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Posted in: 2 Americans accused in Ghosn escape to go on trial June 14 See in context

Taylor, is simply a mercenary framed with the 'romantic' notion of being ' a soldier of fortune'.

The Taylors, engage in a criminal activity and are awarded the status of being oddly heroic.

Taylor is a glorified rent-a-cop. As with many in the military having no other skills than fratricide, Taylor formed a mercenary enterprise, that includes such as 'retail security', elevator operators, doormen and goons dressed in black armed with automatic weapons fit for a battlefield but hardly within the confines of suburban America.

This is a man who was convicted of fraud and money-laundering. Heaven knows what mayhem he has been involved in as a business enterprise. He deserves some time in the hoosegow.

Landing in a Japanese prison is an easier gig than an American institution of detention. American prisons are barbaric and dangerous and truly punishing.

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Posted in: Australian man who filmed 4 dead and dying police sent to prison See in context

He was being cited for speeding. Stoned on weed & an amphetamine aka ecstasy. A drugged-up trucker crashed into two police cars, the Porsche and killed four police officers. The truck driver appears to be the criminal offender. Pusey's behavior seems similar to police officers in the 'states'. He's a callous a**hole, but that isn't a crime

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Posted in: Olympic host towns pull out over pandemic See in context

Spending local municipal funds to underwrite the costs of a foreign sports team. During a pandemic. Or even if there wasn't. Such costs should be covered by the IOC or the team itself.

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Posted in: Suga orders defense ministry to set up large-scale vaccination center in Tokyo See in context

Hungary. Population 10 million. 7 million adults. Not relevant.

Sputnik V vaccine is not superior. All vaccines rank about the same effectiveness. Manufacture, storage temperatures and such are distinguishing characteristics in terms of deployment. Nor is their currently an adequate supply which could be purchased by Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers defend request for 500 nurses as virus spikes See in context

Just bring in Filipino nurses. Or nurses from a third World country. It is just about cosmetics anyway. The IOC, administrative & elected officials in the executive branch do not care about the ordinary citizens. Nor do they actually care about the athletes, except for their participant in a spectacle and pageant. Or just hire actors in nursing outfits.

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Posted in: Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost See in context

Please, send Elon Musk on the first mission! Plus, he has oodles of negative energy.

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Posted in: LDP loses 3 by-elections in blow to Suga See in context

Good riddance. The base ineptitude, advancing candidates and appointees that belong in retirement homes and generally enacting atavistic policies, marks the LDP as belonging more to the age of dinosaurs, than the present.

Suga, who was supposed to simply keep the throne warm for the next elderly PM, failed to acquiesce and is intent on misgoverning as is the ken of the LDP. The key accomplishments so far, a surreal intent to hold the Olympics in the midst of a panic, a complete failure to inoculate the population against SARSCoV-2 and the ruin of local economies.

One might suggest, Suga, who was key in cultivating Chinese tourism as a base component of the economy did so to the detriment of local culture and independent businesses. It created a dependence similar to monocropping, instead of a viable & sustainable model for the entire economy. It is also indirectly responsible for the introduction of the virus via Chinese tourists from Wuhan, literally on a tour bus travelling between Tokyo & Osaka with a sidetrip to Nara.

The response of the government aka LDP to the pandemic was anemic and tardy. It is only elements of the culture that helped reduce the spread of the virus, not the actions of the government. The LDP, created the GoToTravel campaign which encouraged travel, in the midst of a pandemic and the result was an increase in the spread of the virus. Clever. The response by the LDP, at best, has been haphazard, ill-advised and a travesty.

Suga and his party have created a less than stellar legacy in their turn at governing. They, indeed, should be turned-out to pasture.

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Posted in: Tesla CEO Elon Musk adds 'Saturday Night Live' hosting job to his to-do list See in context

Elon Musk is the John DeLorean of the 21st century. As above, a grifter and flim-flam artist, one might add psychopath. The U.S. federal government advanced him the means to establish Tesla, and his company has exploited numerous relationships with various government entities to the detriment of those bodies and its citizens. His weird libertarian pose ignores the facts of his success.

I am happy to contribute to any fund that will send him to Mars. Sooner the better.

