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Posted in: Need to boost your gaming skills? New jelly drink promises to do just that See in context

The first of many new products aimed at the new generation of players.....video games that is.

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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context

Although I understand the misgivings of some of the commentary above, this is the right time for this. The anti foreigner sentiment in Japan is but a small cross section of society, although a rather loud and obnoxious one! It doesn’t represent the mainstream at all.

Kono is right also for those that come to try and assimilate as best they can. Also think this guy seems a cut above. Work hard, learn the language , understand the culture and be patient. It takes a bit of time , but the locals will warm to you and open right up if you do it well, the right ones will anyway. Just keep an eye on some of the more unscrupulous business practices and it’ll be a win win. This is the prudent move for Japans demographic woes. Mindful immigration!

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Posted in: Controversial Fukushima statue of child in radiation suit to be removed See in context

Collectivist societies naturally treat their people as if they were childlike imbeciles, and this was a stellar example of that. Definitely take aim at those that sanctioned this statue and make sure at least a great lesson was learned. It’s not too late Japan. Another win for SNS this time.

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Posted in: China targets rumors, religion in updated party rules See in context

A crackdown on religion? Forcing people to be atheists? For real? Surely it should be up to the individual, no matter what your personal thoughts are. Talk about a slippery slope!

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Posted in: China targets rumors, religion in updated party rules See in context

Party members who have religious belief should have strengthened thought education.

Strengthened thought education?

These are the guys that want to be the new power base for the region and the world? So believing in a higher power than themselves is against the rules now. Total subjugation to the state, which by the way happens to be corrupt to the core. What a bunch of absolute melonheads.

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Posted in: The number of people who made car-camping trips in 2017 rose for the fifth consecutive year to 8.4 million. About 20% of the total were beginners with camping experience of less than one year. See in context

Glamming! Love it. Get out there folks. The great outdoors innit. Road trip heaven this country is. Would take three lifetimes to explore it all. Get the work play balance right and you are gold. Stunningly beautiful.

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Posted in: Gov't conducts evacuation drill in Fukui for multiple nuclear accidents See in context

Also a cleverly staged PR campaign to show that the locals are all about the restarts. Just saying.

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Posted in: One Championship announces 1st show in Japan for March 2019 See in context

Yep Pride started it all, then it was gone. A real shame that was. Japan could have been the center of the world for the MMA revolution as they pretty much did the groundwork for everything. One day it was here, the next gone.

The very average attempts to bring it back under different names and associations here have been marred by some very suspect decisions , either that or the referee jumping in way too soon to stop the fight in favor of the Japanese fighter when it was obvious the fight should continue. All that did was leave a sickly taste in the mouth. No one wants to watch a fight that is swayed or fixed, and I reckon the Japanese audience are mature enough to want to see the best fighter win. There was some disgraceful moments in their attempt to get MMA back in the mainstream, like really really bad. To a figt savy international audience this type of carry on is unacceptable and duely noted.

Let’s see if One can deliver.

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

Oops, nothing to lose! blush

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

We all know that language instruction is a farce here, so let the kiddies have fun and play with the robot. Absolutely nothing to loose. If it retires those that have been going through the motions doing the same thing for thirty years with no real results , then even better. At least the robots will have the kids attention!

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Posted in: Japanese firms reluctant to hire unskilled foreign laborers: poll See in context

Yaburo* good point. This idea of homogeneity is like being drunk, a dulling of the mind and senses. There are those that get it, and then there are those that don’t! Those that want to move forward and know there’s a better way to do things, if you search , and then there are those that won’t.

The reason businesses don’t want to hire foreigners is they think they have gaijin pegged. Lazy, not on time, can’t soeak Japanese , untrustworthy , will never understand the intracacies of Japanese culture etc. it’s game over before it even begins! Thing is if you treat people like this off the bat they will become it! The way some people talk about how gaijin think and work, even though they’ve never left Japan is ridiculous . The minute you start treating people as individuals then bingo! A whole new world. Just takes effective leadership that’s all. Firm but fair.. Hmmm.

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Posted in: Putting inmates under such terrible conditions is beyond the objective of detention. See in context

Old school...

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Posted in: Thais debate use of 'Death Railway' for World Heritage application See in context

Look, Japan is not China right? They are not that immature and sensitive that they need to pressure other countries into submission and denial of history right? There was not much sensitivity shown to the poor sods worked to death building this impossible railway nor were they too worried about hurting their feelings either. It is what it is. That was then and this is now. You face your shadows, grow and move on. Out of respect for the 10 thousand that died in appalling conditions making it no whitewashing please. Just opens old wounds.

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Posted in: Corruption revealed in Japanese kendo association See in context

i imagine there’s gunna be quite a few people sleeping not so soundly now that all this stuff is finally coming out. Probably standard policy and across the board ; until now. ‘How does one actually run a federation without it becoming corrupt? ‘ is what will be the question over the coming years. SNS ushering in a new era! Bring it! A hierarchy of competence, just imagine what that would look like, a real one! A healthy goal to strive towards and worth the struggle.

The reap what you sow lesson .

By the fruits you shall know them.

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Posted in: Ministries admit to padding employment rates of disabled See in context

Figures fudged to form an illusion of competence? No! Never!

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Posted in: It might have been mistakenly thrown away due to a lack of communication between ministry officials. See in context

It’s sounds dodgy, but knowing how well beaurocrats talk with people outside their own safe little box it’s actually quite likely someone really just lost the RADIOACTIVE SOIL SAMPLES.


