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Posted in: Police questioning man over kicking of visually-impaired girl See in context

Its sad state. Why was he unsupervised if he was prone to bad behavior.

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Posted in: Growing restrictions make for frustrated park users See in context

I live next to a park with kids and adults using the park for soccer games and baseball games. I love hearing the noise of happy people doing what they enjoy. If it bothers me i just shut my window and noise is gone. What do they expect kids to do at the park? Sit down and be quiet? Some Japanese people especially the ones in tokyo need to learn how it was like to be a kid. Having fun and enjoying the day. Just because they are miserable. Why should the kids suffer too.

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Posted in: Japan's population target unlikely without migrants but door stays shut See in context

Well immigration is one part of the solution but other solutions need to be found amongst the japanese population too. While i do think the need to know the native language of the country your trying to intergrate into is pretty much essential. There also needs to be changes in societys view on foreginers in japan. Here in canada especially in my area we have many many cultures mixing together and we pride ourselves on being inclusive and accepting of everyone. Japanese society seems to be backwards in this way of thinking. Everyone must become japanese to live in japan. While the culture and societial "rules" are quite different from any western countrys. Its not like we cant learn and be accepting while we are in "their country". If we as foreginers were more accepting and willing to change. The Society would view us in a better light. But for that to work the society also needs to be inclusive towards us while we want to learn about the society the barriers put up by japanese society makes it harder to learn. I love japan and japanese people and the society. But i feel excluded and it makes me not want to see their beautiful culture and people anymore.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

Japanese people as far as i can see arent so much racist as xenophobic. They have been "sealed away" on a little island with their own culture and their own people for many centuries. Its just in the past 50 years that many foreginers are wanting to learn about them their language and their culture. Even to live amongst them. So they are still largely a japanese society with small minoritys. The japanese peope seem willing to accept us over time for the most part but just as we do not understand their culture and society they also do not understand that in america and europe it is a normal part of life to live amongst minoritys and this we are trained from an early age to be accepting of everyone. Yes i know in such a broad sense its hard to say but this is just my own thoughts. I think as more people become interested in japan and japanese culture and society and people they are going to start being more accepting of us. It does take governmental changes which i do agree are lacking but as society demands it more and more the government will start to accept it more and more and eventually those entrenched phobias and misconceptions will start to fade. Learn the language,culture and society and you can start to accept the racist undertones yes but you are also showing that you are not like every other foreginer. If you want to live in your little bubble then its your choice. But if you want to stand out and be accepted to the extent that the society can at the current time accept you then you should become educated about the society you are in.

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