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Posted in: Fake residence cards proliferating as more foreigners overstay visas See in context

I would love to work in japan, but am told only native Japanese speaking jobs available, and from what I have read not many of the workers from Asia speak it either.

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Posted in: What are 'kira kira' names and why Japanese parents choose them for their kids See in context

I like it I have the word Ray in my name means a beam of concentrated light, the Japanese versions that sound similar but are mostly for girls I think, and if there name is light will they try and understand everything about light I wounder...

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Posted in: Defense Ministry seeks record ¥5.49 tril budget See in context

that plane F-35B is a POS it is a sloppy made plane it is like buying a Blu-ray player from Lockheed when you could get it a memory stick from Boing.

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Posted in: Japan eyes using moon water as fuel for space exploration in 2030s See in context

I have thought about this for a long time even before Elon musk is to use a satellite system like Elon Musk made to circle the globe.

      I have mentioned it to him on his Twitter and another contest about getting an assessment of my idea.

No one has returned Emails yet, 

      well once you put up the satellites of pentagons or hexagons orbiting the moon.       

Surrounded by pentagons or hexagons aligned in close orbit, made of plastic from the piles of it on earth, somehow perhaps pressed together then set in orbit to hold in an a rudimentary atmosphere. Much more manageable than a Dysons sphere.

 At some point in time a hexagon or pentagon satellite will malfunction, once it crashes into surface could melt it so to contain the micro dust hazard, and even use the satellite to focus suns rays to trace out areas for drones on surface to build habitats, and make more efficient solar power on moon and on earth. I read a report of 2 women in Japanese organic chemistry that have made a fungus that eats plastic, that later on could be used to eat the plastic making more air. 

maybe make an actual planet like from Nausicaa of the valley of the wind. but with the jungle actually be making the moon inhabitable

maybe Do you like my idea ?

I do not have the graphics but only vivid ideas in my mind I so love japan and the world and sciences of the world and love the idea of breathing air on the moon.

children could play up there. in our life time.

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Posted in: Female LDP lawmaker says some women might make false reports of sexual violence See in context

I think some might want to watch Diana Davison on you tube will give you insights to how some women do lie about such things.

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Posted in: Popular fluffy and round pancake steamed buns return in Japan See in context

Un holly donuts disguised as pancakes!

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Posted in: Samurai face mask covers are here to serve during the pandemic See in context

Ok but what about female samurai face mask also I swear I read there were female samurai also.

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Posted in: Again, no female contenders in Japan's leadership race See in context

Living in america and having seen what female candidates are accused of. It is grotesque at times. i can scarcely imagine whats horrific things would be said of a female politician in japan, one might as well be a collage educated JAV star ruining for congress, so she can at least admit experience of what she would be accused of, and could claim experience to do the work even better. it is a known fact women have to do 5 to 10 times better than a man to be acknowledged even a little.

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Posted in: A chain of 'welding theme parks' is opening in Japan See in context

Aww future Gundam construction builders, my brother might have been a welder also that is very special to me.

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Posted in: Is France turning its back on blasphemy? See in context

the topic about the French and blasphemy everything, when it started is in information above, jokes pokes get used for any attention nowadays, me I dislike nothing more than to hate at all, what I learn from this, when a person once told another person or many, any story book could make them taller in an instant, not one person believed that person could do that, the claim the person made changed as it went among them all. with the power of science placed one of the books on the ground stood on it and said "You see now? can the people in the back hear me also now?" some got angry some made jokes and others did stupid stuff, when a depiction of a story more important than a life something is wrong with the story or the ones getting so upset about it.

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Posted in: Fireman photographs female in bath; gets chased by parents and drives off with mother on bonnet See in context

it is only perverted if it has never been done before, in this case not the situation, but him getting caught was the perverted part of it, being a fire fighter getting caught doing it. with body cams the new fire fighters will have, might get similar footage just not such a safe environment. them space cameras in orbit saw all of it and more. no doubt some one more was watching and reading this story thinking it i thrilling no less, but perhaps more will make movies and film happy or horrific about it. the worsts part is it was not on part of the parents or the girl to authorize or participate in all this one persons act, had it been so would a been a grate show but now it is all a mess not a very fun one ether, just something for all the imagination to contrive about.

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Posted in: Make your face sparkle like shimmering stars with Disney’s space-themed cosmetics lineup See in context

did any of them read the report on glitter pollution?

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store chain begins testing remote controlled robot staff in Tokyo See in context

and as soon as that one person does it enough times they will not need the human to do it any more, what then?

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Posted in: Elon Musk wants YOU to build a brain-computer interface See in context

Where do I sign up? please contact me with that information, on signing up for a test subject.

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Posted in: Young people losing interest in sex, but why? See in context

was told by Japanese to enjoy the many acts of love making is considered to be perverted, and no one wants to be seen as that.

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Posted in: Young people losing interest in sex, but why? See in context

not to mention the growing stigma that modern media puts on intimacy or pleasure. a author once said, you can write in a book about 500 ways to kill a person, but write about a nude man or woman in pleasure, you will get a thousand death threats and even worse from religious people, not to mention the stigma, the cost of such a thing because as soon as others think you want something like that the political and social and accusations of sexism, is a lot. the stress is grate, during covid-19, and social entrapment from other nefarious bullying happens from many directions.

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Posted in: What’s the minimum amount of money Japanese women want their husbands to earn? Survey investigates See in context

What’s the minimum amount of money Japanese home men want their Wives to earn? Survey investigates more or less?

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Posted in: Beyond batteries: Scientists build methanol-powered beetle bot See in context


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Posted in: This sushi is actually cake that fools the eyes See in context

I so love many aspects Japanes and Asian culture I like to share what I learn, with others I am not a teacher gone through collage but Always try to learn more, and some times impart what i know to others, lol I have stopped lately because no one believes the wonderful information I find so I must post what I can when I find it, thank you for letting me share what i can of my love of Japanese and Asian culture and perhaps some day perhaps candidly uncensored!-)

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Posted in: Scientists inspired by 'Star Wars' create artificial skin able to feel See in context

only thing is just a geek moment at what point in any of star wars was that artificial skin mentioned or brought up., star trek had much more en-depth reference to artificial skin that feels as real skin that than Star Wars.

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Posted in: Video games seen becoming a new frontier in digital rights See in context

and when some one designs something in a video game that can be applied in real life who owns the rights to that designer and would that persons creative genus just be stolen? young or old?

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