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Posted in: Tokyo riot police finally allowed to carry drinks on duty during summer See in context

Was once told “No whistling!” by a smug looking halfwit in the hallway upon arriving to work in an upbeat mood. Swear on my mothers grave, some of these guys are straight out of a comic book. Wouldn’t believe it unless I’d seen it with my own eyes.

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Posted in: Tokyo riot police finally allowed to carry drinks on duty during summer See in context

It’s news when a common sense decision is made.

There are two types of people in this world. They approach life with a YES based approach; accepting, flexible , creative , willing to learn and change , bend the rules and have fun. Then there’s those that do the opposite and spend their days defining what they and others can’t and shouldn’t do. Just like Star Wars we choose which side of the force we bat for. ( ok sometimes your upbringing and surroundings chooses for you ) Sad, bitter and resentful people that never took life by the horns will naturally fall into the latter category. Quite sad to watch sometimes. Navigate well.

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Posted in: N Korea criticizes U.S. impatience on denuclearization See in context

North Korea set to milk this golden cow long and good. It’s what they do right?

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Posted in: British warship arrives in Tokyo as UK expands presence in Asian waters See in context

Don’t forget the Aussies too mate! Another nation not too keen on bullies and manipulation. Bring it!!

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Posted in: Japan ruling party objects to lawmaker calling LGBT unproductive See in context

“sincerely" and will "study diligently."

Ha! That’s just marvelous.

Mission accomplished little known politician gets national exposure sounding like an idiot. Her base will love her. I have to wonder if these types take a page from the playbook in the West , and try and use it to sound smart ( or strong ) to a national audience. The identity politics and LGBT pronoun debates for example are worth a look and a serious discussion , but she just comes rolling in like a 12 year old and instantly starts a fire that she doesn’t have the goods to deal with.

Hey though, it’s politics. Any exposure is good exposure right?

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Posted in: 2 Japan Post employees arrested for burning neck, forcing dirty socks into mouth of coworker See in context

Sometimes the sempai kohai thing works, and like this case sometimes it brings out the very worst. Personally think the whole thing needs questioning. Where else in the world are you conditioned to take and obey orders from idiots just because they are older than you? You need hierarchies of competence as the goal, or things go sideways real fast! Dirty socks in the mouth humiliation is a fine example of overgrown children in power. Lovely stuff.

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Posted in: Couple films own suicide jumping in front of train in Sapporo, streams it online See in context

You’d think if they’d found each other they could have weathered the slings and arrows that is life. Instead , Life over just as it was beginning. Very sad and to stream it is particularly macabre.

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Britain's willingness to join TPP, pledges support See in context

brits in the TPP! Jolly good show. Would love to see Japan work more with the UK. Lot of similarities, but enough differences to keep it interesting.

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Posted in: Deadly month: Japan's weather-related deaths top 300 in July See in context

Ice cream and beer sales through the roof! Run to the mountains. Shade and wind do wonders. Beaches, rivers , waterfalls. Indoors with the aircon pumped 24/7 not too healthy. Get out there!

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Posted in: North Korea has established team to negotiate with Japan: sources See in context

If the North Koreans want an all smiles propaganda parade , pretending to be new best buddies where all is forgiven, they aren’t gunna get it from the Japanese. Not in this lifetime. On this issue conservatism would be prudent. Japan should stay staunch , but at the same time be open to progress if there is a tangeable benefit for both nations AND its people.

There should be strict conditions laid down in negotiations to make these murderous despots squirm if they want to even come close to being recognized and legitimized. You dont get to murder your own uncle, poison to death your own brother, kidnap foreign nationals, sell nuclear secrets to other despots, run gulags and rule over a nation of people in the most dehumanizing and brutal fashion without taking the backlash from the international community. No matter how childlike the leader may be, nor how much China has his back. If they want into the free world, they are gunna have to put their big boy pants on. You have to win respect first to even start negotiating, so before they start lecturing and demanding stuff they are gunna have to face these cold hard facts. Everything about how they have been raised is set up to make sure this doesn’t happen. Be amazed if they had the kahoonas to take a good hard look at themselves and pull it off. The start line is drawn.

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Posted in: Another senior education ministry official arrested for corruption See in context

pose an extremely grave problem

The only extremely grave problem mate is that you are finally getting caught. Education is in the stone age here. Dull, outdated and tired methods proven to be ineffective. Kids being told what to think rather than how to think. Huge amounts of wasted time, efforts and resources. And the muppets running the show? Lining their own pockets. Figures.

Get education wrong and you kill entire generations. Make learning a boring chore and you carry that attitude for the rest of your life, disinterested in pretty much everything.

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Posted in: Japan moves to accept more foreign workers, but hurdles remain See in context

It’s not that it is outright and deliberate racism that causes some of the issues stated above on the part of the Japanese ( renting apartments etc ) , but more to do with a collectivist society that simply struggles to relate to people from other cultures on anything more than a superficial level. A group based culture this strong by its nature has trouble even imagining different ways of thinking and doing things, unless they are the lucky ones who are worldly and travelled.

How often do you have a conversation that turns into a “we Japanese” style narrative? I’m more interested in what “you” actually think but rarely get there, especially in the workplace. They spend their whole childhood being slowly molded and indoctrinated into this mindset , where knowing your place in the group is the primary goal and focus in pretty much everything. Tyrannical hierarchies are common. Black companies that abuse their OWN people, never mind the poor Vietnamese fella that they get sent by unscrupulous agencies. In comes Mr. Foreigner all smiles and completely unaware of these tense group dynamics. Conflict is inevitable. The ideas that robots were the answer to the demographic crisis a few years was a good insight into how keen the politicians really were to more immigration. I think dealing with someone not programmed into the Japanese mindset is just mendokusai at the end of the day. That simple. It will change though, just slowly.

