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Posted in: Japan to introduce electronic arrest warrants, interrogation records See in context

While the Japan Federation of Bar Associations has been calling for lawyers' interviews with suspects and defendants to be done online, it was not included in the latest proposals.

Hold your horses there fellas. We actually secretly like the way our hostage justice system works. Under the right conditions, everyone cracks eventually and we are very proud of our stellar 99% conviction rate.

No one really cares either, apart from those annoying folk directly affected by the so very, very rare cases where injustice MAY HAVE ( never admit to anything ) occurred #nervoussideglance.

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Posted in: Kishida again denies knowing of Unification Church members at meeting See in context

You get the feeling like a wounded animal the press smell blood and are going in for the kill with Kishida. He is on his last legs for sure and for some reason it’s never the actual performance of these blokes that seems to bow them out, but always sort of scandal is necessary. Very much like the many underperformers in the workforce who feel quite secure in their jobs, unless they make that one big mistake. Has to be a cultural thing. The performance is somehow secondary and not of primary concern. Just don’t get caught doing something naughty.

When I met with former U.S. House Speaker Gingrich several years ago, there were many accompanying individuals and I do not know who was among them." 

This , however is a straight up lie.. In Japan where the WHOs are more important that the WHATs and the WHYs there’s no way the PM didn't know someone on the entourage to meet such a high ranking U.S. official. If that was in fact the case ( which it’s not ) it’s also seems like a show of incompetence. The birds are circling mate, Kono Taro you up?

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Posted in: Japanese firms pick kanji for 'change' (変) to describe turbulent 2023 See in context

The character, picked by nearly 60 firms, was followed by ones for "patience" and "endurance,"

Patience and endurance. This would have been another call to the cultural instinct to passivity, where we just get to sit back, count the days to retirement, be expedient, take no risks, and watch the world sail by. Great if you are in your 50s and 60s, still talking about the bubble days, but not exactly the sort of concept that will inspire the nation as we come into the new year. The wheels need forward motion.

Glad they chose change, because it's active, actually happening at a blinding pace, and for those who can't or refuse to change they will fall behind, become a burden and a liability. It's game on.

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Posted in: China arranges for embassy officials to visit detained Japanese citizen See in context

Same sort of hostage tactics, just this time with Chinese characteristics. So this is a part of the new geopolitics dynamics? Is this the new accepted norm? Does Japan play the same game arresting and locking up Chinese nationals for leverage?

China, “ and what are yuze gunna do about it? “

Strongest hand wins apparently in this new paradigm.

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Posted in: Tokyo to call governor election on July 7 with incumbent Koike in focus See in context

Was excited years back reading about Koikesan the maverick, a new type of savvy , internationally minded , highly intelligent leader that was set to rock the the foundations and pull the old guard in with her bold communication style.

Unfortunately watching her actually work and talk at ( rather than to ) reporters over the years she just sank back into the same expediency and scripted interviews that we see with much of the rest of the J leadership class. Even despite her natural talents , she carried a certain air of authority to her, her actual performance has been very average. So wanted to see her rise to her potential too, but she took the safe route and fell asleep at the wheel just like the rest of them. Generic statements with little substance become the brand. Even became a bit on the pompous side, arrogant and dismissive towards the end. I’d say it’s time to step aside at 71 , if you haven’t done it after two terms best to let someone else try and pick up the slippery batton.

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Posted in: China coast guard says it warned off Japanese ships in disputed waters See in context

With Xi back from his recent charm offensive to the West, it seems absolutely nothing at all has changed. There has been like three international incidents on the high seas in a week.

The rest of the world; message received, loud and clear.

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Posted in: Japan NPO director convicted in overseas organ transplant case See in context


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Posted in: Japan NPO director convicted in overseas organ transplant case See in context

why were the details left out? Taken out perhaps? When, who and where please dear journalists.

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Posted in: Japan NPO director convicted in overseas organ transplant case See in context

Organ transplant overseas just aint gunna cut it, excuse the pun. So was this japanese middleman gentleman involved in the much rumoured and well known dark trade of our times, the human organ transplant industry. Did he get to choose a healthy one?

Welcome to the new economy folks. Our virtuous NPOs doing the business. Lets hope its not as gruesome and heinous as it sounds ay? Most likely the first japanese national found dipping his fingers into the pot, the one where everything is for sale. Non profit of course.

Great opticals on this one. You couldn't script this stuff.

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Posted in: Doctors warn of New Zealand health tragedy after smoking ban scrapped See in context

Is what it is. Don't read into it too much, and go easy on the paternalistic instics which often backfire. People, Especially with the kiwis ( never met one that didnt smoke!) who like most people, don't like to be told what they can and cant do. On the surface you think you are doing a good thing but thats just the surface. These do gooding social engineers, we get it ( sort of but wish youd grow up a tad ) , but at the end of the the reality is its not for yuze to decide. It's up to people and quite rightedly. no, I dont work for big tobaccos, nor am rich but we all know it'll just create a cool black market that may in the end make the problem worse. Better above ground and regulated. Nice try though, but let people own their own decisions . Your beloved population control ;P.

