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Posted in: Funds from disaster relief budget given to nuclear operators See in context

It should be people first before the greedy nuclear operators' needs. It is the people that keep their businesses afloat

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Posted in: The radioiodine exposure levels at Fukushima were only a tiny, tiny fraction of those at Chernobyl, which were very significant. Therefore, there just wasn't enough exposure at Fukushima to get thyroi See in context

I think the best radioiodine exposure level is zero. Morever, it is too early to predict...

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog outlines new safety requirements for nuclear plants See in context

Have you realised that the age of the nuke plants is not among the safety guidelines mentioned above? This is of course because almost all are past their sale-by dates! USA and other countries are now decommissioning ageing reactors, while Japan prefers not to even mention the issue!!

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Posted in: Abe to tout nuclear exports at central Europe summit See in context

One would be mad to buy nuke energy technology from Japan at this time....

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog inspects Oi plant See in context

Reason these Oi plants must remain shut is that since they are sitting on an active fault, even the nuclear watchdog inspectors do not know when the next big earthquake will take place.

Anti-nuclear advocates have also sought to have the reactors at the Oi plant shut down because seismologists suspect parts of the plant sit above an active faultline, which would be against Japanese law on nuclear siting.

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Posted in: Abe to step up nuclear technology export drive See in context

One would be mad to buy japan nuke technology, given history. does Japan have moral authority to sell nuke technology at this time?

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Posted in: TEPCO probes leak from new tank at Fukushima plant See in context

TEPCO is currently using a fragile makeshift cooling system that creates large amounts of highly radioactive water......The leak occurred in one of nearly 40 steel tanks TEPCO hastily assembled last month to hold radioactive water from several underground storage pools that were defective and also leaked.

This is what happens when you put profits up and above security n safety of nuke plants and by extension, the people (who keep your business afloat).

The Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan’s nuclear watchdog, urged TEPCO on Wednesday to do more to halt leaks and to try to stop underground water runoff by 2020.

By 2020?!! I hope the authority is not misquoted. People want immediate solutions....

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Posted in: Another contaminated water leak found at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

One wonders just how much more "contaminated water leak" information is NOT filtering through to the media!

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Posted in: TEPCO seeks yet more cash for Fukushima payouts See in context

Only in japan can a mismanaged and incompetent company gas citizens with dangerous radiations out of negligence and still have the audacity to endlessly ask for taxpayers money to pay its losses. None of the TEPCO officials has been interdicted or brought to book. Very very funny situation!!

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Posted in: No rise in cancer seen from Fukushima nuclear disaster: U.N. See in context

Rather too early to pop the champagne!! Why the panic to reassure the public? do they want to restart the remaining expired n faulty nuke plants? N how scientific and authentic are these studies? For instance are they endorsed by WHO?

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Posted in: Gov't suggests TEPCO freeze soil around Fukushima plant See in context

When the final total cost of this fukushima plant alone is known (may be in 2050), people will realise how expensive it can be to run an nuke plant and may be change the energy strategy...I pity countries building new ones..

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Posted in: Japan pledges to tighten nuclear safety measures See in context

I hear these nuke companies + nuke village mafias + corrupt gvt officials fund nuke research institutions/agencies...Therefore, it is a whole nuke ecosystem we are dealing with here which is characterised by arrogance, incompetence, guess work, abnormal profits, lies, technical know-nothing, lack of transparency, etc etc. You are forgiven for yawning when you hear such statements as "Japan pledges to tighten nuclear safety measures"

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Posted in: 4 researchers exposed to radiation at Tokaimura lab See in context

Real truth is hard to come by on nuclear radiation-related issues in japan these days...

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Posted in: Farmers resume planting rice near crippled Fukushima site See in context

desparate to show that things are back to normal such that all other nuke reactors are restarted....madness! When will politicians ever listen to scientists and when will politicians ever put people's concerns ahead of their egos and cheap political exploits

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Posted in: No matter what, we'll never allow terrorists to break into the plant. See in context

Don't lie, sorry thats not the drill for terrorist attacks. The assumption should be that a terrorist plane or planes come (s) full of fuel and hits a nuclear or several nuclear plants in a very short span of time. Can the nuclear plant withstand that; and are the workers and Japanese population in general ready for such multiple massive leaks of dangerous radiation into the atmosphere and ecosystem? Preparations for such scenario is different from the smoke-screen stuff being done to hoodwink people that nuke plants are ready for any eventuality.....

