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Japan Today is basically news for weeaboos. I mean, they never report anything serious. Just a bunch of laughable crimes that make Japan look ridiculous.

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@twoyen: Yeah, they eat a lot of whale meat. But a sizable portion of the whales captured go to aquariums in Japan and abroad. It's not all for eating.

Not that it really matters, whales aren't any more special than cows and sheep. I don't care how many times you saw Free Willy.

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@Disillusioned: there's no difference between a man's fascination with sex in the US or Japan. The only difference is that in the US it is kept hidden, whereas in Japan there isn't any shame surrounding it. Trust me, everywhere else men ogle porn in convenience stores, they are just better at hiding it from you. I don't know what this has to do with stealing panties though. Not everyone who likes sex steals panties.

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Posted in: Man slashes woman because he 'can't get a girlfriend' See in context

@HonestDictator: US has its fair share of crimes motivated by pathetic reasons. Its just that because crime is very low in Japan, minor crimes such as this get more coverage than they would in the US. In the US, this crime would have only been reported at a local level. From the sounds of it, the guy basically gave this woman a nasty scratch and then ran away. Shit like that happens in my suburb almost weekly.

People hold this distorted view of Japan. They get a hold of silly idol game shows and Akiba fan goods and develop this bizarre image of Japan. I watch a reasonable amount of Japanese television and the kind of "weird shows" that supposedly symbolise Japanese television are at best a weekly occurrence. I've seen far weirder things on trips to the US than I have in Japan. Hence the phrase, I guess, "only in America".

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