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Posted in: SDF member arrested for forcing girlfriend to send nude selfies See in context

I bet he does. Obedience is bliss isn't it Mr. SDF?

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Posted in: Fake monks targeting foreign visitors to Japan? See in context

I was approached in Shibuya by this rogue monk conman too, or one similar. Showed me a shiny gold card of a Buddah and said i was very lucky. Then pulled out his book asking for a donation. Yeah, real lucky. Any so called holy man asking for money should always be told where to go in no uncertain terms.

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Posted in: Japan opens up combat positions to women See in context

In a time of joshi power, most of my girls students would have the boys for breakfast. More awake, more lively, more competitive , more communicative. Might as well arm them up as well ay!

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Posted in: Japan's grim population outlook makes immigration talk inevitable See in context

Id hazard a guess that this younger generation would be more willing and likely to accept a rise in immigration, especially as they get used to living and working with us. The increase in foreign students at universities too will help ease old prejudices. Its the old guard that wish for yesteryear that are going to stand in the way. An interesting attempt to stoke fears of immigration could be seen on NHKs Document 72 the other night which is usually a very warm, charming show. This one they spent three days in Hong Kong documenting an area of predominantly foreign immigrants. It made them look like a lawless, brawling , crime committing overflowing nuisance to the overworked and vigilant Hong Kong police. There was some nice stuff in there too , but the underlying theme was to be weary of immigration. it would have pushed all the right buttons for its intended Japanese audience. Couldn't help think it was made with a bit of an agenda.

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Posted in: U.S. told Japan before Trump-Xi talks of option to strike N Korea See in context

We have heard this sort of talk over the years, even 25 odd years ago the young American military conscripts in roppongi were convinced they were going to war with NK. Is it just more sabre rattling or is it really different this time? Are the North Koreans so far gone that they are willing to commit mass suicide for the great leader with an even greater haircut, and/or is America willing to bring more chaos to another region for THA man with the worlds BEST haircut? Would it be different if they were both bald?

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Posted in: Police inspector arrested for assaulting station employee over train delay See in context

Gee another bully in a position of power, how surprising ay? Obviously the train running late was this young station employees fault.

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Posted in: Finding spies everywhere, and thinking the unthinkable See in context

This is so scripted if it weren't so dangerous it would be funny. Although espionage does probably exist on some scale, 50 000 ? Really? Embassy, consulates, Chinatowns, exchange students?? Please. Actually that guy with his wok making my cheap and delicious noodles yesterday had a funny looking smile. His kitchen hand also looks too buff just to be a kitchen hand. Be vigilant people, they are everywhere! Lame level Master. Hope that xenophobia works out well for ya guys.

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Posted in: Japan's education reforms stir memories of wartime indoctrination See in context

Ossan America, cheers for the history lesson. Good stuff. Have to admit though mate I too am guilty of this pathological abhorrence of "war". Shouldn't we all be?

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Posted in: It's like we're told that bakeries are unfit for Japanese culture. I feel offended. Baker and patissier rank high among professions that elementary school girls want to become when they grow up. I won See in context

Another fine example of the mindset of the reformers. Absolutely ridiculous. Laughable.

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Posted in: Japan's education reforms stir memories of wartime indoctrination See in context

Maybe some of the readers here in previous comments on this issue are true in stating that the pacifist constitution was simply forced on them after the war and now the true Japan is reawakening, fangs and all. You watch the way they treat each other sometimes and start to get an idea of what lies just below this surface of "harmony" . Your average Jo Blow seems pretty harmless, it's what happens to them when they get a bit of power and how they use it is what worries me. Nervous times for the whole region if this boat truly sets sail.

On the other hand, to play the devils advocate, you can see why they want to do something about an apathetic youth, but is this really the way forward or backwards?

