 238th ranked city by population in the USA. The poverty rate is almost 30%. It is one of the poorest cities in the US. Almost 25% of the population has failed to graduate from high school.

The article and its assumptions certainly do not apply to Japan nor the population of the USA at large. It is specific to Hartford and based on a very small sample of the population.

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Posted in: What’s it like to shop at FamilyMart’s first 'unmanned' convenience store in Japan? See in context

That's hideous. BOYCOTT!

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Posted in: Red alert See in context

Is that a signal? About numbers of covid-19?

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Posted in: Japanese regulator bans nuclear plant restart over lax safeguards See in context

Radioactive water. As one moves up the food chain, the concentration of radionuclides increases. Imagine that. Consumption of the bounty from the sea, thus becomes a health hazard.

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

Athletes, are supposed to 'move to the head of the line' in late June. That is almost three months hence. The approximate number of Olympic athletes participating is 500. Which doesn't include coaches and staff.

Suga claimed that 35 million would be inoculated with the vaccine in April. That the entire population would be vaccinated by the end of June. Now, vaccines will be delivered to local governments, by the end of June for individuals 65 and older.

Suga received his first dose March 15th.

Countries with small populations, New Zealand: 5 million. Australia: 25 million. So cited are not apt comparisons to Japan.

The pharmaceutical industry in Japan, is incapable of producing a vaccine. Further, manufacturing a patented vaccine is restricted by the capacity of existing facilities. Nor is any viable company going to ramp-up their facilities for a singular event, by constructing new facilities. The costs are prohibited, along with other important factors, such as it takes years to build production & research facilities.

Losses, if the Olympics are cancelled is estimated at 4.5 trillion yen. A 640 billion yen loss, if the games are held in June. Cause enough to hold the Olympics, however truncated.

For those harping on about vaccine development: 200 COVID-19 vaccines are being developed worldwide, and 23 candidates have advanced to phase III clinical trials (as of 25 March 2021).

Cuba will have its entire population vaccinated by the end of August. Perhaps, Suga should contact Cuba to obtain vaccine. The Red Menace aka China is vaccinated approximately 5 million people a day.

Japan, at best, is a laggard in vaccinating its population.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs Beijing Olympics boycott with partners, allies See in context

When the USA, decides to stop manufacturing & assembly of products in China and enacts a full-tilt economic boycott of China, then, sure, boycott the Olympics. Otherwise it is a meaningless and empty gesture. And, perhaps, the USA should close down Guantanamo, halt bombing other countries, such a Syria and withdraw from Afghanistan & Iraq, as a good faith gesture. Tesla, Apple and others should withdraw from doing business in and with China.

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

What does it mean, the many ask? It means, curtail your behavior, follow protocols, remain at home aka sty in place, practice actual social distancing, no unnecessary trips outside the home or work, refrain from public transportation unless completely necessary. Behave appropriately, it is a pandemic, rolling into its second year. So, keep a lid on it, until you are vaccinated.

As for the individual trumpeting HCQ, which has been proven numerous times to not be effective and the absurd notion of Vitamin D & Zinc, which has also proven NOT to have any effect in preventing the spread of the virus - such is the half-baked, nonsense that contributes to the increase in cases. Scientific researc, peer-reviewed, indicated none of those measures are effective, at all.

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Posted in: Why is North Korea skipping the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

NK. Had a very fine women's soccer team - which was supposedly struck by lightning (the entire team) and ingested deer antler powder, which according to NK, mimics PEDs. As such, were banned from competition after testing positive for PEDs and banned in 2011 & 2015. Apparently, when NK athletes underperform in world tournaments, as punishment they are sent to the coal mines. Not attending the Olympics may be a good thing for their future health. It is unfortunate, they seemed to have a talent for soccer and other sports.

However, Covid-19 and relations with Japan & the USA factor in the decision.

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Posted in: Suga to meet fishing industry chief over nuclear waste water disposal See in context

Oregon. Was the recipient of radioactive material aka 'water' from Japan. Which appeared in the fisheries causing so-called 'low-level' contamination. Not a welcome event.

Disposal into the ocean, which is seen as vast and will disseminate any 'polluting' factors is an ongoing mirage. All one need do is look to the famous and extraordinary marine biologist Sylvia Earle, who explains the folly of dumping contaminants, especially 'radioactive water' into the ocean. AND. The ocean does not belong to Japan. If it 'belongs' to 'anyone' it is the creatures and more who dwell within.

Nuclear power, which is continually declared safe by those who profit from its construction and use, is anything but safe. TEPCO has certainly proven this and specifically the problem of waste disposal, let alone the impact of a Chernobyl size disaster. Ten years after the Fukushima event and it is an ongoing problem and will continue to haunt Japan and by circumstance other parts of the world.

Just dump it in the sea seems less than wise. What is imminently apparent is that the current solution is no longer viable. Which should have been considered when it was but an idea to construct nuclear power plants. A big thank you to the Eisenhower administration from over sixty years ago and the Atoms for Peace program. Advocates for nuclear power in Japan were Westinghouse and General Electric, who are responsible & profited from 'selling' nuclear power plants to Japan. Such was written about in the Japan Times: April 12, 2017.

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Posted in: Don't overhype Ikee's return, pleads Japan teammate Irie See in context

Her life is her own. That she remains healthy, is to offer a prayer that such will be.