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Posted in: Over 60% dissatisfied with casino law, Abe's response to heavy rain: poll See in context

Oops dissatisfied! Atsui ne!!!!

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Posted in: Over 60% dissatisfied with casino law, Abe's response to heavy rain: poll See in context

Over 60 percent dissatisfactied doesn’t mean anything at all. Dissatisfaction you’d think would lead to actually doing something to change your lot, but think again. Gaman will prevail, so will expediency. The slow stroll to......?

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Posted in: LDP gearing up for leader's race; Abe eyes constitutional revision See in context

Abesan really really wants this doesn’t he. So much more than anything else. Nice photo op btw.

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Posted in: It’s not enough to just follow word-for-word when translating characters’ lines, she said. Translators must come up with the right expressions in English that can match each speaker’s personality. See in context

Jefflee classic insight into the challenges of trying to make something difficult , cryptic , awkward and complex into something simple, accessible and understandable. Building a bridge between these two linguistic traditions is perilous at the best of times. When you think you’ve cracked it, they tell you otherwise, and back in the maze you go! Mizukashiine!

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Posted in: Japan's ambassador conquers Iraqi hearts and minds See in context

Now this isn’t your standard beaurocrat ! What a dude. Looks like he actually has a personality! And yes, personality goes a long way. Looks like he is having a ball. That’s how you win the hearts and minds of your global audience folks. Hope he writes a best selling book and others follow suit..... excuse the pun. In fact , lose the suits!

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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested after attempting to burn older sister to death See in context

Doesn’t exactly sound like your usual brady bunch antics now does it? More like the Manson family! Inter family hatred. Responsible for what percentage of crimes in Japan? If we take this news site as a touchstone, it seems pretty high.

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Posted in: S Korea blasts Japan's teaching curriculum on disputed islets See in context

More tit for tat play ground stuff. This region will never realise its potential. Ever!

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Posted in: The issues of worker exploitation by employers and long working hours have recently captured public attention, so young people today are strongly conscious of the negative aspects of working for companies. Putting more priority on their private lives, an increasing number of people wish to work relatively short hours and be promoted to positions that are not too high but not so low. See in context

Exactly. Make the shift from the ridiculous next-in-line by age promotions, to a more natural hierarchy of COMPETENCE. Reward productive behavior and results, rather than conformity, and Japan will be back. Let those that want to lead lead. Do away with the mindset of mediocrity once and for all. It can be done. Massive potential if these challenges are met head on!

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Posted in: Thousands of volunteers arriving in flood-hit areas See in context

Hard slog in this heat. Respect.

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“You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police ... yet in their hearts there is unspoken fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts: words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home -- all the more powerful because forbidden -- terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.”

― Winston S. Churchill,

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Posted in: Japanese man convicted of spying by Chinese court See in context

China is a law-abiding nation that protects the rights and interests of foreign citizens, she said

They actually say this stuff with a straight face. Everyone ( including them )  knows its not true, but they say it anyway. It almost seems like they are taking the micky. Doing and saying whatever they please, cause its Chinas turn to call the shots. The Asian century?

Interesting times ahead.

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Posted in: Ashes of executed Aum leader to be scattered at sea See in context

With the following earthquake in Chiba and the massive rainfalls killing hundreds immediately after the death sentence completed authorities must be worried that the nutball followers will see it as a sign of his divinity , continue his murderous legacy and regroup in his martyrdom. There's no cure for crazy after all. This daughter sounds like a brave lass. Good luck to her.

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Anyone in the UK supporting Croatia over England tomorrow is just a bitter, resentful and sad twat. The Scottish way of doing it for a joke is fine and jolly, like the New Zealand - Australia thing; but we both know deep down that we are made from the same stock. Ok , us Aussies never found the fondness for sheep our brave cousins did, but that's fine. Would still support the Kiwis over anyone really.

Haters gunna hate innit.


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Posted in: England main beneficiaries of set-piece goal glut See in context

It’s coming home! Go England!!!!

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Posted in: Trump and cronies meddling in Japan's casino legislation See in context

the bill also gave approval for casino operators to lend funds to customers to be used for gambling.

Woh, that’s a sneaky little side rule. Lend more money to chronic maxed out gamblers. Sounds like a plan Sam. Welcome to Japan boys, you’ll fit right in, although I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the initial meetings with the tight lipped, eyes down Japanese suits in the red corner facing the fast talking 50k wrist watch wearing casino mogals in the blue corner. Now that’s entertainment!

Having said that; casinos , bring em on!!! We need a bit of the Wild West over here. Good for local artists, chefs, musicians, and punters alike!

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Posted in: BOJ keeps upbeat view on regional Japan See in context

More than five years of heavy money printing have helped reflate the economy 

That was an awesome sentence.

Also see massive untapped potential for rural areas, they just don’t know it. There’s a lot of “There’s nothing here!” talk, but if imaginations are fired to the possibilities.... free up some of the country side and encourage SMART immigration, lighten up the beaucratic maze to encourage entrepreneurship in small scale incremental economic experiments. Stand back and watch what happens. If it works it’s a win right? Rural areas would be ideal.

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