Tesla, is at best a boutique brand, which will be buried by large concerns when they begin cranking out vehicles of similar & superior design. Musk's parasitical relationship with NASA will eventual fizzle, along with his weird fantasies about living outside the bounds of earth.

What is SNL?

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccination for those under 65 may start in July: minister See in context

Viruses tend to weaken as they transform, because in a weaker form they are likely to spread more easily. This IS how virus' evolve aka mutate and spread, as mentioned above. It is not an opinion, it is a fact within the science of virology & immunology. And was apparent with a strain in Arizona, almost a year ago that was a variant and less virulent, but more contagious.

The data in actual scientific studies shows the present vaccines are still working against the variants - that is scientific fact, not someone's opinion posted on a blog. The individual touting Brazil as a counter example ignores the means and nature of the initial response to the virus in Brazil, which was irresponsible and resulted in a widespread & high infection rate.

As for the effectiveness of the Sputnik vaccine, Gam-COVID-Vac, which has been previously advanced by individual(s) on this site as a magical & superior drug: The downside of recombinant adenovirus-based vaccines is that large doses are required, typically 1010 or 1011 particles, which makes large demands on the manufacturing and quantitation required for rollout on a global scale. There is nothing in Phase III studies that indicate it is a superior vaccine, though it is effective and is similar to the Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine.

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Posted in: Cultural Affairs Commissioner criticizes Japanese music, angering many See in context

There are incredible musicians throughout Japan. From Senri Kawaguchi to myriad other jazz & rock performers. Many toil in obscurity. Any week, nightly, at a club like R.A.G., in Kyoto, the array of musicians in various genres are amazing.

The all female rock band, Band-Maid has a massive international following. Obscure groups like Drops are mostly unknown, but also have an international following as does Tricot. All are female groups.

The innumerable jazz musicians throughout Japan are fantastic, from the former Indigo Jam Unit to the Blue Note Tokyo Allstar Jazz orchestra led by Eric Miyashiro.

Doubtful the 72 year old Japanese version of Lawrence Welk has a clue. And really? Another old man, no wonder the music INDUSTRY is dead, as it well should be, if it is to become the purview of old geezers whose forays into POP produced drivel like Pink Lady, UFO in 1977 or electronic drivel that sounds like calliope music run backwards on a tape machine.

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Posted in: 'No-Mask Picnic Day' organizers cancel their outing See in context

The individuals who deny the 'science' that has revealed the nature and the pathways of the virus, unraveled its structure and produced vaccines - are simply expressing an uniformed opinion with no basis in fact. There are numerous peer reviewed research and academic articles in prestigious journals of virology & immunology and science writ large. Those are difficult to read and comprehend without an education in basic science.

Anyone who has actually read and comprehends the numerous articles written by legitimate scientists and researchers are fully aware that the virus is dangerous and that there are protocols and measures for reducing its spread.

Those who advocate large public picnics in public spaces are not just ill-informed, they are ignorant & dangerous. The virus can spread outdoors by various means and will if such an event takes place.

The bizarre contention about children being unable to 'read faces' completely ignores the fact that the basic interactions for such are between Mother & child, and other family members. Such occurs mostly within the home environment, not at large public picnics. To use such as a justification for not wearing masks is stupid.

As for those in rebellion against the system, that is charming to present such as a rational for not wearing a mask or adhering to protocols. Such respect for the safety of others is customary and mannered within community, ignoring such is hardly a means of rebellion. The reference to an oppressive 'system', is so vague as to be meaningless. Living some fabulist, based on magical thinking life as a hermit off the grid, is simply daft. The difficulty of doing such as an individual is impossible - in community it is possible within a certain means.

The 'system' provides stoplights, gated railroad crossings, speed limits to mention just a few instances, which may seem relatively minor, but are of large import and doesn't broach the array of protective mechanisms that are not an impingement on freedom, but via the social contract are agreed upon mostly by consensus. Consumer safety-laws were hard fought and opposed by 'the system' as represented by rich & powerful individuals who lorded over corporations and large swaths of government. To deem safety measures, emplaced to protect the general population as the hand of a repressive government or a conspiracy by the rich to keep the mob at bay or wallowing in consumptive enterprise is nonsensical and devoid of reality.