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Posted in: Swimmer Ikee wins Olympic relay spot after leukemia battle See in context

A powerful and gifted athlete! Good to know she will be on the Olympic Team!

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Posted in: Japan considers deploying F-35B stealth jets to ASDF base in southwest See in context

F-35, the boondoggle that falls out of the sky. An albatross foisted upon Japan by the USA. As if a 'defensive' posture will in any way lead to what is obvious: a diplomatic solution with China.

Weighing 25 tons and costing $100 million per copy, the Lockheed Martin F-35 with its paltry 69% readiness rate can’t replace the reliable, cheap and comparatively lightweight F-16. While stealthy and brimming with high-tech sensors, it’s also maintenance-intensive, buggy and unreliable. Good luck with the not ready for prime time fighter jet.

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Posted in: Seto takes aim at Phelps' 400 individual medley record See in context

Japan, swimming champions are emerging and challenging the records of those who have dominated the sport. All without the use of PEDs.

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Posted in: NEC to provide facial recognition system for check-in, boarding process at Narita and Haneda airports See in context

Time to sing a few verses of 'It's a Brave New World'.

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Posted in: No-confidence motion against minister over ethics violation rejected See in context

Good to see the elements of corruption remain within the organs of government. That peers are not held accountable within ruling party.

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Posted in: 59-year-old 'eternal idol' Seiko Matsuda amazes fans with hasn’t-aged-a-day self-cover See in context

No point in denigrating the woman. Numerous comments border on misogyny. She has managed to lengthen her career. Good for her. In a word full of despicable individuals, she is hardly amongst that number.

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Posted in: LDP proposes Japan strengthen SDF, coast guard capabilities See in context

Ah. The Yanqui version of onward Christian soldiers, urging the acquisition of soon-to-be outdated weapons system against an imagined enemy and a fabulist narrative as a descript of military actions against China. Mostly by foreigners who display very little insight into foreign policy and its dictates.

A baffling analysis of China, from gunpowder to hydrogen bombs and joining the winning team with some odd reference to Armageddon. China does not need to compete, they are the future and the middle Kingdom will extend its rule over the earth, as the waters rise & the fires burn and famine arises throughout the land. China has no need to 'conquer' the world militarily - it is economics & finance that pulldown 'the Great Satan' aka the USA. That Japan remains a client-state of the USA and the aging and elderly politicians are mired in the 17th century does not speak well to the future. The ridiculous de-evolution of state policy to increase in any manner the 'military might' in order to stave off China is an absurdist dream, as if suffering the vapors. The future lies in diplomacy, alliances and cutting ties with the USA. The LDP is a senile organization headed by fools.

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Posted in: 13 lawmakers dine at PM's office building amid pandemic See in context

It is optics. And less than wise. Suga has never led by example. Why bother beginning now.

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Posted in: Osaka governor requests stronger anti-virus steps amid resurgence See in context

Ah. Those who bend to an authoritarian clampdown, cite countries with lesser populations, as examples to successfully stave off the pandemic. Australia, with 25 million & New Zealand, 5 million. Australia covers an expanse as large as the United States. There are more people in the Tokyo metro area than in Australia and New Zealand combined. The comparisons are moot and invalid.

There are less draconian measures that worked in Japan and simply need to be re-established - also, the protocols currently in place need to be emphasized and followed. The incredibly slow rollout of the vaccine and inoculating the population needs to simply speed-up and finish before September.

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

Bat soup. From a market that looks to be out of the middle ages. Who woulda thunk it?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics organizers prepare to resume 'safe' test events See in context

The only safe manner would be Hazmat suits and breathing apparatus. Safe and secure is an impossibility at an international event. The absurdity of holding the Olympics during a pandemic is reinforced by actual circumstance, the fourth wave. The current CDC Director, just today, indicated an increase in cases and hospitalizations.

CDC Director Walensky, indicated the "trajectory of the pandemic in the U.S. looks similar to other European states" such as Germany and France, where there is a, "worrying spike in cases."  One might suggest barring athletes from those regions, essentially, half the world.

The CDC director said that the recent increase in travel — as well as some states loosening coronavirus-related restrictions, is likely behind the increase in cases. One may aptly observe, the Olympics require travel from all over the globe and encourages such from the length & breadth of Japan. Less than wise. 

The only avenue open to safely allowing the Olympics to occur, would be complete inoculation of all participants and spectators. Results indicated a 90% drop in infection risk after participants were fully vaccinated, i.e. two weeks after they received second jabs developed by Pfizer or Moderna. The findings also underscored a high level of protection after just a single dose; participants’ risk of infection was cut by 80% two weeks after their initial vaccination.

Note and heed the fact: The findings were consistent with results from clinical trials conducted prior to the vaccines receiving emergency authorizations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the CDC said.

Holding the Olympics as heretofore described will result in not just a spike, but a health crisis that will overwhelm the entire healthcare system. A fine legacy for Abe, Suga and all involved.

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Posted in: Barty, Osaka advance to Miami Open quarterfinals See in context

Cool. Seems to be the height of articulation among young tennis pros.

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Posted in: Osaka launches campaign to make it new financial center in Asia See in context

Suga. The only thing he is going to do, is leave office. As if he is going to shift the houses of finance from Tokyo to Osaka. And train everyone to speak Chinese. His last 'great idea' was industrial tourism and bringing Chinese tourists to Japan. That worked out well.

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