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Posted in: TEPCO seeks permission to dump groundwater from Fukushima plant into ocean See in context

Oceans are global goods. Therefore permission is not only sought from Japan but from international community. During 3/11 Tsunami, debris from Fukushima was found in Canada and americas. Therefore, the dangerous contaminated water will not only stop at the shores of Japan but will move the whole world: Africa, Arctic, Africa, America, australia, etc leaving dead or contaminated ecosystems in its wake. Thats is how nuke plants are expensive for u!!

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Posted in: Japan’s idled reactors will be restarted sooner or later as there seems to be a consensus among Japanese government officials about the need for doing so. See in context

The consensus to restart should normally be of the people, not a few corrupt gvt officials. Afterall, it is hard to separate the nuke business from govt. It is the people who suffer most in case of nuke accident..

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Posted in: Quakes hit southern Honshu, Fukushima See in context

I think until the underground stabilizes, we should may be stop suggestions to restart nuke plants.....

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant leaking contaminated water See in context

this is not news. The news people would like to hear is whether TEPCO managed to stop the leakage that started from 3/11

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Posted in: TEPCO says it needs to cut Y100 bil in costs to stay afloat See in context

Somebody remind me; does TEPCO boast same management as during 3/11, or there was an overhaul? If no change, i stop reading any stuff from TEPCO....

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Posted in: M6 quake strikes off northeast Japan See in context

M6 is very strong! Hope everybody is safe. So many earthquakes around that region since 3/11! Hope the nuke plants around those places and whole Kanto region have been reinforced for future, may be stronger quakes...

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Posted in: Japan’s energy challenges 2 years on from Fukushima See in context

I think Japan took a wrong energy pathway, relying so much on nuclear energy while ignoring risks associated with nukes, especially when located in the ring of fire. People now know that afterall nuke electricity is not silver bullet for clean, secure, cheap, sustainable and safe energy, but only a globally dangerous stop gap! It is not too late to change course to alternative energy sources, especially renewables. Germany has shown example. Japan cannot afford another nuclear mishap, given the fact that tremors have only increased in frequency since the 3/11 quake. The nuke mafia and a few corrupt political elements cannot be trusted to alone determine the future of the entire japanese population.

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Posted in: No ill health effects seen in residents near Fukushima plant yet: researcher See in context

If i was the gvt-paid researcher, i would plead with my faithful donors (government) not to issue any statement for now......OR, i would work with a credible independent research firm, which would release results on my behalf...

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Posted in: TEPCO to buy 800,000 tons of LNG from U.S. See in context

TEPCO to buy 800,000 tons of LNG from U.S.

Noted, and situation understandable. Don't go back to nuclear sources..invest in renewables like countries in Europe

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Posted in: Gov't approves TEPCO request for extra Y697 bil in public funds See in context

Gov't approves TEPCO request for extra Y697 bil in public funds

Is it still the same incompetent and corrupt TEPCO managing the compensation funds from tax payers? my foot!!

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Posted in: New Fukushima pictures show wreckage of plant See in context

Almost two years since the disaster, the reactor units are now under control, but the clean up is far from complete.

Lest we forget, the plant is still spewing dangerous radiation daily since 2 years ago....Surprise that nobody has been imprisoned for this!

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Posted in: Reactors must be terror-proof as well as quake-proof: regulator See in context

Reactors must be terror-proof as well as quake-proof: regulator

This is the type of modern thinking that has been missing in the nuke plant security discourse.

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Posted in: Abe tells Miyagi residents reconstruction one of his top priorities See in context

Abe tells Miyagi residents reconstruction one of his top priorities

Seems Abe is more preoccupied with palliative measures to the symptoms, not cure to the disease! In addition to reconstruction, the displaced would have wanted to know about the compensation plans and Abe gvt's energy policy. People are displaced not only because of the tsunami, but also, and more importantly because of the nuke radiation that still goes on up to present day.......

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Posted in: Rice grown in Miyagi contains more than double legal limit of radioactive cesium See in context

Rice grown in Miyagi contains more than double legal limit of radioactive cesium....a ministry spokesperson said that spot checks had, until now, given no cause for alarm.

People easily forget that the stricken nuke reactors are still spewing dangerous elements including ceasium into the ecosystem. Therefore, and needless to say, the readings are increasing with increasing accumulation of the substances over time . The readings may reduce when the situation changes....

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Posted in: Gov't apologizes to Fukushima residents for sloppy decontamination work See in context

The decontamination work is largely being carried out by four companies on contracts worth millions of dollars each. The government has drawn up guidelines for workers, *but the Asahi report quoted some as saying the decontamination project is so vast and painstaking that they would not finish in time if they followed the rules.

I wonder why and how one would accept to implement a time-bound contract when you know you will not deliver quality work within agreed time and specifications.....

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