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Posted in: Russia's Medvedev says he's sending weapons to disputed isles See in context

I honestly believe that it may be time for Japan to give up their claim on these islands. Yes, they were Japanese, but Russia is never going to hand them back, and let's face it, Japan only has themselves to blame for the situation.

A better approach may be to seek financial compensation / shared exploration rights and potentially, a security pact. (A wise Japan would be playing Russia off against China at this point in time).

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Posted in: Cop caught taking up-skirt videos during anti-pervert campaign See in context

I remember being in Tokyo a couple of years ago and there was a sign which said something like 'Chikan ha hanzai desu' on signs in the station, which roughly translates to 'groping / molesting people on the train is a crime'.

I then imagined how ridiculous it would be to place such a sign say in London St.Pancras. I mean, talk about stating the bloody obvious.

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