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Since the government will not recognize Independent Tour Guides, we have had NO revenue for 19 months as the borders are closed and remain so. We have endured and suffered through this, jumping at every little scrap of money program they provide. It is not enough.

They just do not care and would rather us just roll over and die. I landed in Japan in 1983, fly the Japanese flag every day but have never been more embarrassed at the government of Japan until now.

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People who say things like 'they should have had cash flow' are idiots. It is like someone who does not have children telling someone how to raise kids. Every business is NOT in the best of shape because of various personal and business circumstances. It sounds nice on paper to have such funds but the reality of it usually is not happening. My company also is in trouble because of this with over 85% cancellations. Business is rough and my heart goes out to them and any of the other businesses suffering at this time.

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Fearmongering at its finest!!!!! There are only 158 confirmed cases in Japan, 142 with symptoms, 16 without. One death. The ship is American registered, send this numbers to the good ole USA. REPORT FACTS DAMMNIT! Its crap like this that instills fear and little companies like mine suffer the most.

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