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Posted in: Abe brushes off fears of threats to civil rights by conspiracy bill See in context

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” ― George Orwell, 1984

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Posted in: Orwell's '1984' back in theaters in stand against 'alternative facts' See in context

This should be a textbook over here right now. Very timely resurgence of this master novel.

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Posted in: Japanese high school students fail to meet English proficiency target See in context

It's the tests that are the problems morons! This “neurotic dread” that they talk about is a direct result of poor teachers not conveying the simple truth that its ok to have a go and make mistakes. Writing ridiculous sentences on the board, translating cryptic passages, tricky sadistic grammar problems and for what? I actually asked one of the English teachers yesterday if they ever read an English newspaper, in fact anything in English at all in their spare time? Novels, magazines, journals? The answer was obviously no. So if the teachers aren't interested in reading why are they forcing their students to try and learn a skill no one really wants to attain anyway? Oh, that's right, its for the tests...

Simple task based role playing exercises useful for real world situations. string your words together kids and if you get your message across you've had a win. Let the students talk to each other , watch what happens when you throw a bit of fun and humour in the mix. Magic. Unfortunately.. wont even go on as we all know the core problem. 40th out of 48 . There's a ranking for ya JLTs.

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Posted in: Author Murakami calls for fight against history revisionism See in context

The problem with the Japanese apology is that it is usually two faced. They regret things that happen, but there is always a face saving side clause, that subtlety but fairly obviously points the finger back at its intended recipient. It becomes ingenious, and leaves a sour taste. Agree however that every country has a history. And human history is basically a history of constant warfare and horrid deeds that we have inflicted upon each other since basically well, forever.

If however the message of genuine sorrow for hurting your fellow man comes from the heart though it usually works, and healing can begin. Anyone who has been in a fight but chosen the brave path to reconciliation knows this. Haven't we all at some stage been at this crossroad in own personal lives ? The Australian PM , Kevin Rudd, copped a lot of flack for his open and unmistakable admition of guilt to the Aboriginal people. It was sincere and a nice moment in our history that made me feel proud to be an Aussie, even if short lived. The stolen generation etc. Stuff was bad back then , real bad. You choose to recognize that simple fact and move on, or not. A warning and a plead to the nationalists for pause and reflection.

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Posted in: Author Murakami calls for fight against history revisionism See in context

Well done Mr Murakami for speaking up on this. Managed to get a copy of Seiji Fujis REAL HISTORY OF JAPAN from one of the APA hotels. What a read! Within a paragraph or so it reveals itself for what it is. There's a particularly nice glossy section in the back with the esteemed author and truth seeker looking very happy with himself in different locations around the world. There's a red sports car , the pyramids, a shot in front of the Eiffel tower; this blokes seen it all!

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The modern history of the world was written by white Christians, particularly Protestants.

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Posted in: Japan kills 333 whales in annual Antarctic hunt See in context

Gotta fill those freezers boys, The Ultras food storage plan for time of war with thy neighbors. Misguided, misled. Sad, cruel, but hey, diplomacy was never a strong point now was it,

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

Beware the gaijin victim mentality. Work that charm and understanding y'all. The draw to Japan for most of us was the mystique of a homogeneous culture. If you are thin skinned , its game over, Rise to the challenge.

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Posted in: There are no legal restrictions in Japan on the burial together of unmarried couples who passed away. However, such burials are very unusual, because of opposition from relatives and cemetery operator See in context

The fact that these couples were in love obviously doesn't conquer all. As with many decisions here, they are made from the reflexive standpoint of 'how could this possibly inconvenience me? .'

Guess tradition plays a role too, but it would be a nice final gesture to a loved one or recently deceased family member.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

Its like half a person, but that cultural sensitivity train has yet to arrive. Wear it with pride anyway those with a bit of the outside world in ya!

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Posted in: Toshiba crisis shines light on Japan's corporate culture See in context

Japanese firms are peppered with former bureaucrats given plum jobs in the industries that they once oversaw, despite many having few relevant skills or the incentive to question management.

