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Posted in: TEPCO to miss deadline on decontaminating Fukushima water See in context

Why give TEPCO deadlines when you know it will not deliver?

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Posted in: 3 workers injured at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

The sentence which should have been added at the end as usual is "It was however reported that there was no apparent disturbance on the nuclear reactors and no emissions were recorded"

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

All the effort has been on stopping drivers talking on phone while driving. It is past time much more effort is diverted to awareness campaigns for pedestrians not to walk in cities while engaged on phone....

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Posted in: Gov't says volcanic eruption will have no impact on nuclear restarts See in context

May abnormal profits from nukes, instead of safety, guide the restart decisions; AMEN! What is certain is that volcanoes can cause shifts in the tectonic plates, which in turn can easily lead to earthquakes happening faster. Remember the world is waiting for the big one that is 10 years behind schedule!

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Posted in: Apple a decade behind Japan on mobile payment curve See in context

Thats is the difference between Japan (and most of Asian countries), and western countries, especially USA. They have have invented many things but don't shout about them!

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Posted in: Heavy equipment falls into Fukushima reactor pool See in context

Equipment working around nuclear material should normally be robust with zero error

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Posted in: TEPCO starts diverting Fukushima groundwater to sea See in context

What surprises me is how people think that by TEPCO releasing irradiated water in the ocean, it only affects Japanese fishermen!!! The whole world (land, water and sea) is affected. Japan rubbish was found around American cost a few days after the accident, and this must be the very irradiated water that took it there! The pressure to do right things about this mess should come from world pressure bodies such as greenpeace and other countries that should impose compensation package to TEPCO and japan for messing up the planet with no remorse. And never think the IAEA will improve things as it is formed to promote and its head does not seem enthusiastic to do anything...

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Posted in: Gov't says no change to nuclear policy despite court ruling on Oi reactors See in context

The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said there was “no change at all” in its plan to restart nuclear reactors if they are confirmed safe, despite a ruling by a court in Fukui Prefecture.

I really never knew Japan is a dictatorship like most of these developing countries in Africa...!

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Posted in: Restart of two reactors at Oi nuclear plant to be delayed See in context

Rather surprized that the probability of terrorism to nuclear plants is not considered. it only requires one plane (or even drone) going around bombing all nuclear plants overnight and Japan will come to a standstill!

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Posted in: Japan posts top growth in clean energy spending See in context

Although this does not compensate for the enormous amounts of dangerous non-biodegradable substances spewed into the ecosystems sea air and land, it is a step in the right direction! Investment into R&D for renewables can turn Japan into amazing energy change model studied by all business schools and environment agencies globally. This will be the type of technologies to export, not nuclear....

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Posted in: French magazine reveals Hollande having affair with actress See in context

But i thought this Hollande man is very religious and a church regular! What happened? Because i understand he already has a woman he walks with around!

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Posted in: Abe to offer humanitarian aid to Africa See in context

Africa does not need aid. What it needs is good and fair business/trade. If this is done, Africa will be lending money to struggling countries such as Japan in the very near future..

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Posted in: M5.3 earthquake hits eastern Japan See in context

Well earthquakES are a daily occcurence in Japan. The eyes n ears should be on the unstable, old and poorly managed nuke plants

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Posted in: TEPCO, Mitsubishi plan coal-fired power plants at Fukushima See in context

i think replacement with windmills would send better message

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Posted in: TEPCO starts removing fuel rods from Fukushima No. 4 reactor See in context

The full decommissioning of Fukushima is likely to take decades and include tasks that have never been attempted anywhere in the world. Villages and towns nearby remain largely empty. Fear of radiation makes residents unable or unwilling to return to live in the shadow of the leaking plant.

So, why rely on such an unpredictable, dangerous, anti-people, dirty, precarious, inconveniencing and expensive source of electricity (nuke), which will keep japanese captives for decades? Bocz of money? Theres is more to life than money!! Germany has shown the way..

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Posted in: TEPCO reports Y616.1 billion first-half profit See in context

TEPCO reports Y616.1 billion first-half profit

This must be EBITDA: Meaning earnings Before Interest, Tax, Debts and Amortisation. Briefly, these are just earnings before compensation and any money borrowed from government and other entities, salaries, cleanup charges, etc. The NET earnings after all this is obviously in the jaw-breaking negatives....

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Posted in: LDP panel proposes breaking up TEPCO See in context

The best was to first declare TEPCO bankrupt (financially, morally and intellectually). Sack all directors n managers. Contract a foreign firm to transform the energy sector, including TEPCO. And then follow their recommendations. An internal restructuring process led by same corrupt n greedy nuke village in collaboration with some current corrupt politicians will not help Japanese sector

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Posted in: 8 months, 10 mishaps: A look at Fukushima errors See in context

The workers seem to be stressed, overworked or just fed up with the whole dangerous business. Prolonged low dose radiation may also be having an effect not yet known. They just have to work because they have to survive, but it is obvious that most likely, they would opt out if they had an alternative

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Posted in: Radioactive water overflows barriers at Fukushima plant during heavy rain See in context

I her they have eagerly been waiting for any signs of rain to empty the tanks and give way for more contaminated water as they were short of storage space. Not the first time this happens, remember?!!

