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Yesterday finished with 2507 positive cases and 30 deaths countrywide.

There are European countries with 20-30k cases each day with 15, 20 deaths.

I will not make any further comment.

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Accepting that the article is not clear enough to define the content of the ads subjected to Japanese art students' online petition, but I can clearly say by reading their comparisons and comments, most of the commentators (@JJ Jetplane and Bugle Boy of Company B) never saw mentioned video ads or didn't understand the content.

So, please let me explain the contents that it may help you to understand the seriousness of the situation.

Considering my child / your children are also on youtube, I'm getting pretty irritated and disturbed that these ads are existed, and you have no choice to stop/prevent them appearing.

Clue #1

A Japanese art student is taking aim at body shaming in YouTube advertisements with an online petition campaign

Clue #2

Many of the ads take the form of manga. A screenshot of one shows a girl in tears after being rejected by her former tutor because even though he found her attractive as a high school student, he doesn't anymore since she is no longer desirable. "I don't date fatties" he says.

The mentioned ads are usually lasting around 4 to 5 minutes, contains similar stories of a "victim" who has whether body hair, fat belly, bad/stiff skin and bad odor, has a terrible life no gf/bf, no enjoy in its life and even no place in the society or in office, after 1 minute of terrible borderline character description who has suicidal thoughts, one friend from the company or school, introducing the product and suddenly our hero solving all of its problems in the life, and starting to have a perfect life.

You can't publish these kind of movies in EU or US due to:

1) Discrimination (more than abt ugly vs beautiful, discrimination in a way that giving no life in the world to their so-called victim)

2) Wrong / Misleading Product Offering

3) There is no age regulation although there are suicidal thoughts and depression.

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@TigersTokyoDomeToday  11:01 am JST

Do Japanese really quarantine in a designated hotel for 14 days upon re-arrival.?? I doubt it. I heard there was no law in Japan for compulsory quarantine of Japanese in hotels.

I guess no unless you say you have no place to go, but the private transportation rule to leave airport is pretty strict. My coworker's little bro, stayed 14 days in the airport, since there were nobody to take him up with private vehicle.

I shocked one more time to family relations in JP between new generation.

As soon as I know, if you declare that you have your own residence to stay, will quarantine yourself 14 days and if you leave the airport with your private car, they losing your track and kind of you are free to do what you want.

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We can open businesses (very easily), work in most industries, own property outright, get the protection of the police, and walk down the street almost never being verbally abused for being a foreigner. We can get business loans, and property loans. We can even take citizenship and vote. All things that are not true in many other countries in the world.

I'm curious who are these many other countries you are referring? I meant, I had an experience to live in EU, Middle East, comparably way better towards foreigners than JP and although I've no experience I'm sure that what you have listed, is also not problem in North American countries. So, exactly which countries you are referring that we can't do above.

We can open businesses (very easily), work in most industries

Get ready to be harassed by officials for inspections & checks more than other Japanese competitors.

own property outright

Get ready to not to be able to buy any property you want, or pay more than the market price

get the protection of the police

This example is a pure joke

walk down the street almost never being verbally abused for being a foreigner.

100% correct, but nobody easily verbally harassing any human-being in this country, it's not a way of showing aggression culturally. There are other passive aggressive ways to harass.

We can get business loans, and property loans.*

I'm sure that you are aware that, you are equally or easily be able to receive loans as a foreigner. Just ask any foreigner about their credit card application stories/memories.

We can even take citizenship and vote.

There is no almost legitimate country in the world that you can't take citizenship, then vote in 2020.

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@since1981Today  07:09 am JST

As I see and hear of small businesses closing their doors, it kind of makes me wonder exactly who is getting the money.

You can take a look at Nikkei and government-sponsored ETF purchases of last three months.

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Posted in: The language barriers, among other hurdles, are making it difficult for foreign residents in Japan to gather information on their own. See in context

What I've experienced during this pandemic, Japaneses are having more hurdle to gather information about their own country :)

There is a crucial need in this country to fact-check the news of J-media in foreign media and the news of foreign media in J-media.

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Do the hustleToday  08:25 am JST

Nearly every airline in the world is in the same situation.

Actually, nearly every airline in the world, declaring losses and renewing their forecasts in a dramatically negative way.

Both ANA and JAL announced only decrease in their profits / not loss, so it's good news for them and for us.

If above is correct, they should be able to handle their operations by themselves without touching our taxes or not request money from the government.

However, it's possible that above headline and the content can be classical japanese word-play to hide the truths about the losses. I will not be surprised, if they ask help from government in a huge way.

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Daily counts are giving false-sense of security to people, you can't call them to "stay at home" while only testing small amount of group and announcing small numbers in ratio to the test amount.

