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RichardPearce comments

Posted in: Iran's supreme leader and proxy militias pray for late president and others dead in helicopter crash See in context

It is interesting how pictures and footage of what was called 'millions of protesters' when 'green' thugs were running wild assaulting unarmed police and any citizens that weren't cowed after the 'disputed' reelection of Ahmadinejad, and any other occasion that we were told indicated 'unhappiness with the regime' seems so sparse when compared to the pictures and footage of 'thousands' of mourners for the funeral of an expert in international law and head of the successful efforts to quickly create and manufacture an internationally used Covid vaccine.

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Posted in: War crimes prosecutor seeks arrest of Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Netanyahu See in context

That Germany has been arresting JEWS for being 'antisemitic' shows how ridiculous the JSIP and its supporters definition of that word is.

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Posted in: War crimes prosecutor seeks arrest of Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Netanyahu See in context

It is pretty revealing to see those who fell all over themselves lining up to praise this Prosecutor for bypassing all the jurisdiction problems and the processes put in place to prevent politically motivated arrest warrants to issue one against the democratically elected President of Russia on the rather peculiar theory that evacuating wards of the state from a war zone is a crime, now screaming because he couldn't continue to block the process of issuing arrest warrants for the leaders of the undemocratic (when you are violating the ICSPCA, you, by definition, are not a democracy) Israeli regime any longer.

The ICC had established that it had jurisdiction over Crimes committed in Palestine before the US got Khan appointed the Prosecutor, and the ICJ established that there was a case to be made that the Israeli regime was committing the ULTIMATE Crime Against Humanity, Genocide.

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Posted in: Iran's president, foreign minister and others found dead at helicopter crash site See in context

Have to love how a thoroughly inspected, NNPT compliant, nuclear energy and isotopes program is made to sound like a nuclear weapons program despite every IAEA investigation finding the claims of it being such are unsubstantiated by evidence.

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Posted in: Georgia's president vetoes media law that has provoked weeks of protests See in context

Love how a copy of an AMERICAN law is deemed 'the Russian law' and a threat to democracy by the American government.

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Posted in: Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah; battles rage in northern Gaza See in context

Just a reminder that the ICTR set the precedent that you don't have to take an active part in the killing, or the planning of the killing, or provide direct monetary/supply aid to those committing the genocide to be considered a participant in the genocide.

Helping create the social/political environment that makes the genocide possible has been established as grounds to hold you criminally responsible (and for most civil courts, criminal responsibility means you can be held civilly responsible, too)

So, yes, Biden, Trump, Sumac, Macron, Scholz, and Kishida are indeed targets for any court (including an ICC trying to redeem itself for the fiascos bowing to American pressure has caused over the past few years)

But so too are editors/publishers/broadcasters/influencers and the monetized YouTube, Twitter, Facebook people who are denying or minimizing the genocide and the preceeding Crimes Against Humanity of the Israeli regime.

Yes, you might think there's safety in numbers, especially at the lower ranks of the industry of lies, but that's only a shield for a little while, and only as long as you are an obscure face in the crowd forever. All it takes is a second in the camera's focus, over half a century after you had every reason to believe you had escaped,

Just ask Yaroslav Hunka.

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Posted in: Misery deepens in Gaza's Rafah as Israeli troops press operation See in context

Personally, I think "Famine deepens" would be a far more accurate headline. I mean, the families of the Israeli regime soldiers killed or captured when the Hamas Rebellion reached its goal of the military base that attacks that killed over 200, mostly innocent civilians as Palestine exercised its legal and moral right to defend itself from the 9 months of horrific attack by Israeli preceeding the events of October 7th are miserable. The families of the Israeli's that the Israeli regime killed in its indiscriminate attacks on everything and everybody close to Gaza on the 7th are miserable. But the people facing the three forms of genocide the Israeli regime is committing on Palestinians are STARVING TO DEATH due to that third form, an engineered, deliberately and mercilessly enforced, famine.

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Posted in: Israel moves deeper into Rafah and fights Hamas militants regrouping in northern Gaza See in context

As the Israeli regime faces the problem of what happens when your brutality that is intended to horrify people into submission instead horrifies the world and instead of installing fear in your targets, installs the stubborn strength people who have endured too much too long to be horrified of anything but giving up, the politicians of the countries backing Israel face the problem that even their children's children aren't buying into their prejudices.

It is literally a no win situation for the 'leadership' of the Israeli regime, even the 'opposition leadership', they've committed or condoned too much for even an 'unconditional' negotiated surrender to immunize them from prosecution for long. And, for the leadership of the backers of Israel, they have to wonder if today might be the last day to avoid Chamberlain's fate, and dreading the feeling it actually was months ago.

Every effort to snuff out the protests just makes them bigger, more widespread, and, worst of all from the point of view of those trying to stop them, better at countering the demonization, better at highlighting the hypocrisy, and better about getting THEIR message heard, rather than the message that Israel claims the protests to be sending.