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Posted in: Shop employee fights off three robbers with polearm in Tokyo's Ueno district See in context

The items and the cash are all insured. It’s not worth risking your life to defend them. This suspender wearing fella with the polearm is lucky they didn’t have guns or the outcome could have been a lot different. Just give them what they need and get them out of the store.

The very worst possible take on this story. Did you import this gem of wisdom from the US where we see regular, blatant, in your face robberies while feeble staff members look on and do nothing while they get pillaged? That’s your advice for these Ueno store owners. Please.

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Posted in: Nagasaki survivor urges nuke weapons abolition at U.N. treaty confab See in context

Although the sentiment of this old fella is still worthy, unfortunately you just need to take one look at the world right now to realize that we are not even a single step closer to this lofty nuclear weapon free world goal.

In fact , if anything , we are just regressing back to what maybe the base imbedded human program to rabid tribalism , irrationality, barbarism (and barbarism apologists) and self destruction. Let’s just hope the final counter philosophy of nuclear weapons as a deterrent holds. If not, it’s game over.

The world is a tinderbox again and we have watched it crumble one brick at a time. We do it to ourselves too, and it makes you really wonder if there is some sort of inherent flaw in our genes or something. The cruelest irony is that you meet people individually, no matter where they hail from and in most cases , face to face, they are wonderful. But then somehow this team stuff kicks in and we all go blind.

Was never really religious, but may god help us all.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands march against antisemitism in London, including ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson See in context

If you wanted to get a real feel for the two polarized mindsets brought about by the events of October 7th it would be a great idea to go and have a wander about in each of the two sides demonstrations and marches. There’s a bunch to choose from all around the world. Feel the collective vibes on show between the two sides, (which are palpable) witness the mood and emotions of the two very different crowd types and check their behavior for final reference. It paints a very clear picture of what is going on.

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Posted in: The central government and municipalities, which aim to make Japan a travel destination, need to provide long-term support for accommodation facilities to secure and train workers. See in context

This is a clear case for encouraging more controlled immigration to fill the gaps. Hotels have always been an entry level job for any hard working immigrant that’s keen to make a go of it. Treat your staff well, support them well, offer incentives and promotions for diligence and this industry will thrive. It’s the human part of Human Resources that is key. Back in my Hilton days we’d get a free suit room on our birthdays and there was always a celebration of the staff member of the month. That sort of thing goes a long, long way. It even translates over to the guest experience. Japans tendency to always look for people at the bottom to berate and discipline is gunna have to go.

get it right and everyone will be better for it, those that can’t do it will go bust, as they should. Japans workplace revolution brought on by the demographic challenge is a much needed one. Half glass full.

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Posted in: Six teenagers to go on trial over beheading of French teacher See in context

The levels of deprivation it must take to cut someone’s head off. The incident alone speaks for itself.

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Posted in: Israel and Hamas complete 2nd day of hostage swaps after tense delay, as Gaza cease-fire holds See in context

Some of the hostages waved goodbye to the militants. 

Give us a break JT please. Once again when these unusually long articles appear there is guaranteed one side heavy spin. Sho ga nai I guess , but the happy hostage narrative is over the top.

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Posted in: Komeito delegation tries to mend frayed ties with China See in context

TL, get the invaders out of Asia? From the rivers to the seas perhaps? Typical codswallop.

Komeito trying to curry favours with the communist party will make them even more irrelevant and out of touch. Expect the LDP to be in power for another generation folks, for better or for worse.

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Posted in: World's richest 1% emit as much carbon as bottom two-thirds: report See in context

So practically it's of no use, neither the bashing of rich people, nor playing one group of people on this planet against another group of people.

Watch yourself there Svensan. You are encroaching on the Church of Mobs core tenants and strategies! This one’s a particularly appealing one too. The ultimate oppressors, the evil top 1% in the red corner vs the ultimate victim, Mother Earth in the blue!

B rated Cult worthy.

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Posted in: 31 premature babies evacuated from Gaza's largest hospital, but scores of trauma patients remain See in context

Cat Stevens, ( great name ) If their twisted minds can’t comprehend ( choose not to ? ) or deal with the horrific and gruesome facts of that tragic day they simply won’t. It’ll be conspiracy theoried away with little effort or they will try and dodge, distract, and deflect their lack of humanity with talking points like the ‘decapitated baby’ question. Like it really makes what Hamas did just a tad more acceptable, if these dead babies were killed differently. The evidence, the cam work done by the perpetrators themselves , the accounts all lies, AI deep fakes or simply ignored. Whatever it takes, the mental gymnastics of these mob types will find a way.

None of this is new.