The purpose of testing, is tracing and isolating as much as possible infected patients from the public, while diminishing the circulation with your lockdown measures, and then returning back to "normal life" cautiously.

Today, we have only 46 infected patients, yesterday was same, in GW there will be less because of the hospital closures and less testing.

I'm personally confused, we had the same daily numbers at the beginning of march, and everything was normal for the government, we were having fun at the bars.

So, why government is that much alarmist now? Considering to extend SoE? People can't feel the reason by looking the graphs/stats. Do they know something different than us?

Japan didn't understand the mentality of testing and lockdown, we are doing both wrong.

There are four different approaches in the world right now:

1) Mass testing / Mass Lockdown - prioritize public health, and aim to contain the virus completely.

2) Mass testing / Partial Lockdown - containing the virus and creating limited / viable environment for the economy as much as possible

3) Mass testing / No Lockdown - containing the virus without hurting economy

4) No testing / No Lockdown - prioritizing economy, going for herd immunity.

We are the only one, having no testing / partial lockdown, no effort to contain the virus but hurting the economy? Isn't it madness? The virus will last more than the other countries in here with these half measures, and are we adding economical damage? What we are waiting, vaccine from the sky in a month?

I can only reason that we are doing to protect existed health system to not to change anything, they need to reduce the amount of patients.

However, instead of hurting the economy, and later compensating the potential results, you could spend money right away to your health system, take the control of private institute during the pandemic, take more temporary staff as Turkey or Italy, ask volunteers to help as UK and answer to the needs.

However, nothing is going on to ameloriate existed health system.

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I'm really curious about the age of commentators who calling Japan as having high-tech or cutting edge technology. It's possible that their definition of technology may nowhere near actual practice of high-tech and the future of world. :)

Japan had a fantastic history in analog technology, however, unfortunately, totally missed the internet age and digitalization (it's not only about culture, more about missing necessary locomotive youth that will make business environment evolve in a positive way ), and nowhere near a high-tech country for any generation Y or Z in anywhere in the world.

I've both worked in Turkey and Japan, and can call Turkey is way more capable and technologically advanced to adapt to coming decades' needs.

The latest story about Sharp's (leading tech company of Japan) online sales embarrasement, which made both its website and smart home appliances down (in the same time because of its archaic IoT architecture, is a symbol of the technology level in Japan.

News from April 22



*Update of April 27, the problem continue to occur after 5 days :)

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Today April 17 9000 cases 200 deaths, (80% over 80 years old) hardly a state of emergency.

Sorry, but where did you find that 80% of the death is 80 years old?

As of today 17/4/2020, 77 of 192 death count are over 80 years old.

66 of 192 is in 60s and 70s.

9 of 192 is younger than 60.

And I don't know how in a country like Japan is possible but 40 of them is undefined.

I think we have to sustain a good morale and check about the correct stats before we establish our arguments to the misleading/incorrect figures.

This is totally misleading and I think @moderator should delete this comment.

source: https://newsdigest.jp/pages/coronavirus/

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I am hearing lack of legal ground excuses a lot.

Japanese constitution gave a mission to the government in article 12 and article 25, as protector of public welfare and health. By executing and re-commenting practically these two articles, you can successfully establish any state of emergency concept that you want.

These people that presenting lack of legal ground excuses has no idea about the world and how lockdowns in Italy and Germany violated their respective constitutions based on applied perspectives. And regardless of constitution, definitely all European lockdowns right now are violating human rights that secured by HUDOC in EU. However, nobody will be pointing out this in these extreme circumstances that has effecting public health and welfare.

There is only one reason that we didn't establish an efficient lockdown in Japan, it's ECONOMY. The other excuses about japanese constitution has lacking capability etc. are cover-ups and political agenda of LDP to trigger & prepare a base support for their most-wanted constitution change.

You can use this argument in japanese and locally to your grandmother, however if you say in english, it sounds like a joke or you have no idea about the world.


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Posted in: Pharma firm Anges, Osaka Univ to begin testing coronavirus vaccine on animals See in context

Not testing and tracing the infected patients all around the country, which will be the case for new researches.

Not treating enough potential patients, and sending back the most to home to comfort bureaucracy and not to overwhelm hospitals (acceptable)

Not changing the strict measure and procedure of getting tested that described in mid-january, although we now have strong data showing that possible severe cases are not experiencing fever. The knowledge about the virus changed in two months.

Not releasing any transparent data about underlying illnesses of covid-19 related deaths to the public.

No published researches to the world after two months of case experience , although we have hundreds of from all around the world right now.

Promoting the same medecin in each opportunity since Ebola outbreak

I hope, I will go wrong but it's impossible to expect anything from Japan in covid-19 case for the world, upon all the cover-ups, conservatism and untransparency.

We can only expect nicely-organised Olympics next year, which was the focus of Japan by all means for months.

