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Stupid knee jerk reaction by a senior officer pressured by a weak political system. During the past 50 years there's been hundreds of crimes committed by U.S. military personnel in Japan. It's only since the internet and the nosey press media started to bombshell all of us with the smallest acts of a very very few bad apples in our forces. There will always be crimes committed by a bad individual in our ranks booze or no booze. If Japan can't handle the fact that there will always be a crime by someone in our military then threaten them will a pullout of all forces. Look at the crime statistics in the local Yokosuka area and do a percentage analysis on 18,500 Japanese citizens during a year. You'll see that our military are saints compared to hideous crimes committed locally.

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Let's hope Fuji TV and others develop an app for live streaming on Apple TV for a modest price. Just now Korean TV stations have about 5 stations streaming live Korean TV from an app on the Apple TV. The app is nice with many free live streams (11) and the 5 most popular for $2 and up. Seems Korea is a lot smarter than Japanese broadcasters. Fuji TV was available here on Guam for a while long ago until they got greedy........

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