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Posted in: TEPCO says it hopes to end 2013 in the black See in context

So shamelessly, the only interest here seems to clearly be how to balance books and quickly start getting the usual abnormal profits; rather than how to ensure the needs of the customers are satisfied: viz security and safety, proper ressettlement and compensation of the displaced, proper nuke waste management and disposal, maintainance of good image as a reliable company of choice for provision of sustainable supplies of cheap, pro-people, safe, clean, environment friendly electricity

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Posted in: Japan goes on gas, coal power building spree to fill nuclear void See in context

I think what is needed urgently to solve future global energy problems that are in line with climate change requirements is definitely not embracing more and more nuke energy. Nukes reduce CO2 emissions, yes, but can easily replace this (for instance in case of accident, malice/intention-e.g. terrorism or carelessness) with more dangerous gases and waste that will stay with us for thousands of years! You sincerely wouldn't like to know when the fukushima nightmare may end. There is need for more R&D in other sources of energy. For instance the whole world knows that the moment storage of electricity from renewables is discovered, the whole energy industry scenario will change. This R&D received less emphasis as the world thought the solution lies in nukes. The story seems now to be different even to sworn advocates of nukes.

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Posted in: Fukushima groundwater radiation spikes near tank See in context

Fukushima groundwater radiation spikes near tank

Nothing new here.....Everybody knows that there are always very high radiation levels around the fukushima plant because contaminated water and poisonous gases have never stopped escaping from the damaged plant since 3/11. The only news people are waiting to hear is that the radiation has reduced and gone back to background level and that contaminated water has been stopped from pouring into and contaminating the sea. They also would like to know the long term strategy for the nuclear waste disposal and the livelihoods of the displaced persons...

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Posted in: Nuclear power still key to Japan's energy mix: officials See in context

Nuclear power still key to Japan's energy mix: officials

The more the small Japan Island sticks to this failed technology in a land of tsunamis, typhoons and dangerous earthquakes, the more people and environment are put to danger and the more expensive and dirty the nuke becomes

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Posted in: 40% of Japanese nuclear export parts have not had safety checks See in context

you mean there are fellas out there still buying Japanese failed nuke technology!!!??

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Posted in: Plastic pad clogs up Fukushima water cleaning system See in context

I hope somebody is counting the cost of nuke energy in terms inconvenience, health of people and planet, funds spent, time, etc. These figures will help in estimating the future estimate cost of investment in nuke energy . Nuke energy was once sold as cheap global energy solution mainly because investment in risk, safety and security was ignored. And because it was sold as cheap, investment into R&D of alternative energy sources suffered. Can some exceptional leader put on a bold brave face and confess that " we misguided the world into a dangerous energy pathway. We must change now".

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Posted in: IAEA offers to help TEPCO monitor radiation in sea See in context

High time IAEA changes leadership and value proposition otherwise its global reputation is on the line. Of all support, it is offering monitoring the ocean! Why not the entire ecosystem and food chain that has been greatly compromised. Is fish the only concern? People fear to buy food from shelves, drink water, literally everything........

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Posted in: Gov't announces plans for 10 contaminated waste storage facilities in Fukushima See in context

So, why has government waited for 3 yrs to do this? i hope the so-called underground silos will not have "holes' that "leak" the poisonous radiation particles into the underground water, the sea and entire food chain.....hard to trust anything these days....

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Posted in: Diet panel questions TEPCO president See in context

It looks more of a PR gimmick....pretending that gvt is putting pressure on TEPCO to get thinks right. Carelessness and/or intentional poisoning of people, the atmosphere and entire natural ecosystems with dangerous nuclear radiation is a crime that must be tried and settled in the international courts of law..

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Posted in: TEPCO chief asks Niigata governor to OK reactor safety screening See in context

But why do these TEPCO guys go to a whole educated and exposed Governor, just to ASK to restart nuke plants as if they are visiting a shrine or ancenstrial spirits? If TEPCO says it puts security above profits then it should show that on paper to the Governor! I mean TEPCO can go to the Governor with written short and long term strategy/plan to ensure security, specifying what exactly the security measures put into place, which, if in agreement to the Governor (in consultation with the prefecture citizens), is signed by both parties and made public. If anything happens, then TEPCO will be held accountable. If this ceremonial ASKING Governors to restart does not stop, and replaced by real business approaches with sustainability, waste disposal, compensation, and accountability issues incorporated into the nuke business strategies, I swear we are only witnessing the beginning of dangerous nuke accidents in Japan.

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Posted in: Fishing operations resume off coast of Fukushima See in context

Nuke does not lie. If you continue eating that contaminated fish, the results will be obvious within 5+ yrs

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