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@Bruce Chatwin

1) For people has an interest to know, in the weekend Japan confirmed second case of coronavirus related death after performing autopsy and post mortem test, which isn't performed while they are alive.

The reason that, they have performed a test for this patient and previous patient is because they had covid-19 infected relatives, so in case a patient hasn't any covid-19 infected relatives, there will be no autopsy to perform upon the pneumonia related death.

2) People are finding relief by comparing JP numbers with western world's number, which is totally understandable emotionally, but one thing that we are missing is Japan has no downward trend, actually doubled daily confirmation numbers compared to 10 days ago, we are now in a range of 40~80 confirmation range per day. Statistically speaking, to find a relief, we need to see numbers such less than 30 for three or more consecutive days.

As normally pessimist person, I've feeling that we are just delaying the peak or we will see a camel hump like trend. And with its unique testing and hospital measurements, comparing Japanese numbers with western numbers is misleading to find a relief.

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Put another way, we cannot claim more deaths due to something if there is no more deaths to begin with.

OK, Ian. There is no meaning to discuss with you. I said in the above that we need data desperately to understand the situation, because 100-200 extra elderly death is, if available, is not something that we can understand by smelling the atmosphere, in country that has population of 120 millions.

There are of course no millions of deaths.

You are claiming that there is no irregular amount of that death without knowing the data, that's also speculation.

There is no meaning to have discussions, I answered you with all scientific possibilities, if you have also concerns, please request the data as responsible citizen. Because you are not capable to confirm below in at the moment.

Put another way, we cannot claim more deaths due to something if there is no more deaths to begin with.

Or believe what you want to believe.

Moderator: No more bickering please.

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Why are some people insisting that there would be more deaths due to covid19 if there is more testing? Was there an influx of deaths due to unknown causes recently? We need to know if there was, please post the data or a link

The death reason can be anything, because the virus itself is not killing, it's a trigger for a failure of respiratory system or any other parts of your body that have ongoing problem that can be connected thousands of possibilities, it can be simply classified as pneumonia, renal failure or any other thing. Can you classify a death of HIV infected person, without knowing the person has HIV? Bcs HIV is not killing, HIV triggering the failure of the sytem/organs.

Even in Italy, we just learned that in Naples, epilepsy patient's death classified as epilepsy crisis, although she is confirmed that infected with coronavirus and it was trigger for the crisis, to not to inflate region's death count.

We need to know if there was, please post the data or a link

I'm desperately checking for data of this winter's respiratory system related hospital visits, hospitalizations and death to at least to calm my own worries regarding to my family. However there isn't any info regarding to this.

In Turkey, public pressured the government because of their disbelief to them regarding to the covid-19 data's. The government needed to publish all respiratory related hospital visit data by comparing with 2019 winter, after the pressure. However, in here there is no questioning from media or public regarding to this. Even in Erdogan's country, this is how even half-democracy works.

RESULT: None of viruses in the world can kill a person alone in one day, they are triggers for failures that covers 2~5 weeks of period.

Without test, there is no virus that trigger a failure. Since the vulnerable part is already people who are 80+ and with ongoing diseases, you can easily classify the death as natural, so we desperately need that.

After I see how the virus quickly spreading in the developed world, it's apparent that most of the asian countries lied big about the stats & counts like Cambodia, Vietnam and mildly Japan and Thailand.

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This is not a national event, and you can't do this alone. It's an international event that needs everyone's participation.

If they continue to make hourly ignorant and apathetic answers; it will start to hurt the people suffering right now around the world.

At least they need to take a silent stance, otherwise Japan's reputation will hurt day-by-day and it's more important than money, something that you can't buy.

And if they lose the sympathie, we'll be seeing considerable amount boycotting countries.

Yes, we only experienced one olympics that cancelled in history, but we had also one that got boycotted that nobody remembers, in 1980.

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@Jim Harper

Have you been to a town or city recently? They're full of kids and teenagers. Anyone who thinks they would spend all day at home just because the prime minister says so is a gullible fool. Half of the kids have had to go back to school because their parents work, and the other half are outside having fun with their friends.

Once again, Abe's plan is an unmitigated disaster.

The goal was to prevent the kids to stay in airless suffocating small classrooms, shoulder to shoulder with each other.

There is no harm that kids are outside, playing under fresh air or hanging around in the city without passing hours under the same roof.

This was the best action of Japan so far to prevent the accelaration of the spread.

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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

Addition to the possibility of the wide-spread of deadlier version in Italy.

Italians are making autopsy in the northern part to all of their recent deaths whom never had tested while alive , and adding them to their death counts if they are positive.

In Japan, we all know that nobody will do the same while they are not even testing alives.

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The woman's whose 16 year-old has a runny nose should chill out and treat it like a normal flu.