Luckily there’s plenty still lying around boys so you’re all good. ;)

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Posted in: Japan must act to protect Fukushima clean-up workers: U.N. experts See in context

You’d think if they’d want to showcase their efforts to the world to contain and continue with nuclear power they wouldn’t want even the whif of what might be construed as abuse, cover-ups or dodgy practices. Surely that would be high up on the priority list? Or is it just business as usual, don’t look don’t tell, carry on carrying on?

Wouldnt transperancy be the way forward fellas?

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Posted in: For genome-edited crops to be accepted, it's important to show consumers their actual merit. See in context

Statements like this are why these guys get paid the big bucks。

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Posted in: Black flag: How to avoid working for a shady Japanese company See in context

Terms like power harassment, black companies and rights abuses are only a very recent phenomenon and if you find yourself working for an abusive company it’s probably because you are in a company with a long ‘tradition’ of such practices. To many it’s simply the Japanese way no matter how outdated, unproductive and debilitating. Not known for rocking the boat there’s a simple “This is how it’s done, like it or leave it’ mentality.

True effective leadership takes a lot of skills such as high level communication abilities, patience, a clear vision forward, empathy, a firm but fair hand. Unfortunately to some stuck in a mindset of obey without question, no matter how absurd ( goes back to samurai times remember ) there is little room to move. Good luck when you bang heads with these types. It’s not pretty, logic and reason mean nothing to them. Choose your battles well though, many people in power here are just wired differently to anything you would ever see overseas. It’s a challenge to say the least. Humor helps! Having time off too!

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

Spooky, tasteless, inappropriate, sick looking and just plain weird. Kids get a long good look. This is the world of confusion created for you by your adults...

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Posted in: They demonstrate higher abilities than non-disabled people if they’re appointed to sections that are suited to their respective conditions. Not only do they help resolve the labor shortage, they’re also reliable workers for my company. See in context

Anyone helping people with a disability gain employment , which brings a sense of pride, independence and worth is a champ in my books. Well done sir!

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Posted in: China may try to join hands with Japan to challenge U.S. See in context

It’s the old “everyone has their price” game. Although personally would hate to see Japan bend into the Chinese Communist Parties sphere of influence, which comes with the price of turning a blind eye to the small issues of human rights, freedom of speech, cronyism , selective views on history, corruption as the norm amoung others, the way the country seems to be headed it may actually be the natural way forward.

Western values and the concept of the sovereign individual never really took hold anyways. Give up the wasted and ridiculous attempt ( is it really even an attempt ? ) at getting even half competent at English and get everyone to learn Mandarin. Kanji power!

Business after all is business . Would even say the two Asian superpowers have a lot more in common these days too and could totally be new best buddies.

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Posted in: New Netflix series 'Insatiable' faces fat-shaming, homophobia accusations See in context

More Sjw gabble. Good publicity for the show . Once again by those that take offence easily, your misguided attempts to remedy your hurt feelings backfire.

Watch what you eat, exercise, be healthy. It’s the only way. Those in denial will cry till the crows come home. BUT, No one is happily obese, and the idea that it’s ok is actually the dangerous one. Sorry , but it is.

Spoonful of concrete. The Chopper method.

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Posted in: Transgender Hollywood seeks recognition, and not just roles See in context

Encouraging a victim mind and mentality damages , weakens and debilitates everyone involved, while at the same time making the problem worse. Period.

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Posted in: Transgender Hollywood seeks recognition, and not just roles See in context

These sort of side shows are all the left has these days. The game is up and they know it. Muchado about nothing. The LGBT community will be just fine. The ones that I’ve known carried an inner strength that brought about a natural respect. Tough, funny, witty and battle hardened. No need at all to force it at all.

SJWs on the other hand...

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Posted in: China’s plans to reshape the world See in context

If this is the Asian century they talked about, then thanks but no thanks. A collective and corrupt to the core Borg.

 between 100,000 and 1,000,000 imprisoned in “reeducation camps,

And that’s just in one province. This is 2018 right?

Whats remaining of the free world must rally.

China Uncensored is an awesome and entertaining YouTube site for those that want to keep their hand on the pulse. Collectivism, communism and socialism ; guaranteed road to hell. Don’t sell your souls!

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Posted in: Japan supports the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons, but we will not participate in the treaty because our approach is different. Japan is determined to lead the efforts of the international community by acting as a bridge between countries that possess nuclear weapons and those that do not. See in context

Yeah , japan always at the forefront of bringing others together and facilitating the hard conversations. Facing the problems front on, that’s us!

Agree, Waffle.

The only ever country to suffer a nuclear attack on a city, Pure hell on Earth. Not once , but twice Everyone should visit Hiroshima and/or Nagasaki at least once in their lifetime.

They had more respect when they renounced war forever in my books. At the forefront of the anti nuclear weapons push. That was strong. Thought it was so cool back in my university days, I know you grow up to the complexities of the world as you get older , but really? Refusing to join a UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons??

instead we we get doublespeak like this....

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Posted in: Suzuki, Mazda, Yamaha Motor admit using fake vehicle emission data See in context

Whether it be emission data, test scores, city rankings or the other myriad of figures they use to judge reality you have to wonder if this obsession actually reflects anything real. Or is it just used as a smokescreen to try and hide a much less competent situation ? Expediency is so engrained that the fudge becomes the job! Another big hit for the Japan Inc. brand. Pick up the game fellas! Have the difficult conversations BEFORE you are forced to have them in desperation.

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Posted in: Why does paternity leave remain low in Japan? See in context

Because of the slave mentality?

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