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Posted in: 31 premature babies evacuated from Gaza's largest hospital, but scores of trauma patients remain See in context

We are living in what seems like biblical times. Beware of the devil whispering sweet spells into your ear to make you feel like a good person, pulling you to side with the Hamas savages strategy and propaganda. The divisions we see within the conflicting narratives were all part of the plan to sow hate, division and chaos. It has worked like an absolute charm too. Evil always seeps through and into weak minds.

This is a war for the soul of the world. Tread very carefully on to whom you throw your scorn.

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Posted in: As long as the legal situation remains as it is, a massive number of AI-generated sexual images of children might be produced in Japan, and that could draw international criticism. See in context

Yep pedophilic fantasies aren't that much of an issue, but it could damage our precious reputation if the outside world finds out about it. Yabai ne…

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Posted in: White House blasts Musk's 'hideous' antisemitic lie; advertisers pause on X See in context

No, he can’t be cancelled you are right. It’s just the usual noise from the exact opposite side of the “corporate funded , slavish right-wing media sphere” coin that you so eloquently noted.

Flip the coin fella, surely you see that the head needs its tail. And round and round we go.

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Posted in: White House blasts Musk's 'hideous' antisemitic lie; advertisers pause on X See in context

Cancel culture smells blood and whips itself into another absurd feeding frenzy. The big fish Musk himself. The golden cow. One of the most productive , innovative, richest mavericks of our time. Does long form discussions all day and every day.

The resentful ones ( a class unto itself ) pick up one point that may have been badly worded or not quite on point and it’s game on.

It’s an absolute circus y’all, full of clowns. anyone with their feet on the ground can see where this all springs from too. That hatred will make you all blind.

Musk will carry on being musk, that must be the most infuriating part to the mob,

Have a toppa day!

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

As a proud ex-Hilton conceirge for many years, where I was trained in Australia (and then even had a stint at the Tokyo Bay Hilton) the word 'NO' was not in my vocabulary anymore. We would literally do anything to make the guest's stay and experience better. It was a sensational job to have as a youngster and I loved every minute of it. Still carry the lessons I learned through to life today. If it can be done, do it, and do it well! Unfortunately, that memo never arrived to much of the hospitality industry here and the Ryokans for sure aint my cup of tea. Quaint and nice, some of them, worth experiencing at least once, but don't blame the pros for playing to their strengths.

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Posted in: Biden says 'real progress' made in talks with Xi, deals made on military, fentanyl See in context

Fentanyl is a cheaper drug as an alternative for those poor Americans who cannot afford the luxury Cocaine. Can you blame the "Love Drugs" culture on China?

Yes elephant, China doing those poor , disadvantaged people a favor and delivering, fentanyl! Something so cheap and potent it’ll kill you in the spot. Access for all.

Equity with Chinese characteristics.

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Posted in: Biden says 'real progress' made in talks with Xi, deals made on military, fentanyl See in context

Except that was grandpa UK. China is just lashing out at the US because it can.

Doesn't matter mate. To them it’s just the West.

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Posted in: Biden says 'real progress' made in talks with Xi, deals made on military, fentanyl See in context

I wonder if the Chinese double-speak when mixed with a spaced-out malarky talker actually cancel themselves out? Ying and Yang baby! Balance restored to the universe.

I wouldn't hold your breath on the fentanyl promise though. That was just our Chinese friends scratching a historical itch for the opium wars. To us it's history and unrelated, to them it's yesterday and the payback be real!

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Posted in: Do you think alliances like the G7, G20, the Global South, or even the United Nations do anything to stop wars and other conflicts around the world? See in context

For the majority naysayers, you believe that we would be better off without such organizations at least trying? Formalized inter national and cultural dialog completely debunked of utility?? Really? Have to ask where you think that road would lead us?

A free for all world of chaos? This is why the cynics of the world are safety tucked well away from the halls of power and influence.

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Posted in: Takarazuka group head to quit over actress' death but denies bullying See in context

Everyone that put the boot in and degraded this young girl with their mean spirited and cruel hearted traditional form of ‘Shido’ ( basically berating someone and making them feel useless and stupid with zero follow up ) well, you now all have her blood on your hands. Take that with you to your own graves, carry that collective burden together because you all deserve it. Minna gambarimashitane.

Its just sad that it takes a tragedy for any form of self reflection to occur within these ‘organizations’. Everyone knew something was wrong of course, just no one bothered to make that first move. Japan in a nutshell.

Well, now they really know the dire consequences of their actions or lack there of.

RIP young lady.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit San Francisco for 5 days to attend APEC summit See in context

I’m absolutely dumbfounded why the yanks chose to invite Xi and then Kishida to San Francisco. In the running ( there’s a few contenders both in the states and in Canada ) for the zombie apocalypse drug addicted mental health trouble center of the world. Broken policy and the results of it on a grim show 24/7.

Xi especially would be very happy with himself to even get a glimpse of it from his motorcade. Fits his narrative of the declining, broken west perfectly. They have had their silent opportunistic little hands in it too with the fentanyl crisis. Death from a thousand cuts.

On so many levels, Why America? Why San Fran? Used to be such a beautiful place an all.

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