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Posted in: Obama moves to suspend Gitmo war crimes trials See in context

8 years of republican hatred and misguided "justice" out the door in one day. Expect these people to take some time to come to terms with reality

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Posted in: Bush, in farewell address, says he acted in nation's best interest See in context

After being away from the site for two years I have to laugh at the likes of Sarge and that who continue to be led blindly by political persuasion, rather than intelligence, ethical standards or the power of individual thought. I am pleased, dare I say over the moon, that everything I wished for in a second Bush term came true.I suggested back in 2004 if America couldn't decide between Bush and Kerry then America needed another four years of Bush to ensure nothing like him would ever be allowed near the whitehouse again. What the world knew four years ago America needed another four years of damage (but this time internally), torture, and the butt of everyone's jokes. Lets just hope America and Americans have learned their lessons. Lets also hope for a new and improved America, seriously the bar is sooooo low it can't be that hard. Good luck to the Democrats!! Farewell to the republicans.

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