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Posted in: Shizuoka woman held for prostituting 15-yr-old daughter to 71-yr-old ex-husband See in context

BBLeo, I dont know many 15 year olds who can get their own job, own apartment and start a new life with no assistance whatsoever. If you do, please let me know.

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Posted in: 'Sakura Police' make their 1st arrest over student assault See in context


There are police units that do go on the train for this type of stuff. I saw it on TV and I don't think it was in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Nippon Cargo Airlines, 2 other carriers to pay fines for cargo price-fixing See in context

They mention 2 Japanese companies. But yeah, is this a "crime" story? Did the companies face criminal or civil punishment?

Moderator: It certainly is an illegal activity.

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Posted in: Saga woman arrested for forcing daughters into prostitution See in context

I think the "services" meaning here is an economic one, in the sense that the guys paid the girls in exchange for the "indecent acts."

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume leader 'Mikitty' to wed comedian Tomoharu Shoji in July See in context

At least its not a shotgun wedding.

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Posted in: Realistically speaking, what do you think the police should be doing to catch Tatsuya Ichihashi, the suspect in the 2007 murder of Lindsay Ann Hawker? See in context

Assuming they have already or or continuing to do this, they should:

Monitor his family and their finances, especially any odd or huge money transfers. Try and make a profile of the guy, think where he would be and who he would ask for help. If there are aiding and abetting laws here, focus on advertising those to make people helping him think twice.

This case is so old that its possible he is living abroad in hiding, killed himself or got killed, or (least probable) is hiding out somewhere in Japan.

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Posted in: Finance minister says Japan needs aggressive public spending See in context

bamboohat, I could say that you have many of your facts twisted or flat-out wrong. Seems to me you want a laissez-faire type world. In the current economic situation, governments should spend money, because no one else is. Companies aren't because no one is buying their products. Consumers aren't because they don't have money and are worried about losing jobs.

I think you see the economic world as black and white, with capitalism as good and socialism as bad. In reality, the world is a mixture of both. What is probably going to happen is the major governments will become larger and go more in to debt to jumpstart their economies.

When times are good, people will forget what it was like right now.

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Posted in: Do you think the two Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers will be able to do much in fighting piracy off Somalia? See in context


I agree with OssanAmerica. I hope that was just volunteer work.

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Posted in: Handcuffed man escapes police after molesting woman in Aichi See in context

Jcops are not issued tazers. Their lives were not in danger so they did not shoot.

It's not easy to handcuff a resisting suspect, even with 4 or 5 cops. Also, there was no description of the size of the cops.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing boss on Kanagawa beach See in context

If it was a man and a woman then it would be the case of the jilted straight lover?

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Posted in: Microsoft to let PC users turn off IE web browser See in context

Glaspar, I agree with you but I disagree with FreeinJapan.

In an ideal market all sellers would have equal access to all potential buyers. But of course, this is the real world. I don't think you can blame Microsoft for being so successful with Windows. But it is also the job of government to try to make the playing field level. If Apple had more market share, I'm sure they would be getting sued just as much as Microsoft.

If you take this discussion thread as an example, most people don't know much about IE. It comes automatically with Windows and is virtually a part of the OS. So when they say "turn off" IE, I think it really means JUST web browsing. The core code is still gonna be used by Windows 7.

In the end the loser are computer users because it makes computers more complex, not easier to use.

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Posted in: 16 missing after freighters collide off Izu Oshima island See in context

That's why it says they are investigating.

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Posted in: Kagome See in context

Does it make you gay if you think Ayana is the hottest one up there?

And yeah, can the moderator explain celebrity, personality, talent and whatever other class of Japanese famous person there is.

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Posted in: Microsoft to let PC users turn off IE web browser See in context

likeitis is right. Many users hate IE but use it because its there already.

I wonder how they will solve problem of websites that can only be used with IE. Pretty much all Microsoft sites need it.

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Posted in: Three youths in hospital after gang fight in suburban Tokyo See in context

biglittleman and Trex, Why don't you have your spat about gangsters somewhere else? Its just 2 gangs that fought and some of them got stabbed.

The reason it made it to Japantoday is most likely because of the "foreigner" element.

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Posted in: Three youths in hospital after gang fight in suburban Tokyo See in context

Soldave, I am not talking about reliability exactly. I mean the translations are don't seem to be exactly correct, because only the 20 year old is a "man" in the legal sense. The 18 year old is still a minor and the other kid is a minor, too.

Also, there's no attribution as to who said the men were from SE Asia. Was it a witness, one of the stabbed guys, the caller?

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Posted in: Three youths in hospital after gang fight in suburban Tokyo See in context

bamboohat, I think you would have to see the original stories in Japanese to make a real judgment on "rushed to" vs "arrive". Japantoday doesn't write any articles, it just takes them from other sources and translates them, I believe.

It says "News reports" at the bottom of every article.

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