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Posted in: Japanese anti-drug poster tells would-be addicts to just eat udon instead See in context

I imagine a "would-be addict" is just a step away from being an OD-Wannabe

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Posted in: Train shame See in context

Are we to assume that coaching renegades entails teaching them to simulate Japanese shame programming? It might be a good idea to research Bioenergetics a bit. A classic energy-stealing technique, especially popular in Japan, is creating a feeling of obligation or shame in the mind of the one from whom the energy is to be taken.

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Posted in: 'The Cove' puts Japanese fishermen everywhere on the defense See in context

WHy not just solve the problem in the traditional way? Manipulate finance in such a way as to force Japan to turn to the WOrld Bank or the IMF for help, which is given on condition that they institute "reforms" that allow multinational corporations to buy control of their industries, leading to control of their media, leading to suppression of the issue, and out of sight, out of mind. It works with logging rainforests, etc. It might be a little difficult to bankrupt Japan, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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Posted in: Man dies after being hit by Tokyo Monorail train in tunnel See in context

Good point, Jason6. I found myself agreeing with the deploring of the media harping on the inconvenience aspect, but your comment shifted my point of view.

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Posted in: SLR style compact digital camera See in context

For even less you can get The Real Thing:

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Posted in: Hatoyama backs fiscal regulation; says he's not turning to socialism See in context

One wonders how doing away with toll-free highways is going to help...or is this a typo?

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Posted in: Two women attacked by man with umbrella in Shinjuku See in context

Titian's remark about the KGB probably is prompted by an incorrect memory of the poisoned umbrella used by the Bulgarian secret service to kill a defector in London years ago.

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