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Andrew Crisp: I noticed the Japanese spend the day wiping sweat off themselves which is the body's natural cooling mechanism - wipe sweat body heats up further, wipes again the body heats up even further - unless they are in a professional environment or have bad body odour the body's natural cooling system should be left in place

"Living organisms can survive only within a certain temperature range. When the ambient temperature is excessive, humans and many animals cool themselves below ambient by evaporative cooling of sweat (or other aqueous liquid; saliva in dogs, for example); this helps to prevent potentially fatal hyperthermia due to heat stress. The effectiveness of evaporative cooling depends upon humidity; wet-bulb temperature, or more complex calculated quantities such as Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) which also takes account of solar radiation, give a useful indication of the degree of heat stress, and are used by several agencies as the basis for heat stress prevention guidelines."

With global warming and increased humidity at some point the body's natural cooling system doesn't work. There will be no evaporation. There will be no heat lost as liquid sweat will not be changing states to a gas.

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