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Posted in: Australia targets social media with parliamentary probe See in context

It is interesting how countries that used to champion a 'free press' when they could heavily influence not only what their own population heard, but other countries populations, too, suddenly are insisting that a 'free press' is a dangerous thing when they realized they now no longer could influence not only what other countries populations heard, but their own populations, too.

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Posted in: Russia celebrates victory in World War II as Putin accuses West of fueling global conflicts See in context

Given that, right now, Russia, singlehandedly (forget about the claims that the Russian military drone model that bears some EXTERNAL resemblance to an Iranian ones is in fact an Iranian drone, there's more holes in that theory than in a fishing net) is more than holding its own against the military industrial complex of not just every European country where the Swastika flew, but also the UK and North America, the theory that without the support of the UK and North America, Russia wouldn't have stood a chance against the industrial might of all the European countries where the Swastika flew has a pretty obvious hole.

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Posted in: Police clear pro-Palestinian protest camp and arrest 33 at DC campus as mayor's hearing is canceled See in context

Gene, Taipei Is China's narrative about some countries like most from his list is less reliable than Trump's narrative about anything.

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Posted in: Police clear pro-Palestinian protest camp and arrest 33 at DC campus as mayor's hearing is canceled See in context

OldMan, Israel always had that law, but politicians in the US, UK, Germany etc like to pretend their country's have it too.

The thing is, not only us the 21st century population of those other countries rejecting that canard, so too are 21st century JEWS.

See the alJazeera article about the protests taking root in the UK elite establishment universities for evidence.

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Posted in: Israel says it reopened key Gaza crossing after rocket attack but U.N. says no aid has entered See in context

Funny how, after a couple of days of it being acknowledged that the Hamas Rebellion conquered the JSIP command center in charge of attacks on southern Palestine, it just, poof, disappeared, not just from the news, but from the memories of every JSIP blogger.

PS, seeing as, like ISIS, the violent extremists of the Israeli regime insist they are not only the true face of Judaism, but the ONLY spokesperson for Jews everywhere over the objections of the majority of their faith, I figured a similar naming system should be used, and as they are an unwelcome presence violently occupying part of Palestine first with the backing, and then the shielding of the same states that I refer to either as the White Imperium or the White Bloc it certainly is a fitting way to refer to such a brutal force of antidemocratic disruption and wanton attacks.

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Posted in: Israel says it reopened key Gaza crossing after rocket attack but U.N. says no aid has entered See in context

What, JSIP extremists lie?


Next, you'll tell me that October 7th WASN'T the start of this, given that JSIP had, in brutal attacks, killed hundreds of Palestinians, including over a hundred innocent civilians, kidnapped, raped, and tortured hundreds more, forcing Palestine to defend itself with a military action against a JSIP terrorist command center, and that JSIP bears the responsibility for any civilian deaths because they were using civilians as human shields, and killing their own to make Palestinians look bad.

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Posted in: Columbia University cancels main commencement ceremony after protests See in context

They figure that, with fewer people, it will be easier to lay a beat down on those foolish enough to have a conscience and act on it.

But given that the choice is between risking a beat down, or being seen as 'looking from the side' as a Holocaust survivor termed knowing what was going on but pretending you didn't, something she saw as being WORSE than a fervent believer who participated in it willingly, they could be caught off guard.

PS, the students (and faculty) know that the original BDS campaign started much smaller, but grew to the point where it broke even the stubborn will of 'the Iron Lady'

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Posted in: China's president arrives in Europe to reinvigorate ties at a time of global tensions See in context

So, as Washington encourages the EU to throw its economy under the bus for America's oligarchs gain, China, which is to BRICS (larger economically than the G7) what America is to the G7, visits the one EU country that still has significant (though shrinking) relations with the 'global south', followed by 2 EU members whose democratically elected governments have good reason to fear being overthrown if they continue to defy American pressure to betray their own population's best interests and prioritize the interests of the American oligarchs.

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Posted in: As China and Iran hunt for dissidents in U.S., the FBI is racing to counter the threat See in context

Well, given that the US operates a death squad that murders 'dissidents', refuses to allow the terrorists it finds useful to be arrested and tried, I take its claims on this matter with the same sized grain of salt I use when I hear Trump claim he's been libelled.

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian protesters set up encampments at universities in Australia See in context

Well, seeing as Australia is a signatory of the CPPCG, and Article 1 of that places equal importance to preventing Genocide through arrest and prosecution of those supporting something that resembles Genocide as it does to arresting and prosecuting those who have perpetrated in, the suggestion of another poster that all those supporting the regime the ICJ (the only court mentioned in the CPPCG) has ruled can be credibly accused of Genocide sounds good to me

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Posted in: U.S. issues hundreds of sanctions targeting Russia; takes aim at Chinese companies See in context

The US trying to economically pressure an isolated Russia (or Iran, or China) would sometimes yield results, if it was applied long enough, and the American demands were subject to being turned into a reasonable ask reciprocated by a reasonable give.

But they're no longer isolated, they're members of an alliance stronger than the G8, so it's more like pushing on a rope, rather than pulling on it.

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Posted in: Violence flares at UCLA as police end protests at New York's Columbia University See in context

Ever wonder why the victims of JSIP murderous violence decided to stage October 7th?