The ridiculous statements, that betray not just a misunderstanding of the current pandemic, but reflect a gross ignorance of science and the greater good is not just unfortunate, it is ludicrous and mental. Those individuals are a danger to the body social.

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Posted in: Policeman assigned to Tokyo Olympics torch relay tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Testing positive, the next day - hardly indicative the police officer was infected during the relay. But, he certainly brought the virus to wherever he was along the torch route. He didn't acquire the virus at the torch relay, he spread it at the torch relay gathering. Get it straight. as it will be the pattern at the Covid Olympics. Which will be known as: the super-spreader event of events.

Though the entirety is basically ignorant, no matter the spectacle and just a further indicator that the Olympics will be a fiasco.

Suga imposed a state of emergency from January into the third week of March. Lifted the emergency order, and voila! an increase in the number of cases. Now, one month later, re-imposes a state of emergency. Which seems rather inept. And certainly wedded to Golden Week and keeping the numbers down preceding the Olympics. Where-oh-where is the vaccine?

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Posted in: Wealth of Japan's richest surges nearly 50% during pandemic See in context

Ah. Following the worldwide trend of the inequality of wealth. 21st century version. Wealth should be taxed and billionaires should be kicked to the curb thru the use of a tax system that allows a modicum of wealth, but not billionaires.

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Posted in: Unreleased diary of pioneering Japanese feminist to be displayed See in context

There were many powerful and 'rebellious' women in the early twentieth century, in Japan.

Besides, Hiratsuka, Fumiko Kanako, comes to mind. Kanako's one book, written prior to her suicide at age 23, in 1926: Prison Memoirs of a Japanese Woman, is an important book, illustrating a very intelligent critique of Japanese Society. In particular the family and the role of women. It also broaches the politics of the time. It is not a flattering portrait of Japan. Such is also evident in the text, Reflections on the Way to the Gallows: Rebel Women in Prewar Japan, by Hane, who translated, Prison Memoirs. Hiratsuka, appears in that particular text.

Most are forgot. And brushed over with the shiny glow that focuses on the aristocracy and the monumental architectures that now attract 'tourism' and that mask the ordinary lives within the culture during the period of the early & mid 20th century. None more evident than in the life of Hiratsuka. Now, that she is no longer a danger, she can be resurrected and minimally honored.

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Posted in: Tokyo state of emergency does not affect Games: IOC See in context

Essentially, there is an overarching and not-so-hidden agenda to bring the Olympic Games to Tokyo. The utterances of government officials and the IOC, almost borders on propaganda, ignoring the ever present reality of SARSCoV-2. The mishandling of the response by government and corporate entities producing the vaccines & medical supplies, to be kind, is less than adequate.

Still, ignoring fact & basic reality, leaders enshrined within the state and commanding large government enterprises have failed to purposefully dedicate the substantial resources of the state to eradicating the pandemic. Instead they are focused on the monies spent to bring and hold the Olympics.

This is incredibly evident in the article posted. The rise in the numbers of infection within the two largest urban/metropolitan areas, where the bulk of the population resides, less than a hundred days from the onset of the Olympic Games, is cause for concern, as Golden Week approaches and is not wedded to The Games. Such nonsense uttered by powerful individuals is an indication of a very specific form of mental illness, let alone that those individuals are essentially fabricating lies to justify what is a business proposition, the billions spent on an absurd spectacle during a pandemic.

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency in Osaka; no decision on Tokyo See in context

The vaccination program is non-existent. A big, fat failure of government.

Suga & Kono asserted 35 million would be vaccinated in April. So far, less than 2 million.

The only viable solution is to vaccinate the populous. The pandemic has been ongoing for almost one and one-half years. 16 months, this April. It has waxed and waned. Though vaccines are available, the distribution has been extremely haphazard. Or simply, not at all. The expectation is to have everyone vaccinated by October/November. That is absurd and speaks to an inability to deal with the crisis in a significant manner.

And, as is continually mentioned: the big push is for The Olympics, in the midst of a pandemic, in a country that will not have vaccinated its population prior to an international event. Individuals will be arriving from countries where the pandemic is still out-of-control. Visiting Japan, where the virus is running rampant in the two largest urban areas, among the majority of the population. This will introduce variants and mutations of the virus and produce flare-ups within three weeks of arrival. August will see the largest surge in cases of Covid-19. That attests to and illustrates the incompetence and a lack of care by the heads of government. Are they simply insane?