The death rates (by best estimates of current data) are lower than the 1918 "spanish" flu.

You are idiotically comparing all three year long statistics of spanish flu (which lasted three years) with one month of chinese coronavirus statistic.

We don't even know medically whether what harm has/will happened/happen to the patient's stories that didn't resolved with death. I or neither that woman can't chill out by considering future complications to the health of our kids. A pneumonia case that developed in early ages, may influence future respiratory health of a person in adulthood.

You can chill out for your family members.

This is not only death or being alive, we couldn't experience perfect recovery from this yet to compare statistically and scientifically with other diseases.

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Before going to a hospital, people have been advised to first contact local healthcare centers if they develop a fever of 37.5 C or higher for at least four days. The period is shortened to two days for the elderly, those with chronic diseases, and pregnant women.

It's hard to understand this while we have the data of two crucial factors about this virus.

1) Although incubation period is long; after developing the fever and the virus reaches to lungs, the patient's condition is getting worse quickly and developing the pneumonia.

How you can ask people to wait four days with fever after you made much more harder to treat.

2) How you can let potential patient to spread the sickness for four more days while the worst thing about the virus is not the mortality rate, its his spread rate.

This stance is basically driving me crazy, and I am having serious trouble to understand the logic behind it from the medical perspective. This is the practice that Iran did based on its local reports, now we are witnessing the disaster at there.

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Britain confirmed a third case in which the coronavirus was contracted after the individual concerned visited an Asian country other than China. The government did not identify the country but issued a list of places from which travellers who developed symptoms should isolate themselves, it said.

The list included Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, as well as China.

Britain identified the country as Singapore. The mentioned individual only travelled via direct flight to Singapore and returned back to Britain.

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As @ThonTaddeo said, naturally, the boy will be our future-prime minister for the years of 2060s and 70s.

Excellent that we have less problems to think about.

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Posted in: Japan's Nov current account surplus rises 75% on falling energy prices See in context

both exports and imports are plunged, but we have a positive headline, kyodo pushing the boundaries of positivism and polyanna attitude.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of newborn child See in context

If the story arc (plot) and dates are correct, the hospital worker should be also arrester over suspicion of unfulfillment of public duties.

Suspecting that, they just delay to investigate the process and hide to not to bother their "important" shogatsu holiday.

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all japan has to do is stop aid to lebanon just pay one year aid to mujahideen n ghosn walk till Japans prison

Wrong assumption.

There is no record of Japan aid to Lebanon since 2013, which was only USD 7.5million, possibly Ghosn's charities and Ghosn related investments are ten times more than Japan to Lebanon.

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Posted in: Abe cancels visit to Middle East amid tensions See in context

He cancelled the visit, update the news @moderator.


Can see an urge coming on.

I bet, we'll see an urge within today :)

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Posted in: Gov't to buy island in Kagoshima Pref for U.S. military drills for ¥16 bil See in context

Unobserved detail by Z A Landers

The company owned the island actually did whatever it takes to not to sell the island for two years including changing its president.

Mage Island sale negotiations:

2018 - Govt proposes ¥4.5 bil. yen sale price; company says ¥40 bil.

Jan - Two parties agree on ¥16 bil.

May - Company, under new president, breaks off deal to pursue "another option" for development

Dec - Company agrees to sell for ¥16 bil.

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The smugglers may have sent the cocaine to Kobe by mistake, possibly intending to deliver it to some other destination, the sources said without providing details.

This sentence is a joke right? Who do "the sources" trying to protect?

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Saying that Olympics needs to be held on summer because of the tv networks and giving the example of NBC's 1 billion, is absolutely meaningless.

Now, we are in 2019, not in 1954 that the sports players are amateurishly playing only in Olympics once in a year.

There is Champions League, NBA, National League Associations, even the waterpolo champions league that the sport players making their earnings. Olympics are already tasting the down trend by spectators and players who earn more and find more excitement in its yearly leagues.

If you just change the season from summer to an another time, you will not find any high-quality player to participate in olympics, they will be rejecting to leave their organizations.

Then, we will be watching second class or amateur players on almost every team sports.

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Posted in: Nightclub files criminal complaint against Uruguay rugby players See in context

Actually they've been investigated by police on 14th of October, and been released at the same day.

There are footages that showing one player is tackling from behind to a bar staff upon a discussion.

I remember this news at the day of 17th October, was no additional story about DJ equipments and teddy bears, USD 9,000 damage at that time.

Now, above story made me feel like, more has been added without any proof with one-sided reports & claims, showing all the team as vandals after they left to their country and the cup got over.

I'd like to hear what happened, why they tackled the guy, and how they damaged the bar. There should be more footages than 1 second.

Isn't it?

If everything correct on this article, then why they get released at the day of 14th October, and how they fly back to their country one week later?

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