Absolutely. Beaurocrats in general tend to be a dull, listless mob, capable of doing very little but pad there own nest of mediocrity , but the particular brand you get over here take it to the next level. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it with your own eyes. As we say in Australia, couldn't organize a pissup in a brewery.They would first try to put it off until next quarter ( after all, why do anything in such haste? ) then have ten meetings to decide who would do the kampai speech, of which no one would volunteer.

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Posted in: CIA blasts WikiLeaks for publishing secret documents See in context

Of course Big Brother is here to protect and serve the people of the world against the ever constant threat from, um.... the enemy eternal. We would be lost without him. So they can hack into our phones, homes, tvs and cars huh? Nothing to see here, move along.

Don't you love seeing people with nefarious motives squirm? Sorry CIA , thank you but no thank you. Arrogant SOBs.

Their argument will be if WE don't do it, someone worse will, that's all they have. Agenda exposed for all to see, in all its glory. Thanks Wikileaks. You will go down in history for at least trying!

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Posted in: As N Korean missile threat grows, Japanese lawmakers argue for first strike options See in context

****Albert Einstein — 'Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe .'

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Posted in: Share houses are one manifestation of poverty among women, which is less visible than poverty among men who become homeless. There is also research that shows that young people who have no fixed addre See in context

There is also research that shows that young people who have no fixed address feel pessimistic about marriage.

Gee, ya think? IQ level, genius.

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Posted in: Survey finds pervasive corruption in Asia hindering progress See in context

Power corrupts.

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Posted in: 'Zebra companies' -- 'black companies' that hide their blackness with phony reforms See in context

Black companies, zebra companies with their cosmetic efforts to no where. There is a simple lack of quality leaders over here, people in positions of power that have worked out that riding your employees like this is actually counter productive. They are shooting themselves in the foot due to their own incompetence and lack of IQ. There is a wealth of knowledge out their about the benefits of a healthy , happy working environment. One example is Simon Sineks work. Its not rocket science but somehow.... in fact the world in general is suffering from a shortage of quality leaders. This too will pass.

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Posted in: Japan's first Premium Friday shows mixed results See in context

Slave mentality is indeed a prison for the mind. Listen to the complaints on the ground ( about an incentive to get a few hours off! ) to show just how deep it runs. Institutionalised. Personally thought it was a great idea. Take it another step and give them the whole day off! The world wont crumble, nor come to an end ;P Free the people!

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Posted in: Abe meditates as Japan punches time clock early for 'Premium Friday' See in context

Best thing I've read all week. Premium malt sales through the roof.

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Posted in: Japan history revisionists bolder under Abe: analysts See in context

What worries me with the Chinese bogeyman knocking at the door is that over the past few years I've seen a notable change in some of my Japanese friends. We are not talking ivy leaguers here, just your average jo blow with an equally average education. The rise of the right wingers and nationalism on the internet has pushed all of the right emotional buttons and sucked them in. Because they are not taught critical thinking at school they buy it hook, line and sinker. Everything they read becomes fact to them , and if atrocities didn't happen well smack me silly if they are more than willing to believe that too. These are good people , being led astray down a very "regrettable" path. Unfortunately with this new found "knowledge" they are very eager to share their new found passion with everyone they meet. ( I think we all know the type; both here and at home! ) . Every counter argument one brings up falls on deaf ears , as WE are the ones that are misguided and controlled by false news. Its a lose lose situation for all, an immediate party killer and I just hope its a phase that will pass with time. Its classic conspiracy theory stuff and sucks in a certain type of lost individual, often loners looking for some form of personal identity. To be treated gently , with a cool head and big heart. We need to look forward to survive not backwards. Am hopeful like everything, this too will pass.

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

Unlucky in life, unlucky in love. Missed out on the charm gene. Blame capitalism. Anyones fault but your own for being a boring, miserable twat. SIngles Awareness Day. SAD indeed.

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