Because of decades of experience of incidents like this, peaceful protests first deemed to be violent and illegal, resulting in arrests and evictions, then being attacked by violent extremists who are deemed to be 'protecting themselves'

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Posted in: U.S. military ships working to build pier for Gaza aid at cost of at least $320 million See in context

Seeing as the plan for this dock is to have aid get stuck on ships out at sea waiting JSIP approval, rather than highly visibly stuck on trucks waiting for the same thing, while the engineered famine kills ever more women and children and elderly, that's a lot of money to make a cosmetic 'fix', sort of like astroturfing over a huge pile of rotting manure.

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Posted in: U.S. opposes ICC probe as Israel fears arrest warrants See in context

I wonder just how bad the ICJ ruling that's going to be made public tomorrow (on whether Germany's continued support for JSIP violates the CPPCG) that has the US already freaking out about ICC charges.

They seem to think that despite everything they've done to keep the ICC from maintaining an active investigation of the charges from the previous JSIP attacks on Gaza's civilians, there are going to be charges anyway, so whatever the ICJ ruling is, they expect the Prosecutor to be too embarrassed to keep stalling pretty soon.

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Posted in: U.S. opposes ICC probe as Israel fears arrest warrants See in context

But I thought they said that there wasn't any evidence that JSIP was breaking international law.

Are they afraid their man in the ICC Prosecutor Office won't be as blinkered in his vision, or that he's going to go with the standard they insisted he use to ignore everything (including a lack of evidence) to lay charges against Putin?

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Posted in: Police make arrests, clear pro-Palestinian camps at two U.S. universities See in context

Playing out the COINTELPRO doesn't work very well when the protesters you are trying to get rid of not only know it too, but saw both sides of it being played out in the movies and TV shows they watched growing up (where the protesters were the heroes and the police, government agents etc running the playbook were not) and are used to nonhierarhical organizations getting things done.

Add in the severity of what they are protesting (what's more severe than genocide?) how ridiculous the attempts to discredit the protests are to the students and faculty of most universities (there's usually two backgrounds to those most active in the protesting against the Israeli regime, and the notion that the Jewish protesters are somehow motivated by antisemitism, or that the non-Jewish victims of the Israeli regime who are fighting the same battle for the same cause, often in cross cooperation would tolerate actual antisemites in their groups, just seems silly) and the ubiquity of the same views amongst their friends who haven't been actively part of the movement and all the crackdowns and bannings and demonization is doing is motivate the nonactive to become active, and then activists, and then fully committed to ushering out the Israeli regime.

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Posted in: Hamas studying new Israeli truce proposal as mediators seek to revive talks See in context

So, the Israeli regime CONTINUES to commit what is probably the crime of genocide, but it is those trying to prevent it from succeeding who are the problem.

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Posted in: U.S., China butt heads over bilateral, regional and global issues See in context

So, Blinken tried the usual 'Do what we say, or else' American line, and Wang responded with a variation of Nelson Mandela's 'Your enemies are not our enemies'.

A cycle that will continue as the G7/G20/White Bloc shrinks in might (and eventually members) and the BRICS/SCO/BRI growx.

As the US veto on Palestine demonstrated, even when basically the entire world says one thing, and the US says another, the American position is that it speaks for the world.

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Posted in: China launches 3-member crew to its space station as it seeks to put astronauts on the moon by 2030 See in context

Now, between the amount of debt, the alienating of significant parts of the world, and the political chaos as America's Boomers begin to unwillingly give way to the Infishers, plus the way that having to more than half their carbon footprint is going to affect every aspect of the American economy I give the Chinese space program better odds at achieving all its goals (international partners, tourism, moon landing, and Mars return samples) than the American space program achieving the return to the Moon landing.

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Posted in: Blinken calls for U.S., China to manage differences See in context

So, in Blinken's version of english, America making problems for the world and China trying to mitigate the effects is both countries behaving responsibly.

Yes, only a few letters separate responsibly and responsibility, but they are IMPORTANT

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Posted in: As Blinken heads to China, these are the major divides he will try to bridge See in context

The problem with what the Americans want China to do is that it isn't in China's interests in the short, medium, or long terms, and what America has to offer isn't very enticing to the world's leading scientific power, which is a member of a group with more economic and political power (in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and soon the ME) than the G8, and a trading network that is becoming not the alternative to the White Bloc's 'all roads lead north' but rather the first choice.

Given that the two big demands that America is making go directly against the central tenet of BRICS and the SCO and pose major problems for the BRI's future, they're nonstarters, so the question is how much sugar China is going to wrap the bitter pill of refusal in.

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Posted in: Protests roiling U.S. colleges escalate with arrests, new encampments and closures See in context

One side effect of the linking of the American support for the breakaway Chinese province of Taipei with the support for the Azov and Israeli regimes is that, in the superficial politics of America, when the unsavory nature of the two regimes becomes acknowledged by the American media, the popularity of supporting the third will inevitably be diminished, and repudiating the support for that breakaway province may come to be seen as a way of retroactively repudiating support for the other two.

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