Many businesses depend on Golden Week, Spring/Summer to generate income. Entire sectors of the economy will fail and go out of business. Especially, small, independent shops and restaurants/cafes. A key component to the local culture. That which distinguishes Japan.

Financial assistance from the government has not been particularly impressive.

Here is the most current information on when vaccines will arrive in Japan:

100 million doses of Pfizer vaccine are to arrive between May/June. Daiichi Sankyo Co., in Japan, began the production of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the vaccine will be distributed immediately after approval by the government. And for some odd reason, AstaZeneca, 120 million doses form the USA are to arrive this month (60 million folks, 2-dose regime). 

Suga & Kono claim 10 million inoculations a week, to take place in May. 

Supposedly, in July foreigners will be administered the vaccine. Everyone to be vaccinated by end of September. 

One can only look at the current situation in disbelief. The heads of state either simply lie or are grossly incompetent.

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Posted in: Suga sends offering to Yasukuni Shrine; Abe visits See in context

Yasukini Shrine. Akin to visiting Bitburg cemetery. Shameless behavior on the part of any P.M., or fellow politico.

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Posted in: Japan to procure enough COVID vaccines for all eligible by end of September See in context

Kono. A fine appointment by Suga. Hopefully, in the future, both will find suitable employment outside of government or simply retire. Neither is capable of managing the acquisition of a suitable and timely supply of the needed vaccine. Let alone implementing a vaccination program.

September? Incredible. Suga 'promised' to have 35 million individuals inoculated in April.

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Posted in: Japan to procure enough COVID vaccines for all eligible by end of September See in context

AlexToday: Maybe this was addressed in some other threads, but I'm just curious, why wouldn't Japan just come up with its own vaccine? It has the knowledge and resources, right? Or am I missing something?

Although the government has committed hundreds of billions of yen for a game-changing medicine in the novel coronavirus pandemic, the domestic industry is just not set up for speedy vaccine development, and such projects have long been a low priority for Japanese pharmaceutical businesses.

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Posted in: Koike says Tokyo Olympics will rekindle hope like 1920 Games after war, Spanish flu See in context

Apparently, Koike is not tuned into the news, from CNN, hardly a scenario within which to hold the Olympics:

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday the pandemic was at a "critical point" and warned that the world needed a reality check. After a brief decrease in March, the number of deaths worldwide is on the rise again, with an average of approximately 12,000 deaths, approaching the 14,500 daily death toll (7-day rolling average) recorded at the end of January. The pandemic is not showing any signs of slowing down, as the 7-day rolling average nears the all-time highs of January -- over 730,000 daily new cases are being reported this week. According to JHU there are 140 million global cases of Covid-19.

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Posted in: Koike says Tokyo Olympics will rekindle hope like 1920 Games after war, Spanish flu See in context


The comments from most of you guys is disrespectful and at times downright nasty. Doesn't make the reading of JapaToday a pleasant experience. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Wonder how the sponsors feel. Wonder what potential sponsors think when they see all your Japan-bashing. Koike, has been through hell in the past year and a half. She's giving the world hope. The athletes, their families, friends and hometowns must really be looking forward to this. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If you live here, be more appreciative. This is a beautiful country, with beautiful people and a rich and sophisticated culture and heritage.

Ah, an apologist for Koike. "Koike, has been thru hell in the past year and a half." Koike is an elitist, scion of wealth & privilege, who has ascended far beyond her station and abilities, other than a penchant for aspiring to positions of power, for which she is not qualified. Her determination to use The Olympics as a vehicle for her personal ambition, ignoring the impacts upon the population at large display her callow ambitions.

Let alone, that you ignore the 'will of the people' who oppose the holding of the Olympics, by 80%. Those are the "beautiful people" who oppose The Olympics.

As for the sponsors, they could have withdrawn or exerted their status & power to hold the games in 2022. An offer by the IOC, that Abe refused.

