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secretsquirrel comments

Posted in: Japan to test 15,000 people for coronavirus antibodies by end of year See in context

Monty - i@n please wake up and smell the coffee - knowbetter = KnowsBetter . They talk and talk but little is done = SSDD

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Posted in: Japan fights coronavirus in luxurious style with million-yen masks See in context

The article says ‘with the aim of cheering people up’

A fool and his money, comes to mind

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted robbery of Sukiya restaurant See in context

Ok I admit to being a little confused here. This happened in April ! He was arrested on Thursday. And Japan Today reports it today - have I entered some kind of time tunnel ?

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Posted in: No Olympics See in context

Hiro — people don’t understand — but you do !

you are my hero !

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Posted in: U.S. judge delays extradition of 2 men accused of helping Ghosn escape from Japan See in context

OssanAmerica nobody in their right mind would come to Japan and expect a fair trial. Sad but true.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman under fire over remarks against LGBT rights See in context

I wonder just how many have read the comments he is quoted as saying. Yes he is too old (just like most of them). I’ve only works if women are willing to take part

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Posted in: Toyota, Nissan to seek reimbursement from UK if Brexit talks fail: Nikkei See in context

Simian lane - agree. Bye bye Nissan and Toyota. And Honda at Swindon are still using 19th century management practices. Time to modernize your thinking Japan.

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Posted in: Suga, Putin agree to promote territorial talks based on 1956 accord See in context

@ kurisupisu is spot on. Japan cannot pretend to be the victim with its earlier aggression. And besides only a fool would trust Putin

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Posted in: Japan ready to become permanent U.N. Security Council member: Motegi See in context

Japan as A permanent member - no sorry there are too many unresolved domestic issues needing attention now. Too many OLD men running this J gov club. There are zero incentives for young Japanese to raise a new generation. The time of the dinosaurs is over

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic athletes to be exempted from virus entry bans See in context

Test negative within 72 hours. Remember the Chinese student, who had a test done before leaving China. But it was not an acceptable test to Japan !

is there anyone associated with J gov capable of forward thinking ?

ok - silly question

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly says he will prove his innocence without Ghosn See in context

Injustice is too polite. In Japan the prosecution always wins. In China people disappear, in Russia they are poisoned and in America they are just shot. Outrageous I call it

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Posted in: Campaign for LDP leadership starts to pick Abe's successor See in context

Vanityofvanities decent reasonable honest and kind ? but they are all LDP surely !

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Posted in: Who is next after Abe? Potential successors See in context

@El rata

We need Aso - thank you I laughed so much. The only candidate in Japan worse than Abe

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Posted in: Japan to pitch Osaka, Fukuoka as int'l financial hubs after pandemic See in context

There will not be enough incentives to tempt foreign investors. J gov will want too much control.

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Posted in: Japanese war orphans tell of pain, shame and recovery See in context

75 years after Japanese imperialism what lessons have been learnt ?

instead of offering those orphans a home they were abandoned. Time to GSB and think for yourselves. Learn lessons from your own history

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Posted in: Tokyo logs 331 coronavirus cases; Okinawa reports record 159 See in context

Larr flint I am sorry that 9 people do not understand sarcasm. I think the ‘Abenomask’ is great. all I do is drop my chin, then I can eat whilst wearing it. I also like this shinbun ssdd

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Posted in: Gov't under fire over huge COVID-19 aid contract for ad giant Dentsu See in context

@hiro - simply pathetic

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Posted in: Gov't rethinks easing crowd limits at events as infections rise See in context

@lamilly ‘no’ they need to be earning their money. Not filling the pockets of big business

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

Arrived in Japan 2016. Every evening news was about Tokyo 2020 and koike complaining about the high costs she had inherited. I quickly learnt that she is a true politician and I quickly lost all interest in Tokyo 2020. So 2024 or just forget it

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

Ok so none of us know the true figures relating to coved 19 in Japan. But what we do know is that, the media is only telling us what the J gov wants the people to believe. Hell they still dream about a successful Olympics.

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Posted in: IOC, Tokyo Olympic organizers formulate 200 ideas to simplify games See in context

Sensible would have been Japan 2024. macv you will get your wish because no country will have money to spare for this irrelevant event

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Posted in: Virus travel bans separate families even as restrictions ease See in context

@Ashley Shiba says what is factually correct but gets negative responses. Nuts !

this J gov cannot even implement rules governing bicycles, never mind immigration.

Abesolutely clueless

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Posted in: Japan to tighten regulations on dangerous bicycle riding See in context

I’m feeling a bit foolish, been here 4 years and I assumed there were no rules for cyclists. And that pedestrians and motorists just had to get out their way. If this wasn’t so serious it would be really funny.

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Posted in: Business almost as usual in parts of Japan still under restriction See in context

@BrainGuyJapan you miss the point. Smithinjapan is not wishing bad things for Japan. He understands the Jgov PM is abesolutely useless and is a passenger not a leader

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Posted in: Japan, faced with criticism, scrambles to do more coronavirus testing See in context

@oldman_13 I don’t care that you don’t care because yours is the minority view. Thankfully the future of Japan does not depend on people of our age.

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Posted in: Schools reopen in some parts of Japan after pandemic shutdown See in context

The only social distancing I see in Japan is when they are driving their cars

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Posted in: Schools reopen in some parts of Japan after pandemic shutdown See in context

I live in the countryside near Akita, the last 4 days the locals have stopped wearing masks out and about and in shops. Did I miss a new announcement or suggestion ?

schools restarted I see them in groups without masks coming from combeni

obviously the worst is already past.

such a skillfull J gov

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Posted in: Graffiti targeting Wuhan residents over virus found at Yasukuni shrine See in context

@chip star and @mark are both spot on.

this is a non event not worth reporting and certainly not worth any police time.

but the memory of the ww2 dead is insulted by the inclusion of the 1,000+ war criminal names recorded at the Yasukuni shrine. Abe remove those names

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Posted in: Robots on hand to greet coronavirus patients in hotels See in context

I propose Pepper for PM.

they had robots on hand to show spectators to their seats for the Olympics but still insist on using fax.

what a country of contradictions.

I was using fax in 1970.

why are they called “lawmakers” they only make suggestions

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Posted in: Olympic delay and coronavirus add fuel to Abe-Koike political rivalry See in context

Cricky....... Absolutely concur

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