No one is Japan bashing, in fact the people of Japan, as mentioned, are as a large majority opposed to the Games. The athletes, certainly unfortunate, but they are approximately 11,000 individuals, not 127 million, which is the population of Japan. Many of the athletes in the marquee sports are corporate and a large number are the beneficiaries of a professional relationship which allows a very large advantage in terms of training and often underhanded practices which require testing for PEDs. Best to re-examine your assumptions.

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Posted in: Koike says Tokyo Olympics will rekindle hope like 1920 Games after war, Spanish flu See in context

Koike, is completely delusional. The pandemic is still ongoing. The aftermath will perhaps be NEXT YEAR, NOT in July/August. Having the Olympics while the pandemic is still raging across the world is sheer lunacy, as is allowing un-vaccinated athletes into the country - allowing such, because the vaccine is not being administered worldwide on a schedule that coincides with the Olympics. This is an individual who aspires to be prime minister, yet cares not for the welfare of the people.

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Posted in: Russia bans top Biden officials as tensions soar See in context

Maybe they can start WWIII. And turn the planet into a lump of charcoal.

Gads of baloney about election interference by Russia. Meaningless twaddle. Russia had absolutely o effect on US elections. It is simply a Cold War mentality, reflecting the atavistic leanings of a president, Joe Biden, who should be in a rest home. Instead emplaced atop the American Empire by those members of the status quo, who actually call the tune. Most live on either coast and not in Russia.

And. Ah, the Ukraine. Hunter Biden's stomping ground. Victoria Nuland, U.S. assistant secretary of state for the EU interfering in the internal affairs of the Ukraine, on the behalf of the Obama administration, to install an extreme right-wing regime. Then vice-president Biden running point on that & those schemes.

The empire strikes back.

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Posted in: 2 top LDP officials say Olympics cancelation, no fans still an option See in context

Cases are surging world-wide, not just in Japan. Small countries, such as New Zealand, intend to vaccinate all their athletes. NZ, a population just less than five million. Larger countries are still problematic, with an ongoing fourth wave.

Only 1% of the population has been vaccinated. If Suga and Koike and other responsible parties wish to have the Olympics', it should be contingent on inoculating the citizenry with the covid-19 vaccine. If they are no capable of vaccinating the populous, no Games.

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Posted in: Matsuyama makes history by winning Masters See in context

Excellent. A fine, fine athlete. Superb!

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Posted in: Torch relay in Nara See in context

Ah. My friend, a former professional athlete and cancer survivor, carried the torch in Nara. When I read comments, about counting noses showing and other boorish postings - most of which (if not wholly) are foreigners - one wonders why they live in Japan. As if their remarks carry any weight or reflect anything other than a very marginal awareness of the culture. As for the Olympics, they will take place or not - at the moment it appears the games will commence in July. If they do, they do, if not, not.

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Posted in: Chinese tech company develops robo-dogs See in context

It's whip fast, obeys commands and doesn't leave unpleasant surprises on the floor -- meet the AlphaDog

And it is not a dog. It's a robot. A machine.

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Posted in: Leukemia survivor Ikee wins another Olympic swimming berth See in context

She will be inoculated, as an at risk individual and vaccinated well before the Olympics. Her times will continue to improve and she should be in fine form, come July.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

The only danger is getting busted and going to jail. Louis Armstrong smoked weed EVERY DAY. As does Willie Nelson. Two very righteous human beings.

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO Mikitani says hosting Tokyo Olympics this summer 'too risky' See in context

*Also, all athletes and coaches entering Japan should be required to have already been vaccinated, or* be willing to get vaccinated upon entering the country.

Vaccination. Two inoculations. Initial dose. Three weeks later, second inoculation. Two weeks later, immunity kicks in completely. SO. That is Six Weeks. Being vaccinated upon entering the country would sideline an individual for six weeks. And require a quarantine and isolation period.

The NWSL, USA women's soccer league. Had a tournament comprised of all the teams. No spectators, everyone was tested every day, and were locked down in a confined area with no interaction with outsiders.. Which worked. But, certainly, a smaller venue and less athletes.

Postpone or cancel. Otherwise it will be a fiasco.

As for Rakuten "pulling their sponsorship". The money is already gone and it is a contractual enterprise, you cannot 'cancel' it - to do so will require protracted negotiations. Hopefully, Rakuten is powerful enough to influence other sponsors and pressure the IOC to either postpone or cancel.

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